Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  Trowa wakes up to Quatre’s nightmare.  Heero finds himself desiring things.  And Dorothy makes an appearance.

Warnings:  Lime Ahead!

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Thirty-Nine

Trowa frowned as he was roused from sleep.  He opened his eyes, his brow furrowing as he wondered what had awakened
him.  It was dark in the room, so he knew that it was not yet time to wake.  So what could it be?

The reason for his being dragged from slumber was made clear when Quatre whimpered in his sleep, his head lashing back and
forth on the pillow.  From the look on the blonde’s pale, sweat-soaked face, Quatre’s dreams were not at all pleasant.

“Quatre . . . Quatre, wake up!”  Trowa insisted, firmly grasping Quatre’s shoulder.

“No . . . please . . . don’t hurt him!  Nooooooo . . .”  Quatre sobbed in his sleep, then suddenly sat bolt upright, screaming at the
top of his lungs.  “NOOOOOO!!!”

Trowa pulled Quatre’s shaking form into his arms and gently rubbed the slave’s back.  “Sshh . . . sshh, Quatre, I have you.  
You’re safe.”

“Tro-owa?”  Quatre looked up.  His eyes widened when he saw Trowa’s face, then his breath hitched and he started sobbing
once again.  “It was so h-horrible!”  He clung to Trowa almost desperately, as if he were drowning and Trowa was his only
hope at survival.  Trowa hated to see the beauty suffering so.

“What happened?  Tell me.  I promise I won’t laugh.”  Trowa soothed, caressing Quatre’s smooth skin, hoping to comfort the
distraught youth.

“There was some sort of . . . of a scuffle.  I don’t know if it was a battle or . . . or a random attack.  I was looking for you, but
I couldn’t find you anywhere.”  Quatre’s voice was slowly being reduced to a pained whimper, as if it were hurting him to
speak of this.  “Then . . . then I saw you and someone grabbed me and . . . and you were on the ground, your skin as white as
milk!”  The last word started another bout of sobbing.  “You were dead!  I fear . . . I fear you were dead!”

Trowa cradled Quatre, feeling a swell of protectiveness for the delicate beauty he loved.  “All right.  Do you know where we
were when this happened?”  He asked.

Quatre looked up at Trowa, frowning in thought.  “No, I have never seen that place before.  There were a lot of trees.”

Trowa nodded.  “Then we stay on the roads.  It’ll take a little longer to go around the upcoming forest, but there is an inn the
next town over, and we can stay at Duo’s manor the next night.  When we reach Meiran’s the following day, I’ll ask if I can
borrow some of her guards to accompany us to my home, since there is no way to avoid the woods between Meiran’s palace
and my manor.”

“I’ll get to meet Duo?”  Quatre smiled, and Trowa could see that it wasn’t only the prospect of meeting Duo that had brought
the smile on Quatre’s beautiful face.  Trowa had believed Quatre, had taken him seriously.

“Yes.  Do you think you can go back to sleep?”  Trowa felt warm inside as Quatre nodded and cuddled up next to him.  “I’ll do
everything in my power to see to it your vision never comes true.”

Quatre let out a contented breath.  “Thank you for believing me, Trowa.  I thought you would laugh, call me foolish.”  Quatre

Trowa shook his head.  “Never.  Meiran told me of your abilities.  It isn’t all that strange to get glimpses of the future with a
talent such as yours.”  Trowa rubbed Quatre’s arm in a soothing manner.

“I wish I had seen what was going to happen to my family.”  Quatre said, his voice a pale whisper.

“No, I do not believe you would wish that upon yourself.”  Trowa said, running his fingers through Quatre’s soft hair.  “To
watch your loved ones die is a difficult burden to bear.  To foresee it, even worse a thing, I fear.”  Trowa felt a pang of sorrow
for his lovely slave.  “Perhaps you saw this vision because your subconscious feels that by telling me, events can be changed.”

Quatre was silent for a moment before he nodded.  “Yes, perhaps that is it.  I hope so.”  He snuggled closer, his arms tightening
around Trowa’s frame if only a little.

“Rest now, love.  Tomorrow we continue our travels.”  Trowa hushed, smoothing back Quatre’s bangs and kissing his forehead

Only when he was certain that Quatre had fallen into a peaceful slumber did Trowa allow himself to do the same.


Heero stood in Duo’s bedchamber, thoughtfully looking at himself in the full length mirror against one of the walls.  Was there
something wrong with him?  There must be.  Why else would his stomach tingle each time Duo and Hilde went about their
instructions?  He didn’t want that.  No, he couldn’t.  But then, why was it that whenever Duo tried, Heero had to keep his eyes
averted, lest he be dragged into the depths of lustful wantings, of foolish longings to feel Duo’s skin beneath his fingers, against
his body?  He let out a tiny whimper of confusion, unaware of the eyes that were watching him.

