Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  Duo feels like a complete idiot for how he acted with that slave and goes to get as drunk as he possibly can get.  Heero
finds out just what Edgar wants with him and attempts an escape.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Sixteen

Duo shook his head as he stared straight ahead, watching as that slave was led away.  He couldn’t believe that anyone could be
so cruel as to drag someone behind a horse.  How long had that bastard been doing this?  To Duo, it looked as if that slave had
been forced to walk for days, the swelling in his feet and ankles, the numerous cuts and bruises . . . the poor young man had
looked like he was barely able to stand, let alone walk anywhere.

Those eyes . . . Duo couldn’t remove the image of those cobalt eyes.  They were just burned into Duo’s mind.  Defiance was
bright within those wonderful eyes, although shadowed by fear and pain . . . even shame haunting them.  Still, they had been the
most beautiful pair of eyes that Duo had ever seen.  He wondered what the rest of the young man’s face looked like, if it could
at all compare with the beauty of his eyes.

“Dammit!”  He shouted out, not speaking to anyone in particular, just wanting to berate himself for the idiot that he had been.  
All he had done was gawk at that slave, when he could have just bought him from that man that would probably end up killing
the poor slave tonight.  Well, there was nothing that he could do about it now.  He had lost his chance, had just let that jerk drag
the poor slave away.

Duo shook his head, dropping the thoughts.  He whistled loudly, smirking at the whinny that replied to the noise.  Only moments
later, a horse walked out of the shadows, nudging Duo’s side once he was close enough.  “Ah, Chaos, sorry I dismounted so
quickly.  But I saw someone who needed help.”  Duo asked, stroking his hand down the horse’s muzzle.

Chaos was a war horse, or would be if there were any wars going on, a destrier bred for carrying men in full armor.  He was
pure black, no trace of color anywhere.  He was well-groomed, as always, his coat shining under the moonlit sky.  He was even
sporting a few braids in his mane that Duo had done one day when he had been bored.  They looked nice there though, and
Chaos didn’t seem to mind their presence.

Duo was proud of the fact that he had trained Chaos himself.  Before Duo had picked Chaos out of Meiran’s steeds . . . a gift
from the generous young queen . . . Chaos had never let anyone near him, not even Meiran herself.  It warmed Duo’s heart to
know that he was the only one that Chaos deemed worthy to obey.  As it was, Duo was still the only one Chaos permitted
around himself.  He behaved well in the villages.  But if anyone were to touch him, even by mistake, there would be trouble.

“Shall we go?”  Duo asked.

Chaos shook his head, as if answering Duo’s question negatively.  He backed away a few steps, snorting as he kicked one foot
at the ground.  Chaos didn’t seem to want to go into the village tonight.

Duo sighed.  “I know . . . you don’t like it when I drink.  This is why I don’t bring you most of the time.”  Duo said, stepping
over and taking hold of the reins.  “You’re so judgmental for a horse.”

Chaos whinnied again, but didn’t fight it when Duo walked him along, taking him into the village.  He was a loyal animal,
protective, and quite intelligent.  Sometimes Duo felt he was too intelligent.

As the two of them walked into the village, Duo couldn’t help but think of what had made him decide to come out here tonight.  
He was going to be a father.  Duo couldn’t believe that Hilde was pregnant . . . and with HIS child.  He was frightened and
unsure, wondering just what kind of a father he would make, if he would totally screw up the kid’s life.  Duo was just a street
rat, no family anymore.  The only one he even remembered was Solo, but he knew his mother was dead as well . . . Solo had
told him that.  But now Solo was dead, and Duo was alone. Duo didn’t think that he would make such a good father.

Maybe he should marry Hilde, that would be the honorable thing to do . . . he had knocked her up after all.  However, he didn’t
love her, she had been his pleasure slave, no more no less.  It was her duty to see to his bodily needs, what she had been trained

He continued to dwell on the subject of his child, wondering if he would be a good father or not, and what he should do, all the
way to the nearest tavern.  He tied Chaos to a hitching post, then strolled into the tavern, moving quickly over to the bar.

