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Notes:  Heero gets put up for auction.  Lots of fun here in this part.  Rape attempts, and some nice emotional and physical
torture for Heero. Non-consensual Lime.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Seven

There was a strange feeling moving throughout Heero’s body as he struggled up through the haze of unconsciousness.  There
was something pressing against his chest . . . something warm and wet.  Slowly, Heero forced his eyes to open and looked
down, gasping in shock at what he saw.

A man was leaning over Heero’s body, his disgusting lips and tongue leaving a trail of wetness over his chest.  The man’s hands
were busy as well, one stroking Heero’s chest, the other caressing the inside of one of his thighs.  Heero realized for the first
time that the gag was no longer in his mouth.  He opened his mouth, intending to scream, to call for help, only to have a hand
clamp over his lips before he could utter a sound.

The man looked up from what he had been doing, smiling at Heero.  “You don’t want to be makin’ no noise now do ya?”  He
asked.  “You make a sound and you’ll regret it.  Understand?”

Heero could only mindlessly nod, not wanting to be hurt.  Everything about this frightened him and he didn’t know why.  He
wished he was at home, locked in the safety of the castle once again.

The man took his hand away from Heero’s mouth and stood up straight.  Heero remained silent, trembling as he saw just how
huge this guy was.  He had to be at least six feet tall, and had broad shoulders.  His hair was light, a few loose strands covering
his eyes as he looked at Heero with an odd expression on his face.  Heero didn’t have time to think about what the expression
meant, as the man leaned forward again and claimed Heero’s mouth in a disgusting sloppy kiss.

Heero gasped, but the man only used that as a way to thrust his tongue into Heero’s mouth.  Heero was glad that he had nothing
in his stomach right now . . . if he had, he’d be vomiting it up right about now.

The man pulled away, a sickening smile on his face.  “Your mouth is just so warm and sweet.”  He laughed.  “I bet it would be a
pleasure to fuck it.”

Heero’s eyes widened and he whimpered, struggling to pull at the chains that bound him to that table.  He had to get away . . .
he knew that.  This man was disgusting . . . he was going to hurt him.  Heero didn’t want to be hurt.

All of Heero’s struggles ceased and he watched in horror as the man climbed up onto the table, straddling Heero’s chest.  The
man pulled loose the drawstring of his breeches then reached in and drew out his length, wrapping his fingers around it and
stroking himself.  Heero watched with a morbid curiosity as the man’s length grew erect.  However, fear still coursed through
his body, wondering just what the man was going to do.

His silent questions were answered as the man grabbed Heero’s hair.  “Open your mouth!”  He ordered.

Heero hesitated, and was punished by a harsh tug on his hair.  He complied, opening his mouth slowly, staring up in fear at the
man above him.

“Bite it off and you’ll regret it!”  The man hissed, guiding his erection into Heero’s mouth, forcing the head of that hard shaft
past the parted lips and teeth.  Heero nearly gagged as it went a little too deep, but forced back the urge, not wanting to find out
what would happen if he vomited while that thing was in his mouth.

Heero whimpered, feeling as the man retracted himself slowly from his mouth and thrust back in, using Heero’s mouth to his
own obvious pleasure.  Both of his hands were grasping Heero’s head, keeping it from moving while he shallowly moved within
the mouth.

“Suck it, slave!”  The man ordered.  

Tears burned at Heero’s eyes but he refused to let them fall as he tightened his lips around the invading shaft.  He applied a small
amount of suction, hating himself for complying, afraid to do anything else.  He was trapped, his wrists and ankles chained to a
table with no foreseeable way to free or defend himself.  He just hoped that this would be over with soon.  

The man moaned above him, his hips slowly rocking back and forth.  “Mmm, suck harder.”  He said, his voice a low groan.

Heero closed his eyes, fighting back the tears as he obeyed.  He forced himself to use more suction, hating everything about
this.  He felt as the man tightened his grip in Heero’s hair, his shallow thrusts becoming deeper, pulling out and forcing himself
back in harder and faster each time.  Heero’s mouth began to hurt, his lips aching, his throat beginning to burn.  He whimpered,
straining against his chains in a feeble attempt to get away, fighting back the urges he had to either bite down or vomit.

“What the HELL?!”  An angry voice shouted as something metallic clattered to the stone floor.

