Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  There’s squick in this part a bit of groping by older men, and a het lemon.  Heero torment, Duo with a hangover.  Also,
Treize finds out the name of Meiran’s new slave.

Warning:  This part has a 2xH lemon in it.  To all the yaoi readers, this is only a one time event and will not happen again with
Duo.  This was only written to further the plot.  Besides, it’s not like they’re in love . . . this is Hilde’s profession.  If you can’t
deal with it, then skip the scene.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Four

Heero awakened on a cold, hard surface.  He fought to open his eyes, groaning in discomfort as he wondered why his bed was
so hard.  Then the memories hit him . . . Dorothy . . . those men in his bedchamber.  He had been kidnaped.

His eyes shot open and he bolted to a sitting position, gasping for breath as fear gripped his heart.  He looked around, panicking
as he saw iron bars and stone imprisoning him.  He was in a cell, something he had never thought he would ever be in.  He tried
to push himself to his feet, then noticed that he couldn’t separate his arms.  He looked down, gasping as he saw the shackles
binding him.

“Everybody up!”  A loud voice commanded.

Heero wasn’t used to taking orders, but since he was already getting up he decided to comply.  As soon as he was standing,
before he even had a chance to look up, ice cold water drenched his body, making him shiver intensely at the sudden sensation.  
He blinked several times and looked up, only to see a man in front of him holding an empty bucket in his hands.  

His teeth chattering, Heero could only watch as that same man took another bucket from a servant that was behind him and
moved over to another young man that occupied the same cell as Heero, tossing the contents of the bucket on the youth before
moving on again.

Suddenly, hands gripped Heero’s body and he found himself being dragged away.  “Let go of me!”  Heero demanded, not
appreciating being manhandled.  

“Not likely, slave.”  The man sneered, continuing to drag Heero along.

“Slave?  How dare you?  I am Heero!  Son of Odin!  The Crowned Prince of . . .”  Heero said.

His words were cut off however by a harsh slap to his face.  “You are a slave, boy!  You are nothing but an object to be used
and sold!”

Heero was stunned.  Never in his life had he been treated with such disrespect.  But he wouldn’t drop the matter.  He was a
prince.  “I demand that you let me go.  I am royalty.”  Heero said, glaring at the man.

The man backhanded him this time, then grabbed Heero’s dressing gown and tore a long strip off of it.  He took that strip of
cloth and gagged Heero with it, tying it tightly about his head.  “Now shut up, or else you won’t live to see the auction block!”

Heero muttered around the cloth that was stuffed in his mouth, glaring at the man.  Then he was once again led away, forcefully
pulled down a corridor and into a strange room.  The room had stone walls, just like everywhere else in this place that Heero had
seen.  It was dank and poorly lit by a few lanterns and it smelled of mold.  Across from the door there was a table, chains
attached to each of its corners.  Heero shuddered, wondering what it could be used for.

The door opened behind him and Heero turned, eyes widening as a strange man hobbled into the room.  His one hand was no
more than a hook, his leg made of wood and he had to walk with a crutch because of it.  Dark spectacles covered his eyes and
Heero had to wonder if the man was blind or not.  The man’s hair was white, and hung down his back in greasy unkempt

“Ah, Doctor J, you’re right on time.”  The man holding Heero said, a smile on his face.  “This is the new stock I messengered
you about.”

Heero paled at the thought of this man being a doctor.  He didn’t look as if he could see . . . how did he examine someone?

“And why the gag, Benjamin?”  J asked.

“He’s a little loony.”  Benjamin said, reaching over and removing Heero’s gag.

Heero opened and shut his mouth to get rid of the ache left by wearing that thing, even if it had only been a few short minutes.  
Then he spoke.  “I DEMAND that you release me!”

“Demand?  YOU?”  J laughed.  “You're a slave . . . you can make no demands.”

“You have no right to do this to me!”  Heero nearly yelled.  “I am a prince . . . the son of King Odin of . . .”  A smack to the
back of his head stopped Heero from continuing.

“Delusional . . . what a pity.  That will bring his price down.”  He stepped closer and hefted a strange pouch from off his
shoulder and onto a small table near the door.  “Strip him.”

Heero’s eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to protest, but he didn’t have any time to speak.  His bedclothes, the only
garments he had been wearing when he was kidnaped, were just torn from his body, ripped to useless shreds to leave him
naked, wet, and shivering in the chilly room.

