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Notes:  Heero awakens in his new master’s bed.  They have a talk with each other, although Heero makes it no secret that he
does not like his situation.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Nineteen

Heero groggily awakened, finding it difficult to even open his eyes for several long minutes.  He didn’t know where he was, his
memories hazy at best.  Once he was able to open his eyes, he blinked, waiting patiently until they focused.  He remained laying
down and observed his surroundings, noticing that dark colors dominated this room.

The walls were a deep blue, not too dark, but lovely nonetheless.  The bedding that Heero lay on was a glittery black, smooth
like silk.  The floors were a dark cherry wood, covered here and there with deep, jewel-toned throw rugs.  A large fireplace
stood at one end of the room, a fire crackling and heating the room, a black curtain separated the room from the bathing area
that Heero just barely remembered from last night.  A closed door led off to somewhere unknown and another door led out of
the room.  

Then Heero saw it . . . a balcony.  Sunlight streamed into the room, warming everything it touched.  The sight was spectacular
to Heero, and he wanted to go to it, to see the sky once again, even if his memories were hazy.

Movement on the bed beside him brought Heero’s attention back to reality.  He turned, his eyes settling on the young man that
lay beside him.  The sheets that covered the two of them were low on the young man’s pale form, his upper body exposed to
the morning light as he slept.  This young man was beautiful, Heero idly thought, before shaking his head and knocking that
stray idea away.  His skin was the color of cream, and seemingly smooth.  Heero briefly wondered if that skin would be as
smooth as the bed sheets or if he would feel even silkier than that.

Suddenly, everything became clear again.  This young man was Heero’s new master.  And obviously, since he was in the youth’
s bed, then he meant to keep Heero as a pleasure slave . . . just like all of the others.  Heero felt his breath catch in his throat,
realizing that his suffering wasn’t over.  Why hadn’t he died, he wondered to himself.  Why was he still here?  

Heero bit his lip, a wave of nausea and pain spreading through him as he struggled to sit up.  Dizziness met him once he was
sitting upright and he had to pause, to take several deep breaths before he could move once again.  Sparing a glance at his
master, Heero pulled the sheet away from himself, turning and sliding his legs off of the bed.  He moved slowly and carefully,
not wanting to awaken his new master, not wanting to find out if the young man would beat him for attempting an escape.

As soon as he set his feet on the floor, a surge of pain shot up his legs.  He bit back a groan, his body shuddering severely for a
moment.  Still, he wouldn't stop his escape.  He could tolerate the pain if it meant that he could get out of here.  A moment later,
he was staggering over to the balcony, thinking that it was his best bet if he wanted to get away.  The door was out of the
question.  Servants and guards would probably be filling the halls at this hour.

He opened the door and stepped out onto the balcony, stumbling until his hands landed on the stone railing, a moment of pain
passing through the torn digits of his hands.  He took a moment to breathe, staring out at the early morning sky, his heart light as
he viewed it.  For so long he had been denied the sun.  Never before his kidnaping had he ever been able to see the sky or the
clouds, or anything of the outside world for that matter.  Everything fascinated him . . . trees, grass . . . what everyone else took
for granted, he took great pleasure in looking at.  He closed his eyes, ignoring the chill as a breeze swept through the sky,
content to just be outside.

“You know, you won’t get very far with your injuries.”  A voice called out, breaking the calm moment.  He recognized it as the
voice of his master . . . Duo was his name, if Heero wasn’t mistaken.

Heero turned, a little too quickly and fell to his knees as his legs gave out.  He was weary, his body beginning to shiver from pain
and cold.  Hands gripped his shoulders, forcing him to look up and Heero bit his lip, seeing Duo’s face only inches from his
own.  Then he noticed his master’s lack of clothes.  The fact that Duo was in the nude left Heero terrified, fearing that Duo
would attempt to rape him like all his masters before him had tried to do.  Well, Heero wouldn’t go down without a fight . . . as
tired as he was, he wouldn’t give in so easily.

“Get your hands off of me . . . Master.”  Heero hissed, weakly pushing Duo away from him, gasping as pain lanced through his
damaged hands.

Duo chuckled, shaking his head.  “You were never tamed, were you?”  He asked, reaching out and brushing a stray strand of
hair from Heero’s face.

Heero sneered and swatted that hand away, even though he knew the action would only hurt his hands.  “No!  And I never will
be!”  He spat, trying to back away only to nearly collapse from his own weariness.

Duo’s arms wrapped around Heero’s body and Heero soon found himself standing once again, his body sore and tired.  In only
a few minutes, Heero was back in bed, staring angrily at Duo’s face, wishing that he had been left to die.

“Tell me . . .”  Duo said, pulling on a dressing gown before he sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at Heero.  “Did any of
your previous masters violate you?”

