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Notes: Sally takes care of the injured.  The group returns home.

Lost Innocence

Part Six

Trowa watched as Sally cleaned and dressed the wounds on Heero’s body as well as she could with her limited supplies.  She
paid the most attention to the more serious injuries, as the superficial wounds would be able to wait until later.  Trowa found his
eyes fixed on every move Sally made as she tended to Heero, watching each rise and fall of Heero’s chest as he took labored
breaths even in his unconscious state.

Though he knew it didn’t show on his face, Trowa was worried.  He’d heard the child say that J had blamed the creation of the
clones on Heero.  No doubt those words had affected Heero.  Trowa knew that Heero hated it when innocents were injured, as
did the rest of them, and he also knew that Heero had a soft spot for children though he didn’t show it outwardly.

When Sally let out a breath, Trowa stepped forward.  “Is it safe to move him?” he asked, wanting to get out of this awful place.

Sally checked Heero’s eyes, frowning as she pried one eyelid open and shined a light to check the dilation of the pupil.  “I’d
rather keep him still, but this place isn’t safe.”  She nodded, taking her hands away from Heero’s pale form.  “And quite frankly,
the thought of what that … let’s just say that I’m feeling somewhat queasy and want to get out of here as soon as possible.”

Trowa nodded in acceptance and moved toward the bed as Sally pulled an emergency blanket from the second bag she had
brought with her.  After helping Sally with getting the blanket securely around Heero, Trowa picked his friend up.

“Deja vu,” Trowa mused, if only to himself.  “This is the second time I’ve had to carry him after something J did.”

Sally sighed sadly, twisting her fingers through Heero’s hair briefly.  “At least we know J can never do anything to hurt him
again,” she said, turning to glance briefly at the corpse lying on the floor.

Heero’s brow furrowed, a slight groan passing his lips.  He shifted his body in Trowa’s arms, only to wince and shudder in pain.

Sally settled her hand on his arm, her eyes conveying worry.  “Come on, let’s get him back to the van.  I think it would be best
to sedate him for the trip home.  I don’t want him to injure himself by moving around too much,” Sally said, gesturing for
Trowa to follow.

Trowa nodded.  “That would probably be for the best,” he agreed, even as he trailed behind the doctor.

In a matter of minutes, the three of them had left the building and arrived at the large van Trowa had acquired.  Trowa gently
got Heero settled into one of the seats, reclining it back as far as he could so that Heero could be more comfortable.  He took
another blanket from Duo as the young man handed it to him, covering Heero’s battered form.

At some point, the doors of the van were closed and Wufei started the engine.  Trowa barely even noticed that the van was
moving, his attention diverted by Heero’s poor condition.  He hoped for his friend’s health, sighing as he forced his gaze away
from the bruises and wounds lingering on Heero’s eerily pale skin.

He turned and glanced around the van.  Wufei was driving, his clone sitting in the front passenger seat beside him.  Beside
Heero, was the clone of Howard.  Trowa vaguely remembered that Duo had named the boy Henry.  By the look of him, Henry
wasn’t faring too much better than Heero.  The both of them were unconscious, their bodies stained with blood.  Sally was
currently kneeling on the floor in between Heero and Henry's seats, checking Henry's injuries.

Quatre and his clone were sitting on one of the bench seats in the back.  The smaller blonde was asleep, curled up in Quatre’s
embrace.  Heero’s clone was also slumbering, lying on his side with his head against Duo’s lap, adorably sucking on his thumb.

Trowa sighed, moving to one of the empty seats.  He closed his eyes, leaning his head back.  He suddenly felt so very weary.

Something tugged on his shirt and Trowa looked down, fighting to place a smile on his face as he saw that his own clone was
kneeling on the seat next to him.  “Yes, what is it?” Trowa asked.  “Do you need something?”  Trowa felt saddened by the sight
of the dark bruise on his face, the swelling that he could see there.  Blood faintly trickled along the side of the boy’s head,
seeping from a cut above his left eye, more blood coming from a split in his lip.

