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Notes:  Duo takes Heero home and leaves Hilde to tell him the rules.  Hildes comes to realize that maybe there is more to Heero
than she had first thought.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Twenty-Eight

Heero was a bit wary as he entered his master’s home again.  The ride from Meiran’s castle had been a quiet one.  Heero and
Hilde had traveled on the same horse, while Duo rode his steed, Chaos alone.  Hilde was now in the stables, seeing to the horses
and getting them settled in their stalls.

The last time that he’d been here at this manor, he’d been too hurt and tired to care.  This time, he was healthy enough to
understand.  He wanted to run, but he knew that he had nowhere else to go.  Besides . . . Duo was the jester of the Sorceress
Queen.  If Heero ran, who knew what sort of punishment would await him.  For all he knew, she could rain fire down upon him
for daring to flee from her loyal jester.

He sighed, not at all happy as they approached the bedchamber.  He couldn’t even put up a proper fight with this one.  How
could he fight someone that had saved his life?  He tensed once they were in the bedchamber, keeping his eyes lowered as he
awaited what he knew would be coming.

His master beamed at him.  “Okay . . . you’ll have to wait here until Hilde arrives.”  Duo said, running his hand through his

Hilde?  What did Hilde have to do with anything?  “Master?”  Heero spoke, confused.  What purpose would Hilde serve if Heero
was to finally be ‘broken in’?

The youth threw his head back and laughed, giving Heero a sly smile once he calmed.  “You didn’t honestly think I was going to
throw you to the bed and have my wicked way with you, did you?”  He chuckled and reached forward to caress Heero’s face,
his fingers ghosting over the veil that covered his features.  “I told you . . . not when you’re unwilling.  There are other things
you will have to do as my bed slave.  Hilde is going to teach you.  I’m going into town.”  With a wink, Duo turned and walked
out of the bedchamber.  “Behave yourself.”  He said, just before closing the door behind himself.

Heero blinked as his master so quickly left.  He HAD thought that he’d be thrown to the bed.  Not only thought it . . . he’d
expected it.  This new master was an enigma to him.  Heero shook his head and walked over to the balcony.  A light rain had
started to fall, and Heero wanted to enjoy it.  He lifted his face to the sky and smiled at the feeling of the gentle drops of water
hitting his face.  Most were absorbed into the weighted cloth of his veil, but still, he relished the feel and scent of the tender

“Thinking of escaping?”

Heero turned to see Hilde standing in the doorway of the balcony.  The girl had a sneer on her face, and Heero knew why.  
Maybe now it was time to find a middle path with her . . . she could not forgive him for the fool he had been in the past.  

He shook his head in answer to her question.  “Where would I go if I did?  I have nothing anymore.  No one would believe I am
who I claim to me.”  He looked out over the landscape, wishing that he could watch the sun setting . . . but the sky was too
cloudy to view the sunset.  “Besides, what is there for me to go back to anyway?”  He asked, trying to keep the sorrow from his

He did miss his father, the safety of the castle, but he did not miss the solitude there, the constant surveillance by guards wishing
to protect him.  He liked being able to see the sky . . . even if he had to be a slave to do so.

Hilde snorted, most likely missing the longing state that Heero was in.  His face was mostly covered after all.  “You are a spoiled
brat, do you know that?”  She bitterly seethed.  “You lived in a palace!  You had everything a person could ever want!”

He smiled ruefully, although he knew that she couldn’t see.  “No . . . I had nothing there.”  He turned to Hilde and held up a
hand to stop her from interrupting him.  “I had food, clothing, and shelter . . . that’s true.  They were of a finer quality and
expense than what most people could afford, but . . .”  He sighed and studied her.  How could he make her understand?  “Did
you ever play when you were a child?”

Hilde seemed taken aback by Heero’s inquiry.  “What sort of question is that?  EVERYONE plays!”

Sighing deeply, Heero shook his head.  “Not everyone.  I wasn’t allowed to run . . . I might have tripped.  I wasn’t allowed to
have toys . . . I might have hurt myself.  I wasn’t allowed to have friends . . . they might have been spies.  I was allowed to
have books when there was someone there to supervise me.”  He shrugged at her dumbfounded expression.  “To be honest,
Hilde . . . I envied you for the freedom you had.  At least you could go outside.”  He turned back to the scenery.  “You know . .
. the first time I ever saw the sun . . . was the first time they put me up for auction.  I was there, standing in front of I don’t
know how many people, naked . . . and the only thing I could think was . . . ‘So THAT’S what the sun looks like!’”

Hilde made a soft, strangled sound.

Heero turned back to smile at her in an understanding way.  Her eyes were moist as if finally realizing what his life had been
like.  He’d been treated worse than a slave by his own father, kept locked away from everything including the warmth of the

“I’m not the monster you made me out to be, Hilde.”  Heero said, stepping away from the railing of the balcony, still standing
outside where the rain fell down on him in a gentle shower.  He stood there, facing her, wanting her to understand.  “I was
shocked when my father presented you to me.  Do you know that you were the first woman I had ever seen?”  He nodded
when her expression became one of utmost shock.  “I didn’t know what to do with you.  And I resented you because you were
there just so that I would know what to do when I married some girl I had never met.”

The young slave girl seemed to swallow a few times before clearing her throat.  “I . . . I never knew.”

Heero shrugged again.  “You really weren’t there long enough to see.  I’m sorry that you were hurt because of my ignorance.  I
wish that I had done things differently, reacted better when you were pushed at me.”  He sighed, closing his eyes briefly.  “Can
we try and be civil to one another now?”