Heero narrowed his gaze.  “No, none did . . . not that they didn’t try though.”  Heero replied, turning away, his eyes burning
with unshed tears.

“How many masters did you have?”  Duo asked, a gentle hand brushing through Heero’s hair.

“Including you, Master?”  Heero asked.

“Before me.”  Duo replied.

Heero sighed.  “Before you there were nine, including the man you bought me from.”

“And how long have you been a slave?”  Duo asked, his fingers continuing to toy with Heero’s hair.

Heero pulled away, not liking the contact, fearing that it might lead to something else.  “I have been a slave for little over a
month, Master.”  Heero stated, turning to look at Duo once again.

Shock crossed Duo’s features, his mouth dropping open.  “Nine masters in only a month?”  He gasped.  “You must be feisty to
go through so many.”  He snickered.  “All the better . . . I never did like a slave that didn’t have a mind of his or her own.”

“I’ll never submit to you.”  Heero said, glaring at Duo once again.

Duo smiled, shaking his head.  “Definitely feisty . . . defiant . . . strong.  Just what I like.”  Slowly, he trailed a hand down
Heero’s chest, just lightly grazing the bandages that covered most of his beaten body.  That hand continued down, drawing a
straight line down the center of Heero’s body, eventually lightly tracing down along Heero’s limp length in a feathery touch.

Heero gasped, biting his lip as he squirmed away.  “S-Stop.”  He begged, not wanting to be hurt again.  He didn’t want to be

“I think you’ll make a perfect pleasure slave.”  Duo said, smiling brightly.  “You are so sensitive to touch.”

Heero felt his cheeks burning and turned away, feeling ashamed of himself.  “I won’t give in.”  He whispered angrily.

Duo’s hand grasped his chin, gently forcing him to turn and face him.  “You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”  Duo asked, one eyebrow
raised as he patiently awaited Heero’s reply.

Heero averted his eyes, yet nodded.  “Yes.”  He said quietly.

“Well, don’t worry, Heero . . . I don’t intend to take you by force.  I prefer my partners to be willing to my advances.”  Duo

Heero glared at Duo once again.  “I’ll never be willing.  I’ll never submit.”  He stated.

“We’ll see about that.”  Duo said, rising from his seat.

Before Heero could say anything in reply, Duo opened a door and stepped into another room.  He left the door open, standing
near the door so that he could keep his eye on Heero probably.  And since Duo could see Heero, that meant that Heero could also
see whatever Duo was doing.

Heero watched, his eyes widening as he saw Duo remove the dressing gown he had just recently put on himself.  Nothing
remained on his body, except for the bandages around his back and on one arm.  Duo turned to a set of drawers, pulling out a
set of garments and slowly dressing himself.  Heero couldn’t tear his eyes away from Duo’s lithe form, and he couldn’t
understand why.  There was just something so inviting about that slender body, something that Heero didn’t understand.

All too soon, Duo’s body was garbed in a tunic and breeches, colorful clothes and shoes that had bells on them.  Heero
recognized the garb as that of a court jester and he raised one eyebrow in a silent question.

“I’m Queen Meiran’s jester.”  Duo stated, carefully brushing out his hair.  He then braided it again, weaving a number of bells in
with the strands of chestnut hair before he tied it off at the end with a black ribbon.

Heero grunted, closing his eyes as he turned his head away.  Even when he felt Duo take a seat by his side, he kept his eyes
shut.  He put up with Duo’s fingers grazing his cheek, allowing the young man’s fingers to comb through his hair.  It wasn’t
until he heard the door open that Heero finally opened his eyes again.

Then he saw Hilde, watching as she strode into the room, a tray in her arms and a pouch at her side.  “I brought your breakfast,
Duo.”  She said, smiling at Duo.  Setting the tray down on the bed, she let her smile fade, casting a bitter glare at Heero.  “And
his breakfast, and garments for him as well.”  She said, her tone unkind as she all but tossed the pouch at Heero.

“Hilde . . .”  Duo nearly growled.  “Don’t be rude to your replacement.”

Hilde visibly paled.  “You’re replacing me with this?”  She asked, gesturing at Heero wildly.

“Hilde . . . he’s quite attractive, I’m sure that even you can see that.  He's definitely sensitive to touch.  And to top it off, he’s
still a virgin.”  Duo said, his hand resting on Heero’s arm.

Heero knew that he was blushing yet again, hearing about himself being talked about in such a manner, as if he weren’t really
there.  He turned away, wishing that he could crawl away and die under some heavy rock somewhere.

“If you say so, Duo.”  Hilde sighed, then carefully looked Heero over.  “He is well hung . . . and his face attractive.  I guess
without the bruises and wounds he would be a lovely sight indeed.”  