The boy looked up at him, his green eyes shimmering with awe.  “Are you …  are you my daddy?” he asked, bringing his
bottom lip into his mouth to chew lightly on it.

Trowa didn’t even need to think about his answer.  “Yes.”  He nodded, reaching out to gently stroke his fingers across one bony
little shoulder.

The clone smiled slowly and then wriggled onto Trowa’s lap, cuddling up with him.  “H-01 always said you would come.  He
said the man who took 07-02 away would let our daddies know what was goin’ on.”  He wrapped his tiny arms around Trowa’s
neck and sniffled.  “But monster man gave 07-04 to that angry man and I was scared I’d never see him again.”

Trowa slid his arms around the little body, hugging the clone close.  “There, there.  You can see your friends every day if that’s
what you want.”

“Man, Trowa,” Duo spoke, his voice sounding as tired as he looked.  “That’s the most I’ve ever heard you say.”

Trowa arched an eyebrow at Duo, recognizing Duo’s need to joke as a defensive reaction.  At a time like this, perhaps it was
better not to discourage his behavior.  They all needed to relieve the tension somehow.  “Why don’t you get some rest, Duo?  I’
m sure Daniel will want your undivided attention just as soon as you get home.”

A small smile alighted on Duo’s weary face.  “Yeah, the kid will, won’t he?” he mused, turning his attention to look at the clone
that was lying across his lap.  Heero’s clone remained asleep, a faint smile curling his lips as Duo’s fingers sifted through his
thick hair.  “All these kids will want attention,” he said quietly, his voice just barely a whisper.

“And they’ll get all the attention and love they need,” Quatre said, nodding.

Trowa nodded as well.  He looked down, his throat catching as he viewed his clone …  his son.  The boy had slipped off to
sleep.  He was curled up on Trowa’s lap.  His arms had fallen from around Trowa’s neck and were now between their bodies,
his little fingers clutching at Trowa’s shirt.  The boy’s face was pressed up against Trowa’s chest, a faint smile touching his lips
as he moaned lightly in his slumber.

Trowa knew at that moment that he would do anything and everything in his power to see to it that this child was raised with
nothing but love surrounding him.  He traced his fingers along the rim of one dark bruise, silently praying for the welfare of this
precious child.


Duo couldn’t help but worry for Heero.  For the entire shuttle trip back from L-1, the Japanese youth had been unconscious.  
Sure, that was mostly due to the fact that Sally had sedated him, but Duo couldn’t stop the fear from creeping into his heart.  
What would happen if Heero didn’t wake up, if he got an infection or if one of his wounds were more serious than Sally had
first thought?

Duo shook his head, knowing that he couldn’t think like that.  It wouldn’t do any good to worry, to be so pessimistic.  Besides,
he had to keep up a brave front, if only so that Heero’s clone wouldn’t fear the same things.  He wouldn’t have the child - or
any of the children for that matter - to be anything but happy.  They deserved to be happy, deserved to feel loved and wanted
for something other than their bodies.

They were home.  Finally, they were home.

Trowa was carrying Heero again.  Sally walked behind him, her own arms burdened by the weight of Henry’s slender body.  
Like Heero, Henry had been kept in an unconscious state.  It was the only way to be sure neither of them harmed themselves, to
keep them from moving and breaking open the cuts covering their forms.

Before they reached the door, Catherine opened it from the inside, her hand flying to her mouth as she laid eyes on Heero and
Henry.  “Oh, God!  What happened?” she called in a slight voice, her hand trembling, as she stepped back to allow the group

“J.  That’s what happened,” Duo sneered angrily, shifting the weight of Heero’s clone in his arms as he approached his home.  
“He got his hands on Henry there before we got there.  Then Heero … and he … he …”  Duo shook his head, he just couldn’t

Catherine set her hand on his shoulder, nodding.  “You don’t have to explain,” she said.  She gestured to the stairs.  “I changed
the sheets on the beds in your two furnished guestrooms, Duo.  I had to do something while you were gone.”

