Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  Just a simple one-shot fic.  NC-17, YAOI Lemon, 1x2, 5x4x3, a little bit of 2x4.  This fic mostly focuses on the
threesome though.  There’s some exhibitionism, a little bit of orgy action.  The guys go out for drinks and end up having a lot of
fun with each other.

One for the Road

Quatre sighed.  He was bored . . . he was feeling left out.  Here they were, the five of them, sitting in a bar celebrating the
success of one of their missions for the Preventers . . . and Quatre was the only one of them who didn’t have an alcoholic drink
in hand.  Of course, Quatre didn’t really want a drink . . . he was Muslim after all, and it was against his religion.  Still, to watch
as even Heero loosened up after having a few drinks did make Quatre wonder what the big deal was.

Duo was laughing and joking, his usual manic self.  Wufei and Trowa sat on either side of Quatre in the booth, sipping at their
drinks while Duo broke out into uncontrolled giggles.  Quatre rolled his eyes, watching as Duo turned to Heero and kissed him
passionately, all but straddling his boyfriend’s thighs and doing him right then and there.

Heero groaned, and gently pushed Duo to the side, a faint blush staining the Perfect Soldier’s cheeks as he lowered his eyes.  
Quatre was jealous, envious of their relationship.  Here he was, sitting with four of the hottest guys he had ever met in his entire
life, and he felt so unbearably alone.

Quatre sighed, sipping at his cola.  He did have attractions . . . but of course he was too nervous to approach them, too afraid of
losing their friendship.  He didn’t want to risk anything.  So he kept his mouth shut.  As he sat back, he looked to his left and
right briefly, eyeing the objects of his affection for the shortest of moments.  He sighed again.  If only Trowa and Wufei knew
how he felt . . . if only they returned the attraction . . . it would make things so much easier.

Duo slapped the table, gaining the attention of everyone sitting at the table.  “You know . . . all of you are damn fine-lookin’.”  
He said, his voice slurred slightly by the alcohol he had consumed.  “I got an idea . . . how ‘bout we have a little fun . . . make
this a REAL celebration.”

Quatre blinked, wondering what Duo had meant by that.  He watched, eyes widening as Duo slid from his seat to the floor,
ducking his head underneath the table.  He opened his mouth, intending to ask what Duo was doing . . . but anything he thought
to say, died on his lips at the first touch of Duo’s hand to his inner thigh.

“Duo?!”  Quatre gasped out, his cheeks turning red as he peered beneath the edge of the table.  “What do you think you’re

Duo chuckled lightly, his fingers ghosting over the material of Quatre’s pants.  “What do ya say, you, me, Wu-man, and Trowa
have a little fun, eh?”  He asked, not waiting for an answer as he pulled the zipper of Quatre’s pants down.  Funny, Duo
suddenly sounded more sober . . . Quatre had to wonder about that.

Quatre blanched, not believing that Duo would actually do this in the middle of a crowded bar.  Sure, they were in the back, and
in a relatively secluded booth . . . but still . . . anyone could walk by and see this.  Feeling too uncomfortable by the idea, Quatre
reached down to swat Duo’s hands away.

Duo merely grasped his wrists in either hand, a smile forming on his lips as he looked first to Trowa, then to Wufei.  “Hey guys,
you wanna keep a hold on these?”  He asked, handing Quatre’s arms over to them.

Trowa nodded as he took hold of Quatre’s wrist with his slender hand, and for the first time, Quatre noticed that the tall youth’s
eyes were transfixed directly on Quatre’s mid-section.  Quatre blushed, feeling insecure underneath Trowa’s gaze.

He turned away, thinking that Wufei would have some common sense about this.  Instead, Wufei did as Trowa had done, taking
Quatre’s wrist and holding it as he watched each and every thing that Duo was doing.