J stepped forward and forced Heero’s mouth open, sticking his foul tasting fingers into Heero’s mouth and moving them around
a little.  Heero thought about biting down, but decided against it, not sure what the punishment would be for something like that.  

“All his teeth . . . a plus.”  J said, then did a few more examinations.  “Healthy . . . another plus.”  He stepped around Heero to
where Heero could no longer see him.  The next thing that Heero knew, one of J’s fingers forcefully pushed up inside of him.  

Heero yelped at the uncomfortable sensation and jumped away from the horrible man, looking back at him in shock at what he
had just done.

J was smiling though as he wiped his finger off on his tunic.  “A virgin!”  He exclaimed.  “BIG plus.”  J stepped forward again
and Heero tried to take a step back, only to feel as Benjamin’s hands grasped his shoulders from behind to hold him still.

J reached out and grasped Heero’s length.  He fondled the limp member for a few moments as he nodded in approval, causing
Heero to whimper and try to squirm away in fear of what J was doing to him.  “Hung like a horse . . . very nice.”  

“L-let me go.”  Heero whispered, afraid of these people, afraid of being forced into slavery.

“I’m sure you’ll fetch a lot for this one.”  J said, seemingly ignoring Heero, although he did drop Heero’s length.  “Despite the
delusions, he is a rare find.  Lovely, in good health and strong . . . his virginity alone is worth a small fortune.  I’m sure you will
find someone willing to tame his wild spirit.”

“What kind of a slave do you think he’ll make?”  Benjamin asked.

J smirked, cupping Heero’s genitalia in his bony hand, watching as Heero flinched and tried to squirm away.  “A pleasure slave .
. . no doubt about that.  He is very responsive to touch . . . I’m sure he’d make the most wonderful sounds in bed.”  J paused.  
“Best let his master train him . . . don’t want to spoil that spirit before his owner can whip it out of him.  Besides, a smooth
body free of scars would make a much better profit.”

“Yeah . . . he would make quite a bit, wouldn’t he?”  Benjamin asked, sliding his hands from Heero’s shoulders and down the
length of his body, stopping at his hips.

“Keep him away from the other slaves.  Put him up for auction this morning.  The sooner the better.  The longer he stays down
here, the worse off his condition will be.”  J said, hobbling over to his pouch and pulling it on over his shoulder.

“Yes, sir, Doctor J.”  Benjamin said, as the doctor departed.

As soon as J was out of the room, Benjamin grabbed Heero and forced him over to the table that lay against the wall.  He forced
Heero to lie down, then secured his wrists and ankles in each of the shackles, ensuring that he couldn’t get up.  Before leaving,
Benjamin once again gagged Heero, running an appreciative hand along Heero’s body as he smirked down at him.

Heero could only watch as Benjamin left him there, chained up and prone on the hard surface of the table.  He felt tears prickling
at his eyes but willed them back, denying the urge to cry at this situation.  Instead, he pulled against his bonds, trying to free

Eventually though, he grew tired, his wrists and ankles throbbing in pain as he sagged tiredly to the surface of the table.  He
stared up at the ceiling, listening to the sounds outside the room, hearing cries of pain and despair, the sound of cracking whips
and sickening laughs.  

Heero couldn’t help but wonder what he had ever done to deserve this.  Had he been so cruel as to require this harsh a
punishment?  Perhaps though it was just that Dorothy was a sick bitch.  That seemed the most likely in his mind.  And so with
that thought he fell into unconsciousness, the sounds of screams filling his ears as oblivion claimed his consciousness.


Duo stumbled home after a night of drinking.  He knew he just should have gone home right away, but he hadn’t felt like it
really.  Now it was after dawn, Duo had awakened in a bed at the inn . . . Otto let him sleep there when he drank too much to
make it all the way home on his own . . . and now Duo was hungover and on his way back to his own manor.  The jingling of
the bells in his braid were more like church bells in his ears and he purposely moved slowly in an attempt to keep them from
making a sound.  

Finally he reached his manor and walked past the gates to his door.  He muttered about dawn coming too early for his likes and
nearly fell into the house as a servant unexpectedly opened the door for him.

“Thanks.”  Duo smiled, although even that meager amount of movement made his head feel as if a dozen horses had just
trampled over his skull.  He groaned and continued on his way up to his room, hoping that Meiran wouldn’t need his services
any time soon.  He just wanted to spend the next week in bed.

