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Notes:  Wufei wakes up.  Treize has a talk with him.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Eight

Wufei awakened, not knowing why he felt so comfortable.  Why was the floor so soft?  Had he died and gone to the afterlife?  
He shook his head ever so slightly, opening his eyes, knowing that it wasn’t true.  He was still alive . . . the pain coursing
throughout his body attested to that.

He bit into his bottom lip as he slowly pushed himself to a sitting position.  He looked around at his surroundings, wondering
where he was.  He noticed immediately that he had been on a bed, something that a slave shouldn’t be on unless he was a
pleasure slave.  Is that what his new master wanted of him . . . to be a pleasure slave?  The thought of being used like that again
sent shivers throughout his aching body.

Wufei turned, his eyes coursing over the body of the person laying beside him.  It was a woman, that much he was sure of.  A
faint memory resurfaced . . . this woman claimed to be Meiran, her friend saying that he was Treize.  Wufei knew that it couldn’
t be true.  Meiran and Treize had both died years ago . . . although he wasn’t sure of just how long ago it was anymore . . .
being a slave for so long, the days, months, and years had all just merged together in his memories.  

Still, he was sure that Meiran and Treize were dead . . . he had seen Treize fall while he had been protecting Wufei.  Treize had
failed though.  Wufei had been taken and his suffering had begun.  The training . . . the masters . . . the memory of all that pain
was burned into his young mind.

Wufei pushed the memories back, fighting his tears as he slowly climbed out of bed, being careful not to make the bed shift.  He
did not want to awaken the other occupant, unsure of what this master was truly like.  So far she was trying to convince him
that she was someone she couldn’t possibly be . . . and she had proven herself to be a sorceress.  That was never good.  For all
Wufei knew, she meant to kill him for use in one of her spells.  He decided to let her sleep just in case that was what she wanted
. . . he really would rather stay alive.

He looked around, noticing immediately that the room he was in was cluttered.  Books lay strewn about.  Various papers were
just lying on the floor as well as numerous containers and vials.  Maybe if he showed her that he had some use, his new master
would keep him alive.  Perhaps if he cleaned, she wouldn’t hurt him.

Wufei nodded to himself then set about his task.  He quickly moved through the room, straightening things out, even though his
pained his body to do so.  He made his half of the bed, not leaving a single wrinkle, no proof that he had rested on the
comfortable surface.  He straightened out the bookshelves that lined the walls, placing a few volumes, that he had found
scattered around the room, onto the shelves in an appropriate order.  They would be easy to find if his master wanted one.

He moved throughout his master’s bedchamber, picking up her crown and setting it on a velvet cushion that was sitting on a
pedestal in the room.  He hoped that was where it went.  He picked up the vials and other containers, placing them on a table
that he saw had other such items.  Wufei just left that table cluttered, not sure if it was wise to mess around with a sorceress’s
potions or herbs.

Wufei was sweating after a short while, but kept cleaning, wanting to please his master, knowing that he had to prove that he
was worth keeping.  As he was gathering various papers together, he caught sight of a book.  Setting the papers aside, he picked
up the book, gasping as he read the title.

He had owned a book like this once.  It had been his favorite and he had carried it with him wherever he went.  During the
attack on his clan he had dropped it, and that was the last he had seen of it.  Wufei let his fingers drift over the cover of the
book, noticing the burnt corners, the torn pages.  Could this be his book?  Was that woman really Meiran?

Wufei shook off the thought, knowing that it couldn’t be true.  Meiran and Treize were dead and his book was long gone.  This
was just another copy, one that his master owned.  Still, he couldn’t help but want to read it . . . it had been so long since he had
been allowed to read and he remembered that it had been his favorite pastime.

A few moments of rest couldn’t hurt, Wufei thought.  His master was asleep and she would never know that he had taken a
moment to rest his weary body.  Wufei moved over to a nearby chair and sat, curling his legs close to his body as he opened the
book.  He would only read a few pages, that was all . . . and then he’d get back to work.


