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Author’s notes:  Here is another part.  And this is a 1+2, and 3+4 shounen-ai story.  If you do not like it, do not read it.  There
is suffering ahead, non-consensual sex, maybe some OOCness.  Although hopefully you won’t find them too out of character.  
Well, enjoy.

Painful Memories
Part 11

Duo shuddered, pushing himself to his knees with one arm.  The other arm throbbed in pain.  It hadn’t stopped hurting since
Carl had so roughly twisted the broken arm.  He cradled his sore arm against his chest, shivering from the cold of the room.  His
body hurt, the painkillers he still had to take had worn off so long ago.  But at least the pain wasn’t too bad yet.  But who knew
how long it would be until Carl finally started breaking him in again.  It was only a matter of time.

Carl walked into the room, closing and locking the door behind him.  It looked like the time had finally arrived.  Carl was here,
would start hurting him again.

“Where’s Quatre?”  Duo asked, forcing away the terror that caused him to shudder in fear.

“When are you going to stop worrying about that friend of yours?  Does it really matter that much to you what happens to him?”

“Leave him alone.”  Duo demanded.  “Don’t you dare touch him.”

“Oh, but I’ve already touched him.”  Carl replied, his eyes gleaming evilly.

Duo’s eyes widened in horror.  “No.  You didn’t.”  He shook his head, not wanting to believe that anything had happened to

“It’s not what you think.”  Carl smiled, kneeling in front if Duo.  “I just took a taste, nothing more.  If you don’t cooperate
though, I may have to sample him more . . . completely.”

“Keep your hands off him.”  Duo glared, too afraid to strike Carl, too afraid to move.

Carl placed his hand on Duo’s shoulder.  “Come on, just give in.  Then maybe I’ll let that pretty friend of yours go.”

Duo slapped his hand away, not wanting Carl to touch his body, never wanting him to come that close to him ever again.  
“Never!”  He sneered.

“What, still holding onto a shred of hope?”  Carl asked, not visibly upset in the least by Duo’s action.  

Duo didn’t answer.  He just lowered his head, fixing his gaze on the floor.

“Your friends will never come.  Tomorrow evening at nightfall, we leave, whether you’re broken in or not.  Then I won’t have
to worry about them finding you ever again.”  Carl replied, once again laying his hand on Duo’s shoulder.

“Leave me alone.”  Duo whispered, trying to keep calm, not wanting to believe Carl’s words.  But in only one day they’d leave.  
How could Heero find him before it was too late?  Duo shook his head.  He had to keep hope.  Heero would come for him, he
knew that.   He just had to hold on to that hope a little bit longer.

Carl pulled something out of his pocket and Duo looked up, fear enveloping him once again.  He saw what Carl held so carefully
between his fingers.  It was a syringe, topped with a plastic cap.  Duo had no doubts as to what was inside of it.  It was the
drugs.  True, it was a way out, but not a way Duo was willing to take again.  He had to hang on, had to wait for Heero to come
for him.

“Just give in Duo.  Say you’ll be mine and I can end this pain for you.”  Carl said.

Duo didn’t speak.  He pulled together all his courage, his anger taking control of him for just the briefest of moments, and spit in
Carl’s face.  As soon as he had done it, he regretted it, knowing that this would hurt a lot.  Carl would definitely retaliate and
hurt him badly for this.

Carl flinched as the spit hit his cheek.  He calmly placed the syringe back into his pocket.  “That was a mistake.”  Carl said as he
wiped the wetness from his face.

Duo cringed back, as Carl’s eyes locked on his.  There was a burning rage beneath the dark depths of those eyes.  Duo knew
this wasn’t going to be good.

In an instant, Carl began hitting him.  Each blow to his body more painful than the last.  Duo fell to his side as a fist connected
with his skull.  A sharp pain shot up his arm as he landed on his broken arm, but he kept his cries back.  He wouldn’t give Carl
the satisfaction of hearing him cry out, not again.  

