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Notes:  Wufei takes care of his clone.

Lost Innocence

Part Seven

Wufei sighed as he gently pulled the blanket away from his clone, his son.  Sally had finished tending to Henry and Heero and
was ready to start examining the children.  She had converted a room that Duo used for storage into a makeshift infirmary and
was now waiting for her first patient.  Since Wufei’s clone was the closest to the edge, he decided that perhaps it would be best
if he went first.

The boy groaned, rubbing his eyes as he scrunched his face.  "We going somewhere?" he asked, yawning widely.

"Doctor Po is ready to check you for injuries, Li."  Wufei said, watching as the boy's eyes got wide.

"Li?" he asked, curiosity filling his expression.

Wufei smiled, easing the boy from the bed.  "That is your name from now on.  Chang Li."  Wufei almost chuckled as the boy
hugged him with enthusiasm.  "I suppose you find it acceptable then."

"Yes.  Thank you, Father!"  The child said, then smiled sheepishly as he looked to the other boys, who still slumbered in bed.  
"Sorry. I don't wanna wake them."

Wufei slid his hand along the boy's cheek, brushing his ebony hair behind one ear.  "It's okay.  I do not think they will awaken
for a while yet.  They've had a difficult night."

"Yeah," the boy said, breaking out into a wide yawn.  He set his head against Wufei's shoulder, resting there as Wufei carried
him out of the bedroom and to the room where Sally was waiting for them.

As they approached, the boy began to shiver, his little hands tightening their hold on Wufei's body.  This reaction caused Wufei
to worry.  "Is something wrong?" he asked, pausing outside the door, brushing a hand along the child's back.

Li's little body tensed in his arms.  "You ... you aren't gonna leave me alone in there, are you?" he asked, curling as close to
Wufei as possible.  "I dun like doctors."  He whimpered, burying his face against Wufei's chest.

Wufei understood the boy's fear.  "Sshh, it's all right.  I won't leave you alone with Sally if you don’t want me to," he said, then
entered the room and set Li down on his feet.  "Sally, I know you've already met him before, but this is Li."

Sally smiled warmly at the child.  "Hello, Li.  Now, I know you probably don't trust me, and I understand that, but I just want to
make sure you're healthy.  I'll try not to do anything that might make you afraid.  So if you don't like what I'm doing, let me
know and I'll explain to you why I'm doing it.  If either you or Wufei aren't satisfied with my explanation, then I suppose we'll
have to skip to something else.  Okay?"

Li nodded.  "Can we just skip the whole thing?" he asked, a slight pout to his face.

Sally shook her head with a chuckle.  "Sorry, but no."  She took a breath.  "Li, did J ever touch you?"

Li nodded.  "Ah-huh," he whispered, looking down at his feet.  "It felt bad.  I didn't like it."  He sniffled, bowing his head.  "He
... He put his ..."  He sniffled again.  "It hurt my mouth."

Wufei fought the urge to growl as a harsh mental image forced its way into his mind.  True, Wufei had noticed the bruising
around the boy's mouth, the slight swelling to his lips, but he had thought it had been caused by a strike.  Though, the child had
mentioned that J had taken him away as he had taken Heero's clone away on the night of the rescue.  Wufei shook his head.  To
think that J had abused any child in such a manner.  Wufei could never begin to even think of ever forgiving such an atrocity.

"Okay, why don't you open your mouth so I can take a look," Sally suggested, taking out a small light and a tongue depressor.

Sally tucked her fingers under Li's chin, tilting his head up.  Li obliged by parting his lips, sticking out his tongue and saying,

When Sally finished, she gave the boy a reassuring smile.  "There's some minor bruising, but nothing serious.  It should clear up
in a few days."  She lightly swept her fingers through Li's hair.  "Did J ever touch you anywhere beside your mouth?"

Li fidgeted.  "Well, no ... but ..."  He looked up at Wufei in obvious uncertainty.

Wufei knelt down.  "It's all right, Li.  You've done nothing, absolutely nothing wrong, and we will not be angry with you."

Li nodded and looked to the floor again, his face flushed.  "He r-rubbed his front against my bottom.  His pants were itchy and it

Sally's eyes glistened with tears that never fell.  She smiled though, delicately setting her hand against Li's cheek.  "Well, since I
have a new pair of pajamas right here, maybe you'll let me make sure you're not too badly hurt?  I only want to make sure you'll
be okay.  If there's an injury, I have to take care of it.  You shouldn't have to be uncomfortable on your first night in your new
home."  She sighed as Li took a step back, his hands moving to grasp at his own clothing.

"I know you don't want to, Li, and I know you're scared, but Wufei won't let anything happen to you, and he'll be right here the
whole time."  Sally said, keeping her voice soft.  She obviously didn't want to frighten him any further.  He was scared enough
as it was.

