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Notes:  Heero agrees to share a midday meal with Duo.  Then he begins his training.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Thirty-Five

Heero followed Hilde.  Although he really didn’t want to, he was sharing his midday meal with Master Duo.  Heero frowned.  He
was hurt and confused.  True, he was a pleasure slave, but Duo had promised not to harm him.  ‘He’s no better than any of the
others!  He promised he wouldn’t hurt me!’  A little nagging voice in the back of his head whispered to him.  ‘But he didn’t
REALLY hurt you, did he?  You kinda liked it.  It felt . . . sort of nice, didn’t it?’  Heero ignored that voice . . . he didn’t want to
think about that, to consider the option that he had enjoyed it even in the least.  He simply allowed Hilde to lead him into the
dining hall.

Heero knelt on the cushion that Hilde directed him to, and stared at the food once it was served.  His plate was decidedly simpler
than Duo’s, not to mention the fact that it was set on the floor in front of him.  But of course, he was a slave . . . it was only
expected that he eat like an animal since he was seen as one.

Dimly, he heard as Duo was speaking, but he didn’t care about what his master was saying.  Heero simply ignored everything
that was going on, until a flash of movement caught his eye.

Heero yelped and jumped away from the hand that Duo had stretched out toward him.  He didn’t want Duo to touch him, didn’t
even want to be in the same room with him.  Hilde’s arms came around Heero’s body, keeping him from fleeing the room.  He
knelt there on the cushion, dropping his gaze to the floor as he tried to regulate his breathing.  He paid little attention as Hilde
seemed to scold Master Duo.

“Heero?”  Hilde’s voice was soft and soothing, her hand gently moving across his shoulders.

Heero turned, focusing on Hilde, on her kind eyes.

Hilde smiled gently.  “He won’t try anything that stupid again.  If it would make you feel better, we can leave or you can eat
further away from him.”

Heero sighed and risked taking a glance at Duo.  True . . . the young man DID seem contrite, but Heero was not about to trust
him again.  What little trust he had in Duo had vanished the previous night.  Still, he wouldn’t leave.

“I’ll eat in here . . . but further away from the master.”  He looked down.  He didn’t want to see the relief on Duo’s face or hear
any of his apologies.  Heero didn’t think that he could ever believe the young man again, not after what he had done last night.


Duo sighed as he ate his meal.  He cast numerous glances over to Heero, frowning each time that he looked upon the beautiful
youth.  What a fool he had been, Duo thought, condemning himself for his own ignorance.  He should never have gone out to
drink . . . shouldn’t have been stupid enough to come home without all of his mental faculties intact.

He had hurt Heero . . . had hurt him terribly.  Duo didn’t think that he would ever be able to forgive himself for this.  He didn’t
think that he had the right to even ask Heero for his forgiveness.  Regardless of how he felt, he could not free Heero.  If he sent
Heero home, who knew what would befall the attractive youth.  If he placed Heero back on the markets, Heero would probably
get a master that wouldn’t stop at all.  All that Duo could do was to continue with his plan.  He knew that he had been thrown
back to before square one with Heero, and that he’d have to prove that he wasn’t the heartless bastard who only wanted to bed

He shook his head with a sigh.  “Hilde . . .”  He braced himself for her tirade.  “Heero has to start the basics of his training
today.  He’s well enough now.”  He risked a glance at the girl.

Hilde’s face went white.  “Are you insane?  You still want to train him after what happened?  Duo . . . it might be kinder if you
were to . . .”

“If I were to what, Hilde?”  Duo let out a miserable breath.  “I’ve weighed all my options.  If I were to send him home, he’d be
in danger since someone obviously wants him out of the way.  If I placed him back in the auctions, who knows what kind of a
man or woman he’d end up with.  Even though I was drunk, Hilde . . . I did stop.  Not many people would . . . drunk or
sober.”  He held up a hand, knowing what her next suggestion would be before she even opened her mouth.  “And before you
suggest it, what would Meiran do with him?  She has more slaves and servants than she needs as it is.”

Duo followed Hilde’s worried gaze over to where Heero sat, and addressed the youth directly.  “Heero . . .”  He had to repeat the
young prince’s name a few times, each time in a softer tone of voice, before Heero finally turned to glare at him.  “Heero . . .
have you been listening at all?”