It didn’t seem as if Carl was concerned about leaving bruises on his body like he had been before.  He was just punching Duo,
kicking him.  Each strike would leave a bruise, a cut, a scratch.  Somehow, each strike missed the surgical incision on his
stomach, his healing broken ribs, as if Carl was missing on purpose.  But none of that seemed to matter to Carl right now.  He
was just taking out his anger on Duo, leaving a permanent mark was the least of his concerns.  

Duo smiled despite the pain.  He had gotten to Carl, had irritated him so much that he disregarded his own rules of never leaving
marks on the body of his employees.  Carl was always so concerned about the appearance of his boys and girls.  But not today.  
And for that Duo smiled.  Carl was nervous about being found by Heero and the others, about not getting Duo back into his

Even as Carl stopped beating him, and moved behind him, Duo smiled.  Carl pushed into him, causing Duo to scream out in
pain, but the smile returned.  That little bit of anger he had caused Carl was enough for Duo, knowing that he had finally gotten
on Carl’s nerves enough to make him crack.  And the smile remained, until Duo’s eyes fluttered shut and he drifted into


Quatre had been there for hours, the pain in his heart growing as he felt the agony Duo was going through.  Carl had left Quatre
alone, not doing anything more than putting that disgusting tongue of his in Quatre’s mouth, running his hands along Quatre’s

Quatre shuddered, as more pain entered his heart.  Carl was using Duo again, forcing him to do horrible things, hurting him.  He
didn’t know how much longer he could take all of this.  This was all already overwhelming him, Duo’s pain, the lust and greed
from Carl, the darkness he sensed from that dark-haired boy, and a deep sense of hatred directed toward Duo from someone
somewhere in the hotel.  

Quatre sighed, staring up at the ceiling above him.  He no longer had the strength to sit up, not that he really wanted to anyway.  
He was just so tired.  It was all too much for Quatre.  He could feel his own mind slipping away as the pain increased, as Duo’s
pain increased.  Quatre’s body was weak, his mind slowly drifting away.  It was so hard to stay there in reality, to be around so
much pain.  But he held on, not wanting to leave Duo alone in so much agony.  

He felt the hot tears at the corners of his eyes, as a fresh wave of pain washed over him.  Quatre clenched his eyes shut, bit into
his lip to keep from screaming out.  He knew that Duo was still being hurt, abused.  And then the pain slipped away, as Quatre
felt the darkness overtake Duo.  Duo was unconscious, finally released from the agony Carl inflicted on him.

Quatre opened his eyes, fixing them once again on the ceiling above him.  He could hardly keep his eyes open, could just barely
stay awake.  He turned his head, looking to the door as he heard it being unlocked.  Only moments later, the door opened and
Carl walked in.

If only Quatre had some strength left, he would have tried to move away, would have tried to get as far away from Carl as he
possibly could.  But he didn’t have any strength left.  Not one little bit.  He just lay there as Carl walked over to him, as Carl
knelt beside the mattress.  There was nothing else he could do, his body was so weak, so tired.

Carl brushed Quatre’s bangs away from his face.  “You don’t look too good.”  Carl commented, his voice showing no hint of

“What have you done to Duo?”  Quatre asked, his only concern for his friend.  He knew Duo was hurt, that Carl had caused
him a great deal of pain.

“Sshh.”  Carl hushed, laying his fingertips against Quatre’s lips.

Quatre could feel himself trembling.  He wished he could do something to control the fear, to stop himself from shaking in
terror.  But it was no use, he was just too tired to fight it.  Quatre let out a whimper as Carl moved his hand away and let his
gaze travel over Quatre’s body.  He hated this, not being able to do anything, too weak to move away, too tired to try and cover

Carl grabbed Quatre’s wrist and lifted it off the mattress.  “Let’s see how long you can keep your hand up.”  Carl said.  Then he
released his hold on Quatre’s wrist.

Quatre held his arm up for as long as he could.  However, after only a few seconds his hand began to shake.  It was getting
more and more difficult to keep it up.  In less than a minute, his arm fell back down to the mattress.  Quatre had kept his eyes
on Carl the entire time, watching as the disgusting man beside him smiled at his weakness.