Quatre wriggled in an attempt to get away, although it was quite obvious that he was trapped.  Trowa and Wufei were on either
side of him . . . Duo in front.  Although the idea of this happening was quite . . . an interesting idea, Quatre couldn’t help but feel
that it was wrong to do such a thing in the middle of a public place.

Duo’s hands were slightly chill as they brushed across the skin of Quatre’s abdomen, easing Quatre’s boxers down and away
from his semierect length.  Quatre couldn’t help but be aroused . . . hell, he had gotten aroused just sitting between Wufei and
Trowa . . . he did so want them.  Simply being close enough to inhale the scent of their bodies made Quatre want them.

“D-Duo . . . stop . . . what about Heero?”  Quatre asked in a whisper, trying not to gain the attention of the other patrons.

Duo’s laughter came from under the table.  “Hell, Quatre . . . Heero loves watching.  He gets off on watching me, although we’
ve never really gotten anyone else involved before.  Don’t you, lover?”

“Always.”  Heero responded, nodding his head.  “Duo is quite good at giving blow jobs, Quatre.  You are in for a treat.”

Quatre was astounded.  He couldn’t believe that Heero had actually said that.  Had the two of them planned this little event . . .
was that the reason for the blush he had seen on Heero’s face a few moments ago?  Had Duo done more than just kiss him,
perhaps whisper a few words to his lover when he had been so close?  Quatre wouldn’t put it past Duo to do something so
devious as this.

Thinking that he had little chance of convincing either Duo or Heero that this was too public a forum for actions such as this,
Quatre turned to Trowa.  “Please, Trowa . . . let me go.  There’s too many people here . . . they’ll see us.”  Quatre pleaded,
trying to extract his wrist from Trowa’s strong grasp.

Trowa turned, his glimmering green eyes boring deep into Quatre’s soul and melting his resolve into a simmering puddle of goo.  
“No, Quatre.”  He said, leaning forward to whisper into Quatre’s ear, his hot breath sending shivers through Quatre’s body.  “I
want to see you writhing in pleasure.”

Trowa kissed him then, his lips hot . . . searing.  Quatre melted against him, forgetting everything, his only conscious thought
revolving time and again around the fact that Trowa Barton was actually kissing him.  And what a kisser he was.

Quatre gasped, moaning deeply into Trowa’s hot mouth as Duo’s tongue flicked out to lap at the tip of his penis.  That felt so
good.  Quatre clenched his hands into fists, trying to contain himself.  He didn’t want to lose control of himself.

Trowa pulled away, a smile on his face as he ghosted his fingers over Quatre’s cheek.  Quatre blushed under the attention.  He
felt as another set of fingers caught under his chin and turned his head, only to find Wufei smirking.  He opened his mouth and
Wufei took the opportunity to kiss him, plundering his mouth mercilessly, his tongue sending sparks of pleasure to shoot
through Quatre’s system.

Duo’s mouth surrounded him and Quatre bucked.  The only reason he didn’t fall out of his seat was because of Trowa and
Wufei, their hands holding him, caressing him.  He moaned again, returning Wufei’s passionate kiss, lightly rolling his hips up to
send his growing erection into Duo’s waiting mouth, nearly cumming then and there are Duo began a bobbing motion, going
down on him fully.

Quatre opened his eyes, casting a sidelong glance over at Heero.  His heart skipped a beat as he noticed that Heero’s hands had
fallen beneath the table and it was quite obvious that he was rubbing himself.  He did get off on Duo’s exhibitionism, just as they
had said.  The idea of someone else finding pleasure in watching him get a blowjob left Quatre feeling suddenly exhilarated.

Trowa’s lips pressed against Quatre’s neck, his tongue tasting the skin there.  Quatre moaned again, feeling as his hands were
finally set loose.  However, now he didn’t have the slightest intention of getting away.  On the contrary, he wanted Trowa and
Wufei to feel even a fraction of the pleasure that he was getting from this.