“Damn right!”  Duo replied.  “I’m sure he’ll be gorgeous.  He just needs time to regain his strength and heal a bit.”  Duo
paused.  “That reminds me . . . Hilde, go to the stables and saddle a horse.  We’re going to take Heero to see Queen Meiran.”

Heero’s eyes widened in fear at the mention of that name, yet he kept silent.  He continued to just lie there, listening as Duo and
Hilde spoke.

“You’re going to request her help?”  Hilde asked.

Duo nodded.  “Yeah . . . I think Heero will need it.”  He said, casting a glance down at Heero and smiling.  “You’ll be sharing a
horse with him . . . I doubt he can ride on his own and Chaos probably won’t allow a second passenger like he did last night.”

“Chaos allowed him on?”  Hilde gasped.  “I can’t even get near Chaos without him making a fuss.”  She glared at Heero once
again, then stood and backed away to the door.  “I’ll see to it immediately.”

Once again Duo turned his attention to Heero.  “Don't worry . . . Queen Meiran is kind.  She’ll take good care of you.”  He said,
smiling and caressing Heero’s cheek comfortingly.  “Now, let’s get some food into you then get you dressed.  We have a
journey ahead of us.”

“Yes, Master.”  Heero grumbled.

Duo chuckled, his hands once again curling around Heero’s weakened body, helping him into a more upright position.  Heero
just sat there, cursing his own weakness, while Duo pulled the tray closer to them.  Duo paused, looking at the selection of
foods.  He turned to Heero.  “When was the last time you had anything to eat?”  Duo asked.

Heero closed his eyes, trying to remember the last time.  “I . . . I don’t remember.”  He said honestly.

Duo sighed.  “Well, then you shouldn’t eat too much of anything.  There’s no need for you to get sick.”  Duo said.  He sighed,
looking at the two meals on the tray, one meant for a servant . . . the other for Duo obviously.  Duo picked up the plate with
more food, setting it down in front of Heero.  “Well, eat as much as you can.”

Heero blinked, not understanding why Duo was taking the servants’ portions for himself.  “But, isn’t that  . . . ?”  Heero asked
gesturing to the plate that Duo had brought closer to himself.

Duo interrupted before Heero could finish his question.  “You did tell me that you’re a prince.  I don’t think you were lying.  
And since you are royalty, not to mention hurt, you should eat the better food.”  Duo said, moving the tray closer so that the
goblets set on it were within Heero’s reach.  “You want the wine, or the cider?”  Duo asked.

“I . . . I never liked the taste of wine.”  Heero whispered, reaching a hand out for the cider.  “I’ve never had cider before though
. . . Father said it was too common for me.”

“Well, I do like wine.”  Duo grinned, taking his own goblet and raising it to his lips, downing a good portion of the contents

Heero frowned, for some reason finding that disturbing.  He shook his head, attempting to lift his goblet.  However, he couldn’t
raise it, the pain in his hands quickly making him lose his grasp.  His hands were little more than useless to him it seemed.  
Considering all the damage that had been done to them, the cuts and such from when Edgar had ground them down onto the
shards of glass, it wasn’t surprising that he couldn’t use them.  He muttered under his breath, hating his weakness.

“Here, let me.”  Duo said, picking up the goblet and raising it for Heero.  

Heero leaned forward slightly, sipping at the cider as Duo tipped the goblet.  Then he moved back again, feeling as a drop of
cider dribbled from the edge and settled on his chin.  He was getting ready to wipe it away, when Duo’s hand stopped him.  Duo
moved forward, his tongue quickly darting out to lap up the stray drop of cider, moving up to swipe across Heero’s lips.

Heero gasped, reflexively moving back, fear stabbing at him.  His eyes were wide as Duo moved away with a smile plastered on
his face.  “Don’t.”  Heero whispered, feeling as he shivered, the food he was supposed to be eating forgotten as he stared at
Duo in fear and shock.

Duo smiled, raising his hands and cupping Heero’s face, his touch gentle, yet firm.  “Listen, Heero . . . I could take you right
now if I wanted to and you wouldn’t be able to stop me in your condition.”  Duo said, leaning forward again and taking Heero’s
mouth in a forceful kiss, his tongue plundering the recesses mercilessly.  Then he suddenly pulled away again, a smile still on his
face.  “But I won’t.  I don’t abuse my slaves . . . I don’t force myself on them.  I demand respect and obedience and for this I
give my slaves full run of my house and the grounds that surround it.  I have never hit any of my slaves unless they severely
pissed me off, and it takes a lot to make me that mad.  Do you understand me?”

Heero narrowed his gaze.  “Yes, I understand . . . Master.”  He said in a vicious whisper.

