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Notes:  More settling in.  Sally examines the rest of the clones.

Lost Innocence

Part Eight

Catherine quietly entered the bedroom, not wanting to disturb any of the occupants.  It distressed her enough that she would
have to wake one of them up.  She bit her bottom lip lightly and fought the tears that welled in her eyes as she looked upon the
sleeping children.  Each one of them, with the exception of Daniel, was somewhat battered, but the one that tore at her heart the
most, was Quatre’s copy.

The poor baby was smaller than the others, making him look younger.  He was curled up in a tiny ball, around the makeshift doll
that he cradled in his arms.  Her heart went out to the child.  ‘Best make sure his throat isn’t too bad,’ Catherine thought, her
eyes fixated on the deep dark bruise circling his neck.

She steeled her nerves and lifted the covers off of him, clucking her tongue in sympathy as he began to shiver.  Of course, since
he was without clothing of any sort, it was only natural for him to get chilled by having his only covering removed.

As he started to whimper, she picked him up, cradling him close when those whimpers turned to a soft crying.  “Sshh, sshh.  It’
s okay,” she hushed, stroking her hand along his bare back, hoping to soothe him.

She carried him out of the room, pausing only to pick up the makeshift doll when the little boy dropped it.  He took it from her
with a sniffle, tears dripping along his cheeks as he pressed his little body against her, seeking out the warmth of her body.  
Catherine rubbed his back as she carried him, hating the fact that she had caused this child any sort of discomfort.

“There, there.  Sally is going to make sure your poor little throat will get all better.  And then you’ll get a brand new pair of
jammies.  Won’t that be nice?”

“Want my daddy.”  The child rasped out, then promptly stuck his thumb into his mouth and regarded her with sad aqua eyes.

“I know, and you’ll see him soon, I promise.”  Catherine smiled at him.  He was just too adorable for words.  “Once Sally
makes sure nothing is seriously wrong with you, you’ll get a nice warm pair of pajamas and I’ll tuck you back into bed.”

Quatre’s little clone yawned.  “Can I see H-01?  He got hurt ‘cause he didn’t wanna let the monster man take me away.”  He
shuddered and curled closer to her.  “My fault.  I’m bad.”

Catherine hugged the little boy as she entered the room that Sally was using.  She didn’t see the woman, but had other things on
her mind at the moment, such as seeing to Quatre’s clone, reassuring him that he had done nothing wrong.  “Sshh, now.  You’
re not bad.  It wasn’t your fault.  That man had no business wanting to use you in that manner.”  She sat him down on a cot
that had been set up and smiled down at him.  “Trowa told me how brave you were fighting back.  When Henry learns about it,
he’ll be very proud of you for standing up for yourself.”

“Henry?”  The little boy asked, hugging his doll close to his chest as Sally came in.

Sally smiled and nodded as she sat on a stool in front of the cot.  “Yes, Henry is the name that Duo gave to H-01.  Later on
today, I’m sure your daddy will give you a name as well.  Right now, he’s taking a nap.”

The adorable little blonde smiled, giving his full attention to Sally as she addressed him.

“Okay now, I’m just going to feel your throat.”  She said, reaching forward to lightly prod at the bruised area.

Quatre’s clone whimpered at the touch, yet stayed still.  He listened to everything Sally said as she examined him.  Catherine was
thrilled to know that there wasn’t any serious damage to his throat, that it would heal in time.  By the end of the examination, he
was rubbing his arm across his eyes, his little body clearly portraying his weariness.

“I think we’re done here.”  Sally said with a smile, brushing her fingers along the boy’s cheek.  “Let’s get you dressed and back
to bed.”

The child nodded, saying nothing.  He was practically half-asleep already, his eyes just barely cracked open.  Sally and Catherine
made quick work of finding him clothing, the both of them seeing that he needed to get tucked back into bed.  As soon as he
was dressed in his clean pajamas, Catherine scooped him up and carried him back to Duo’s room.

“I wanna see Henry.”  The little blonde sniffled, yawning widely.

Catherine sighed.  “All right, honey.  But just for a few minutes.  He’s been hurt and is probably still sleeping.  And you need to
get back to bed.”

“Okay.”  the little boy mumbled against Catherine’s chest.

Catherine smirked, turning and heading into the spare bedroom, where Henry was resting.  She felt her throat tighten at the sight
of the youth, her eyes falling to the blood-tainted bandages surrounding his upper body.  She took a deep breath and smiled at
the little boy she was carrying.