Heero gave Duo a terse nod.  “Yes, Master, and although I do not like it, I am forced to agree with you.  But, if you think for
one second that you are forgiven . . . you are gravely mistaken.  I shall never forgive you.  It might have been kinder if you had
let me die at my last master’s hands.”

Duo winced at the harsh statement.  His only consolation was that Heero still had that fiery spirit.  “I do not expect forgiveness,
though I ask for it just the same.  I know you don’t believe me, and I can understand why, but I truly am sorry.”  He said no
more to Heero.  Instead, he turned to Hilde.  “Hilde . . . just the basics.  Nothing too extreme or intimate.  Get him used to the
basic duties of a pleasure slave.”

Hilde looked unhappy, but she nodded.  Together, they finished their meals in silence.


Heero wrung his hands together as he stood in Duo’s bedchamber once again.  He was nervous . . . he was uncomfortable . . .
he was downright terrified.  He did not like being back in this room, especially since Duo was in here as well.  His only
consolation was the fact that Hilde was here with them, and it was Hilde that spoke to him first.

“Heero . . . we’re just going to do a few little things today.”  Hilde smiled, brushing her fingers through his hair.

“Yes, small things.”  Heero nodded, grateful that he wouldn’t be thrown right into things that he still felt were unpleasant.

“Okay, let’s start with the bed.  We’re going to change the linens and make the bed.”  Hilde said, taking hold of his hand and
gently leading him over to the bed.

Heero nodded, eyeing Duo warily as he helped Hilde to strip the bed.  Hilde guided him in everything, showing him where the
dirty linens were left, taking him to where the clean linens were kept and showing him how to choose the matching sets.  Heero
followed her instructions to the letter, and eventually, he had made the bed . . . and not too badly according to Hilde’s praise.  Of
course, he had done this just yesterday as well . . . his first lessons with Hilde, but he was certain that she would be there by his
side, leading him until he got the hang of things and knew how to do them well on his own.

During his lesson, Heero had started to calm.  However, that sense of calm immediately fled him as Duo approached the bed.  
Hilde set her hand on Heero’s shoulder, telling him not to fear, but still, Heero couldn’t help the worry that crept into his heart.  
Duo had hurt him once . . . he could hurt him again.

“Okay, now . . . I know you may not like this, Heero . . .”  Hilde sighed, clasping his hand gently and leading him closer to
Duo.  “I will be teaching you how to see to Duo’s care now.  This is one of the more common duties you will have to perform .
. .”

Heero jerked away, terror making him shake as he tried to get away.  “No.”  He whispered, not wanting to believe that Hilde
would want to hurt him like this.

Hilde’s hands came up to cup his face, her eyes staring deep into his.  Her fingers were gentle against his cheeks, caressing
lightly, stroking his skin.  “Sshh . . . now, Heero.  THAT is not the task that is most common of a pleasure slave.  Sex is not
your only duty, I have told you that before.  Duo may have an appetite for carnal pleasures, but he does not demand it every

Heero flicked his eyes over to Duo, noting the faint blush on the noble’s cheeks.  He turned to look back at Hilde again, feeling
confused.  “W-What is the most common then?”  He asked with caution, watching Hilde carefully.

“There are three things more common than sexual gratification actually.  First, Duo likes to bathe often . . . he is very fond of
the water.  But I will not make you bathe him today . . . he has already had his bath this afternoon.  Second is getting his hair
brushed . . . he loves having others brush his hair for him.  But again, we won’t be doing this today, since his hair is already tidy
enough.  Today . . . Today, we will be massaging Duo’s muscles, his back only.  I won’t ask you to learn all of his body so
quickly.  As I said, we will start off slowly.”  Hilde said, grazing her soft hands down Heero’s body, slowly caressing his arms
lovingly, soothingly.

Heero shuddered at the thought of touching Duo’s body.  However, he did nod.  He trusted Hilde . . . she had helped him, had
been there to hold him when he had been afraid.  She had protected him.  He knew that she wouldn’t hurt him.

“Okay, now, you will most likely have to strip Duo of his clothing, unless he has done so himself.”  Hilde said, bringing Heero
over to Duo’s side again.  “But today I think that Duo can undress himself . . .”  Her eyes turned to glare at Duo.  “Can’t you?”