Hilde closed the distance between them, stepping out into the gentle rain shower, and pulled him into a tender hug.  “I’ve been
just awful to you, and you’re the one apologizing?”  She sniffled, tightening her embrace a little.  “I’m sorry.  I made things
harder on you than they had to be.”

Hesitantly, Heero returned the embrace.  Suddenly, he was reminded of why Hilde had come to this room . . . Heero was
supposed to begin his training as a pleasure slave.  “Hilde, is . . . does it hurt to be a pleasure slave?”  He asked, choking on his
own words.  He was frightened, afraid of being hurt . . . of pain and heartache.

Hilde pulled herself away from Heero, smiling gently at him.  “You’re scared, aren’t you?”  She asked, running her hands along
his arms.

Heero nodded, averting his eyes.  He was ashamed of his fear, and of his ignorance in the subject of physical and sexual
relations.  “I . . . I don’t know anything, not really.  Father didn’t get another pleasure slave for me after you were sent away.  
He simply didn’t bother to try and teach me of what I would have to do on my wedding night, saying that my wife would
instruct me.  He never was a patient man.”

Hilde shook her head, sliding her fingers up underneath his veil and stroking his cheek in a light, caring manner.  “Sex isn’t
everything that a pleasure slave is expected to do.”  She said softly.  “And no, it won’t hurt you, just so long as your master is
gentle and caring . . . and I swear that Duo is such a master.  He has never been anything but kind to me, and it is quite an
enjoyable experience to be with him.”

“I-I suppose I will have to trust your judgement.”  Heero sighed, keeping his gaze lowered.  He shivered, biting into his bottom

“Come inside . . . it’s growing cold and I don’t want you getting a chill from this rain.”  Hilde said, urging Heero to follow her
back into the bedchamber.

Heero silently complied, allowing her to lead him in.  She closed the doors to the balcony once they were both inside, then drew
the curtains closed to obscure them.  Quietly, she unclasped the catch of his cloak and pulled it from his body, removing her
own as well.

“What now?”  Heero asked, looking at her curiously.

“First off, you’ll have to know the basic rules.  For one, you must never remove your veil.  Only Duo has the privilege to do so.  
Even when bathing, you must leave it on, unless he takes it off for you.  But that rule goes for all slaves . . . a common law you
should already know.”

Heero nodded.  “Yes, I do know that.”  He replied.  Only the owner of the slave was allowed to remove his or her veil, or the
slave could do it under their master’s order.  There was no other exception to that rule, except perhaps in matters of urgency,
such as when a doctor takes it off for medical purposes.

“Good.  Second . . . as a pleasure slave, you are also responsible for the upkeep of this bedchamber and everything in it.  You
don’t have to worry about the bathing room . . . that cleans itself magically.  It was a gift to Duo from Queen Meiran, as was
this house and the lands that Duo now owns.”  She gestured around at the bedchamber.  “So, you’ve got to keep everything
neat and tidy.”

“Okay.”  Heero said, although he wasn’t altogether sure how to do that.  He had never cleaned anything in his entire life . . . he’d
always had servants to do such menial chores for him in his castle.

“Third, I’m sure Duo told you that you can’t leave this room yet.”  

“Yes, he did say that.”  Heero nodded.

Hilde smiled.  “I thought he might have.  Don’t worry, he says that to all his slaves when he first gets them.  Not all of them are
confined to his bedchamber though, usually just to the house.  But since you are his new pleasure slave, and quite a feisty one at
that, it was probably wise of him to make sure you stay in here.”  Hilde ran her hand along his arm, taking a breath.  “He just
means to get you used to being here.  He did the same with me when I first arrived.  When you do get more at ease, and when
he’s come to trust you, I promise you will have full run of the grounds of the estate and the village.  The local merchants there
all keep an eye out on Duo’s behalf, making sure no strangers touch his workers . . . Duo’s gotten himself a good deal of
friends these last few years since he’s been in Queen Meiran’s service.”

Heero nodded.  At least Duo didn’t sound like too bad a person.  Heero still didn’t like the idea of being anyone’s pleasure slave,
but at least he was somewhat comforted by the fact that he’d have an amount of freedom here.  He dreaded the idea of
pleasuring his ‘master’ though.

“Fourth . . .”  She sighed.  “Yes, you will have to pleasure Duo.  But it’s not like sex is all he ever thinks about.  Some of your
duties may require you to have sex with him, but there are other ways to pleasure him.  For example, he loves talking . . .
holding a good conversation with him is easy since he usually does most of the talking himself.  He also enjoys playing games
and taking horseback rides, as well as a large variety of other things.  I’ll be teaching you how to give massages as well as the
more physical acts, but don’t worry about that now . . . we won’t be starting there.”

“Oh?”  Heero asked.  He was confused.  He’d had no idea that pleasure slaves had duties other than in bed.

Hilde nodded.  “Come on, we’ll start out slow.  I’ll show you how to make the bed and what to do with the dirty clothes that
Duo constantly leaves lying around.”  She smiled, taking Heero’s hand and leading him further into the bedchamber.

Heero smiled beneath his veil, listening as Hilde continued going over the list of rules that he would have to learn and live by.  He
found them quite easy to memorize . . . and the fact that there weren’t all that many rules left Heero slightly more at ease.  There
had been more rules to follow when he had been at the castle . . . here, he had freedom, or at least he would once Duo allowed
him to.  

Still, Heero would rather not be touched or owned by any man, not when the consequences could be so dire to him . . . Heero
didn’t relish the idea of carrying a bastard’s child, or any child for that matter.  He wouldn’t give in to Duo’s charms.  He didn’t
want to be a slave.  Perhaps if he pretended to be the humble little slave . . . maybe Duo would loosen up and Heero could
escape from under Duo’s watchful eyes.

To Be Continued . . .