A simple idea came to mind and Quatre reached down, running his hands along Wufei and Trowa’s bodies as a guide to the
goals that he sought.  Smiling against Wufei’s lips, Quatre squeezed against the bulges he had found, hearing the satisfying groan
from behind him to tell him that Trowa was pleased with the touch.  Wufei similarly let him know the same, grasping Quatre’s
teasing hand and pressing it firmer against himself.

Duo pulled his mouth from Quatre’s shaft, licking his lips.  “You enjoying yourself, Quatre?”  Duo asked, his callused fingers
sliding up and down along the throbbing length.

Wufei pulled away and Quatre nodded emphatically.  “Yes.”  He breathed, pressing forward to take Wufei’s mouth again.

“Do you want to continue?”  Heero questioned, his voice laced with desire.

Wufei pulled away again.  Quatre groaned.  “Yes, dammit.”  He replied, getting tired of this.  He wanted to finish.

“Good.  Then let’s get going.  This place is a bit too crowded.”  Duo said, gently tucking Quatre back into his pants.

Quatre whimpered, vaguely aware as Wufei and Trowa helped him to rise.  Duo got out from under the table and paid the
check, tipping the waitress well.  They went outside and quickly hailed a cab since none of them were in any sort of condition to
drive at the moment.  During the ride, no one seemed to be able to keep their hands to themselves, much to the surprise of the
cab driver.  Still, the man didn’t comment at all, although Quatre noticed a few times that the man had his eyes on him in the
rearview mirror . . . and he did nearly drive into a ditch as Wufei and Trowa both slid their hands down the front of Quatre’s

In a few agonizingly slow minutes, they were back at Heero’s apartment, the one that had been closest to the bar.  Heero
unlocked the door, and the five of them all but ran for the bedroom, stripping off clothes as they moved.

Quatre was far beyond feeling embarrassed now.  He just wanted Trowa and Wufei, to feel more.  The moment his shirt was
off, he jumped Trowa where he stood, taking his lips harshly.  Wufei came up behind him . . . at least he thought it was Wufei.  
He knew for certain that it was Wufei, when the Chinese youth chuckled, licking a slow trail down along Quatre’s spine.

“Well, we obviously created a monster.”  Duo commented.

Quatre flicked his eyes over to the others, watching as Heero stripped Duo of every inch of clothing, laving attention to the long-
haired youth with his tongue and hands.  Duo reached behind himself, undoing his braid and letting the chestnut locks to fall
around him.

“Why don’t you three use the bed?”  Heero offered, gently lowering Duo to the floor.  “I’ve had quite enough of watching Duo’
s teasing for the night.  Lube’s in the bottom drawer of the bedside table to your left.  Toss the tube over here when you get the
chance.”  With that said, he took Duo’s bobbing erection in his mouth.

Duo screamed, bucking his hips up roughly, sending himself deeper into Heero’s mouth.  “Fuck!”  He turned, his eyes hazy with
lust as he looked at the threesome.  “Hurry up with that lube, eh?”  He winked.

Then Quatre’s attention was diverted by his own soon-to-be lovers.  They laid him down on the bed, easing off his pants and
boxers.  Wufei, his clothes already having been discarded at some point, went to the bedside table and retrieved the lube,
bringing two tubes with him.  He tossed one to Heero, who easily went about preparing his lover.

Trowa stood before Quatre, stripping off his pants at a torturously slow pace.  However, the wait was well worth it, as Quatre
was soon left to feast his eyes on the delightfully heavy erection that the ex-pilot was endowed with.

Without a word, Quatre moved to his hands and knees, crawling across the bed.  He took Trowa’s shaft in hand, pushing his
thumb through the slit and spreading the precum that had gathered there.  He relished Trowa’s moan of pleasure, easily pumping
his hand along the hard organ.  Trowa felt so wonderful beneath his fingertips, like silk encasing steel . . . but Quatre had to bet
it would taste even better.

