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Notes:  LEMON ahead!!!  Wufei comes to a decision about his relationship with Treize and Meiran . . . and gives himself over
to their affections.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Thirty-Four

Wufei awoke in a daze.  Despite getting a full night of sleep, he still felt overwhelmed.  He could hardly believe everything that
had happened to him in such a short period of time.  ‘All right . . . let me see if I can get everything straightened.’  Wufei shifted
a little, and was amazed that he didn’t have the urge to bolt from the bed since Treize was in his line of sight and he could feel
Meiran’s slender arm draped over him.  ‘To start things . . . Meiran and Treize are not dead, as I had believed them to be for so
many years.  Quite the contrary, it seems.  Meiran is not only alive, she is a queen.  On a second note . . . I’m a free man again.  
I’m free to come and go as I please.’  He shook his head in almost denial, but the facts were there.

‘Add all that up to the fact that they are in a relationship together . . . and they want ME to be a part of it, regardless of all social
taboos . . . comes to one confusing mess.’  He let out a sigh, and wondered if he would ever be able to get his head around to
the fact that he was, indeed, free . . . and that both Meiran and Treize had stated their love for him as well as for each other.

Treize stirred and a pair of beautiful cornflower blue eyes opened.  “Wufei?  Is something wrong?”  The tall soldier asked.

Wufei felt humbled at the genuine concern in Treize’s eyes as he felt Meiran stir behind him.  “Nothing is wrong . . . I was just

“Hmmm?”  Meiran’s arm tightened a little and she leaned over to gaze at Wufei.  “Thinking about what?”

Wufei turned to look back at his one-time betrothed and felt his breath catch in his throat.  The sunlight that was flooding the
room from behind her, made her look like an angel.  ‘As it should be.’  He smiled a little and swallowed.  “I was thinking about
how my life has changed and coming to terms with everything that has happened in such a short time.  I went from being a
slave, all alone in the world . . . to being a free man with two people I thought lost to me forever.  It . . . it all seems too good to
be true.  It’s almost too wonderful to be real.”

Wufei steeled his nerves and took a deep breath as he reached up to touch Meiran’s cheek.  “Softer than satin . . .”  He searched
her eyes for any deceit . . . any intent to harm.  He found none.  “I have come to a decision.”

He glanced between Meiran and Treize.  Any doubts he might have had about the sincerity of their offer, vanished when he saw
the hopeful, yet apprehensive expressions on their attractive faces.  They did love him.

“I see that the two of you love each other very much.  However, I would be blind to not see that you both love me just as
much.”  He shook his head, feeling quite nervous for what he was about to confess to.  “And I would be a liar if I told the two
of you that I did not return your love for me.  You asked me to join the two of you . . . become part of a threesome.  I would be
a fool to refuse such a gift that the two of you wish to bestow upon me.”  He smiled warmly at Meiran and turned to give Treize
a similar smile.  He was pleased that they both wore smiles of their own.

After a pause, Wufei stroked Meiran’s face again.  “Despite the way that I was raised, I would be a fool and a liar if I told
myself that including me would weaken what you have for each other.  Therefore . . . I accept.”  He timidly pulled Meiran down
for a kiss while reaching over to caress Treize’s skin, enjoying the feel of his warmth beneath his fingers.  When he broke the
kiss with Meiran, he placed two fingers over her lips.  “However . . . understand that it will be some time before I feel
comfortable in a role of dominance with either of you.  Regardless of position, I cannot be the one who . . .”

Meiran chuckled.  “I understand, beloved Wufei.  There are other ways, and we will show you.”

Treize’s arms pulled Wufei into a secure embrace.  “We never want you to feel uncomfortable with us, love.  You mean too
much to us.  Nothing has to happen if you don’t want it to.”

“I want it to, really.  But . . .”  Wufei couldn’t explain the sensation that started in the pit of his stomach.  He wasn’t frightened
per se, but there was a small level of nervousness.  He had never enjoyed a sexual encounter before, as he was usually on the
receiving end and his masters had never thought of his comfort.  “What should I do?”  He jumped, startled, as Treize stood.

Treize smiled warmly as he rearranged the pillows.  “All you need to do is lie back and relax.”  He then bent and whispered into
Meiran’s ear.