“Doesn’t look like you’ll be with us too much longer.”  Carl commented.

Quatre only sighed, afraid to say a word.  Carl was right, Quatre didn’t have much time left.  It was so hard to sense all that
pain, so difficult to keep his mind from drifting away as everything overwhelmed his senses and mind.  It was just too much for
him to take.

“Guess we’ll just have to make the best out of the time we have left.”  Carl said, once again smiling evilly.

Carl’s hands were on him again, running along his torso.  Quatre’s stomach twisted at the unwanted contact.  As Carl slid his
callused hands lower on Quatre’s body, slowly approaching his hips, Quatre’s eyes fluttered shut.  He was so tired, so
exhausted.  But a harsh slap to his face brought him quickly back to consciousness.  He snapped his eyes open, focusing them
on Carl who had momentarily stopped his ministrations.

“Did I say you could lose consciousness?”  Carl asked, his sharp tone almost hurting Quatre as much as the stinging in his

Quatre’s eyes widened in horror as Carl divested himself of his clothes.  He dug his hands into the mattress in a futile attempt to
push himself back away from the now completely naked man that loomed over him.

Carl laid his body across Quatre’s, resting his full weight on his forearms.  Quatre trembled, feeling Carl’s body against his
own.  Carl was so close that Quatre could feel the man’s hot breath on his cheek and throat.  This was wrong, so wrong.  
Quatre only wanted Trowa’s body to be where Carl’s was, only wanted Trowa to know his body like this.  

“Relax.”  Carl said, spreading Quatre’s legs with one of his knees.  He reached down with one hand, rubbing it along the outside
of one of Quatre’s thighs.  He then slid that hand across his leg, caressing the muscles on the inside of Quatre’s thigh.

“Please don’t.”  Quatre whimpered, his heart pounding so hard inside of his chest that it felt as if it would burst.

Carl seemingly ignored him, continuing to run his hand along Quatre’s thigh.  He leaned his head forward, looking straight into
Quatre’s eyes.  “Now, my dear little empath, how much suffering do you feel from Duo?  Is he close to cracking?”  Carl asked.

Quatre bit his lip, not wanting to help this man hurt Duo.  He wouldn’t betray Duo like that.  He turned his gaze away from Carl’
s eyes, not able to continue seeing the darkness behind those eyes.  He looked to the door, just needing to look at something,
anything other than Carl’s eyes.  It was hurting him just being so close to the man, to sense all the lust and greed, the evil within

“Not going to talk, huh?”  Carl said, moving his hand further up Quatre’s thigh.  “I know this is painful for you, feeling all of
these emotions, not only mine but Duo’s as well.  You can’t hold on much longer.”  Carl whispered, speaking softly into Quatre’
s ear.

“I’ll never talk.  Do what you want with me, I’ll never betray Duo.”  Quatre answered, struggling to say each word.  His voice
sounded so weak, strained.  “I’d rather die.”

Carl moved away from him, quickly pulling on his clothes.  He glared down at Quatre.  “You won’t last much longer.”  He
hissed.  “Might as well use you to my advantage.”

Quatre watched as Carl left the room, locking the door behind him.  He was glad that Carl had left him alone once again, relieved
that the disgusting man hadn’t gone too far with his body.  He sighed, closing his eyes.  

“Hurry Trowa.”  Quatre whispered to the empty room.  “I can’t hold on much longer.”


Wufei walked through the hallway, just taking a break from the hours he had spent working on finding Duo and Quatre. His
computer was still running a search on those fingerprints that had been lifted from the syringe Trowa had found outside.

He stopped outside the door to what had been Duo’s room.  He opened the door, remembering that he had seen Trowa outside
that room a few hours ago, only moments after he had heard Heero’s wail.  