Duo nodded, looking sheepish as he hastily stripped off his clothes.  Heero tried to fight the blush creeping onto his face when
Duo stripped off his breeches, his body bared before Heero’s eyes.  It wasn’t the first time that he had seen Duo in the nude,
but it was a sight to get used to.

Duo laid down on the bed, his arms folded beneath his head.  Hilde ran to the bathing room for a moment, but returned quickly
and set a drying cloth over Duo’s backside, an action which made Heero feel slightly more secure.  Hilde went over the basics
of massages, telling him of what he could expect from his actions, pointing out a number of sensitive areas on Duo’s back and

Then Hilde guided Heero onto the bed and to straddle Duo’s body.  Heero shivered at the positioning, biting his lip to keep
himself from running away.  He didn’t want to be here.  But he trusted that Hilde wouldn’t hurt him.  If she thought he was
ready for this, then he would trust her judgement.  Hilde took his hands, pouring a small amount of oil in his palms.  Heero
rubbed his hands together, doing just as Hilde instructed.

Following Hilde’s softly spoken commands, Heero gently but firmly rubbed a tight group of muscles in Duo’s shoulders.  He
froze when Duo moaned with pleasure . . . not out of fear, since Hilde HAD warned him that it would happen, but out of the
mental image that the moan gave to him.  However, since he didn’t want Hilde or Duo to ask what was wrong, Heero continued
to work, his own body growing quite warm as he continued.  He swallowed painfully when Duo groaned and arched into the
touches at the same time.  It was then that Heero became aware of a slight warmth in the pit of his stomach and a tingling in his

Heero glanced down at himself and was horrified to see that there was a slight tenting in his loincloth.  ‘I can’t let them see
this!’  Heero’s mind screamed at him, terror wafting over him.  ‘Duo will think I’m ready, and he’ll throw me to the bed and
continue where he left off last night!’  Having no other recourse, Heero let his fear guide him.  He was off of the bed and out the
door before Duo or Hilde had enough time to ask what was wrong.

He ran until he was out of breath, not caring where he was going or who would see him.  He just wanted to get out of the
bedroom, away from Duo and Hilde.  He wanted to give his body time to calm, time to push aside the aberrant feelings that still
coursed through his blood.  He didn’t want Duo . . . he couldn’t.  Duo was a bastard . . . he had tried to hurt him.  Heero
couldn’t want him, not after last night, not after the pain, the fear.

When he finally stopped running, Heero found himself in a strange part of the estate.  He was standing at the top of a narrow
staircase . . . must be the servants’ section, he thought, taking note of the lack of adornment on the walls, the simplistic feel of
the hallway.

“Hello . . . you’re Heero, aren’t you?”  A strange voice called, bringing Heero from his musings.

Heero turned, his eyes roaming over the stranger’s body.  It was a male, his hair dark.  His skin was tanned, his face not quite
attractive, yet not hideous.  He was a slave, that much Heero could tell by the dirty veil covering much of his face . . . and the
earrings that he wore . . . and since he was wearing simple studs, Heero knew him to be a labor slave, performing outdoor
work, judging by his tan.  He wore a simple tunic and a pair of worn breeches, a number of patches on his garments, as well as
on his plain boots.

“H-How do you know me?”  Heero asked, taking a cautious step backwards.

The slave smiled, raising his hands.  “Oh, forgive me.  I am sorry.”  He said, gently easing closer to Heero.  “Rumors of Master
Duo’s new slave have reached even the busiest of workers here.  There is talk that you are the most attractive slave that any of
the elder slaves have ever seen.  I was only curious to know if the rumors are true.”

Heero ducked his head, not sure what to make of this man.  There was something about him that warned Heero away.  Yet, he
spoke kindly . . . he was confusing.  Heero raised his gaze, backing away again when he noticed that the man had strayed a little
too close for comfort.

“Come on, let’s see that face of yours.”  The man smirked, reaching out.

Heero dodged his hand, keeping the man from taking his veil.  “N-No . . . it’s not allowed.”  Heero said quickly, making a move
for the stairs.  He felt uncomfortable here.  This man was scaring him . . . every urge in his body told him to run.

