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Author’s notes:  This is Part Two of Misplaced Trust.  If you didn’t read Part One, you should or you might get confused.  It
takes place a short time, about a week after part one.  It’s mostly in Quatre’s perspective, since almost everything has to do with

Misplaced Trust
Part Two

Trowa opened the door to what had once been Quatre’s room.  The house seemed so empty now that Quatre had returned to
the colonies, although he had left months ago.  Everything seemed to remind Trowa of Quatre now, especially the house.

He looked around the empty room, breathing in the scent that still lingered in the air.  Trowa could swear that he felt Quatre’s
presence, that it was like the other boy had never truly left.

Trowa wanted to visit him, to see if Quatre was doing well, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.  He knew he wouldn’t be
able to stand it if Quatre hated him, if he refused to see him.  And what if he went and it only caused Quatre more pain?  That
was something he didn’t want to risk.  Trowa had already caused him enough pain in his life.

He turned away from the room, going back to his own.  The servants, that had remained at the house, were worried about him,
always checking in on him.  Trowa appreciated their concern, but couldn’t help the way he was acting.  The pain in his heart
continued to grow with each passing day, wondering if Quatre was alright, if he had moved on and found someone new.


Quatre sat at his desk, shuffling through a proposal made by one of his smaller companies.  He was completely bored, and
wished he could just drop everything and take the rest of the afternoon off.

He dropped the papers to his desk and ran his hands through his blonde hair, recalling the night he had spent with Peter.  A smile
crossed his face, as he remembered every touch, every bit of pleasure that the other man had given him.

Quatre’s smile faded, knowing that he would probably never see Peter again.  Their one night together had been over a week
ago, and now Quatre was left with his boring life again.  

Thoughts of Trowa entered his mind, and he wondered what the other ex-pilot was doing.  He still loved Trowa, still wished that
Trowa had loved him back.

“Sir, there is a man here to see you.”  The voice of Quatre’s secretary said, over the intercom.

“Who is it?”  Quatre asked, his mind miles away, thinking about Trowa.

“He says his name is Peter Clark.”  His secretary replied.

Quatre’s mind snapped back to reality and he leaned forward in his seat.  He stood.  “Send him in.”  Quatre said, his heart
pounding with excitement.  He had never felt so happy to see anyone, well except for Trowa.

Peter walked in, dressed in a business suit, as he usually wore.  “It’s so good to see you.”  He said, quickly crossing the room in
long strides to shake hands with Quatre.

“What brings you to the colonies?”  Quatre asked.

“You.”  Peter replied, a sly smile on his face.

Quatre could feel himself blushing, and tried to fight it.  “Why me?”  He asked, innocently.

Peter leaned over Quatre’s desk.  Quatre’s face was only inches away from his.  He could feel Peter’s hot breath brush across
his skin.  “I haven’t been able to get my mind off of you Quatre, so I moved out here.  Luckily, my company had a position
open in the branch they have out here.”

“What?”  Quatre asked, his voice relaying his shock.

Peter smiled again, that gorgeous smile that made Quatre feel as if he could melt.  “Don’t be so surprised.  I told you that you
were an amazing person.”

Quatre could feel himself blushing again.  “And I told you that I wasn’t.”  Quatre smiled back.

“If you’re not amazing, then why can’t I stop thinking about you?”  He leaned further over the desk, brushing his lips against
Quatre’s lightly, just so that they barely touched.

Quatre’s breath caught in his throat as Peter’s hand softly caressed his throat.  All thoughts escaped his mind, as Peter
whispered into his ear, nibbling on Quatre’s earlobe.  “I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Quatre sank back into his chair, his legs suddenly feeling like jelly.  He never thought he’d hear those words spoken to him.  He
stared up at Peter, his breath coming in short ragged gasps as he struggled to get himself to speak once again.  Finally, after
seconds that seemed like an eternity, he was able to say, “But we haven’t known each other that long.”

“Who cares.  I follow what’s in my heart.  And my heart says that I love you.”  Peter replied, walking around the desk and
pulling Quatre out of his chair.  He held Quatre in his arms, and Quatre loved every second of it.  “I know you’re probably not
ready for any big commitment.  But I can wait for you Quatre, even if it takes you the rest of your life to realize that you feel the
same way for me.”

Quatre lay his head on Peter’s chest, grateful for the other man’s presence.  Peter was wonderful.  He was patient, handsome.  
He had given up his life on the Earth to be with Quatre.  In his heart Quatre could feel love for this man.  Even though he wasn’t
ready to proclaim it, he knew that Peter would wait.  And he was grateful for that.