The door didn’t make a sound as Wufei slowly opened it and peeked inside.  Just as he thought, Heero was lying on Duo's bed,
asleep.  It was obvious that the pilot of the Wing Gundam had been crying, his eyes were red and puffy.  He was clutching a
stuffed bear in his arms.  It was a strange sight indeed, seeing Heero holding a teddy bear.  

Wufei backed out of the room, silently closing the door as he moved back into the hallway.  There was no need to awaken
Heero.  He needed all the rest he could get.  

As Wufei turned around, his eyes caught sight of Trowa’s door.  It was slightly ajar.  Trowa never left his door open, so Wufei’
s curiosity got the better of him.  He cautiously approached the door, not knowing what to expect.  If he had seen Heero holding
a teddy bear, anything could meet his eyes when he opened the door to the room Trowa and Quatre had shared.

Wufei grimaced, seeing Trowa lying on the bed, his arms wrapped tightly around a pillow.  He knew that Trowa was on Quatre’
s side of the bed, or at least the side Quatre had slept on when he had become ill.  Wufei had visited the blonde once, although
no one else knew.  It would alter his reputation if any of the others found out that he spent his nights checking on the welfare of
his fellow pilots, even if it had only been that one time.

“Quatre . . .” Trowa whimpered in his sleep, a tear falling from one of his tightly closed eyes.  

Wufei could see that he too had been crying, more than that single tear that Wufei had just seen.  He backed away, knowing that
he shouldn’t have intruded on Trowa’s privacy.  But as he shut the door, it creaked, awakening the other pilot.

Trowa bolted straight up on the bed, his arms releasing their grips on the pillow he held.  “Quatre?”  He asked, not yet aware of
his surroundings.

Wufei watched as Trowa looked to the door, as if expecting to see Quatre standing there.  But once his eyes focused, a genuine
expression of heartache crossed his face for the shortest of moments, and he hung his head.  “No,”  He said quietly, so low that
Wufei almost hadn’t heard it.  “It wasn’t just a horrible nightmare.”

Trowa looked up at Wufei again.  “What are you doing here?”  He asked, his face once more back to its usual stoic mask.

“I am sorry for invading your privacy.”  Wufei said, bowing slightly to the other pilot.

“That doesn’t answer my question.”  Trowa replied.  He got up off the bed and walked toward Wufei, wiping the remnants of
his tears away with the back of his hand.

Wufei sighed, knowing that he had to give an answer of some sort.  “I saw that your door was open and I was concerned.”  He
turned, intending to leave.  “Now, if you will excuse me, I have to get back to work.”

“Did you find anything?”  Trowa’s wavering voice stopped Wufei in his tracks.  He had never heard Trowa so upset before.  
This was really bothering him, he didn’t like to see his comrades acting so strangely.

Wufei kept his gaze on the wall across from him.  “I am sorry.  But I have not finished my searches yet.”  Wufei replied, once
again taking a step into the hallway.

He walked to his own room, not letting Trowa say anything else to him.  Once his door was shut behind him, he leaned back.  
Everything was falling apart, all he had become accustomed to.  Trowa and Heero were no longer silent and emotionless, of
course he didn’t mind that too much.  It was unhealthy to bottle up your emotions for too long.  

But everything else . . . it was just wrong.  Duo was in pain, quiet and suffering, nothing like the carefree, happy pilot Wufei had
come to know over the years.  And Quatre was ill, no longer as cheerful as he had once been.  Wufei didn’t like these changes,
the ones that were for the worst.  

It pained him to know that his friends were in danger, that he might not be able to get to them in time to save them.  If the
search took too long, by the time they found Quatre, the blonde might be dead, his empathic abilities having left him too
vulnerable to survive in Carl’s clutches.  And if they found Duo too late, even if he wasn’t dead, he would most likely be once
again hooked on drugs, more than likely broken beyond repair this time.

A loud, incessant beeping pulled Wufei from his thoughts.  He walked to his computer, know that was where the sound had
emanated.  On the screen, he saw that the search had finished.  Lines of information filled his screen, along with a picture.  
“Nick Smith.”  Wufei read aloud, then added his own comment,  “What a terribly phony name if I ever heard one.”

