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Notes:  Wufei tends to Treize’s needs and they spend some time in each other’s company.  Heero’s health has rapidly progressed.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Twenty-Seven

Wufei walked down the hallway, carrying a tray of food for Treize.  For the first time it was not because he thought that it was
his duty as a slave, but because he wished to aid a friend.  Though it had been a couple of days since Meiran had borrowed
some of Treize’s strength, the russet-haired man was still fairly weak and confined to his room, as well as his bed.  He did not
enjoy lazing about, but Meiran had ordered him to stay there, and to keep him there she had stolen his all of his clothes and
hidden them from him.

Wufei tapped on the door, hoping that Treize wasn’t still asleep, and smiled a little as he entered the room.  “I have brought you

Treize sighed as Wufei walked over and placed the tray over his lap.  “Wufei . . . you really don’t have to wait on me.”  He set
his book aside, and began eating.

Wufei shook his head as he sat on the bed near Treize.  He was still a bit uncomfortable with the new mind set, but it was
becoming easier to accept that he was no longer a slave.  He had clothes of a free man, but had yet to put them on.  So far, the
most he could do was to stare at them as they lay on a dresser.

“I know . . . but I wanted to, and I was on my way here anyway.”

Treize paused in bringing the fork to his mouth and lowered it.  “Truly, Wufei?”  He smiled brightly when Wufei nodded.  “You
have no idea how glad I am to hear that.”  He resumed his motions of eating.  “So . . . what brings you here?”  He asked, after
one swallow.

Wufei bit into his bottom lip for a moment before taking a breath.  Now was his true test of himself.  “I have finished my tasks
for the day, and was wondering if I could interest you in a game of chess.  It has been so long since I have had the chance to
play, and you were always a worthy opponent.”  He said, his head bowed.  He couldn’t bring himself to look at Treize as he
spoke, not yet.

When Wufei did peek up, he found that Treize was smiling brightly.  “Of COURSE I’ll play a game of chess with you, Wufei!  I
haven’t had the chance to play for quite some time either, and I have been in need of a way to pass the time.  This book was
quite tedious.”  He said, indicating the tome that he had been reading before Wufei had entered the room.  “Would you set up the
board?”  He sat up straighter as Wufei brought a small table over and started setting up the pieces.  “How are you feeling today,
my friend?”

Wufei smiled at the easy banter.  “Much better.  I still feel a little fatigued, but Meiran said that was to be expected for a while.”  
He shook his head.  “Had anyone told me all those months ago that I’d be among friends again . . . much less you and Meiran . .
.”  He shook his head again, indicating his loss for words.  He finished setting up the board and held out his closed fists to
Treize.  Treize tapped his left fist and Wufei opened his hand, revealing a black pawn.  “I move first.”  He turned the board so
that the black pieces were closer to Treize.

They played in companionable silence for a while, until Treize’s eyelids began to droop.  Wufei smiled and moved the table
away.  “Perhaps you should rest now.  We can always resume our game at a later time.”  He helped Treize into a reclining
position and was tucking the blankets around his shoulders when the taller man gently grabbed him.

Treize took hold of his biceps, urging Wufei down, even though Treize was almost completely asleep.  Surprised, Wufei didn’t
put up a struggle, his eyes widening as Treize’s lips fell upon his.  Wufei gasped and Treize took advantage of the opportunity to
slip his tongue inside Wufei’s mouth, sloppily tasting all it could.  Wufei moaned, his eyes falling shut as he gave in to the kiss,
timidly returning the gesture.  He vaguely wondered if Treize was as good a kisser when he was awake.

Treize’s hands finally released Wufei’s arms.  Wufei pulled back, blinking in confusion.  Why had Treize kissed him?  Why had
he allowed Treize to kiss him?  As Wufei pondered the moment, Treize shifted in bed, mumbling a few whispered words.

“Love you, Fei.”  Treize murmured, before snuggling deeper into the pillows behind him, a yawn leaving his lips as he
succumbed to slumber.

In shock of hearing those three words, Wufei stumbled backwards, falling to the floor.  He numbly looked up from where he
now sat, thinking for certain that he had heard wrong.  Or maybe it was only because Treize was so tired.  He couldn’t have
meant those words.  There was no way that Treize could love him.