Meiran’s eyes sparkled as she smiled brightly and nodded.  “There should be something . . . yes!  There is a jar on my desk . . .
the same color as Duo’s eyes.  It’s the only violet one there.”

Wufei blinked in confusion as Treize walked into the study adjoining the bedroom, but his mind was soon otherwise occupied as
Meiran started to kiss him.  She started with his forehead and slowly worked her way down.  Never once were the kisses any
harder than a butterfly’s touch.  They calmed Wufei in a way that he didn’t think was possible.  And not only did they calm him,
but as she got onto her hands and knees to start kissing the lower parts of his body, he actually began to feel aroused.

Wufei let out a gasp of surprise as she started to gently suck his awakening member.  He had never felt a sensation like this
before.  It was wonderful . . . in all the joinings with his masters . . . he had never been given any attention, not like this.

Treize returned with the jar and handed it to Meiran, who groaned around Wufei’s shaft as Treize gently entered her from
behind.  Then he leaned over her back to smile at Wufei.  “Wufei-love . . . Meiran is going to stretch you so that I won’t hurt
you.”  He reached forward and brushed a few strands of hair from Wufei’s face.  “I don’t ever want to hurt you.”

Wufei gasped as Meiran caressed his sac.  “You . . . you mean it doesn’t ha-have to hurt?”  He let out a sharp cry as Meiran’s
fingers traced a line from his sac to his anus.

Treize looked terribly sad for a moment.  “No . . . and it never will hurt when you’re with us.  There will be no pain, only

Slowly, Treize began to move, sliding in and out of Meiran’s body, pleasuring her, as his eyes stayed locked with Wufei’s gaze.  
Wufei blushed, feeling terribly self-conscious, although he made no move to turn away.  He found himself lost in Treize’s
beautiful eyes, even as Meiran went down on him fully, her oiled fingers tracing the rim of his anus lightly before one finger
finally pushed past the tight ring of muscle.

A second finger joined the first in time, scissoring and stretching Wufei’s body.  Wufei nearly screamed, throwing his head back
as Meiran touched something within him that made him see stars.  Meiran’s pace with her mouth only continued, adding a third
finger, even as Treize pounded into her body from behind, his hands at her hips to still her.

Abruptly Meiran released Wufei’s throbbing organ from her mouth, pulling her fingers from within his needy body.  She cried
out, arching her back as she screamed in pure delight, her slender body shuddering with a deep intensity.

“W-Wonderful as always, Treize.”  Meiran commented, a contented smile gracing her beautiful face as she reached back to
caress Treize’s skin.  “Now . . . shall we give our attention to our love?  I have prepared him for you, Treize.”

While Meiran and Treize adjusted their positioning, Treize sliding out from behind Meiran and moving to kneel behind Wufei, the
Chinese youth began to feel a bit of trepidation.  Although Treize had promised not to hurt him, he honestly couldn’t see how the
act could be anything but painful.  He whimpered as Treize hugged him from behind . . . and waited for the inevitable pain to

“Sshh . . . sshh, Wufei.”  Treize hushed, pressing a soft kiss to Wufei’s shoulder blade, his hands sliding up and down along
Wufei’s chest in a soothing manner.  “I swear to you that I will not hurt you.”

Wufei knew that he was trembling, and he cursed himself for showing this weakness.  No matter how much he wanted this,
however, he simply could not get his mind away from what years of experience had taught him.

“Wufei . . . love . . . if you aren’t ready, just say the word and we will do this some other time.”

Wufei shook his head at the understanding tone in Treize’s voice.  “I am as ready as I will ever be, Treize.  Until I am shown
that your claims to it not hurting are true, this fear will not go away.”  He turned to look over his shoulder into Treize’s eyes.  “I
trust you.  I am terrified, but I do trust you.”

Treize smiled warmly at Wufei and kissed him, pulling back a moment later.  “Then relax a little.  I will go slowly, I promise.  
Hold onto me if it will help.”