He shuffled into his room, then plopped down on his bed, crawling up and burying his face in his pillow.  He just lay there,
trying to let sleep claim him as every bone in his body felt sore and achy.  Sleep wasn’t coming however, and Duo grumbled
into his pillow, finding himself so tired but unable to sleep.  He hated it when that happened, it was just damn annoying.

Hands gripped his legs, carefully removing Duo’s boots.  “Hello, Hilde.”  Duo muttered into the pillow beneath his face, greeting
his slave as pleasantly as he could manage.

“I thought you were asleep, my lord.”  Hilde replied, not calling him master, since Duo had given all of his slaves permission to
use his name as long as they weren’t in public or had company.

Duo rolled over, groaning at the ache in his head.  “Nope . . . can’t sleep.”  Duo replied, raising his hand to his head and sighing.

Hilde’s hands moved over Duo’s now bare feet, giving his aching feet a massage that left him sighing in contentment, despite the
ache in his head.  “Would you care for a bath to soothe your aches, Duo?”

Duo shook his head.  “Nah . . . don’t want to get up.”  He said, then groaned as Hilde’s hands left his feet.  However, he kept
his eyes closed, knowing that the sunlight he could feel washing over his bed, warming his sheets, would only hurt his eyes if he
did open them.

After what had seemed to be an eternity in Duo’s aching mind, Hilde’s hands returned to his body.  This time she was tugging
on his tunic.  Duo obliged by lifting his arms, helping if only a little as she tugged the garment from his body.  Then her skilled
hands pulled at the drawstring of his breeches, removing them carefully and with care not to jar Duo’s body too much.

Duo finally opened his eyes a crack as he felt Hilde lift his arm and apply a warm, damp cloth to his skin.  “What are you doing,
Hilde?”  Duo asked, grinning.

“You needed a bath, Duo . . . I’m bathing you.”  She said, smiling in return as she carefully caressed that warm cloth over him,
washing his arms first, then moving onto his chest and moving downward, every now and then rinsing out the cloth she was
using in a basin that she had set on the bedside table.

Duo took in a hiss of breath as he felt himself getting aroused by her ministrations, the warm caresses that the cloth was giving
to his body, the pressure she used to wash him clean.  He groaned though, as she completely bypassed his growing erection,
instead sliding that cloth down his leg, thoroughly cleaning it and each toe then moving to the other leg.  

She rinsed the cloth again, chuckling lightly.  Duo only glared at her, as best as he could with the headache he had.  Finally she
seemed to take pity on him, sliding that warm cloth over his erection with enough pressure to make him hiss through clenched
teeth and buck his hips.

“Need some help, my lord?”  Hilde asked, innocently.

“If you wouldn’t mind, Hilde.”  Duo replied, smirking slightly.

Hilde smiled in return, tossing aside the cloth as she knelt between Duo’s legs, quickly lowering her mouth to take him in.  
Wasting no time since she knew what Duo liked her to do . . . she was a pleasure slave after all, an expert in this field.  She
suckled him lightly at first, gliding her tongue along the underside of his cock, while he arched his back and clawed at the sheets
below him, fighting his instincts to thrust forward, instead allowing Hilde to do her job.

It didn’t take long . . . it never did when Hilde did it.  She was just so damn good at this.  She went down on him perfectly, the
suction only increasing as she moaned lightly around him, the vibrations going straight through him.  Her hands reached up,
stretching across his body and stroking along his abdomen, lightly massaging the tensing muscles there before continuing
upward, her soft fingers grasping his stiffened nipples and caressing his flesh with a pleasure slave’s knowledge of how to just
make everything feel so perfect.

Duo bit his bottom lip, his entire body going stiff as he shot his seed into her still working mouth, feeling as she continued to
suck him off, waiting patiently for every last drop.  He panted, spots dancing before his eyes for a brief moment.  

Hilde sat back, releasing Duo’s flagging erection from her mouth.  Duo looked up at her through heavy-lidded eyes, taking in the
sight of her slightly bruised lips, parted as she panted from exertion, a small trickle of his semen dribbling from the corner of her
mouth.  It was just so enticing a sight and it sent a shock of excitement through him that went straight to his groin and his
returning erection.