He glanced at the picture as he got his computer to print the information.  Nick Smith was a handsome young man with short
dark hair.  He looked to be around sixteen, but Wufei knew that looks can be deceiving.  His eyes were strange, grabbing Wufei’
s attention.  It seemed as if something were missing, but Wufei couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

He shrugged it off and grabbed the printout.  Right on top, on the very first page, was the picture of Nick Smith.  He could use
that, maybe show it around to find out if anyone knew him.  By looking at the printout, he saw that each of Nick’s arrests had
been in the same general area almost every time.  At least he had a place to start, maybe at this bar he saw listed several times.  
It looked like Nick had been arrested for starting bar fights many times in that establishment.

Wufei left his room quickly, and walked downstairs, pulling on his coat as he waked to the door.  He wasn’t planning on telling
either Trowa or Heero what he had found.  Maybe it would be better if he went alone.  Neither Heero nor Trowa were in any
state to question this person.  Either of them could do something rash, like kill Nick, before they were able to get any
information out of him.

He reached out to take the doorknob in his hand.  But before he could reach it, Trowa called out to him.  “Where are you
going?”  He asked.

“I just have a few errands to run, nothing important.”  Wufei answered, stuffing the printout into one of his pockets.  

Trowa didn’t seem to notice.  He was obviously distracted, probably by thoughts of Quatre.  Wufei just turned and left, not
bothering to explain himself further.  Trowa didn’t need to know where he was going.  Besides when he got back, he would
have very good news, at least he hoped he would.


Wufei walked along the streets, pulling the collar of his coat tighter around his neck.  There was a chill in the air, and Wufei
really wasn’t enjoying this stroll down the street.  He was looking for someone, hopefully the man that would tell him where he
could find Duo and Quatre.

He looked up at the sign hanging over the street, reading the name aloud, “The Rusty Nail.”  Wufei looked at the building.  The
name seemed appropriate for this dive.  It was rundown, with blacked out windows.  The paint was peeling, graffiti covered the
walls.  It had probably seen better days, but not for a long time.  

Wufei sighed as he pushed the door open.  There was a loud squeaking sound from the hinges that were in desperate need of
oiling.  He pulled the printout from his pocket, looking at the picture on the front page.  He glanced around the barely lit bar,
looking for anyone that resembled the picture.  Not seeing him, Wufei walked to a person sitting at the bar, the only person that
seemed to be aware of anything at the moment.  Everyone else looked too drunk to be of any use to him.  

He looked the man over, trying to decide whether he might be a threat or not.  He looked to be in his thirties, going bald.  He was
dressed in a crumpled, gray suit, the tie he wore hanging loose around his neck.  

Wufei held the picture in front of the man, “Have you seen this man around here lately?”  He asked.

The man said nothing.  He just lifted the shot glass he held between his fingers and threw his head back, quickly swallowing the

Wufei grimaced, watching the man in front of him.  He did not like being here, not one little bit.  Bars were not a place Wufei
frequented, and this place was the worst he had ever seen.  It smelled awful, something like cigarettes and beer, mixed with
vomit.  He practically had to force himself not to retch, just being in this place.

He grabbed the collar of the man, pulling him around to face him.  Wufei’s patience had grown thin.  He wanted answers now.  
“Have you seen this man?”  Wufei demanded.

“What’s it to you?”  The man replied, not drunk as Wufei had assumed him to be.  By the odor his body produced, Wufei could
tell he had been here for some time, although neither his speech or movements were in any way impaired by the alcohol he

“Just answer the question.”  Wufei let go of the man, a strange feeling remaining on his hands.  He wanted to rub them off on
something, but looking around, he saw that if he wiped his palms off on something they would probably only get dirtier.  “Have
you seen him?” He asked, deciding not to risk touching anything in this place.