He made it halfway down the stairs before a strong arm wrapped around his waist.  He was yanked off of his feet and thrown
down, roughly colliding with the stairs.  Before Heero knew what was happening, the man had torn the veils from both of their
faces, using the flimsy cloths to tie Heero’s hands together too tightly for Heero to struggle against the bindings . . . restraining
him by securing his wrists together . . . his arms around one of the posts of the stairway railing.  There was no chance of
escape . . . Heero couldn’t get up, not with his arms bound like this.

“Those others were right . . . you are quite attractive.”  The man chuckled, running his callused fingers over Heero’s face.

Heero kicked, struggling to get away.  “Let me go!”  He yelled, fighting to get out of this situation.

“I don’t think so.  I haven’t seen all of you yet, pretty.”  The man said, reaching down and effortlessly ripping Heero’s loincloth
from his hips.  The man’s eyes gazed down on him, a smile quickly crossing his features.  “My, but you are well endowed, aren’
t you?”  He asked, his fingers curling around Heero’s length, squeezing uncomfortably.

“S-Stop . . . don’t do this.”  Heero whimpered, his heart pounding wildly.

“Now, now . . . I haven’t had my fun yet.”  The other slave grinned.

He grabbed one of Heero’s legs, tying his ankle to the railing with the torn loincloth.  He took Heero’s other leg and pushed it
aside, settling himself between Heero’s forcefully spread thighs.

“I bet you spread your legs wide for Master Duo, didn’t you?  Do you like it, whore?”  The man growled, hastily untying the
fastenings of his own breeches.  “Do you like it when he pounds your little ass into the mattress?”  He pushed his breeches
down, freeing his straining erection from its confines, leaning forward and rubbing himself over Heero’s bared body.

“I don’t want this.  Let me go.”  Heero cried, tears burning the corners of his eyes.

Thick fingers pushed between the cheeks of his ass, probing at his entrance.  One dry finger forced its way inside of him,
pushing in and out, stretching him too hastily.  Heero bucked beneath the man, only to force himself to still as the action only
served to press his body firmer against the man’s shaft, giving this cruel man pleasure.

“Never thought a slut would feel this tight.”  The man chuckled, shoving a second finger within Heero’s quivering body.

“That is quite enough!”  An anger-filled, and thankfully familiar, voice yelled, gaining the attention of both Heero and the slave
that was molesting him.  There stood Master Duo, two guards on either side of him.  Heero had never thought he would ever be
happy to see his master.

“I . . . I . . .”  The slave stammered, looking between Heero and Duo repeatedly.  “He wanted it!  I swear, sire . . . he begged
me to do this to him.”

Duo’s eyes narrowed.  “I highly doubt that.”  He growled.  “And even if it was true . . . A pleasure slave’s body is for his
master and only his master to lay claim.”  He gestured to the slave, nodding his head.  “Take him to Queen Meiran and tell her
what he’s done.  Forcing himself on my pleasure slave is not something she will easily forgive.”

Heero watched as the slave was dragged away, kicking and screaming.  The brute kept trying to put the blame on Heero, kept
saying over and over again that Heero had wanted it . . . that Heero had begged to be taken.  As if Heero would ever want that.

As soon as the guards had departed with their disgusting captive, Duo turned his eyes to Heero.  Heero shivered under the young
man’s scrutiny, fearing that Duo would take advantage of Heero’s vulnerable predicament.  It wasn’t as if Heero could get up
and run away this time like he had last night . . . like he had only a short while ago.  No, his arms and one leg were bound . . . he
was trapped.

Heero whimpered as Duo approached.  Now it would happen . . . he was all tied up and Hilde was nowhere to be seen.  There
was no way that he could run.  He bit into his bottom lip and turned away from Duo’s approach, closing his eyes out of fear and

“He . . . He didn’t hurt you, did he?”

Heero flinched as he felt Duo caress his face gently.  ‘Why doesn’t he just get it over with?’  Heero shivered, waiting for more
of the rough treatment . . . he tried to prepare himself.  When Duo didn’t do anything, Heero carefully peeked one eye open.  He
was almost awe-struck at the depth of sorrow and regret that he found lingering in Duo’s eyes.

“Why aren’t you . . .”  Heero began, faltering in his words.

