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Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Twenty-Two

Wufei felt that he wasn’t being any help just standing there watching as Treize attended to Meiran’s needs.  He had no specific
task to do and felt out of place.  “Is there anything you need?”  Wufei asked, from his place a few feet away from the bed.

“I need something.”  Meiran replied, licking her lips as she stroked a slender hand along Treize’s chest.  “And Treize knows
what that is.”

Wufei was confused and looked to Treize for answers.  “What does she mean?”  He asked, having an idea, but wanting to be
sure before he jumped to conclusions.

Treize bowed his head, avoiding eye contact with Wufei.  “We found out a couple years ago . . . she can take energy from other
people to restore herself.”  He sighed.  “She does it during the act of lovemaking, the only time when the source and herself are
connected completely in more than just a physical way.”

“Then you will do that with her?”  Wufei asked, blushing, a twinge of jealousy in his heart.

Treize nodded.  “I will if that is what she needs or wants.  I do not appreciate being used in such a manner, but she would not
ask unless it were serious.”

“Will this hurt you?”  Wufei questioned.

“Not seriously.”  Treize replied.  “However, I will be quite exhausted for a day or two at least.  She will be taking my strength to
use as her own.  I only hope that she doesn’t take too much.  I don’t want to be away from my post for too long.”

“I will leave you alone then.”  Wufei said, bowing slightly.  

“Wufei, perhaps you could get Meiran something to eat?”  Treize suggested.  “I will not be able to get her anything myself, but I
am sure she will be hungry after we are done.”

Wufei nodded, happy to have something to do.  “Should I bring something for you as well?”

“No, I will be unconscious when you return.”  Treize said.  “But I thank you for the offer.”

Wufei was worried, but he didn’t say anything more.  He turned and left the room, heading down to the kitchens slowly.  He
had to waste time . . . he really didn’t want to return to the room before Meiran and Treize finished.  That would be quite


Treize knew what he had to do.  This had occurred on occasion before, not too often though.  He gathered the correct candles,
setting them up around the bed in the appropriate way, lighting them and speaking the correct phrase that Meiran had taught
him.  He set the dagger that they would need on the bed, then stripped himself and Meiran.

Just the sight of her creamy skin was enough to make Treize want to pounce on her.  He had always found her to be an
attractive woman, as well as cunning and intelligent, everything that he could ever want in a wife.  Still, he could not marry her,
not when her heart belonged to another as well as him.  She loved Wufei, and despite the fact that Treize knew she loved him,
Wufei was her first love, and therefore he was entitled to her hand in marriage.

Treize sat on the edge of the bed.  Meiran pushed herself up to a sitting position, winding her arms around his body as she
leaned forward.  They kissed fervently, in testament to the urgency of the situation.  Meiran needed the energy, and Treize
would gladly supply it.  He just wished that it wouldn’t leave him out of commission for days on end.

Meiran reached up, pulling off her crown and dropping it on the floor carelessly.  Then she snaked her hands down along his
body, eventually taking his length in hand and pumping it to full hardness with a few talented strokes of her slender fingers,
prying a groan from deep in Treize’s throat.  He knew that this was just going to be a quick fling, just long enough for them
both to get some pleasure out of it.

He laid back on the bed, Meiran taking her place over him.  In between various kisses that she trailed over his body, she
whispered the words to her spell, exciting the both of them further while ensuring that the transference of strength would go as
planned.  His hands weren’t idle though, as he trailed them along the contours of a body he knew so well already.  Her skin was
satiny smooth, her body slender, and proportioned perfectly, at least in Treize’s mind.

After a few moments of teasing each other, Meiran took his length in hand and guided it to her opening, impaling herself with
one swift movement.  The action left the both of them gasping for breath, the sudden sensations threatening to send Treize over
the edge much too quickly.  They stilled themselves, neither willing to move quite yet.

Meiran reached over, picking up the dagger that Treize had left on the bed.  This was the part that he didn’t enjoy too much.  He
sighed, raising one of his hands and allowing her to grasp it in hers.  “Do you give your strength freely to me?”  Meiran asked,
as a part of her spell’s ritual.

Treize nodded.  “I give my strength to you freely.”  He replied.

Meiran sliced the sharp blade across Treize’s palm, cutting it open.  His blood fell in dark crimson drops, staining the sheets
below him.  Then Meiran took hold of his other hand.  “Why do you do this?”

“By my love for you, I will my strength to you.”  Treize said, wincing when the blade sliced open his other palm.