Heero snapped his eyes open, only to watch as the man scrambled back off of his chest, pulling himself free of Heero’s mouth
as he nearly fell of the table in his hurry to move aside.  Heero turned and coughed, spitting, wishing he could get rid of the
awful taste in his mouth.  When he turned to look at the man again, he saw who had yelled.  It was Benjamin, standing there
with the most furious expression on his face.

Benjamin punched the man repeatedly, then kicked him when he was down.  “How many times do I have to tell you not to touch
the stock?!”  Benjamin hissed.  

Benjamin kicked the man one last time then stalked over to Heero, grabbing his chin and forcing the fingers of his other hand
into Heero’s mouth, feeling around as he apparently checked to see what kind of damage the man had done.  Heero flinched and
whimpered at the aches that were set off by Benjamin’s touches.  

Benjamin sighed and looked back at the man, taking his hands away from Heero.  “You FOOL!  I hope this bruising goes down
by the time his turn comes or it’ll bring down his price!  Couldn’t you have kept it in your breeches for another day?  We have a
batch of used goods coming in tomorrow!”

“I’m sorry, sir.”  The man said, cowering on the floor, his lips dribbling blood as he wrapped his arms about himself, obviously
in a good deal of pain.  Heero couldn’t say that he was unhappy to see him suffering.  He did feel sorry for those used goods,
knowing that they’d probably be put through something even harsher than Heero had just experienced.

“Get out of here.”  Benjamin hissed, walking over to the door and holding it open as the man half crawled half stumbled out of
the room.  Then Benjamin returned to Heero’s side, picking up a pouch from the floor as he walked.  The pouch jingled with the
sound of chains and Heero assumed that it had been what he had heard hit the stone floor earlier.

Benjamin unchained Heero’s arms and legs, then roughly grabbed him and pulled him to his feet.  He reached into the bag he held
and silently pulled out a set of chains.  He fixed the manacles around Heero’s wrists, then another pair around his ankles.  
“There, now you can't escape.”  Benjamin smirked.  He reached into the pouch again and pulled out a loincloth, harshly helping
Heero to put it on.

Heero could do nothing but stand there in shock.  Fear was coursing through his veins and he didn’t know what to do anymore.  
He was raised in a castle, a pampered prince.  This entire situation just left Heero feeling confused and frightened.  His throat
hurt too much to speak, so he couldn’t try to talk himself out of this . . . of course talking hadn’t seemed to work before

So Heero just stood there, silently praying that this nightmare would end and that he would wake up safe in his own bed.  
Benjamin pulled a collar and leash from the bag.  He fixed the collar around Heero’s throat, making it just a little loose so that it
wouldn’t damage his skin, then fixed the leash to the collar.  Finally, Benjamin pulled a veil from the bag.  He placed the veil over
Heero’s nose, covering everything below his eyes, then tied the cord around his head to keep it from falling off.

“Come on.”  Benjamin said, tugging on the leash.

Heero stumbled but followed, not knowing what else to do.  He shuffled his feet, not able to lift them too far or even take proper
steps with the chains that he was forced to wear.  Benjamin led him through the corridors again, this time going somewhere that
Heero had never been before.  There was a door ahead of them, and light spilled from the bars of the small window that was in
the door.

Heero gasped, wondering if it were possible.  Was that a way outside?  Could that possibly be sunlight that he saw?  Even in his
current situation, Heero’s heart pounded in excitement, wondering if he’d actually get to see the light of day for the first time in
his life.

“You stay here.”  Benjamin ordered, stopping before they reached the door, leaving Heero at the end of a line of slaves while he
walked to the door and exited.  He looked behind him and noticed that no one was there.  He must be last, he thought.  He
wondered if the sun would have set by the time he got out there.  He did want to see it at least once in his life.

For hours Heero stood in line, silently moving ahead as each slave stepped out of that door one by one.  Brief glimpses of the
outside world teased him and he had to fight back his urge to run out there, knowing that he would probably be punished for
doing something like that.  As he got closer to the door, he could hear a number of shouts, the sounds of the auction outside.

Finally, he was the last slave left.  Benjamin opened the door and grabbed Heero’s leash, pulling him out of the door.  Heero
gasped, his eyes widening as he took in all the sights and sounds.  He had no idea that the outside was such a huge place.  The
sky was bluer than anything he had ever seen before . . . with puffy white things floating across it . . . clouds . . . he thought,
reminding himself of the word that he had read about.  He looked up in awe at the glowing orb that hung in the sky, shining
brighter than any candle or flame.  The sun . . . it must be the sun, he thought.