“There, see?  He’s sleeping peacefully and Sally will make sure he gets all better.”  She said, lightly stroking her fingers through
his hair.

Quatre’s clone nodded sleepily, but let out a soft sound of protest when Catherine turned to leave the room.

“Hm?   What is it, sweetie?”  She asked, hoping there was nothing wrong with the boy.

The little boy raised his head, a pout to his lips.  “Um, can’t I stay with Henry?”  He asked in a slight voice, holding one little
hand to his throat as he spoke.  “The bed is big and I won’t move much.  Please?”  The little boy’s eyes were filled with a sad

‘Oh, dear, he’s already learned how to use those eyes.’  Catherine thought, smirking.  ‘It’s difficult enough saying no to Quatre
when he’s all grown up.’  Catherine chuckled and nodded.  ‘How am I supposed to say no to this adorable little fellow?’  She
walked around to the vacant side of the bed and pulled the blankets back.

“Here you go, little one.”  She whispered, tucking him in.  She smiled when he reached out and took hold of one of Henry’s
hands, curling his little body around the boy’s appendage, cuddling it just as tightly as he did his dolly.

“Ya know what?”  The boy said, looking up at Catherine tiredly.

Catherine tilted her head.  “No. What?”

The child smiled sleepily at her.  “I like you.  You’re nice.  And you’re pretty!”  He giggled.

Catherine bent down and kissed the child’s forehead.  “Well, I like you, too.  You’re a good and brave little boy.”  She
whispered, running her fingers through his hair.  “Sweet dreams.”  She stood up with a smile on her face.  The child was
already asleep by the time she reached the door.

Now that Quatre’s little boy was taken care of, Catherine headed back to Duo’s bedroom.  She stopped just inside the door
though, her eyes settling on Heero’s clone.  The boy was sitting up in bed, wiping at his eyes.  “Something the matter,
sweetie?”  She asked with a smile as she moved closer to the bed.

Heero’s clone looked up at her, biting his bottom lip briefly.  “I gotta go bathroom.”  He said, looking down at the blankets.

Catherine smiled.  “Come on then.”  She held out her hand, waiting as the child scurried from under the blankets.  He got off the
bed, eagerly taking her hand.  “When you’re done in the bathroom, I’ll take you to see Sally.”

“Okay.”  The boy grinned.  He didn’t seem to care in the least that he wasn’t wearing anything.  Of course the children wouldn’
t be body-shy.  The clothing that they had worn - at least what Trowa’s clone and Wufei’s clone had worn - was just a thin
layer of fabric to give them what little warmth they could get.

Catherine led the child to the bathroom, suddenly thankful that she had purchased those stools for Daniel yesterday.  “I’ll be
right outside.  If you need anything, let me know.”

The child smiled and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind himself.

Catherine sighed deeply and leaned against the wall by the door.  She was a gentle person by nature, but at the moment she
wished that J was still alive so that she could rip his balls off and feed them to him for his cruel treatment of these defenseless
children.  ‘Then I would tear his heart out with my bare hands.  The physical injuries on these little ones are minor, but the
terror will take a while to fade.  Right now, they’re adjusting.  Once they realize that they’re safe-’  She broke from her thoughts
as she heard a flush.

She smiled as Heero’s clone came out of the bathroom.  “Ready?”  She asked, holding out her hand to the poor dear.

The boy nodded and grasped her hand, following her quietly.  Once in a while, he rubbed his eyes and yawned, showing just
how sleepy he was.

Sally was already waiting for them when they entered the room.  “Well, hello again.”  She smiled to Heero’s clone, picking him
up and setting him on the cot.  “Let’s get this over with as quickly as possible.”

The child yawned again, but frowned.  “Where are the others?”  He asked, his tone filled with suspicion as he looked up at the
two women.

Catherine understood.  The poor boy was worried about his friends, the ones that hadn’t been there when he’d woken up.  “07-
04 is sleeping with H-01, and 07-05 is with his father downstairs.”  She smiled at him, ghosting a hand across his cheek.  “If
you want, I’ll take you to see them when we’re done here.”

“M-”  The child yawned again.  “Kay.”  Although it didn’t look as if he’d even be awake enough for the quick checkup.  He was
falling asleep as it was.

About fifteen minutes later, Catherine was proven right in her assumptions.  Heero’s clone lay across the cot, soundly asleep and
snoring lightly.  Both women chuckled lightly at the sight, then eased him into a set of clothing.