So he took a lick, then another, and another . . . eventually slathering the entire organ with his tongue’s attention.  At some point,
Wufei had climbed onto the bed.  Quatre flinched at Wufei’s first touch to his backside, but quickly got over his nervousness,
knowing that he did indeed want this.  He shifted his position slightly, spreading his legs a bit wider, even as he opened his
mouth and engulfed Trowa’s thick cock in his mouth.

“Oh, God.”  Trowa hissed, rolling his hips lightly, not enough to cause Quatre any harm.

Quatre would have smiled, but his mouth was preoccupied.  So he settled for pleasuring his tall lover with enthusiasm.  He
quickly began a bobbing motion, sliding tongue and teeth along the shaft, humming each time that he took him all the way in.

Behind him, Wufei slipped his lubricated fingers into Quatre’s entrance one at a time, his hand taking Quatre’s throbbing shaft in
hand and pumping fast.  He stretched the blonde with caution and care, never causing pain.  Quatre moaned around the erection
in his mouth as Wufei set his senses aflare with the first touch to his prostate.  Wufei’s hand was sure, his pace quick.  Quatre
was torn between thrusting his hips into that warm hand and pushing back against the fingers stretching him.

Quatre faltered in his bobbing, shuddering as he had his first climax of the night, his seed spilling out over Wufei’s stroking hand
and the bed below.  Trowa cried out then, grasping Quatre’s slender shoulders as he let loose, his semen gushing forth into
Quatre’s eager mouth.  Only when there was nothing left to lick up, did Quatre pull away, a happy smile on his face as he
looked up at Trowa.  The passion in the tall youth’s eyes was still there.  However, Quatre was a little confused as Trowa asked
Wufei for the tube of lubricant.

“Here, Quatre . . . I want you to take me.”  Trowa said, handing the tube over to Quatre.

Quatre’s heart fluttered in his chest, he and Wufei moving back on the bed to give Trowa room to lie down.  Trowa spread
himself for Quatre, a serene smile on his face as he reached up to caress Quatre’s cheek.

“I love you, Quatre.”  Trowa whispered, kissing Quatre’s cheek as the blonde slipped the first lubricated finger into his hidden

Quatre smiled brightly.  “Love you, too.”  He replied.  “And you, Wufei.”  He said, looking over his shoulder to Wufei, who still
stretched Quatre’s body with diligence, his other hand once again pumping Quatre’s length, bringing it back to hardness,
although it wouldn’t take all that much to accomplish that task.

“Yes, yes . . . we all love each other!”  Duo cried out, catching Quatre’s attention once more.  “No talking!  Get on with the
fucking now!”

Quatre blushed, watching as Heero all but pounded into Duo, the young American’s body bathed in sweat as he met each and
every drive.  They were perfect together, and the sight of them only left Quatre yearning for more.  Still, Quatre prepared
Trowa, watching with interest as Trowa arched off of the bed when Quatre finally found his prostate.

Wufei’s fingers slipped out of Quatre’s entrance.  Quatre turned slightly, looking over his shoulder at the Chinese youth.  “Wufei
. . . I want to taste you too.”  He said, feeling as Trowa’s strong hands stroked up and down along his arms.

Wufei smiled, moving across the bed to kneel beside Trowa and Quatre.  Quatre smiled, his eyes falling to look at the bobbing
erection before him.  He reached up with his free hand, caressing the delightfully hard organ.

Quatre’s eyes caught Trowa’s gaze and the silent youth winked.  Quatre chuckled lightly, both he and Trowa leaning closer to
lick at Wufei’s shaft, Trowa’s hands moving to caress the Chinese youth’s thighs and ass.  Wufei groaned, thrusting his hips.