Duo sighed and shook his head.  “You thought . . . you thought I was going to rape you here on the stairwell?”  After another
sigh, Duo gently untied Heero’s ankle, pushing Heero’s legs together in a careful manner.  “I can’t blame you for thinking that.  
Had I not been so stupid last night . . .”  He unbound Heero’s arms and tenderly rubbed the reddened skin on Heero’s wrists.

Heero could have run at that moment . . . but something inside of him softened.  He had heard that people were less inhibited
when under the influence of alcohol.  “You were drunk.”  Heero stated, moving to a sitting position on the stairs, nervously
moving to shield his bare form from Duo’s eyes.

Duo stopped his tender caress of Heero’s bruises for a moment.  “That’s no excuse.”  He said.  With that, he removed the cloak
that had covered his naked chest and wrapped it around Heero’s shivering body.  Heero felt somewhat glad that Duo had at least
gotten on a pair of breeches and his cloak before he had come chasing after him.  “That is never an excuse to force someone.”  
He knelt beside Heero, laying a hand on Heero’s shoulder.  “Why did you run from the room?  Did I do something to frighten
you?  Please . . . I need to know what I did so I don’t do it again.”

Heero was shocked at the self-loathing in Duo’s tone.  He knew that he could let Duo continue thinking along that path, to allow
him to wallow in the misery . . . but it would be wrong to do so.  “It was nothing you did . . . It’s just . . .”  Heero flushed and
looked away.

Duo raised a hand and set it against Heero’s face.  “I won’t press you for answers.”  He said kindly, taking his hand away a
moment later.  “You should be tucked in a warm bed right now, I think.  You’ve had quite the shock, and would benefit a good
long rest.”

With that, Duo picked Heero up, after making sure that the cloak was secure around him.  “I know you don’t want to, but you
have little choice in this matter.  You are, after all, my pleasure slave and if I were to allow you to spend another night in Hilde’s
company, rumors would begin to spread with my others slaves . . . I can’t have them seeing me as a weak master, that would
only promote rebellious behavior and then I would have to punish them.”  Duo sighed, adjusting Heero’s weight in his strong
arms.  “I will, however, sleep on the floor if it makes you feel better.  I’ve slept in worse places in my lifetime.  Or Hilde could
act as a human barrier.”

“I . . . I’d like to have Hilde there.”  Heero was touched that Duo didn’t expect Heero to sleep alone in the same bed with him.  It
was a comforting thought.

Heero shivered as Duo carried him away, his mind ablaze with confusion and doubt.  Duo had saved him . . . and he hadn’t tried
to take advantage of Heero’s body while Heero had been bound and helpless.  Heero didn’t understand.  Was Duo not the
horrible monster that Heero had made him out to be?  Was it really the alcohol that had made Duo act that way last night?  If it
was, then what would happen the next time Duo went out drinking?  Would he come back and try the same thing?  And if he
did, would he stop himself before it was too late?  These questions whirled around in Heero’s mind . . . no answers within his

Heero sighed, deciding that he would just have to worry about it later.  There was nothing he could do now to prevent future
mistakes . . . he would wait until there was actually something that he could do about it.  For now though . . . for now he would
simply be grateful that Duo had saved him, that his master was a kind and decent person.  Trembling, Heero wrapped his arms
around Duo’s neck, timidly pressing his own body closer . . . he would allow this contact and no more . . . after all, Duo had
saved him.


Duo forced his arms to remain gentle as he carried Heero, when all that he really wanted to do was to hold Heero as close as
possible.  He had nearly been too late to save Heero.  He didn’t want Heero’s first time to be filled with pain and fear . . . and he
certainly didn’t want Heero’s first time to be with anyone but him.  Duo thought his heart was going to beat right out of his
chest when Heero relaxed against him.  ‘Damn . . . if staying sober is what it’ll take to get him to trust me again, then I’ll stay as
sober as possible.’

Duo still couldn’t believe how well Heero fit in his arms . . . how comfortable Heero’s weight was.  He almost wished that they
would never reach his bedchamber, just so he could carry Heero forever.  Still . . . he knew it was a foolish wish.  No sooner
was it made than he reached the door to his rooms.  He sighed lightly, pausing in front of the door.

“Heero . . . do you want me to carry you in, or would you rather walk on your own?”  He asked, trying to give Heero a choice.

Heero sighed against him and simply made no move to answer or to leave his position.