Wufei swallowed and nodded, then reached behind himself to wrap his arms around Treize’s neck.  Treize’s hands settled on his
hips, gently maneuvering Wufei’s body so that his legs straddled Treize’s thighs.  He took a few deep breaths as he felt the blunt
tip of Treize’s thick erection nudging his entrance and forced himself not to clench as it began to slide inside of him.

It helped that Meiran was gently suckling his reawakening erection, her delicate fingers fondling his sac as Treize eased himself
within Wufei’s body.  Wufei bit into his lip as old terrors chased themselves in his head and heart.  He was grateful that Treize
was holding his hips.  He doubted that he would be able to do this slowly if Treize weren’t in charge.

Then it happened.  Treize’s manhood brushed against something inside of Wufei that made his nerves sing.  Wufei gasped,
falling back against Treize’s strong chest, his fingers clenching against Treize’s skin briefly.

“Are you okay?”  Treize asked, concern filling his desire-laced voice.

Wufei nodded emphatically, not trusting his own voice.  He took a number of breaths, a smile coming to his face when he
noticed that Treize had stopped moving.

“I am fine.  Please . . . please . . .”  He couldn’t continue.  No words seemed to fit his longing.

Treize, however, seemed to understand perfectly.  Slowly, the tall soldier pulled himself from Wufei’s passage, until only the tip
was still within him.  And then he pushed back inward, never moving too quickly, his pace set slowly to ensure Wufei’s comfort
and pleasure.

Wufei moaned deep in his throat, trying to shift his lower body.  He was torn between thrusting forward into Meiran’s hot
mouth and pushing back against Treize’s delightful cock.  The sensations were incredible, like nothing he had ever felt before.  
Liquid fire coursed through his blood, his sweat plastering his hair to his skin.

“M-More.”  He pleaded, his voice barely audible.

Treize chuckled, applying his lips to Wufei’s neck, sucking against the sweaty skin.  He obliged though, his pace picking up in
increments.  In time, he was all but pounding into Wufei’s body, delivering nothing but ecstasy.  Meiran dropped Wufei’s shaft
from her mouth, taking the aching length in hand and pumping quickly.  She rose to her knees, taking Wufei’s mouth with her
sweet lips.

Wufei was beyond rational thought.  He ravished her mouth, his fears long forgotten.  He was close to a pinnacle, he could feel
it.  Taking his mouth from Meiran’s, he looked into her love-filled eyes.  “Please, Meiran . . .”

“What do you want, love?”  Meiran asked sweetly, taking a lick at Wufei’s chin.

Wufei would have felt embarrassed, if not for the fact that Treize continued to drive into him, hitting Wufei’s prostate now and
again, his strong hands keeping Wufei’s body from moving.  Wufei reached forward, sweeping her ebony hair back.

“I . . . I want to come in your mouth.”  He whispered, a smile coming to his face as her eyes seemed to light up with pure

“As you wish, love.  Anything for you.”  She replied, wasting no time as she went down on him once again.

Her pace was just as fast as Treize’s, her mouth bobbing up and down along Wufei’s cock, her tongue slithering around the
organ in delightful ways.  Behind Wufei, Treize groaned, his pace becoming erratic as he shuddered violently.  He came, his seed
flooding Wufei’s body.  Yet, he did not stop his movements.  On the contrary, he kept driving, making sure to hit Wufei’s
prostate with each and every thrust.

It wasn’t long before Wufei cried out blissfully, his semen pulsing out into Meiran’s awaiting mouth.  She hungrily swallowed all
she could, even as Wufei’s body convulsed in orgasm.  He fell back against Treize’s chest, his arms falling limply to his sides as
he sat there, resting against Treize’s strong body.

Treize’s hands stroked and caressed, Meiran milking him of all that he had to offer.  When she finished, she rose to kiss him.  
Wufei smiled against Meiran’s lips, tasting himself within her mouth.

Together, the three of them lay down.  Treize slowly drew his length from Wufei’s body, while Meiran reached for the blankets
and brought them up over the three of them.  They settled there, basking in the aftermath of their joining, happy in the arms of
each other.

Wufei smiled, content as he lay sandwiched between Treize and Meiran . . . Treize spooned up behind his body and Meiran snug
against his chest.  He was happy between his lovers . . . his loves.  In mere moments, he fell asleep.

To Be Continued . . .