The weeks passed quickly for Quatre, as Peter became a more and more important part of his life.  They went out, their
relationship continuing to grow closer.  He loved every minute he spent with Peter, the dates they went on, the nights they spent
together in each other’s arms.

Quatre sat on the sofa, his head resting on Peter’s shoulder.  They were watching a movie in Peter’s home, at least that’s what
the plan had been.  But Quatre was more interesting in the closeness of their bodies, than the film that was playing on the video

Quatre sighed contentedly, as Peter ran a hand along his arm.  He loved this, being around someone that actually appreciated
him, that felt something for him.  He looked down at his watch, and saw how late it was.  “I have to go.”  He said, pulling away
from Peter.

“Do you really have to?”  Peter asked, reluctantly letting Quatre stand up.

“I wish I could stay, but I do have an important meeting in the morning.”  Quatre replied, as he stood.

“Maybe we can do something about this situation of ours.”  Peter said.

“What about it?”

“Move in with me.”  Peter replied, pulling Quatre down onto his lap, holding him in his strong arms.

Quatre was shocked, but thrilled.  “Isn’t this a little sudden?”

“Why shouldn’t we?  We both love each other, right?”  Peter said.

“Of course.”  Quatre replied, wrapping his arms around Peter’s body and giving him a quick kiss.

“Then I don’t see why we can't move in together.”  Peter stated.

Peter claimed Quatre’s mouth with his, their tongues massaging each other’s.  He untucked Quatre’s shirt, and ran his hand up
underneath it, caressing his smooth skin.  

Quatre arched his back, wanting to feel more of that touch.  He moaned, feeling Peter’s hand slide along his body, slipping down
beneath the waistband of his pants.

“Say you’ll move in.”  Peter said, before devouring Quatre’s neck, nipping it ever so slightly with his teeth.

“Yes.”  Quatre answered in a shuddered breath, before he was lost in the pleasure, before everything else just faded away behind
a veil of sheer ecstasy.


Quatre was packing his belongings when Rasid stepped into the room.  “What is it Rasid?”  Quatre asked, not taking his
attention away from his task.

“Are you sure this is wise, Master Quatre?”  Rasid asked, staying by the doorway.

“He loves me, Rasid.  I love him.  That’s all that truly matters.”  Quatre replied.  He turned to Rasid.  “You yourself said that I
would find someone one day.  Are you not happy for me?”

Rasid stepped into the room.  “Of course I am.  But I do not want you to rush into anything.”

Quatre lifted an eyebrow, sensing that there was something the other man was hiding.  “What aren’t you telling me?”  Quatre

Rasid hesitated a few moments, but finally he answered.  “I ran a background check on Mr. Clark.”

“You what?”  Quatre asked, shocked that he would do such a thing.

“It was only to make sure you remained safe.”  Rasid replied.

Quatre sighed, then turned back to his work of packing.  “Well, what did you find out?”  Quatre asked, not really caring what
Rasid had to say.  His mind was already made up.

“Mr. Clark has had several relationships in the past few years.”

“So.”  Quatre replied.

“There have been rumors of his jealous temper, and of abuse.”  Rasid said.

“Are any of these rumors substantiated?”  

“No.  They are just rumors.”

“Then I don’t care.  I will not change my mind because of a few rumors.  Unless you can find me some proof that he is like
that, I won’t listen.”  Quatre replied.  “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I still have a lot of packing to do.”

Rasid turned and left, leaving Quatre to his task.  Quatre didn’t care about some rumors.  But in the back of his mind, he
worried that Rasid was right.  He pushed those thoughts away, not wanting to think about it anymore.


It hadn’t taken Quatre long to get settled in Peter’s home.  He had spent enough time there already to know his way around quite
easily.  All his belongings were unpacked in a matter of days.

It was two months later and Quatre still couldn’t get enough of Peter.  To him, he was the greatest guy in the world, the only
person that ever showed him the love he needed so much.

They lay in bed together, the sheets being the only thing covering their bodies.  As Quatre was anticipating the ecstasy that he
knew was only moments away, Peter whispered into his ear.  “Quatre, have you ever wanted to try something different?”  He
asked, his warm breath sending shivers of pleasure along Quatre’s spine.

“What do you mean?”  Quatre asked, his body aching for Peter’s touch.