Quatre moved his mouth along the cock before him, taking just the head in his mouth and sucking fervently.  Trowa’s mouth
wandered in the opposite direction, taking the young man’s sac in and laving attention to him.  After a moment, Quatre and
Trowa switched positions, Quatre letting his tongue trail along the shaft, lightly biting here and there as he moved his mouth
down to the base, Trowa taking the time to lick and suck at the tip.

It didn’t take all that long for Wufei to cum, the youth had already been worked up as it was.  Quatre grinned, happily continuing
to suckle at Wufei’s length until he was hard again.  Then he returned his attention to Trowa, leaning down to lick at the semen
that had splattered the taller youth’s face.  Trowa turned, taking Quatre’s mouth, tongues sparring briefly.

“Take me, Quatre.”  Trowa gasped out, pulling away from Quatre’s lips.

Quatre felt Wufei’s hands caressing his backside, although Quatre hadn’t realized that Wufei had returned to kneel behind him.  
“How do you want it, Quatre?”  Wufei asked.

Quatre delivered little kisses to Trowa’s face and neck, pausing only to answer.  “Hard . . . fast.”  He breathed, eager to finish
this.  He wanted to cum . . . wanted to send his seed deep into Trowa’s welcoming body.

Wufei chuckled a little, placing the tip of his erection at Quatre’s stretched opening.  Quatre pulled his fingers free of Trowa’s
body, settling his aching erection against the taller youth’s entrance.  Grasping Trowa’s slim hips, Quatre waited.  It was only a
mere moment later that Wufei pushed into him, the force he used enough to drive Quatre hilt-deep into Trowa as well.

Quatre cried out in sweet bliss at the feel of Trowa’s tight body, of the heat surrounding his throbbing cock and the feel of
Wufei’s glorious invasion.  It was all so wonderful.  Why the hell hadn’t they done this before?

That question was long forgotten just as soon as Wufei began to move.  The pace was slow at first, building in speed as time
wore on.  The three of them moved in passionate synchronicity, striving to bring release to their lovers.  All else was forgotten .
. . time . . . the fact that they were not alone in this room.  All there was for them was each other and nothing more.

Wufei’s drives were deep and hard, sending Quatre deep into Trowa’s welcoming body time and again, the three of them
reduced to bundles of need, moaning masses of pleasure.  Trowa’s hands scratched at Quatre’s sides and back, trying to pull
him deeper, his panting breaths like music to Quatre’s ears.  And Wufei was a God behind him, pushing deep, mercilessly
assaulting Quatre’s prostate over and over again.

Quatre felt the fringe of release and reached down, taking Trowa’s engorged shaft in hand and stroking it in time with the pace
that Wufei had set.  It was only a few fleeting moments before Quatre screamed his release, his fist closing tightly around
Trowa’s cock as his body clenched around Wufei’s.  Trowa followed him into oblivion within a second, bucking underneath
Quatre’s sweaty body as his semen splattered them.  Behind Quatre, Wufei gasped, thrusting twice more before he too found his

Spent and sated, the three of them fell bonelessly to the bed, Wufei easing himself out of Quatre’s body and helping to pull
Quatre free of Trowa.  Quatre smiled in post-coital bliss, snuggling against Trowa’s strong chest.  He looked over to Heero and
Duo, seeing that the two of them had already fallen asleep, Heero’s shaft still imbedded in Duo’s body, traces of semen staining
the both of them.

Wufei rose from bed for a brief moment, only long enough to cover Heero and Duo with a blanket, before he rejoined Trowa
and Quatre on the bed, covering them with the blanket from the foot of the bed.  Quatre felt for certain that he would have to
remember to thank Duo come morning.  If not for him, Quatre might never have gotten to be with Trowa and Wufei.

Wufei returned to the bed and spooned up behind Quatre, kissing the back of his neck.  Trowa held Quatre close, sliding a hand
along Wufei’s side.  They exchanged words of love quietly, settling in to get some needed rest.  Feeling happier than he could
ever remember being, Quatre fell asleep, content in the arms of his lovers.

The End