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Notes:  Wufei attends dinner with Treize and Meiran.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Twenty-Nine

Wufei felt self-conscious as he approached the small dining hall where he would be having dinner with Treize and Meiran.  He
tugged at the silk garments that still felt odd to him.  He’d been a slave for so long . . . he expected someone to scream at him
for daring to wear a freeman’s clothing before shutting him away in a cold, dark cell.  With one final, nervous tug, he entered . .
. forcing his head to remain upright, his eyes focused ahead of him instead of directed to the floor.

Treize still looked a little fatigued, but he smiled brightly when Wufei entered.  “Wufei . . . you have no idea how glad I was
when Meiran told me that you had dressed.  It’s good to see that you are feeling so confident again.”

Wufei ducked his head a little.  Had Treize said something like that before his enslavement, he would have blown it off.  Now . .
. he was touched by Treize’s comment.

“Thank you.”  He said, forcing his voice to be more than a mere whisper.

He found that he was forcing himself to behave as if he’d never been a slave, and it felt very awkward for him.  He constantly
found that his head was trying to lower itself.

A hand under his chin made him meet Meiran’s soft eyes.  “I’m sorry.”  He said, feeling ashamed of his nervousness, of his
slave habits.

Meiran smiled and shook her head.  “There is no need to be, Wufei.  Why don’t you sit down?  We’ll eat together just as we did
way back when.”  She nodded and led him to his seat, smiling as if in amusement.

Wufei refused to sit until Meiran did.  Regardless of his upbringing, and the fact that she was to have been his wife, Meiran was
now of a higher rank than he was.  She deserved the honor that was due to her.  After Meiran was seated, Wufei took another
moment before seating himself.  He jumped a little as Treize placed a hand on his arm.

“This isn’t a test for you to pass, Wufei.  It will take a while for you to get accustomed to being free again.  There are so many
behaviors that you were taught that no longer apply.”  He smiled encouragingly.  “Don’t worry about how you seem to be to
us.  That would only lead to a whole different type of enslavement.”

Meiran nodded.  “Treize is right, Wufei.  Don’t worry about looking like everything is fine and back to normal.  That will take
time and effort on all our parts.  Just relax a little and enjoy dinner.”

Wufei gave them both a shaky smile and lowered his head.  The part of him that was still a scholar, groaned at the poor posture,
but he just felt too self-conscious to ignore the urge this time.  It was only moments later that Sally served the meal.  She smiled
at Wufei, saying how pleased she and the other servants were that he was feeling and looking better than when he had first
arrived.  Wufei had thanked her although he fought to suppress the blush that her compliments had brought to his cheeks.

All throughout dinner, Wufei got the feeling that there was something hanging in the air.  It was as if there was something
unsaid, something that both Meiran and Treize were keeping to themselves.  Wufei didn’t like it, however he didn’t say anything
either.  If they meant to tell him, then they would when they felt ready to.  He had no doubt of that.  As nervous as he was, he
wasn’t foolish enough to think that they would ever do anything to purposely hurt him.  If it was important, they would tell him
when it was time.

When the meal was over, Wufei gladly helped Treize to rise to his feet.  The Captain of the Guard was still quite tired, having
been in bed for the past number of days had sapped his strength.  Wufei followed behind Meiran as they left, assisting Treize in
getting to the bedchamber that the three of them were currently sharing.

He then helped Treize to take a seat on the large bed.  Wufei didn’t notice that Meiran had stepped over to the door until he heard
it close.  He jumped and spun, berating himself for being so jittery as he calmed his racing pulse.  He closed his eyes and took a
deep, calming breath.

Meiran’s gentle hand settled on his shoulder and Wufei pried open his eyes, offering a timid smile to her before backing away a
little.  He still did not feel comfortable with her touch . . . he was not worthy of her affections, even as innocent as they might

“Wufei . . . there is something that we would like to discuss with you.”  Meiran said, taking off her crown.  She set it on a pillar
that was topped with a velvet pillow, its proper place when she was not wearing it.