“G, a round of ale for the house!”  Duo announced, playing the part of the cheerful jester once again.  The crowd erupted into
roars of cheers, but Duo paid them no heed.  Instead, he grabbed his own drink and downed the ale, asking for another only
moments later.  All he wanted to do was to get blind, stinking drunk.  Maybe then he wouldn’t have to think about his problems
for a while.


Heero collapsed to his knees as soon as Edgar stopped the horse.  Only seconds later, he fell forward, closing his eyes as he
gasped for breath.  He hurt so much . . . he didn’t think he could go any farther.

However, Edgar didn’t seem to care.  He roughly grabbed Heero’s arm and hauled him to his feet.  Heero nearly screamed as
Edgar purposely stepped on one of his feet, causing nothing but pain as he put pressure on the bleeding wounds.  Edgar laughed
cruelly as he untied the rope that had bound Heero to the horse.  Then he took hold of Heero’s leash and led him away, forcing
him to walk even more, even though all Heero wanted to do was to curl up and die in some dark corner.

Heero barely noticed anything around him, his mind totally focused on just trying to keep his legs moving.  He didn’t want to
find out what kind of a punishment he would receive if he fell down again.  Whatever it was, Heero knew that it wouldn’t be
good.  The man seemed too cruel to just kill him and end his misery.

Edgar dragged him into an inn.  Heero kept his gaze focused on the floor, but he did notice that several eyes turned to him as
soon as he had stepped into the building.  He didn’t know if the looks on their faces were pity or disgust, whether those anger-
filled stares were directed at him or at Edgar, but Heero truly didn’t care to find out.  If they meant him harm, he would rather
not find out.

“Welcome to the Silver Feather Inn.  I am Otto . . . How may I help you?”  A man asked from behind a long counter, smiling.

“I want a room for the night.”  Edgar demanded, pulling several coins from his purse and slamming them down on the counter.

“Yes, sir.”  Otto said.  His eyes drifted over to Heero for a brief moment, but he neither said nor did anything.  Otto took the
coins, stuffing them down into a money purse of his own.  “This way.”  He said, leading Edgar and Heero up a flight of stairs
and into a room.  “Do you need anything else?  Perhaps a healer to tend to your slave?”

“I need nothing!  Be gone!”  Edgar spat back, pushing Otto toward the door.  Once Otto was outside of the room, Edgar
slammed the door shut behind him.

Heero started shivering as soon as that door was closed.  Now he was alone with Edgar once again.  He feared what would
happen now.  Heero wasn’t sure if he could even put up a decent fight in the condition he was currently in.

Edgar grabbed Heero’s arm and roughly threw him to the bed.  Heero gasped, terrified to be on a bed when this man was in the
room.  He struggled to move back, leaving blood trails on the bed sheets with his feet as he pushed himself back until he was
trapped in a corner.

Edgar grabbed his ankle and pulled him back down again.  He chuckled as he climbed up onto the bed after Heero, crawling over
him.  He straddled Heero’s body, resting his hands on either side of Heero’s head.  Then he raised one hand and took hold of
Heero’s chin through the veil.  “Now, you stay here, my pretty bauble.  I have an errand to run, and as soon as I get back, we’ll
have a little celebration.”

“You might not have anything to celebrate.”  Heero replied, fighting his better judgement to keep his mouth shut.

Edgar only grinned.  “Oh, yes I will.  I’ll have you in my bed.”

“I’d rather die!”  Heero said, his voice raised as loud as he could get it.

“You would?”  Edgar asked, a cruel smile gleaming on his face.  “It matters not.  After tonight, you won’t be alive to worry
about anything.”  Edgar leaned down, taking a deep breath as he pulled the veil away from Heero’s face.  He pressed his lips to
Heero’s, his tongue taking a long, slow swipe along them before he pulled away again.  “Behave, and I’ll make you feel real good
and make your death less painful.”