He hadn’t known that he had stopped walking until Benjamin roughly grasped his arm and hauled him up onto a platform.  Then
Heero turned his attention back to the auction, taking brief glances at the sky every now and then.

Benjamin grabbed the chains that connected the shackles around his wrists and lifted them, fixing them on a metal hook that was
sticking from a wooden beam.  Heero was forced to stand on his tiptoes as his arms were stretched above him.  It was warm
out here, Heero thought, feeling as sweat began to trickle from his body.

“My lords and ladies . . . I have, as always, saved the best for last!”  Benjamin yelled, looking out at the large crowd that was
gathered around the platform.  “Lot number twenty-one!  A young man.  Healthy, possesses all his teeth . . . good muscle tone .
. . and a virgin!  Who will start the bidding at one hundred gold pieces?”

A number of yells roared out from the crowd, causing Heero to shiver in fear.  He didn’t want to be sold, didn’t want to be a
slave.  He turned away from the crowd, looking out at the sky once again, trying to focus on the sights that he had never before

He was brought back to the present when Benjamin stepped over to him.  “He’s a spirited one, never been tamed!  Who would
like the honor of being the first to find pleasure in this body?”  With that said, he tore the loincloth from Heero’s hips.

A roar of bids came from the crowd and Heero ducked his head.  He didn’t want to look at them, didn’t want to see any of this
or even be here.  He just wanted to go home . . . even if that meant a marriage to Relena.  He was desperate to be away from
here and was struggling against his own fear, just wanting to be safe at home.

His chin was gripped by Benjamin’s hand, and his gaze was forced to look up.  Quickly, the veil was removed.  A hush fell over
the crowd, apparently as they took in the sight of his features.  “Isn’t he a beauty?”  Benjamin yelled.  “How much for the
challenge of taming this wild one?”

Again the crowd shouted out a roar of numbers.  Heero looked away again, focusing on the clouds that floated through the sky,
not paying attention to the auction.  A loud bang made Heero jump and he looked just in time to hear Benjamin say, “Sold for one
thousand five-hundred gold pieces!”

Heero scanned the crowd, wondering who had bought him.  But there were too many people, and Heero just couldn’t tell one
from another.  All of their faces just seemed to meld together in his mind, none of them clear.

Benjamin helped him down, removing the chain from off of that hook.  Heero groaned, his arms aching from hanging like that.  
Heero was led off of the platform, down a short number of stairs to the side.  There, Benjamin once again clad him in the
loincloth and the veil.  As he tied the veil, Benjamin laughed.  “I’ve never gotten so much for a slave before.”  He said.

Heero watched as a stranger, dressed in the garb of a wealthy man, stepped over.  In his hand he held a money purse, and in his
other a riding crop.  He was an older man, portly and stood with a cruel smile on his face.  His teeth were tainted yellow, his
grayish hair stringy and greasy.

“Ah, Lord Dunwich . . . here is your new slave.”  Benjamin said, greeting the fat man with a smile as he shoved Heero forward a

Lord Dunwich grabbed the leash, tossing the money purse to Benjamin.  “I’m sure I’ll have some fun with this one.”  He said,
that sickening smile never leaving his face.  “Come along, boy!”  He said, pulling against the leash, hitting Heero across the
backside with that riding crop.

Heero yelped at the sting the riding crop made.  He walked, knowing that he had no choice but to comply.  As soon as they were
away from the slave cells, Heero looked to his new ‘owner.’  “Let me go!”  Heero demanded, his voice rough from the
treatment he had gotten earlier that morning.

Lord Dunwich only laughed.  “Benjamin was right when he said you were wild.  I guess I’ll just have to break that spirit of

“I am Prince Heero, son of Odin!”  Heero said, glaring at the man that continued to drag him along the street.

A slap to the face silenced Heero and he blinked at the man that was now giving him the most vile look that he had ever seen.  
“You should learn your place.  I won’t stand a disobedient slave!”  He seethed, then looked Heero up and down, a smile curling
on his lips.

Heero decided it would be wise to keep his mouth shut, not liking the look in Lord Dunwich’s eyes.  There was just something
there, an emotion that Heero couldn’t identify, and to be quite honest, was afraid of.