Hilde noticed the reaction and smirked.  “You want more I assume.”  She said, crawling over and leaning down to kiss her
master.  Duo parted her lips with his tongue, enjoying his own taste in her mouth.  He fumbled with her loincloth, sending it
flying across the room once he got it undone.  He didn’t bother with trying to undo her top, just ripping that bit of cloth away,
roughly grasping her breasts in both hands, massaging them, toying with the nipples, doing whatever he could to make Hilde

Naturally, it worked.  He was confused however, as she pulled away from him, grabbing his hands and taking them off of her,
pinning them to the bed.  “Allow me to do all the work, Master.”  Hilde grinned.

Duo nodded, bunching his hands in the bed sheets as Hilde straddled him, grabbing his freshly hardened erection and guiding it
to her opening.  With one swift movement she slammed herself down on him, making him cry out in pure pleasure as he was
enveloped in that hot wetness.  After all this time, he still couldn’t understand how Hilde could still be such a tight fit.

They were both still for a few short moments, letting each other adjust, then Hilde moved, lifting herself almost all the way off
of him and bringing herself back down again.  Within moments she was riding him like a wild stallion, her nails digging into the
skin of his shoulders as she moved along his shaft perfectly.

Duo’s hands moved from the sheets, gripping her hips in a bruising manner, guiding her, urging her to move faster.  She
complied, thrusting herself down on him in frantic speed, his own hips rising to plunge deeper into her.

Hilde’s arms gave out from under her and she collapsed against Duo’s chest, their lower bodes still moving in perfect sync with
each other.  Her moans spurred him on and he thrust harder, deeper, faster into that exquisite heat.  She screamed out, her inner
muscles clamping down on Duo’s thrusting shaft, making her even more unbelievably tight.  With only a few more thrusts, Duo
spilled his seed into her heat, and collapsed spent and sated against his bed, struggling to regain a normal breathing pattern as he
lay there.

“Wonderful as always Hilde . . .”  Duo said, his breath coming out in short gasps.  “Just wonderful.”

He closed his eyes and quickly drifted off, falling into a peaceful slumber.  Vaguely he felt as Hilde pulled herself from off of
him, that damp cloth returning to clean him up once again, then the feel of the sheets over him.  The last thing he heard was the
sound of the door opening and shutting as Hilde left the room.


Treize walked through the hall, carrying an orchid in his hand.  He had plucked it from his own garden, actually from the garden
that he and Meiran shared.  It had been her magic that made it possible to grow any sort of plant no matter the season.  His half
was full of blooms and blossoms of different varieties.  Her side was where she grew her herbs and various other plants she had
use of.  He never ventured to her side, not even when she was tending her plants . . . he didn’t know what would happen if he
did, so he decided that caution was better and stayed on his own side.

Treize sighed and continued on his way to Meiran’s bedchamber.  He meant to apologize to Meiran for leaving so quickly.  He
knew she hated it when he left so early in the morning, before she could get a chance to even greet him for the first time in that
day, but he did have duties to attend to.  He was Captain of the Guard and it was his job to ensure Meiran’s safety.  That was
one job that he always took seriously.

He opened the door to Meiran’s chamber and stepped in, opening his mouth to utter an apology to the young woman that he
loved.  However, he stopped short when he saw his lover in the arms of another man, the slave she had just purchased a few
days ago.  A fleeting pang of jealousy lanced through him as he watched that young man hold Meiran, but then it was tossed
aside, thinking that perhaps the slave had just had a nightmare and Meiran was comforting him.  Meiran was a gentle woman and
did care a great deal for the welfare of others.

“Is everything okay?”  He asked, walking over to the bed and taking a seat on the edge.

Meiran turned to him, a glorious smile on her face.  He didn’t remember ever seeing her so happy before.  Even if tears were
coursing down her pale cheeks, she looked so beautifully happy.  “It’s Wufei.  I found him, Treize.”  She said, laughing and
sobbing at the same time.

Treize’s eyes widened, looking at the slave she held in her arms.  “Wu . . . fei?”  He asked, shocked as he looked carefully at the
young slave.  He rushed forward, the orchid he held dropping from his hand, completely forgotten as he embraced both Meiran
and Wufei.  He was so glad to see his friend alive, and so happy for Meiran’s sake.

He just held them both close to him.  Then he noticed something . . . Wufei was shivering with severe intensity.  Concerned,
Treize pulled himself away.  Meiran, obviously also having noticed the tremors, pulled back as well.  What Treize saw nearly
broke his heart.