“Get off.”  Heero said, his voice trembling.  He just wanted the man to get away from him, to leave him alone.  He didn’t want
to die, not die after being raped as this man obviously had in mind.

“Oh, I will ‘get off’ my pretty little slave.”  Edgar chuckled, twisting Heero’s words into something other than what Heero had
meant.  He licked a trail along Heero’s cheek, then pulled away smiling once again.  “But not yet.  There’s something I want to
purchase to make our experience all the more enjoyable . . . at least for me that is.  So you stay.”

Heero bit his bottom lip, his body shaking as he watched Edgar, fearing what that man meant to buy.  Edgar slowly crawled
back off of the bed, and hastily moved over to the door.  He turned and left, and Heero heard the distinct sound of a lock
clicking once Edgar had shut the door behind himself.  Heero knew the door was now locked.

He got up off of the bed, groaning as the pain washed through him in waves.  Carefully, he set his feet on the floor, wincing at
the pain.  Then he looked around, trying to find a way to escape this situation.  His eyes settled on a window so he quickly
moved over to it, hobbling as he walked.  Throwing the window open, Heero looked down, frowning at the distance.  However,
he knew that he didn’t have much choice if he wanted to escape.

Slowly, each movement paining his sore body, Heero climbed up and lowered himself as far out of the window as he could.  He
looked down, seeing the ground still a good distance away.  Taking a breath, he let go of the ledge, allowing himself to drop.

Pain surged up his leg, and Heero collapsed to his knees, biting back a scream.  He took in several deep breaths to calm himself,
fearing that he had just broken his leg.  With a broken leg, he wouldn’t be able to get very far.  Heero sat, pulling his leg closer
to him.  Carefully, he prodded his leg and ankle, sighing in relief when he found no breaks.  It must just be sprained, he thought.  
It wasn’t much better, but at least he would be able to walk on it.

He cautiously stood, the pain horrendous as he tried to walk.  Without knowing that he had done it, Heero pulled his veil back up
to cover his face.  It was an unconscious reaction now, after only a month he had been trained somewhat.  

Heero hobbled along for several minutes, his legs paining him terribly, the rest of his body sore as well.  He wasn’t really aware
of where he was going, not sure if he could even escape.  Hell, he didn’t even know whose kingdom he was in, what village this
was.  He just knew that he had to get away, and prayed that no one else would decide to find some use for Heero’s hurt body.  
Maybe he would get to die free, Heero idly thought.

Then suddenly, something grabbed his hair in a tight fist, and Heero was pulled back and to the ground.  The hand left him, and
Heero turned, his eyes widening in terror as he saw Edgar standing above him, a leather whip tightly clasped in one hand.  “You
little bastard!”  Edgar yelled.  “How dare you try to run!”  

“How?”  Heero gasped, knowing that he was trembling once again.  He didn’t know how Edgar had found him.  

“I just walked out of the store you little punk . . . purchasing my new toy!”  He held up the whip for Heero to see.  “I guess I
can still have my fun though, you insolent little whelp.”

Before Heero could do or say anything, Edgar had grabbed his arm, and dragged him into the closest alleyway.  He threw Heero
to the ground, then raised a leg and kicked him hard in the side.  Heero gasped, falling to his side.  Once he had regained his
breath, he raised himself to his knees, using his hands to push himself up.  He gasped in pain, pulling his hands back as
something sharp pierced his skin.  He looked down, seeing the glass shards that littered the ground around him.

“Put your hands down on the ground!”  Edgar ordered.

When Heero didn’t comply, the lash of the whip met his back.  He yelped, unused to such abuse, and winced as he set his hands
down again.  Only a moment later, Edgar’s foot came crashing down on one of Heero’s hands, forcing it down onto the glass
below.  Heero cried out, instinctively trying to pull his hand out from under Edgar’s foot.  Edgar only laughed.  Then he
removed his foot, and did the same to Heero’s other hand.