"O-Okay," Li spoke, his body trembling.  He nervously pulled the shirt from his body, his hands shaking terribly as he fumbled
to remove his pants.

Sally bit her lip, taking note that the child wore nothing in the way of undergarments.  She kept silent though and Wufei was glad
for it.  Once the boy was nude, Sally gently eased him to turn.  Wufei knelt in front of him, running a hand along the boy's arm
to ease his fears.

"You are doing well," Wufei said, smiling as he brushed a hand through the boy's hair.

Li sniffled, giving Wufei a small smile in return.  He yelped as Sally reached to touch him, jerking forward and grasping at
Wufei's arms.  Wufei held him with care, rubbing his back tenderly.

Sally backed away, a frown set on her features as she picked up a small tube of topical cream.  "He has a rash.  It's not too bad,
but it's probably very uncomfortable.  It looks like his skin was rubbed raw in some places."  She closed her eyes for a moment,
taking a breath.  "This cream should help.  I suggest you put it on him twice a day at the very least.  But more often would be
better."  She handed the tube over to Wufei.

Wufei opened it, spreading a small amount on his fingers.  Li moved without hesitation, turning so that Wufei could apply it.  It
warmed Wufei's heart to know that the child trusted him so much.  Still, the sight of the reddened skin on his son's backside
stole the happiness from this moment.

"There," Wufei said, replacing the cap on the cream and dropping it in his shirt pocket.  "Let's get you dressed now."

Li nodded.  "Yes, Daddy!" he said with enthusiasm.

Sally chuckled.  "Well, I don't know which of these will fit you, but I have no doubt you'll find something."  She pulled a couple
shopping bags over, searching through them briefly.  "Catherine certainly bought enough, and in several different sizes."  She
pulled out a number of pairs of underwear and bade the boy to approach.  "C'mere."  She smiled, then held a pair in front of the
boy as he stood before her.  "No, much too big for you."  She smirked, tossing the pair aside and holding another out.  "Hmm ...
no, too small."  

On the third try they were more successful.  They fit, at least well enough.  True, they were somewhat loose, but it wasn't as if
they were falling from his hips.  Only moments later, Wufei garbed his son in a pair of pajamas, having picked them out while
Sally had been busy with the undergarments.

As soon as he was dressed, Li hugged Wufei, wrapping his little arms around the teenager's neck.  With a smile on his face,
Wufei returned the embrace, sweeping his son into his arms as he stood.  "Come, you must go back to bed now, I think," he
said, turning toward the door.

"I think you should get some rest of your own, Wufei." Catherine said, from where she stood just inside the room.  Wufei had
not known she was there.  He hadn't expected to see her.  She looked somewhat peeved too, standing there with her hands on
her hips, a glare in her eyes.  "I don't want you pushing yourself.  And all five of you have been through enough to wear all of
you out."

"Daddy gonna go to sleep, too?" Li asked, yawning tiredly.

Wufei allowed a small smile to curl his lips.  "I suppose I could do with a short nap," he conceded, nodding to Catherine as he
moved to leave the room again.  Catherine obliged by stepping aside and allowing him to pass, though she did follow him out of
the room, turning to go down the stairs as Wufei made his way back to Duo's bedroom.

"Do you hafta put me back with the others?" Li asked, curling closer to Wufei.  "Can I stay wif you?"

Wufei smiled warmly in understanding.  The child would want reassurances that Wufei wasn’t angry with him.  "Of course you
can stay with me," he said, turning from the bedroom that the children were using and carefully went downstairs.

Catherine was waiting for them, a protein drink in hand.  She smiled warmly when they approached, signaling them to be quiet
and gesturing to the three young men that slept on the sofa bed.  "Heya, little guy," she said quietly, reaching out to stroke his
hair.  "Is something wrong?"

Li yawned, leaning against Wufei.  "I wanted to stay with Daddy," he replied tiredly, his eyes just barely open.

Catherine nodded.  "Well, of course you did.  You poor dear.  After what you've been through I can't say I blame you."  She
motioned to the love seat that matched Duo's sofa.  "It'll be a little cramped, but I think the both of you will be able to rest well
enough."  She held out the protein drink to Wufei.

“Okay, okay.”  Wufei accepted the beverage gratefully and drank it down.  

Wufei handed the empty container back to Catherine.  He sat down, then lay across the love seat, his feet up on one armrest.  He
smirked as Li stretched out across him, sighing happily as he cuddled closer to his father.  Wufei barely noticed that Catherine
was still in the room, until she settled a blanket over the two of them.

"Thank you," Wufei said quietly.

"No problem.  You two just get some sleep.  I'll wake you up for lunch."  She smiled, then turned and walked away, leaving
Wufei and his son to rest.

Wufei closed his eyes, wrapping one arm around Li's little body in a protective manner.  In mere moments he had fallen into a
slumber, happy that this child would be well cared for from now on.

To Be Continued . . .