That night, Heero was in the home of Lord Dunwich, having been left in the care of one of his servants while the Lord attended
to some business duties.  All Heero wanted to do was escape, but being watched so carefully, it was impossible.  He wasn’t
even allowed to sit.  He had been standing for hours now, and his legs ached terribly.  At least the chains had been removed
from his ankles . . . although his wrists remained bound.

He was startled to hear a door open and slam shut, followed by a number of shouts.  Moments later, the loud sounds of
stomping feet approached and the door to the room that Heero was currently in was thrown open.  “Leave!”  Lord Dunwich
yelled, glaring at the servant who had been watching Heero.

The young man quickly left, not saying a word as he scurried away, closing the door behind himself.  Lord Dunwich strolled
over to Heero, a smile spreading across his face as he looked Heero over, his eyes settling somewhere below Heero’s waist.

As Lord Dunwich approached, Heero took a step back, fearful of the look that he saw in the older man’s eyes.  The backs of his
legs collided with the surface of the bed that he had been standing in front of for the past several hours, and he stumbled back,
falling to the bed.

Lord Dunwich was on him in an instant, crawling onto the bed and over Heero.  He rested one knee between Heero’s slightly
spread legs, his other knee beside him.  His hands pressed against the bed on either side of Heero’s head, that riding crop still
held in one of them.  He raised a hand, pulling the veil down around Heero's neck.  Then Dunwich leaned down, smiling as he
roughly claimed Heero’s mouth in a kiss.

Heero raised his hands, not wanting this to go on as he beat his hands against the man’s chest, trying to push him away.  He
wasn’t chained down this time . . . he could still fight back . . . could try and defend himself from such an attack.  The man
ignored his attempts and licked at Heero’s lips, forcing his tongue into Heero’s mouth.  

Heero growled deep in his throat and reacted by biting down on the invading tongue, satisfied when the taste of blood filled his
mouth.  Lord Dunwich pulled away, cursing loudly as he covered his mouth with one hand.  He glared down at Heero and
slapped him again.  Heero simply narrowed his gaze and spat at the disgusting man above him.

“Little bastard!”  Lord Dunwich seethed.  He raised the riding crop and brought the end down across Heero’s body, repeatedly
pummeling him with the thin object.

Heero closed his eyes and gasped, biting back his cries as the sharp stings bit at him.  He wouldn’t give this man the satisfaction
of hearing him cry out.  Then suddenly, the beating stopped and he felt the bed beneath him move as Lord Dunwich quickly
removed himself from off of it.  Heero opened his eyes and looked up, only to wish that he hadn’t.

Lord Dunwich was stripping off his clothes, leaving his hairy and disgusting body bare in front of Heero’s wide eyes.  Heero
scurried back, moving as far, and as fast, from Lord Dunwich as his sore body allowed him to.

Lord Dunwich only smiled.  He crawled back onto the bed, laughing as he reached up and grabbed one of Heero’s ankles.  He
pulled Heero down, forcing him back to the edge of the bed as he straddled him.  “Stop being so difficult.”  Lord Dunwich
glared.  “You’re mine to do with as I wish!”  He said, reaching up underneath Heero’s loincloth, stroking the inside of one of his

Heero’s reaction was involuntary.  He raised his leg as fast as he could, kneeing Lord Dunwich in the groin.  The man fell to his
side, gasping for air.  Heero laid there for a moment, shocked at his own behavior.  Then he got up and ran to the door, only to
feel as someone grabbed his hair and pulled him down to the ground.  He looked up and saw Lord Dunwich standing over him,
pulling a robe onto his body so that it was loosely draped around him.  

There was fury in the older man’s eyes.  “Vicious little whelp!  I won’t waste my time with something so worthless!”  He
grabbed Heero’s hair and dragged him kicking over to the door, Heero’s hands having come up to grip the man’s wrists in an
attempt to lessen the pain.  Lord Dunwich called to a servant then threw Heero at his feet.  “Take this worthless slave back to
the auction house!”

“Yes, my lord.”  The servant said, pulling Heero to his feet and hastily leading him away to be returned to the auction house,
probably just to be sold once again to some other man or woman.  Perhaps the next wouldn’t have such a temper and would
actually take the time to rape him.  The thought made him shudder inwardly . . . yet again, Heero wished that he was home.

To Be Continued . . .