“Good.  Heero and Henry can take those two rooms.  Trowa, you know where they are,” Duo said.

Trowa nodded.  “Of course.”  He made his way to the stairs, leading Sally.

Duo looked around, watching as Quatre and Wufei both entered the house.  Quatre was carrying his own clone, as Wufei was,
but Quatre was also leading Trowa’s clone by the hand.  The little boy looked positively tired, probably because he had been
awakened when they had stopped.  

“Here, take him.”  Duo smiled faintly, carefully handing Heero’s clone to Catherine.

Catherine cooed at the sleeping boy, slowly beginning to rock him as he whimpered slightly.  “Poor baby.”  She looked up at
Duo, her eyes wide.  “T-The kids are all … they weren’t hurt, were they?”

Duo closed his eyes, shaking his head.  “There’s nothing more than a few bruises  and some emotional trauma.”  He let out a
breath.  “But they’ll be okay now.  No one’s ever going to hurt them again.”

Catherine clucked her tongue, reaching out to brush her fingers across Duo’s cheek.  “You look like you could do with some
sleep, Duo.  You all do.”  She smiled sadly, letting her eyes trail over both Quatre and Wufei in turn.

Quatre spoke from behind Duo.  “Yes, sleep would probably be a wise idea for all of us.  We’ll have our hands full once these
boys wake up.”

Duo nodded.  “Yeah.  Well, the kids can bunk up with Daniel in my room until we can get some more beds here.”  He frowned,
looking around.  “By the way, where is Daniel?”

“The poor dear woke up so many times last night, he barely got any sleep at all,” she said, turning to head toward the stairs.  
“He’s still in bed.  I didn’t want to wake him, considering he hasn’t really slept all that well.”

“Thanks, Cathy.”  Duo sighed.  He turned, giving Quatre a smirk. “Let me give you a hand there, buddy,” he said before he knelt
down in front of Trowa’s clone.

Quatre smiled in reply, but didn’t say anything.

“Hey, there.”  Duo smiled, ghosting his fingers across one of the brunette’s cheeks, being mindful of the bruises there.

Trowa’s clone blinked up at him, then broke out into a wide yawn.  “Where are we?” he asked, rubbing wearily at his eyes.

Duo felt his smile widen.  “You’re home now, little man.”

The clone’s expression turned to one of awe.  “Home?  A real home?”

“Yup.  You and the other kids are more than welcome to live here with me, unless of course your daddy wants you to live with
him somewhere else.”  He reached out and ruffled the boy’s bangs.  “But we’ll figure that out later.  For now, this is your
home.  And I think the first order of business is for you and the others to get some sleep.”

The boy nodded tiredly.  “Ah-huh, sleepy.”  He sniffed, pouting slightly.

“Come on then.”  Duo grinned, reaching out and gently pulling Trowa’s clone into his arms.

The boy responded by wrapping trembling arms around his shoulders, laying his head against Duo’s chest.

“Okay, let’s get these little munchkins to bed,” Duo said, then led the way up to the bedroom, following Catherine who had gone
on ahead of them.

He smiled as he entered the room, seeing that Daniel was sleeping, curled up on his side with his hands tightly clasping the cross
that Duo had loaned him.  Saying nothing, not wanting to awaken his son, Duo moved around to the other side of the bed,
smiling again as he watched Heero’s clone scoot over next to Daniel so that there would be room for all the kids on the large bed.

Duo set Trowa’s clone on the bed, brushing his fingers through his soft hair.  “You get some sleep now, okay?  Sally’s gonna
want to have a look at you later to make sure you’re healthy.  Those bruises have her worried.  So try not to be too grumpy if
we wake you up.”  He smirked, lightly tapping the boy’s nose.