Wufei was shuddering, his eyes staring down at the blankets covering his thin body.  His lips were moving, mumbling in slight
little whispers.  “It’s not true . . . both of you are dead . . . it’s not true . . . I’m dreaming . . . an illusion . . . fake . . .”  He
curled his arms around himself, continuing to mutter quietly, slowly beginning to rock back and forth, his loose hair swaying as
he rocked himself.

Meiran’s face grew serious with concern and a tear spilled from her eye.  She reached out, curling her fingers in Wufei’s hair
only to take her hand back as Wufei recoiled away from her, whimpering about how this was all a lie.

She turned to face Treize, then nodded to the table behind him which stood by the bed.  Treize turned and looked, seeing a small
flask set atop the table.  He knew what was in that.  It was a sleeping potion that she used for nights when she had trouble
resting.  Even after all the years, she continued to have nightmares, both she and Treize did.  Treize reached over and grabbed
the flask, unscrewing the cap and handing it over to Meiran.

Meiran nodded her thanks and wrapped her arm around Wufei’s shoulders, not stopping even as Wufei flinched away from her.  
“Here, drink this.  It’ll help you sleep.”  

He did as she asked, allowing her to hold the flask to his lips while he swallowed two mouthfuls of the liquid.  Meiran took the
flask away and Treize helped her to lay Wufei down.  Treize watched as the potion’s effects worked quickly, Wufei’s eyes
slipping shut before they got him settled in.  Meiran took a moment to brush Wufei’s hair back, making sure none was in his
face before she looked over at Treize.

“Treize . . .”  She whispered, her fingers lingering on a few locks of Wufei’s ebony hair.

Treize nodded, understanding that she wanted to talk with him.  “In the hallway, so we won’t disturb him.”  He stood and
walked over to the door, knowing that Meiran was right behind him.  He stepped into the hallway, closing his eyes and took a
deep breath.  When he heard the door shut behind him, he opened his eyes and turned to face Meiran.  “I can be ready to leave
in an hour.”  He said.

“Leave?  Why?”  She asked, her eyes betraying her concern as she took a step toward him, arms stretched outward.

Treize took a step back, not wanting to feel her arms around him if he was going to go through with this.  “Wufei was your
betrothed, and you have often told me how much you loved him and wished you’d had a second chance.  Your chance is here,
and I don’t want to get in the way of that.”

“Treize . . .”  She reached out, taking hold of Treize’s hands before he could pull them back.  “Just because I found Wufei . . .
that doesn’t make me stop loving you!  I don’t care about titles or what the elders said about being a dutiful daughter and
bride.”  She took a breath, staring up into Treize’s eyes.  “I love you for who you are, just as much as I ever loved Wufei . . .
just as much as I still do love Wufei.  You have been my strength . . . my port in the storm.  For five years you have stayed by
my side and I love you for it.  You mean the world to me.”

Treize sighed, pulling his hands away, turning in shame from the young woman that he loved with all his heart.  “You don’t
understand.  I’m not just worried that I’ll ruin Wufei’s chance with you . . . I’m worried that I’ll ruin your chance at Wufei.”

“What?”  Came the startled gasp from Meiran behind him.

He turned to face her again, hoping she would understand and not hate him.  “Meiran . . . the reason I stayed with your clan for
so long is because of a certain proud scholar who held the heart of a dragon.  The reason I nearly gave my life that day on the
battlefield was because I would rather have died . . . than to see him die.”

Meiran’s lips curled in a slight smile.  “Treize . . . are you saying you were in love . . . with Wufei?”

Treize felt his cheeks burning with a blush and looked away once more.  “I still love you, though . . . I . . .”

“But this is WONDERFUL!”  Meiran announced, gaining Treize’s attention.  He stared at her in shock as she smiled brightly.  
“At least it CAN be.  It all depends on one thing.”

“What?”  Treize asked, confused.

“Wufei . . . and how he feels about US . . . about you, about me, about the two of us.  The two of us might become the THREE
of us!  If Wufei is open to that sort of thing!”  Meiran said, happily.

“Mei . . . he might not agree, and I won’t shove the idea onto him.”  Treize warned.

Meiran smirked.  “You don’t HAVE to!  We’ll just spend time with him as he recovers.  We’ll find out one way or another soon
enough.  I’ve waited for five years . . . I can wait another five if I have to.”

Treize smiled.  “I think I can live with that.”  He wrapped his arms around Meiran, pulling her against him and into a warm

To Be Continued . . .