“It’s about you and Treize, right?”  Wufei asked, looking between them and gaging their reactions.  This must be what they had
been hiding from his during dinner.  Maybe they were going to tell him that they wanted him to leave, that Treize and she wanted
to live alone together without his interference.

“Yes.”  Meiran nodded, stepping over to Wufei and taking hold of his hand.  “Please, sit.”

Wufei did as she asked, sitting between where she and Treize sat.  “You love him.  It’s as plain as anything.”  He bowed his
head, pushing back his fear and sadness.  They would not want him here anymore.  “You are still a stubborn woman.  Nab him.”

“I have tried.”  Meiran smiled, brushing her hand over Wufei’s cheek.  “It’s not as simple as that though.”

“I am unworthy of her.”  Treize said, his hand falling to land on Wufei’s knee.

Wufei turned and cast an unbelieving stare at Treize.  “Then you are a fool!”

Meiran grasped his chin and forced him to turn to face her.  Her eyes were warm as she spoke, her voice a pale whisper.  “And
so are you, Wiseman.  I love you as well, yet you feel unworthy of that.”

“You . . . LOVE . . .?”  He shook his head, denying it.  “It’s different with me!”

“Wufei . . . it is NOT different.”  She sighed, taking a breath before continuing.  “You’ve been through a horrible ordeal, but that’
s all over now.  It is time for you to move on.”  She paused again, giving Wufei a gentle smile as she ran her fingers over his
cheek.  “We were to be wed once.  In my heart . . . you are still my betrothed, and yes I still love you.  My biggest regret is that
I never told you . . . that our last words were spoken in anger.”

“I would have disgraced you.”  Wufei choked out, his throat closing up on him.

“Because of Treize . . . your feelings for him?”  She said, smiling warmly as Wufei shot his gaze up to stare incredulously at
her.  “So you DO care for him as I do . . . perhaps you even love him?”

Wufei could think of no answer.  He bowed his head again, his cheeks burning with embarrassment.

“Wufei?”  Treize asked, his warm hand moving up to Wufei’s shoulder and squeezing reassuringly.

Wufei again could think of nothing.  He felt as his body began to tremble and could do nothing to prevent it, to stop the fear that
clouded his mind.  They knew . . . oh good lord, they knew of his feelings, of the secrets he had kept for so long.  Surely they
would want to get rid of him now.

“It would explain why you felt unworthy of the slightest token of affection.”  Meiran said.

“There is no shame in loving, Wufei.  Become a part of us.”  Treize added.

Wufei raised his gaze, knowing that his shock was obvious.  “What?”  This couldn’t be happening.  He must be dreaming.  
Perhaps he had hit his head.  Nothing like this could truly happen to him.

Meiran smiled again, twisting her fingers in his loose hair and brushing it back.  “Make Treize and I whole, Wufei, and we will
do the same for you.”

Treize’s hand turned Wufei’s face, making him look to the handsome soldier.  “Wufei . . . I love you, have loved you, as deeply
as I love Meiran.”

“I . . . I . . .”  Wufei started, but there was nothing that he could say, nothing that sounded right.  “I do not know how I feel of
this.”  Wufei admitted.  “I care . . . so deeply for the both of you . . . love you, but I do not know.”  He furrowed his brow.  “I
am confused.”

“Do not force yourself to decide this now.”  Meiran said.  “Take all the time that you need.  We have waited five years for you .
. . we will not give up on you so easily.”  She delicately began removing Wufei’s garments.  “For now, we will rest . . . sleep on
this matter, take your time.”

Wufei nodded, raising his arms and allowing Meiran to pull the tunic from him.  “Yes . . . I do need to think.”  He said, watching
out of the corner of his eye as Treize undressed himself.  

Only moments later, Wufei found himself laying on his side, undressed and warm in an embrace of Treize’s bare arms.  Heat
spread along his back, and Wufei knew that Meiran was now in bed as well, the two that he loved were holding him gently as he
slipped into an unpeaceful sleep.  He just did not know what to do anymore . . . whether he should join them and create a trio, or
leave the two of them and allow them their own happiness.  He simply didn’t know what to do.

To Be Continued . . .