“Then so be it.”  Meiran said, casting the dagger aside and clasping her hands with his, entwining their fingers so that their
hands were secured together.

As soon as the bond was complete, Meiran lifted herself and fell, using and being used by Treize’s body.  Now they had to
complete the act, that was all that was left for this spell to finish.  However, Treize saw that there was no way that she would be
able to continue like this for much longer.  She had been exhausted before they had started, and now it was obvious that she
was even more tired than before.  Her movements were sluggish at best, even if she still manipulated him perfectly . . . she was
moving at a much slower pace than normal.

With a grunt, Treize flipped them over so that Meiran was on her back, their hands never leaving each other’s.  He pressed her
hands to the bed near her head, using them to balance himself as he started a series of thrusts that left Meiran crying out for
more.  Her legs found their way around his waist, pulling him deeper, meeting his pace eagerly as he bent his head to capture her
mouth with his.

Their tongues sparred, their bodies moving in timeless rhythm as they sought completion with each other.  Treize opened one
eye, looking to the side only to see a faint violet glow around their joined hands, knowing that the end was quickly approaching.  
The glow continued to grow brighter and brighter, announcing Meiran and Treize’s climax.  

Meiran’s body suddenly stiffened, her back arching and causing her breasts to hit his chest, screaming her orgasm into the
recesses of Treize’s mouth.  Treize followed a moment later, releasing himself into Meiran’s depths, keeping his mouth fixed
over hers as the waves of pleasure faded from his body, rolling his hips against hers until the last moment.

Then it happened.  Slowly, Treize felt his energy being drained.  It was flowing through his veins, leaving by way of his mouth
and hands, not to mention his now flaccid length, just leaving his body as his blood and semen were leaving him.  A moment
later, he closed his eyes, giving in to exhaustion as he collapsed against Meiran’s body, hoping that he wouldn’t hurt Meiran with
his weight.


Wufei walked through the corridors, eventually ending up in the kitchens.  He spoke with the cooks, requesting food for Queen
Meiran.  They happily obliged, telling him it would be a few minutes before anything suitable was prepared for her.  While he
was waiting, he wandered around the large kitchen, staying out of the way of the staff while he looked.  He knew them all
already, but he wouldn’t want to impede their duties, so he kept quiet and out of the way.

A soft sobbing sound caught his ears and he followed it, finding a young slave woman standing next to the fresh water well that
was just outside the kitchen near the vegetable garden.  He approached slowly, unsure if he had the right to pry into this young
woman’s troubles.  However, he didn’t like to hear someone crying, and couldn’t help himself as he opened his mouth to
question her.

“Are you okay?”  He asked quietly, staying out of reach in case she retaliated for his interruption with physical violence.

The girl spun, hastily wiping the tears from her face.  “I am fine.”  She snapped bitterly, obviously lying.

Wufei shook his head.  “I do not believe you.”  He replied, taking the chance and stepping closer.  “You were crying.  
Something must be troubling you.”

“It’s really none of your business.”  She answered, sighing as she took a seat next to the well.

“Perhaps not, but you won’t be very productive if you sit around crying.”  He said.

“Like you would know!”  She hissed, apparently not willing to listen to Wufei at all.

Wufei took a few steps closer, still wary of a violent reaction from her.  “Woman . . . do not presume to know me.  I am here
trying to assist you because I do not like seeing another person in pain.  I have dealt with pain, emotional and physical, alone too
many times not to sympathize with you.  You may look down your nose at me, but I can see that you are not above me in
status.  Now, get the chip off your shoulder and tell me what is troubling you so you can do the task you have been assigned.”

“Why the Hell should I?  What are you doing here anyway?”  The girl asked, burying her face in her knees.

“I am waiting for food to be readied for Queen Meiran.  I have time.”  Wufei replied, sitting down on the ground nearby.  He had
told the truth, he did have time . . . he did not want to walk in and catch Meiran in Treize’s passionate embrace.

The slave woman stood, apparently getting ready to leave.  “Look, I just got yelled at by my master for the first time . . .”

Wufei grasped her arm as she meant to pass him by, interrupting her words.  “You are upset about THAT?”  He asked,
incredulously.  He couldn’t believe her arrogance.  “Woman, be grateful that a loud scolding was the worst you got!”  

She wrenched her wrist away from him.  “What would you know of pain?  It is obvious you have never been . . .”