“Will he be okay?”  Catherine asked as she pulled one little arm through a sleeve, frowning at the bandaging around his wrist.

Sally nodded.  “There’s nothing wrong with him except a few minor bruises and that sprain to his right wrist.  If I had to guess,
I’d say J was pushing him along by his shoulder, hence the bruises there, and he must have fallen and scraped his knees; and J
reacted by grabbing his wrist and dragging him to his feet a little too roughly.”

Catherine nodded.  That seemed to make sense.  There was a dark bruise to the back of his shoulder as well as the injuries to his
knees.  There was also some bruising around the back of his neck, presumably from J holding him somehow; and marks to his
inner thighs and hips that looked distinctly like the imprint of fingers.  She was just happy to know that his body hadn’t been
violated.  But that was of little consolation considering the fact that he’d been molested.

“I’ll get him back to bed.”  Catherine said, gently picking the sweet little boy up.  He moaned lightly, but didn’t awaken.  “Then I’
ll be back with your last patient.”

“All right.  When we’re done here, I’m going to check in on Heero and Henry.”  Sally replied, tidying up her supplies.

“Okay.”  Catherine said with a slight nod, heading out the door and back to Duo’s room.

As she was covering Heero’s clone with a blanket, the clone of Trowa opened his eyes.  He looked at Heero’s clone, then up at
Catherine.  “Is it my turn now?”  He asked with a pout, only to yawn a moment later.

Catherine smiled gently.  “Yes.  But don’t you worry, it won’t take too long.”

He gave a silent nod, pushing himself to a sitting position.  “I don’t feel good.”  he sniffled, reaching his arms up to Catherine.

Without wasting a second, Catherine scooped him up, fear stabbing her heart.  “Aw, what’s wrong, honey?  Can you tell me
what’s bothering you?”

“My head hurts.”  He sniffled, curling up against Catherine’s body.  “Make it go away.”

She pressed a gentle kiss to his head.  “All right.  I’ll take you to Sally and she’ll know how to make you feel better.  Okay?”

Trowa’s clone didn’t speak, he merely grunted lightly and snuggled against her, his tiny hands clutching at the fabric of her shirt.

Worrying for the boy, Catherine quickly headed to Sally.  She carefully set him down on the cot, biting her lip before she spoke.  
“He says his head hurts.”  She said to the doctor.

“Make it better.”  Trowa’s clone pouted, tears filling his emerald eyes.

Sally nodded.  “I’ll do my very best.”  She said, then took out a penlight and checked his eyes.

For several long moments there was only silence as Sally examined the boy.  She handed him a couple pills and a cup of water,
telling him to be a good boy and swallow them.  He obeyed, though the look on his face portrayed his deep distaste for the

“Is he okay?”  Catherine asked, wringing her hands together.  She didn’t want anything to happen to the boy.  “What did you
give him?”

“Just something to help with his headache.”  Sally replied, continuing with her examination.  When she finished, she sat back in
her seat.

“Well, is he okay?”  Catherine asked again.  She didn’t think she could handle this kind of suspense.

Sally sighed, even as she reached into one of the shopping bags to find clothing for the boy.  “He’s perfectly healthy, save for
the bruises and cuts to his face and body.  That bump on his head worries me though.”  She smiled as she handed the boy a
change of clothes, both women watching as he eagerly went about dressing himself.

“His eyes appear normal, so I don’t think he has a concussion.  But just to be on the safe side, I’d like him to stay awake for the
rest of the day.”  Sally said.  “Keep him busy.  But if he does fall asleep, don’t panic.  Let me know, and I’ll give him another

Catherine nodded.  “All right.”  She let out a sigh of relief.  At least he wasn’t seriously hurt, though a concussion could be a
dangerous thing.

As the boy finished dressing, Catherine gave him a wide grin.  “What say you help me make lunch for everybody?”

“Yeah!”  He beamed, a bright smile on his face.  He reached out to her, his eyes glimmering as she obliged and picked him up.

“Come on then. I’m sure you’ll be a big help.”  Catherine found herself smiling in return.

With a happy, giggling child in her arms, Catherine left Sally’s makeshift infirmary and headed downstairs, happy that all of the
children had turned out healthy for the most part.  Save for some bumps and bruises, none of them were seriously injured.  That
was a great relief, and something that left Catherine thanking God for.

To Be Continued ...