The boy giggled lightly, then shook his head.  “Okay.”  He smiled, then turned and crawled into bed, curling up beside Heero’s

Catherine grasped his shoulder, gaining Duo’s attention.  “I’m going to go down and pull out the sofa bed.  I want the rest of
you to get some sleep.  You look beat.”  She smiled, giving Duo no room for argument as she headed out of the room.

Duo chuckled lightly, shaking his head.  Catherine could be so motherly.  Though, he did kind of appreciate her concern for
him.  It was nice to know that someone cared about him.

“Mister, who’s that?” a tiny voice from behind Duo asked.  Duo turned, smiling as he saw that it had been Wufei’s clone, and
the boy was pointing toward Daniel.

Duo smiled a little.  Of course Wufei’s clone wouldn’t know Daniel.  None of the clones would remember him.  “That’s 07-02.  
He's my son, although G named him Daniel.”

Quatre’s clone spoke up from where he was being held by his elder self, his voice grating and rough due to the damage from the
near-strangulation he had received.  “Does that mean we’re gonna get names too?” he asked, a slight frown on his face, though
his eyes glittered with hope.

Duo tilted his head and thought for a moment before answering.  “You should ask your daddy about that.  He’s better qualified
to name you than I would be.”

Both Wufei’s clone and Quatre’s looked up at their elders.  Quatre smiled, brushing his hand along the boy’s cheek.  “I’ll think
of something fitting for you,” he assured the boy.  “But for now, I think you should get to bed.”

“Okay, Daddy.”  The little blonde smiled, then winced, raising his little fingers to his own throat.

Quatre gently settled the boy in bed, leaning down to kiss his forehead.  “Don’t you worry.  Sally’s going to make your throat
feel better.  Just, try not to talk for the time being, okay?”

The little boy nodded, a faint smile on his face.  Duo grinned, watching the interaction between the two of them.  It was like
they’d always known each other.  Duo was happy for that.

As Quatre stepped back, Wufei got his own clone settled in bed, silently brushing his fingers through the Asian youth’s hair
before he said something that Duo didn’t quite catch.  Duo shrugged it off, thinking it didn’t really matter if he understood
Wufei’s words.  The boy seemed to understand it well enough.  The boy smiled brightly, then rolled onto his side and curled
close to Quatre’s clone, wrapping his little arms around the tiny blonde.

Wufei smirked, easing the blanket up and over the children, while Duo walked around to the other side of the bed.  “You
coming, Duo?” Quatre asked, a pleasant smile on his face as he stood at the door.

Duo nodded to his friend.  “Yeah, I’ll just be a minute,” he said, then leaned forward to give Daniel a kiss on the forehead.  He
smiled when Daniel’s face scrunched up a little, though he showed no other signs of waking.  ‘Poor kid.  He needs a hug big
time.  But not now.  Now, he needs sleep.’  Duo thought to himself, standing up again with a wide yawn.

“Maxwell, why don’t you go down and get some sleep?  I’ll stay awake to help Sally and Catherine with the children,” Wufei
offered, his voice calm and full of understanding.  “Besides, if you’re going to be any help to us later, you need to be well-

Duo gave Wufei a tired grin.  “Yeah.  Maybe later you can come down and join us.”  He yawned again.  “G’night, Wufei.  
Though technically it’s still morning.”  With that, he shrugged and left the room, trudging toward the stairs.

However, before he reached them, his attention was diverted.  He frowned as he bit his lip, looking to the door to one of his
guest rooms.  He felt like he had to look, had to check on the occupant.  He didn’t give it a second thought.  He simply walked
to the door and opened it, smiling when he found that Henry was sleeping within.

Quietly, he walked over to the bed, looking down on the youth with concern.  He was lying on his stomach.  His back was far
too torn up to comfortably rest on.  There was an IV drip by the bedside, pristine sheets covering his bare body just up to his
waist.  Duo suddenly felt glad that they had stopped off at Preventers HQ so that Sally could get some extra medical equipment.  
Henry and Heero were both going to need it.