The man held the picture between his fingers, looking carefully at it.  “Yeah.  I’ve seen him around.  He’s a prostitute, works for
some guy in the city.  He sometimes comes around here looking for new clients or new employees.  Picks up the runaways, or
the kids that just wander in here off the street.  He’s a real jerk, wouldn’t give me a freebie.”  The man looked up at Wufei,
“Hey, you’re kind of cute, wanna hop in the sack?”

Wufei took the picture out of his grip, completely disgusted by him.  “Not even in your dreams.”  

The man turned back to his drink.  “Suit yourself.”  He shrugged, picking up another shot glass from the line in front of him.

“Has he been around lately?”  Wufei asked, knowing that he still needed information, and this was the only man in the bar that
seemed capable of talking in an understandable voice.

“He’s in the back, testing out a new employee.”  He pointed to a door at the other end of the bar.

Wufei frowned, not liking the sound of that.  He pushed the printout back into his pocket, walking to the door.  As he
approached it, he could hear the unmistakable sounds of someone moaning in pleasure, along with the frightened, pain-filled
cries of another person.

He threw the door open, forcing his anger back as he looked upon the scene before him.  In the storeroom of the bar,
surrounded by cases of liquor, Nick Smith stood, pulling up the zipper of his pants.  Lying on the floor at his feet was a boy.  At
first glance Wufei had thought it was Quatre, but then after blinking a few times, he noticed that this boy’s eyes were violet and
his hair a slightly darker shade than Quatre’s.  He was also younger than Quatre or any of the other pilots.  Maybe somewhere
around twelve, not much older.

The boy shook as he cried, grabbing the tattered remnants of his clothing and hastily putting them on.  It looked as if Nick had
just ripped them from his body, they were so badly torn.  Wufei could see the blood on the inside of the boy’s thighs, could see
the bruises on his face and body.  It did not appear that the boy was a willing employee.  Wufei couldn’t help but feel sorry for
this boy, and an urge to help the boy was quickly welling up inside of him.

“If you want a turn, you’ll have to pay.”  Nick said, bringing Wufei’s blood to a boil.  

Wufei grabbed Nick, shoving him hard against the cases of liquor.  Out of the corner of his eye, Wufei saw the blonde boy try
to get up. He turned to him.  “You stay there.”  He said, not bothering to keep his tone calm.  The boy cowered back, making
Wufei regret his harsh tone.  But it was too late to do anything about that now.  He had to get the information he needed out of

“What are you doing?”  Nick asked, grabbing Wufei’s wrists and trying to push them away from his body.  But he couldn't pry
Wufei’s grip away.

“I just want some information.”  Wufei hissed, trying to keep his emotions hidden.  If he didn’t, he would end up killing this
man.  And he needed information.  He couldn’t risk Quatre and Duo’s lives just to get revenge against this man for the pain he
had caused the blonde haired boy, and an unknown amount of other children just like him.  Not to mention the fact that Nick had
helped kidnap both Quatre and Duo, so Wufei pushed his rage down, struggling against his instincts to deliver justice and kill
Nick where he stood.

“Information isn’t cheap, my friend.” Nick smiled.  “However if you are short on cash, I’m sure we can think of some other
way for you to pay me.”

Wufei punched him, disgusted completely.  Did this man have any kindness within him, or was he just scum?  “Tell me where
to find your boss.”  Wufei said.

“I don’t know who you mean.”  Nick replied, not bothered in the least by the strike to his face.

“Do not play dumb with me!”  Wufei huffed.  “I know you were at the safe house when Carl took Duo and Quatre.  Your
fingerprints were found at the scene.”

“Oh, well, why should I tell you anything?”

“Because if you do not, I will have no alternative than to take you back to the safe house with me and let my friends deal with
you.  They are none too happy that you have taken the ones they care most for.  My anger is nothing when compared to
theirs.”  Wufei replied, taking his hands away from Nick.

Nick raised his hands in mock surrender.  “Then I guess I have no choice but to tell you.  It’s not as if I am fond of Carl myself
anyway.  You’ll find them at the Imperial Hotel, only a few blocks from here.  But you better hurry.  Carl plans on moving by
tomorrow evening.  Or should I say this evening, it is almost dawn.”