Shaking his head in denial, Wufei rose to his feet and staggered away from the bed.  He was dizzy, confused over what he had
heard . . . the kiss still making his lips tingle.  He braced his hands on a dresser, closing his eyes as he took a breath, trying to
regain his senses.  Tears burned in the corners of his eyes . . . he didn’t want to believe this.  Treize couldn’t love him.  Wufei
was just a worthless slave, a ghost from the past.  He didn’t deserve to be loved.  And what of Meiran?  Treize loved her, not
Wufei.  It was a mistake.  It had to be a mistake.

Wufei shuddered, taking a number of deep breaths until he calmed himself.  He was not a slave, he knew that.  He had been
freed.  He was allowed to do as he wished, to love who he wished, and yet he was still unused to this idea.  Perhaps there was a
chance that Treize did love him, even if only a meager amount.  But Meiran could not be ignored.  Wufei couldn’t start a
relationship with anyone until he was sure of all the facts.  Treize had been half asleep when he had spoken, he could have been
mistaken . . . and Meiran . . . Wufei did not want to dishonor her.

Opening his eyes, Wufei saw the garments that Meiran had purchased for him.  He ran his fingers over the silken tunic, biting
his lip as he considered dressing once again.  Meiran had so thoughtfully chosen the garments for him . . . maybe he should
wear them, if only once.


Duo was puzzled . . . very puzzled.  Heero was healing quickly.  Duo wasn’t unhappy about that fact, not in the least, but Heero
was healing TOO quickly for a normal human being.  Right now, what had been gashes were now mere scratches on Heero’s
skin . . . and there was the lack of scar tissue as well.  It wasn’t natural.  Which only meant one thing . . .

Duo looked up as Meiran entered the room.  He loved the young woman like a sister, and worried about her as well.  He had
wondered why he hadn’t seen Treize about, and now he had an idea as to why.  Duo wasn’t so blind about Meiran’s actions as
everyone seemed to assume.  He knew that Meiran had used magic to heal him three years ago, and that she had nearly died as a
result.  In fact, that had been what had earned Duo’s unequivocal trust in the young woman.  If she was willing to die for him,
then she had to be a good person and worth his trust.

Meiran smiled, sitting on the bed by Heero’s side.  Heero looked at her curiously, remaining in bed as he had been told to do.  At
least his body wasn’t swathed in bandages anymore.  Still, he complained of aches, and a few injuries remained such as bruises.  
But for the most part he was almost entirely healed.  The cuts that had once been deep wounds in his hands and feet were little
more than scrapes now . . . in a few more days even they would disappear to nothingness, leaving behind no scars just like the
other injuries.

Heero recoiled as Meiran set her hand on his face, but she didn’t seem to notice.  Meiran simply went about what she had been
doing, checking his injuries and smiling now and again.  Heero still didn’t like being touched, least of all by Duo.  At least he didn’
t attempt escape or react violently.  Duo really didn’t want to punish him . . . he rather liked Heero being difficult.

“Well, Duo . . . you should be able to take Heero home with you now.  His injuries are mostly healed, and his fever is gone.  He’
s doing very well.”  Meiran smiled, turning her gaze to look at Duo.  Her smile faltered after a second though.  “Duo?  Is there
something troubling you?”

Duo studied Meiran.  “Heero’s healing too quickly.  I’m not complaining, but you wouldn’t know anything about this, would

Meiran rose from her seat.  “I don’t know what you mean, Duo.”  She said, turning away.

Duo chuckled, shaking his head.  “You never could lie to me.”  He smirked.  Rising to his feet, he walked over to Meiran.  
Gently, he grasped her shoulders and got her to turn.  “You used some kind of magic on him, didn’t you . . . like what you did
for me when I wasn’t getting better?”

“Duo, you know about that?”  Meiran gasped, genuinely surprised.  She let her lips curl into a smile, delicately brushing her
fingers over his cheek.  “I had hoped I was being discreet about that.  Yes, I did use magic to heal both you and Heero.  I
couldn’t let either of you suffer.”

“You are simply the kindest queen I have ever known, Meiran.”  Duo said, taking her hand and kissing the back of it.

Meiran laughed.  “Duo, I’m the only queen you know.”  She said, smiling brightly.  “Now, you go and take that young man
home.  See to it that he has rest . . . I’m sure the training you have in store for him will tire him out.”