Peter slid his hand along Quatre’s thigh as he spoke.  “You know, sex games, like autoerotic asphyxiation.”

Quatre snapped back to reality, knowing exactly what he meant.  “But isn’t that dangerous?”  He asked, gently pushing Peter off
of him.

Peter stared into his eyes.  “Only if you’re not careful.”  He replied, flashing a sly smile.

After several minutes of arguing, he finally convinced Quatre to try it.  He handed Quatre a belt, telling him that he could go first.

Quatre secured the belt around Peter’s neck, not really wanting to do this.  But if it would make Peter happy, he would try it
once.  He plunged his erect penis into the warm sheath that was Peter’s anus, pulling the belt tighter around his lover’s neck as
he thrust into him.  But he made sure that he didn’t make it too tight, since he didn’t want to hurt him.

In moments, he climaxed, spilling his seed into Peter.  He collapsed on top of Peter, his breath coming in short ragged gasps as
his body trembled with the aftereffects of his mind numbing orgasm.  He hadn’t found too much pleasure in nearly choking him,
and knew he probably would let himself get talked into it again.

“My turn.”  Peter said, as he gently rolled Quatre over onto his back.

Quatre watched him, as he slid the belt around his neck, leaving it slightly loose.  He reached over to the bedside table and picked
up the open jar of lubricant that sat on it.  He smeared a good amount on his fingers as he gently pushed his fingers into Quatre.  
Quatre moaned in both pleasure and pain as Peter slowly stretched out his opening.  

Finally, after he had been able to insert three fingers, he smeared another glob of the lubricant on his cock and shoved himself
deep inside Quatre.  Peter grabbed the end of the belt as he thrust, tightening it around Quatre’s neck with each movement he

As Peter continued to enjoy his body, Quatre began to find it difficult to breathe.  He tried to speak, to tell Peter that the belt was
too tight, but he couldn’t form the words.  In desperation, Quatre dug his fingers into Peter, trying to get his attention.  But it
didn’t work.  He could see that Peter was too involved in the moment to notice anything.  His eyes were closed, his back
arching with every thrust he made.

Soon everything grew fuzzy, as Quatre’s world was engulfed in blackness.  He could feel himself slipping away.  But no matter
how hard he fought, no matter how much he struggled against it, he quickly lost consciousness, knowing that death would only
be moments away if Peter didn’t realize what he was doing.


Quatre slowly emerged from the darkness of unconsciousness.  He opened his eyes slowly, for a moment not remembering
what had happened.  But in an instant he recalled everything.

At the sight of Peter, kneeling beside the bed, Quatre was filled with an intense fear.  He pulled himself away from Peter,
retreating as far away from the man as he possibly could.  He pulled his knees up to his chest, terror causing his heart to pound
wildly.  The words that Rasid had spoken two months ago echoing in his mind.

“There have been rumors of his jealous temper and abuse.”  Rasid had said, trying to warn Quatre.  But Quatre hadn’t believed
him, had completely thrown out the idea that Peter would ever hurt him.

“Oh God, Quatre I’m so sorry.  I didn’t realize what I was doing.”  Peter reached out to him, but Quatre pulled away.

Quatre wanted to yell, wanted to say something.  But his throat was burning in pain.  All he could manage to do was whisper,
and even then it came out raspy.  “You almost killed me.”  He said, covering his aching throat with his hands.

“I swear, Quatre, I didn’t mean to hurt you.  I would never hurt you on purpose.  You’ve got to believe me.”  Peter said, tears
falling from his eyes with each word he spoke.

Quatre kept his distance, thinking about what had happened.  Peter had never hurt him before, had never tried anything without
asking him first.  He wanted to believe that Peter wouldn’t hurt him.  Maybe it had all been an accident.

“I want to believe you.”  Quatre said, his voice once again coming out as a hoarse whisper.

Peter climbed onto the bed, slowly approaching Quatre.  He gently wrapped his arms around him, as if he was afraid of hurting
him again.  Quatre didn’t pull away, although his heart still pounded in his chest.  “We won’t do that again, I promise.”  Peter
said, softly stroking Quatre’s hair with one hand.

Quatre let himself sink into Peter’s arms, feeling safe once again.  Peter hadn’t meant to hurt him, he could see that.  It had all
been an accident.  It would never happen again.  But a nagging doubt still remained, telling Quatre to be careful, that maybe Peter
wasn’t all he seemed to be.

To Be Continued . . .