Duo let go of Heero’s face, picking up a portion of his breakfast and popping it in his mouth.  He chewed the bit of food and
swallowed before speaking again.  “Now, after we return from Queen Meiran’s castlle, you will be confined to this room.  Until
you earn my trust you’re not to step foot outside of my bedchamber.  Got it?”  Duo said.

Heero nodded, his eyes drifting over to the balcony.  He looked back to Duo, opening his mouth and shutting it before he uttered
a sound.  Slaves weren’t supposed to speak unless spoken to . . . he should remember that.

“Something on your mind?”  Duo asked, apparently noticing that Heero had wanted to say something.

“After we return . . . will I be allowed to go out onto the balcony, Master?”  Heero asked, looking to the balcony yet again.

“Yes, it’s a part of my bedchamber, as is the bathing room.”  Duo replied, looking at Heero curiously.  “Why do you find it so

Heero looked to Duo.  “I . . . Until a month ago I had never seen the sky.  I like to look at it.”  Heero replied, feeling embarrassed.

Duo paled.  “Never seen the sky?  How could you have never seen the sky?”

“My Father . . . he was afraid of assassins . . . I was never permitted outside or near any windows.  I am his only son.  He is . .
. was very protective of me.”  Heero said sadly, his attention focused on the windows that gave him a clear view of the cloudy
sky.  “I had no idea that the outside was so vast until I was kidnaped.”

“Then there is even more incentive for you to behave, Heero.”  Duo said, his hand caressing Heero’s face.  “Like I said . . . once
I trust you, you’ll be allowed to roam the grounds around my house.  That means spending as much time as you want outside
while I don’t require your services.”

Heero huffed.  “Services?  Is that what you call it?  Am I to be nothing more than a whore for your amusement?”

Duo flinched at Heero’s anger-filled tone, then sighed.  “No, you won’t be a whore for my amusement.  Being a pleasure slave
isn’t all sex and nothing else.  You’ll be required to keep my bedchamber clean and well kept, see to my comfort when I’m
asleep.  Pleasuring me isn’t all that you’ll be required to do.”  Duo said, taking his hand away from Heero.  “I assure you though,
the pleasuring part can be enjoyable to the both of us.  I think you’ll need some training though.”

Heero glared.  “Don’t touch me.”  He seethed.

Duo shook his head and laughed.  “Yes, you will definitely need some training.”  He said, smiling.  “But that can wait until later.  
Now, you need to eat.”  He picked up a piece of food from Heero’s plate and held it up to Heero.

Heero grumbled, but opened his mouth, allowing Duo to help him.  The rest of the meal was eaten in silence.  Duo alternated
with helping Heero and feeding himself, smiling whenever he assisted Heero.  Heero made sure not to drip any more of his cider
though, not wanting a repeat of Duo’s earlier actions.

As soon as they were both done, Heero having only finished about half of the food on his plate, Duo took the tray away.  He set
it, with the plates and goblets on it, on a nearby table.  Then he returned to the bed and picked up the pouch that Hilde had
thrown to Heero earlier.  He opened it, pulling out a loincloth and a veil, both made of a black material.  He also pulled a cloak
from the pouch, shaded a dark green.  Duo smiled, helping Heero to get dressed.  

Heero was sitting on the side of the bed, waiting while Duo got his own cloak on when Hilde stepped into the room again.  
“Duo, I am ready to leave.”  She said, adjusting her cloak on her shoulders, making sure her veil was straight before she
approached Duo.

“Help Heero.  I must tend to Chaos.”  Duo said, striding out of the room.

Hilde nodded, waiting until Duo had left before she approached Heero.  “Let’s go, slave.”  She hissed bitterly, roughly grasping
his arm and wrapping it around her shoulders, helping him to stand while she also caused him considerable pain.

Heero groaned, staggering as Hilde basically dragged him along.  “Angry about him replacing you?”  Heero asked, gasping for
breath as she moved sharply, causing several of the lash marks on his back to open once again.

She turned, facing him.  “No, I am angry that he chose you, not that he replaced me.”  Hilde laughed.  “He’s setting me free.  
Due to a mistake I made I cannot be his pleasure slave anymore.”  She sighed.  “He won’t allow me to be one anymore.”

“Why not?”  Heero asked, curious.

Hilde smiled at him.  “I’m pregnant . . . with his bastard child.”  She said, chuckling lightly.  Then her face grew serious again.  
“Now come on, he’ll be waiting for us outside.”  

Heero nodded, allowing her to help him, noticing immediately that she wasn’t being quite as rough with him as she had been only
moments ago.  Of course, she wasn’t all that gentle either, still causing him aches since she walked too fast, held on too tightly
to his beaten body.  Heero only bowed his head, silently walking.  

To Be Continued . . .