Duo lowered his eyes, his cheeks burning.  He was embarrassed by talking about such things with Meiran.  “I’ll be sure to bring
him with me the next time I visit.  I’ll see you soon.”  He bowed to her.

“Yes, I do miss your visits . . . take care of yourself, Duo.  You're looking somewhat pale.  If you get ill, have Hilde tend to you
and get rest.”  She smiled once more, then turned and strolled out of the room, waving pleasantly before closing the door.

Duo grinned, turning his eyes to look at Heero.  The slave looked back at him, biting into his bottom lip nervously.  Obviously,
he had an idea of what would be happening soon and wasn’t looking forward to it.

“Well, let’s get you home.”  He said, nearly jumping in excitement.  Heero could start his training now . . . although Duo was
going to be damn sure to take it as slowly as possible so as not to scare the exotic beauty.


Meiran hummed softly to herself as she strolled through the corridors of her home.  She was in good spirits, things feeling right
in the world.  She could sense Quatre with her mind, and although he was not well, he was at least safe and that was enough to
bring her happiness for him.  Duo and Heero were doing well, although Duo had looked a bit pale.  Treize was recovering
sufficiently, his strength almost completely back to him now.  Nataku was happier than ever, having found a male prowling the
area with which to occupy herself.  And Wufei . . . she smiled as she thought of her clansman.  Wufei was getting better every
day.  It was a slow process, but at least he was recovering.

She pushed open the door to the rooms they were currently sharing, her eyes widening as she saw what was inside.  There was
Wufei, standing before a full length mirror . . . and he was fully dressed.  He wore the garments that Meiran had bought for him,
the sapphire shaded silken tunic and pants, the black cloth slippers covering his feet.  

The pants were tied at his waist by a drawstring, light and airy, yet able to offer warmth if need be.  The tunic was long,
reaching to just below his knees.  For the most part it was just a simple garment, easily pulled on and off over the head, except
for when the few catches were fastened.  There were a number of ornate buttons made of onyx along the high collar, making it
tight around the throat without being constricting.  The same type of buttons fastened the cuffs tight around the wrists.  

But what really caught the eye, was the embroidery that Sally had done by hand while making this garment.  There was a
dragon, going the length of the tunic, the head down by Wufei’s leg.  the body curled around the back of the tunic, ending up at
the collar where the tail of the dragon curled around to the front.  For the most part, the dragon could only be seen from behind,
with the exception of the bit of tail and the nose of the beast.

“Wufei . . . you have dressed.”  Meiran whispered, flicking her eyes to Treize who slept soundly in bed.

Wufei jumped a little in surprise, turning to look at Meiran with wide eyes.  He quickly calmed, sighing as he saw it was her.  
“You startled me.”  He replied, holding something tightly in one fist.

“Sorry.  I did not mean to.”  She walked further into the room.  “I am so happy to see you finally wearing something other than
slaves' clothes.”

Wufei ducked his head, a few stray strands of hair escaping his ponytail.  “I . . . I am not a slave anymore.  Perhaps I have
finally come to realize that.”  He said shyly.

Meiran took hold of his hand, gently pulling out what he held there.  It was the dragon pendant that she had given to him all
those years ago.  “Here, allow me.”  She offered.

Wufei nodded and turned, watching her movements in the mirror.  Meiran smiled, clasping the catch behind his neck.  She then
turned him to face her, adjusting the dragon so that it was centered.

“You look quite handsome like this, Wufei.”  Meiran commented.  “Only one thing . . .”  She reached back behind him, pulling
the tie from his hair.  “I have always thought that you look more handsome with your hair down.”  She smiled, brushing her
fingers through his silken ebony tresses.

Wufei blushed, his eyes cast downward.  “T-Thank you, Meiran.”  He said quietly, his hand shaking as he took hold of her
wrist.  “Thank you for finding me again, for helping me.”

“Thank you for not giving up.”  Meiran replied, carefully encircling him with her arms.  She hugged him gently, her heart leaping
as he returned the cautious embrace.  “This calls for a celebration.”  She smiled, pulling herself away from Wufei’s warm arms.  
“When Treize awakens, we will have dinner together.  For now, what say we take a walk in the gardens?”

Wufei nodded, timidly taking hold of her hand.  “I think that I would like that.”  He said, offering a small smile in return.

To Be Continued . . .