Treize quietly opened the door and entered Meiran’s bedchamber, a bundle of clothes tucked under one of his arms.  He had
gone to the servants’ quarters and had borrowed a set of clothes from one of the smallest servants.  Still, the garments might be
too big on Wufei . . . he was just so thin.

As he stepped into the room, worry pierced through him, noticing that Wufei was not in the bed where he had been.  However,
he calmed a little, seeing that Meiran’s room had been cleaned very well.  Treize had never seen this room in such a state . . .
Meiran never cleaned.  Wufei must have done it.  However, that left Treize to question where exactly Wufei had gone to.

A soft sound attracted Treize’s attention.  Treize stepped over to the chair where the sound had come from, cautiously peering
over and hoping he wouldn’t find that it was Nataku there.  He smiled though, when he saw Wufei curled up asleep on the chair,
a book clutched tightly in his small hands.  

Treize gently took the book from the young man, glancing at it.  He remembered this book.  He had seen Wufei carrying it
everywhere five years ago.  If Treize remembered correctly, this was Wufei’s favorite.  Treize dearly remembered Wufei
reading it to him, trying to translate the meanings, when Treize was still trying to understand the language.

However, Treize’s smile faded as he watched a shiver course its way through Wufei’s battered body.  He tucked the book under
his arm with the clothes he had brought, then walked over to a chest at the foot of Meiran’s bed.  Quietly, he knelt and opened
it, pulling out a soft blanket.  Then he returned to Wufei’s side and draped it across him, only wanting to keep him warm.

The contact awakened Wufei, and the young man bolted upright, crying out at the pain of moving so quickly.  He scrambled off
of the chair and knelt of the floor, bowing down in front of Treize.  “I am sorry, Master . . . I did not mean to fall asleep . . .
forgive me, Master.”  Wufei pleaded, his small body shivering from both fear and the cold.  “I-I won’t let it happen again . . . I
swear it, please Master.”

Treize frowned, kneeling down in front of Wufei.  “Don’t do this, Wufei.”  Treize hushed, silently urging the young man to
rise.  “Please get up.”

Wufei allowed Treize to help him back into the chair, but he kept his gaze lowered, focused on the floor.  “I am sorry I displease
you, Master.  Do you wish to punish me now, Master?”

“No . . . no, I will never hurt you, Wufei.  You are my friend.”  Treize hushed, reaching out and gently brushing back the
curtain of hair that covered Wufei’s face, wishing there was some way to alleviate his suffering.  “You are not a slave, Wufei.”

“Yes, I am, Master.  I am your servant . . . worthless and only for the pleasure of you and the Mistress.”  Wufei replied, his
eyes never even glancing at Treize.  “What service do you wish of me?  Anything you want I will do, Master.  I-I can cook for
you, or clean, or you may pleasure yourself with my body . . . whatever you want, Master.  I live to serve, Master.”

Treize’s heart nearly broke hearing his old friend talking like this.  This was not the strong scholar he had known.  No, this
young man was a pale shadow of that brave young man.  How much suffering had he lived through to become like this, Treize
wondered.  “What happened to you, my friend?”  Treize asked, quietly.

“I do not know what you mean, my Master.  I am a slave . . . my life is serving.”  Wufei replied.  “Do you require my services,

“No, Wufei.  I just want you to get well.”  Treize answered, forcing a smile on his face.  He remembered the clothes that he had
tucked under his arm and pulled them out, laying the book on the floor as he held the clothes out to Wufei.  “I brought these for
you to wear.”  He said.

Wufei didn’t take them, instead he started trembling, his breathing quickly becoming erratic.  “I cannot, Master.  Those are not
the garments of a slave . . . I cannot wear them.  I am sorry Master.  I want to serve you . . . but I cannot.  I am not worthy of
wearing such things, Master.”  He rambled, tears spilling from his eyes as he struggled for air.

“What are you doing to him?”  A voice hissed.

Treize looked up, noticing that Sally had entered the room.  She walked over to Treize and glared at him, snatching the servant’s
garments from Treize’s hands.  Her features softened however as she held out another bundle of clothes to Wufei.  “Here, these
are the garments of a slave.”  Sally whispered.  Then she looked to Treize.  “It’s too soon to try and get him to stray from his
training.  You should know better, Captain Treize.”