Wufei backed away, not needing to talk with this man anymore.  He had gotten all the information he had needed.  With one
swift kick to the head, Wufei was able to knock Nick unconscious.  He went down a little easy, but at least now Wufei wouldn’t
have to worry about Nick warning Carl.

Wufei turned his attention to the blonde haired boy.  He still sat there on the floor, his arms wrapped tightly around his legs as he
shook in terror.  He stared up at Wufei, his violet eyes showing nothing but fear.

Wufei held a hand out to the young man.  The blonde just stared at him a moment, then hesitantly reached out and took the
offered hand.  Wufei helped him to stand.  “What is your name?”  He asked.

“David.”  The boy said timidly.

“Do you have any other name?  Or is it just David?”  Wufei asked.

David’s voice was starting to become less frightened.  “No.  Just David.”

“Well, then come along David.  Allow me to take you home.”  Wufei said, laying a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

David pulled away.  “I have no home.”  He looked down to Nick.  “At least no home that I want to go to.”

Wufei knew he couldn’t just leave the boy here.  He probably needed medical attention, not to mention that Wufei would hate to
see him end up like Duo, in so much pain, suffering alone.  “Then I might as well take you to a safe place then.  At least a place
safer than this.”

David didn’t say a word as Wufei escorted him out of the bar.  They walked to the car that Wufei had waiting just a few blocks
away.  Wufei made sure that he kept his pace slow, knowing that even walking would probably be painful for David.  Wufei had
seen the bruises, not to mention the blood on David’s thighs.   

As they walked, Wufei glanced over, and noticed that David was shivering.  Quickly, he removed his coat and wrapped it
around the blonde’s shoulders.  David offered a quiet, “Thank you.” as he pulled the coat around his body.  It didn’t fit, was too
loose, but at least it would offer him some warmth.

Wufei opened the car door and closed it after David was inside.  Wufei had heard him hiss in pain as he had sat, not doubting
that the boy was in a great deal of pain.  Then he quickly moved around and got into the driver’s seat.  Starting the engine, they
began the drive back to the safe house.

After about five minutes, David spoke,  “Why are you helping me?”

“You looked like you could use my assistance.”  Wufei answered, keeping his focus on the road in front of him.

“But you don’t know me.  I’m not worth it.  You should have just left me there.”  David replied.

Wufei pulled over to the side of the road and slammed on the brakes, causing David to put his hands to the dashboard to keep
his head from hitting it.  Wufei switched off the engine and turned to him.  “Never sell yourself so short.  I do not know how
you came to be in such a situation, but I am sure that you have some redeeming qualities.”

“Why do you care what happens to me?  You don’t know me.”  David said, confusion crossing his face, along with a hint of

Wufei closed his eyes a moment, deciding he had to tell David something.  He was obviously so unused to the idea of kindness
that he didn’t know why he deserved it.  “You remind me of my friend, because of what was happening to you in that
storeroom.  I could not let you become like my friend, afraid, in pain.”  He sighed.  

“Who is this friend of yours?  Where is he?”  David asked.

“His name is Duo.  Nick’s boss has kidnapped him along with another friend of mine.  Who knows what he is doing to him
now, probably the same treatment he showed Duo when he was a child.  I do not know much, only what I have been able to
piece together, but it seems as if Duo was hurt in so many ways when he was younger than you.  And Quatre’s health is even
more of a concern to me.”  Wufei answered.

“Quatre?”  David asked.

“My other friend that was kidnapped.  He is an empath, which means he may not survive long enough for us to rescue him.  
Feeling pain from others wears down his health, and he was already ill before he was kidnapped.”  Wufei said.  

“So you were asking Nick where they were being held.”  David commented.

Wufei smiled slightly.  “Yes, and now that I know where they are, a rescue attempt can be made.”

“I hope your friends are okay.”  David said.

“As do I.”  Wufei replied, starting the car once again.  He pulled back out onto the street, continuing on the way to the safe

To Be Continued . . .