Duo felt deeply touched and very encouraged.  Heero knew that Hilde would be in the rooms, as she had been there when he had
departed.  Duo fought the urge to kiss Heero’s forehead and opened the door.

Hilde met them, her face pale with worry.  “Heero?  Are you all right?  I was so worried!”  She exclaimed, grasping one of
Heero’s arms, although she moved aside to allow Duo to enter the room after a moment.  “What happened?”

Duo gently set Heero on the bed.  “He’s okay, I think.  Dominic took it upon himself to break all the rules regarding pleasure
slaves.  I was very nearly too late to prevent something terrible.”  Duo frowned, hearing Hilde’s startled gasp.  Carefully, he
reached forward to caress Heero’s face.  “Heero . . . do you want to take a bath?  My mother once mentioned the occasional
desire to wash the feel of a customer’s hands off of her body.”

Heero looked into Duo’s eyes . . . Duo could tell that Heero was searching for some hint of an ulterior motive.  Suddenly, Heero
relaxed a little.  “A bath would be welcome.”

Duo nodded.  “Do you want to bathe yourself, or do you want Hilde to bathe you?”

Heero was silent for a moment, a frown of thought on his face.  Duo didn’t press him for an answer though.  He wanted Heero
to decide on his own.  He wanted to show Heero, in actions as well as in words, that he did have some choices.

Heero closed his eyes and sighed.  “I’d like Hilde to bathe me, but I am tired . . . I fear I shall slip under the water unless
someone holds me up.”  He swallowed and looked away, fiddling with the cloak that was wrapped around his body.  “And . . .
and I would rather have you be the one to hold me up.  I still don’t trust you, but . . . I trust you more than I would a stranger.”

Duo felt like whooping with joy at that statement, but he knew that doing so would be a very bad thing at this time.  He simply
smiled and nodded.  “I’ll leave my breeches on, okay?”

The look of intense relief and gratitude on Heero’s face was worth a pair of soaked breeches.  Duo kept his face gentle as he
helped Heero to stand, noticing as Hilde ran ahead of them to push aside the curtain that separated the rooms.

Duo kicked off his boots, leaving his breeches on just as he said he would.  As they reached the edge of the pool, Heero let the
cloak fall from around his shoulders, stepping down into the water as Duo led him.  Hilde gathered soaps and washing cloths,
setting a number of drying cloths nearby.  She shed her own clothing then got into the water as well.

Moving carefully and slowly, Duo sat on the steps leading into the water and guided Heero to sit in front of him.  Heero let out a
breath, his body shivering a little as he leaned back against Duo’s body.  Duo knew that Heero was scared . . . but he was still
thrilled that Heero was showing even this little amount of trust in him.

Tenderly, Hilde washed Heero’s body, even when Heero’s eyes began to droop.  The slave’s weight against Duo’s chest grew
heavier . . . it was obvious that he was falling asleep where he sat.  Hilde smiled at Duo, continuing with her gentle washing.

When she finished, she helped Duo to get Heero to his feet.  Heero mumbled something incoherently, his eyes cracking open just
barely.  Hilde got out of the pool first, hastily drying herself, then giving equal attention to Duo and Heero.  Duo’s breeches were
stripped off, replaced by a drying cloth that was wrapped around his waist, so that Heero wouldn’t become frightened by Duo’s
lack of garments.

Once dry, Heero was led to the bed and urged to sit, Hilde staying by his side to make sure he didn’t fall over.  Heero was
simply tired, it was obvious.  Duo swiftly moved to his wardrobe, finding a nightshirt for himself, and one for Heero.  Usually,
he didn’t wear such things . . . he much preferred sleeping in the nude, but if it would help to ease Heero’s mind, he would have
to abide it.

He dressed himself, then made his way back to the bed, Hilde assisting him in garbing Heero in the nightshirt.  Hilde got into bed
first, helping to lay Heero down.  Duo went around and got in on the other side, smiling when he found that Heero had curled
into Hilde’s embrace, his face pressed against her bare chest.  Duo adjusted the blankets over the three of them, then lay close to
Hilde, wrapping an arm about her waist as he set his cheek to her back.  Together, the three of them slipped into sleep . . . Duo’
s only concern centered around Heero’s well-being.

To Be Continued . . .