The pain was undescribable, Heero’s hands being torn open by numerous pieces of glass as Edgar ground his foot down on
him.  As soon as Edgar took his foot away the second time, Heero moved back, ignoring the rest of his aches as he scurried
backward.  His limp hands dripped blood as he looked at them, his body crouched over while tears of pain fell from his eyes.

A sharp pain lanced across his exposed back, a whip cracking as it slashed him.  Heero quivered, but found he could do no more
as lash after lash of pain was made against his back and side.  A kick sent Heero sprawling onto his back, his vision blurring as
Edgar continued to whip him, this time sending the painful leather to slice open his chest.

Then abruptly it stopped.  Heero looked, gasping as he watched Edgar stalking toward him, the whip tossed aside.  Heero was
forced to his feet, Edgar shoving him back against one of the walls and sending a fresh wave of pain through the cuts on his
back.  Edgar pulled back his arm, then lunged forward, delivering a strong punch to Heero’s gut, forcing all of the air out of
Heero’s body as Heero collapsed around that fist.

Edgar didn’t waste a moment, continuing with his vicious assault.  More punches followed, kicks as well.  Heero’s chest and
stomach were targets, but oddly enough, Heero’s face went untouched.  Then, after an unknown amount of time, just as Heero
was finally ready to let his eyes close and give in to oblivion, Edgar stopped.

“Time for me to have my fun now.”  Edgar laughed, ripping the veil off of Heero’s face.  “You won’t be putting up much of a

Edgar laughed once again, wrapping his large fingers around the back of Heero’s neck and pulling him away from the wall.  
Then suddenly, Edgar spun him around, thrusting Heero forward roughly and slamming his head against the wall.  Heero could
feel the hot slickness trailing down the edge of his hairline, and knew without a doubt that he was now bleeding from some head
wound.  But Heero could care less.  He knew Edgar would just toss him aside after tonight . . . he was as good as dead now.

His eyes widened, feeling as Edgar tore the loincloth from his body.  “No . . . stop . . . please . . . stop.”  Heero pleaded in a last
desperate attempt to save his virginity.  He didn’t want to die like this.  To be beaten to death was one thing, but to be raped to
death was something far more horrible.

Edgar leaned over, whispering into Heero’s ear.  “But then I wouldn’t get to have my fun.  I’m going to enjoy fucking your little
body raw.”  

Heero shivered, whimpering as he closed his eyes against his tears.  He hurt too much to struggle, too much to try and fight
back.  He couldn’t even manage to raise his hands anymore . . . his body was just so weary.

Edgar’s hands slowly trailed the bleeding planes of Heero’s body, for a moment trailing a caress along Heero’s ass, before his
fingers delved between the curves and spread the cheeks.  Edgar roughly kicked Heero’s legs apart, spreading him open further,
as his fingers sought out Heero’s opening.  

Heero gasped and bucked as one of Edgar’s dry fingers suddenly plunged up into him, roughly stretching his body.  Edgar
laughed.  “You’re a virgin?”  A second finger wormed up into Heero, causing nothing but a terrible burning pain as they pushed
in and out of his body.  For several long moments, Edgar brutally finger-fucked Heero’s trembling body, making him feel
nothing but pain with each and every thrust those two digits made.

“You’re so fucking tight.”  Edgar muttered as he withdrew his fingers.  “You won’t be for much longer.”

Behind him, Heero heard the rustling sound of clothes.  Glancing back he saw as Edgar undid his breeches, letting the garment
fall down to his knees.  Heero turned away, clenching his eyes closed as he realized that his virginity would be ripped from him
in just a few short seconds.  

He fought his tears once again, his body trembling as Edgar gripped his hips and pulled his ass backwards, forcing him to bend
at an odd angle, his face and hands against the wall, his rear thrust outward.  One of the hands left Heero’s hip, and something
larger than those two fingers pressed up against his opening.  Heero whimpered again and could only pray that he would lose
consciousness soon . . . or perhaps that death would claim him now.

To Be Continued . . .