Treize bowed his head, hating himself for having hurt Wufei like that.  When he looked up again, Sally was helping Wufei to get
dressed, assisting him with the loincloth and tying the cord of the veil for him.  Treize sighed at the sight of Wufei’s face
covered by that thin fabric, but said nothing for the moment.

“Do you need anything else?”  Sally asked.

Treize shook his head.  “No, I don’t think so.”  Then after a moment of thought he amended that.  “Could you have some food
brought up?”

“Yes, sir.”  Sally said, quickly leaving.

As soon as Sally was gone, Treize reached up and gently tugged the veil down.  Wufei made a whimpering noise and put his
hands to his face, stopping Treize by holding the veil down.  “It’s okay.”  Treize hushed.  “Meiran and I are your masters,

Wufei nodded.  “Y-yes, Master.”

“Then don’t I have the right to take this off when we are alone?”  Treize asked, taking hold of one of Wufei’s hands and pulling
it away from the veil, then doing the same with the other.

“Yes, Master.”  Wufei replied, closing his eyes.

Treize sighed, once again tugging the veil down until it hung about Wufei’s neck.  “You aren’t a slave, Wufei.”  Treize stated,
gently stroking his thumb over Wufei’s cheek.

“Yes, I am, Master.  I am your servant.  Your will is mine.”  Wufei replied, just sitting there, continuing to stare at the floor.

“Will you look at me?”  Treize asked.

Wufei shook his head slightly.  “I am sorry, Master . . . I am unworthy of raising my gaze.  I am nothing but a slave, Master.”

Treize decided to drop the subject for now.  He didn’t seem to be getting anywhere anyway.  He glanced around, noticing the
clean room once again.  “You cleaned the room?”  Treize asked.

“It is my duty, Master.”  Wufei responded.

“You did a wonderful job of organizing.  I remember you always seemed to enjoy having everything in order.”  Treize
commented, remembering how tidy Wufei had been before the attack on the clan.

Wufei blushed a little at the praise.  “I was merely showing my usefulness, Master.”  He replied.

Treize sighed.  He was definitely not making any progress.  He decided to switch topics again.  “It’s nice out, isn’t it?”  He

Wufei stared down at the floor.  “If you say so, Master.”

“The air is a little damp, though.  Do you think it will rain?”  Treize asked.

“If you think it will, Master.”  Wufei replied.

“I was asking for your opinion, Wufei.”  Treize sighed.

“Your opinions are mine, Master.”  Wufei responded, continuing to stare at the floor.

Treize smirked, deciding on another tactic.  “It's only a matter of time before the sky turns green.”  He stated, speaking very

“Of course, Master.”  Wufei replied.

“And we should burn all the books.”  Treize said.

Wufei flinched before answering.  “W-Whatever you want, Master.”

“And paint the entire palace pink!”  Treize said, with a gesture of his arms.

Wufei’s eyes widened and his lips quirked into the barest hint of a smile.  “A . . . lovely color, Master.”

Treize smiled.  He was getting to him.  He knew that Wufei hated the color.  “Speaking of pink . . . do you think I should wear

Wufei bit his lip and glanced at Treize.  “It would be . . . very . . . becoming, Master.”  He answered, although he seemed

“A frilly pink dress . . . and maybe a big pink bow in my hair.”  Treize said, smirking as he watched Wufei’s reaction.

“A pink . . . bow?”  Wufei gasped, giving Treize a shocked look.  At least he was looking up at Treize now, probably not even
realizing it himself.

Treize nodded.  “A BIG pink bow.  What do YOU think?”  

“I . . . think . . . ?”  Wufei whispered, watching as Treize nodded.  Wufei seemed to think for a moment, apparently
remembering something before he laughed.  “I think you would look ridiculous!”  He said, covering his mouth with his hands as
he continued to laugh.

Treize smiled.  “THAT’S what I wanted to hear, Wufei.”  He picked up the book from where he had set it earlier.  “I think this
belongs to you.”  Treize said, holding it out.

