Discalimers:  I own nothing.

Author’s notes:  This is my first poem.  I have never tried to write one before, so please keep an open mind and be kind when
you review.  Thanks.  Enjoy.  I originally placed this in original poetry, but I thought that it fit Duo’s situation in “Painful
Memories” very well.

Just One Cruel Touch



With just one touch
he destroyed me world
With just one touch
he stole my innocence

Leaving behind
a tattered frame
and empty shell
that can’t be repaired

What remains
are broken dreams
Fear of one’s touch
Fear of being hurt
Fear of loved one’s knowing

Nowhere to turn
Nowhere to run
Who can I trust?
Who can I not?

A secret well hidden
within my own heart
A secret not shared
with anyone else

Had he known
what his touch would do?
That he’d leave behind
the aching void
that devours my soul

And to think
It only took
just one cruel touch
to destroy my world