Thinking of Heero left Duo with an almost unbearable urge to go check on him.  He reached out, lightly brushing aside the boy’s
bangs before he turned and left the room, hoping for the boy’s health.

Duo yawned again, walking into the other guest room.  Sally was sitting at Heero’s bedside, injecting something into his IV.  She
turned as Duo entered, giving him a kind smile.  “Why aren’t you in bed, Duo?  Catherine was in here just a few minutes ago
and dragged Trowa off.  She said something about the four of you getting some much needed sleep.”

“I just wanted to check,” Duo started, then frowned as Heero gave a slight whimper, turning his head sharply before he settled
down once again.  “How is he?”

Sally sighed.  “I just sedated him again.  He … he seemed to be having a nightmare.”  She reached out, gently stroking her
fingers through his hair, skillfully avoiding the bandaging wrapped around his forehead that covered the electrical burns at either
of his temples.  “It’s better that he remains asleep for now.  I don’t want him popping all those stitches.”  She frowned, her
eyes lingering on his chest, on the bandaging that was already becoming tainted with Heero’s blood.

“B-But he will get better, right?”  Duo asked, nervously wringing his hands together.

“Physically, yes,” she said, picking up one of his hands and checking the splints on a number of his fingers and the bindings
around his one wrist.  He had broken his own wrist while straining against the chains that had secured him to J’s bed.  
“Emotionally, I’m not so sure.  He’s been hurt terribly, Duo.  He’ll need more help than a medical doctor can provide.”

Duo nodded.  “Thank you, Sally,” he whispered, turning away from the sight of Heero’s pale and battered body.  “Thank you
for being honest.”  With that, he sighed and turned, heading out of the room and downstairs.

When he reached the living room, he smiled a little.  Quatre was already sound asleep, laying on his side with one arm curled
around the pillow under his head.  ‘Poor guy.  He probably crashed as soon as his head hit the pillow,’ Duo thought.  He knew
Quatre had been worn out.  The blonde had always been particularly sensitive when it came to other people’s emotions.  Picking
up on all the pain and sadness, the torment of the children, it must have taken quite a toll on him.

Duo sat on the bed, kicking off his shoes as he turned to lightly sweep Quatre’s bangs back.  The blonde moaned lightly,
snuggling deeper into the warmth of the bed.  Duo smiled at the reaction, glad to see that his friend was resting peacefully.  
Although, Duo did find himself feeling concerned for his friend.  Quatre seemed paler than usual.

Trowa was also sitting on the fold-out sofa bed, still awake, although it didn’t look as if he would be for much longer.  He was
rubbing at his eyes, a frown set on his features.  “I can’t believe you’re making me take a nap,” he complained to Catherine who
was standing in front of him, her arms crossed over her chest.  “KIDS take naps.  I haven’t taken an actual nap since I was five
years old.  This is almost demeaning.”

Catherine chuckled at that, pushing him to lie down.  “Oh hush, you old grump.  You sound like a five-year-old.”  She smirked,
then walked around to the other side of the bed and handed Duo a protein drink.  “Here, drink this and get some rest.”

Duo grabbed the can and downed the contents quickly before settling himself beside Quatre.  He bit back a self-conscious
chuckle as Catherine tucked a blanket around him after making sure that both Trowa and Quatre were similarly tucked in.

“Thanks, Catherine.”  Duo smiled, chuckling at Trowa’s muttered grumbling, unable to determine what Trowa was saying.

Catherine smiled, obviously ignoring whatever it was Trowa was muttering about.  “Any time.  Just try and get some rest and
don’t dwell too much on what’s going on.  Okay?” she said while she smoothed out the blankets.  “You’ll just give yourself
nightmares if you think about it.”

Duo was too tired to think of a teasing remark, so he just smiled and closed his eyes.  He couldn’t remember anything after
that.  He drifted off to sleep, comfortable beside his friends.

To Be Continued . . .