Wufei stopped laughing.  He reached out with a trembling hand and took the book, running the fingers of his other hand over the
cover as he brought it closer to himself.  “Y-You’re really Treize?”  Wufei asked, unsurely.

Treize nodded.  “Yes . . . and that is really Meiran.”  He said, gesturing to the bed where Meiran still slept.  He looked back at
Wufei, bringing his hands up to cup Wufei’s face in them.  “We’ve missed you, Wufei.  Meiran was devastated when the clan
was attacked.  The thought of you dead left her a wreck.  She’s never gotten over it . . . neither of us have.”

“I thought you both died.”  Wufei whispered, shivering as he reached out to brush his fingers along Treize’s face, as if making
sure that Treize was really there.  Then he glanced at Meiran.  “She’s a sorceress?”

Treize nodded, taking his hands away from Wufei’s face and gently clasping one of his hands.  “She trained herself to be able to
control her powers.  She was consumed with wishes for vengeance.  For five years now she has been hunting the men who
attacked the clan.  And for five years I’ve stayed by her side and made sure that she didn’t lose herself in hatred.”  Treize
smiled.  “She’s also a queen now.”

“A queen?  How?”  Wufei asked, eyes wide as he watched Meiran sleep.

“When we first came here, four years ago, this land was being ruled by a cruel tyrant.  She got rid of him.  The people
proclaimed her their new leader.  I think many followed her out of fear at first . . . she is very powerful . . . but most people
respect her now for the kind ruler that she is.”  Treize smiled.  “She's saved so many people, set loose a number of slaves.  She
picks up the orphaned or abandoned whenever she comes across them and helps them.  Most everyone she helps has become
her loyal subjects, doing anything she would ever ask of them without question.”

“But is she happy?”  Wufei asked.

The question threw Treize off for a moment.  “I can’t lie.  When she found out that you are alive and well . . . I had never seen
her so happy before.”  He sighed.  “But now, one of her friends is suffering, a kingdom has been destroyed . . . one of her
allies.  She exhausted herself to find out about it, and to get help to the young prince she befriended.”

“I hope all will be well.”  Wufei said.

Treize nodded.  He reached out to help Wufei stand, only to frown as Wufei recoiled away.  “Is something wrong?”  Treize
asked, concerned.

“I am sorry.  I . . . I still cannot help but think of myself as unworthy of kindness.  You should not touch me for anything other
than your own pleasure.”  Wufei said, bowing his head.

“Wufei . . . you are not a slave anymore.”  Treize said, gently gripping Wufei’s arms.  “I won’t use you like that and neither will
Meiran.  No one will ever hurt you again.”

“Treize please . . .”  Wufei whimpered, tears beginning to freely drip from his eyes.  “I . . . I can’t deal with all of this now . . .
it’s too much to take in all at once.  You and Meiran are alive . . . she is a queen . . . a sorceress . . . and you say I am no longer
a slave.  It’s too much.”

Treize gently wrapped his arms around Wufei, pulling him into a tender embrace.  “Forgive me, my friend.  I should not be
pushing you so fast.”

Wufei hesitantly returned the embrace, his body shaking as he did so.  “Just give me time.  I do want to believe all of this.  Have
patience with me.”

“I'll give you all the time in the world . . . we both will.”  Treize said, removing his arms from around Wufei, since he knew that
the contact was only making him nervous.  “Now, I think you need some rest and not on a chair.”

“Yes, Mas . . . Yes, Treize.”  Wufei said.  He stood on his own, Treize also rising and moving aside to give him room.  Wufei
silently padded over to the bed and stood there for a moment, just looking down at the bed.  Then he climbed up, moving the
blankets aside as he laid as close to the edge as he could get, his book still clutched tightly in his hands.

Treize smiled slightly, covering Wufei with the blankets.  He wished that Wufei would move further in, but he wouldn’t force
him.  He was trying to be patient.  As Wufei drifted off to sleep, Treize stood by the side of the bed, hoping that Wufei would

To be Continued . . .