Wufei stood, slapping her cheek before he realized that he had even raised his hand.  Then he backed away fearfully.  “Do not
presume to understand me.”  Wufei said, grasping his tunic and pulling it up over his head and off.  He knew that his chest was
riddled with scars, as well as the majority of his body.  “I have seen more pain than you know.”  He sighed, shivering under the
woman’s scrutiny.  He did not like being looked at.  “How long have you been a slave?”  He asked.

The woman shrugged.  “My whole life . . . eighteen years.”

“I have been a slave a mere five years . . . and I bear more scars than you.”  Wufei sighed, shaking his head.  He pulled his tunic
on again.  “Not much is expected of a slave besides obedience and good work.  You must have a good master and that makes
you far luckier than I have been in my life.  You should be thankful for not having my life, young woman . . . and not disrespect
your master for he is tolerant of your nature.  An attitude like the one you have would not last in a crueler master’s home.”

The woman lowered her head, Wufei’s words apparently sinking in.  “Forgive me my insolence, I forgot my place.”  She
whispered.  Then she looked up.  “You have no yet told me your name.”

“I am Wufei.”  He answered, bowing slightly.

“Ah, so you are the one Queen Meiran has sought for so long . . . the clansman she was to marry.”  The woman smiled.  “I am
Hilde.  Queen Meiran and Captain Treize have spoken of you with my master, Duo often.”

Wufei blushed, ducking his head.  It was embarrassing to be known so well by a complete stranger.  “Yes, well she has found
another to take my place in her heart.”  Wufei said, knowing that Meiran would be quite happy with Treize.  He was a fine man.

“Oh, but that is not true.”  Hilde said, gently laying her hand on his shoulder.  “She’s been looking for you for as long as I have
known her.  True, it has not been long that I have known her . . . but she would gladly have given her title and lands to find
you.  You have been in her heart since you were lost.  She loves Captain Treize I am sure, but she will not give you up so
quickly, not after she has devoted her life to searching you out and finding those responsible.”

“She looks for the soldiers that attacked us?”  Wufei inquired.  He had not known this.

Hilde nodded.  “Yes, with every free moment.  She has not found them to my knowledge.  She has promised vengeance and a
terrible death to those men.”  Hilde shuddered.  “I remember hearing of the mercenaries that had attacked a circus troupe within
her realm.  Only one of those men lived . . . and it was only because a girl of the circus protected him.”

“She killed them all?”  Wufei asked, shocked that Meiran could be so vengeful.

“Yes . . . she walked through them, smiting all she came to.  If the circus girl . . . Catherine, had not interfered, Trowa would be
dead now.  He serves Meiran loyally now . . . owes her his life he does.  Perhaps you will meet him someday.”  Hilde said.

“I had no idea that Meiran could be so bloodthirsty.”  Wufei said.  

“She is also the kindest soul I have ever known.”  Hilde said.  “As I said, she spared Trowa’s life.  Those mercenaries were no
good to him.  He was little more than a slave to them, starving to death or so I’ve heard, regularly beaten and abused.  Catherine
and Meiran helped him . . . Nataku is good friends with him.  Everyone who knows Meiran loves her . . . only those who have
wronged her feel her bane.”

Wufei nodded, understanding.  He vowed to himself not to make Meiran so angry.  He truly did not wish to see Meiran in a
rage.  He decided to change the subject.  “What duty were you given?”  He asked.

“Ah, I was foolish and brought stale water and coarse cloths to my master for his new slave.  I am not fond of the young man
he has chosen . . . we have a history together.”  Hilde said, lowering her gaze.  “I am to replace the water and cloths with fresh
ones.  But he does not want me to come back if I am angry.”

“Would you consider trading jobs with me?”  Wufei offered.  “I am not all too thrilled about the prospect of walking in on
Meiran and Treize when they are . . . occupied with each other in bed.”

Hilde’s face brightened.  She looked to be quite happy with the idea.  “Would you really wish to do this?”  Hilde asked, hopefully.

Wufei nodded.  “Yes, I would much rather take your job.  That slave your master brought here was too far injured to do
anything in bed . . . so I am certain I will not walk in on an embarrassing situation there.”

“I suppose I am not quite so shy about the idea.  I have been trained as a pleasure slave so it is not shocking for me to walk in
on a couple in the middle of a passionate encounter.”  She smiled, leaning forward and pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.  
“Thank you, Wufei.”  Then she left, most likely to return to the kitchen to get Meiran’s food.

To Be Continued . . .