“Heero, are you all right?”

Heero glanced up at the reflection of Duo in the mirror.  “Master?”  He said, with a tone of bitterness to his voice.

Duo approached slowly, apparently giving Heero the chance to back away or run.  “You hardly touched any of your meals
today.  I was worried.”  He tilted his head, a concerned expression on his face.  “I haven’t done something to upset you, have
I?  You know you can tell me if I have.  As beautiful as you are . . . I don’t want you to run away from me because I pushed
you too far, too fast like that one night.”  With that, Duo grimaced and looked away.

Heero shook his head.  “I’m not ill, and you haven’t upset me.”  He said, letting out a breath.  There was no need to let Duo
think he was in the wrong.  “It’s me.  I’m the problem.  Something, I don’t know.”  He turned to look at Duo, worried about
broaching this subject, but needing answers.  He needed to know what was wrong with him.  “Whenever you and Hilde are . . .
instructing me . . . I feel strange inside.”  He hated voicing this.  He didn’t want anything to do with Duo, didn’t want to be
touched or used.  “It is like . . . like I’m falling, but I don’t understand.”  He blushed and turned to face the mirror.  “And I want
of something.”

Duo blinked and then walked closer, remaining out of reach.  “What do you want, Heero?”  He asked, his face oddly serious, but
not threatening in any way.

Heero clenched his teeth.  What if he told Duo what he wanted, and Duo took it as an invitation to take his body?  He didn’t
want that.  But, Hilde had told Heero that Duo never made advances unless he was drunk, and Heero could see that Duo was
sober now.

He took a deep breath and steeled his nerves.  He might as well confess.  He didn’t know how much longer he could go on with
this, living day to day with these unfamiliar feelings.  “Lately, I’ve been wanting to . . . to touch you.”  He bowed his head,
bracing himself for Duo to throw him onto the bed and ravish him.

However, Duo never even moved to touch him.  He merely spoke to Heero, his voice soft and full of sadness.  “But you’ve been
afraid to.  That’s my own fault.  The tentative trust you granted me, I destroyed with one night of overindulgence.”

Heero turned and saw that Duo’s expression matched his voice.  That his master was acknowledging his own fault helped to
ease the knot of terror in Heero’s chest.  “What . . . what were you trying to do that night with your hands, before you were on
top of me?”  Heero asked.  When Duo gave him a shocked look, Heero flushed.  “You were fully dressed to begin with.  And I’ll
admit that . . . that it wasn’t painful, but . . .”

Duo looked awed.  “You are curious?”  He asked guardedly.

Heero nodded, biting his lip.  He still did not want to be any man’s whore, but it couldn’t hurt to know of SOME things.

Duo looked at him carefully, not smiling, yet not frowning.  “I . . . I could accomplish what I wanted to do just by using one
hand, if you’ll allow me.”

Heero regarded Duo cautiously.  “I don’t want to be touched by anyone in that way.”  He hissed, shaking his head vehemently.  
“I may be curious, but I am not stupid.”

The tension drained from Duo as he nodded.  “I understand.  But perhaps if I instruct you, you could accomplish the same goal
yourself.  I promise that I won’t touch you unless you want me to.”

Heero flushed at the mere thought of what he could do to himself that would ease the strange feelings coiling in his body.  He
nodded and stripped off the scant clothing he was wearing, leaving only the veil since he was not allowed to remove that
himself.  He turned to face the mirror again and shuddered when he saw the look on Duo’s face in the reflection.  It caused that
odd ache to start again, to spread across the planes of his flesh and seep into his very bones.

“Remember, you promised.”  Heero said, meeting Duo’s gaze in the mirror.  After a moment, he swallowed and regarded
himself, not sure what it was he was supposed to do now.  “O-Okay.  What do I do?”

Duo took a few steps closer, still not reaching out to touch Heero in anyway.  He stayed in sight of Heero, nodding his head.  
“Just look at yourself a moment.  Part of your problem lies with the fact that you don’t see yourself as the beautiful creature you
truly are.”

Heero had to admit that Duo had a point.  He had always felt unattractive as it was, and even more so after he had been
enslaved.  Relena had never seemed interested in his body.  Nor had Dorothy, and they were the only people he had known really.

He studied himself with a slight flush of embarrassment, knowing that his master was so nearby.  It would be easy for Duo to
reach out and touch him.  Heero shivered, for the first time wondering what it would feel like should he do that.  He shook his
head, pushing the thought away.  He didn’t want that.  He would not be a whore, would not be used.

“Should I be doing anything else?  I feel rather silly standing here just looking at myself.”  Heero whispered.

Duo shook his head.  “You shouldn’t feel silly.  As a matter of fact, you should take the time to admire yourself every once in a
while.  I’m not saying you should sit and stare at yourself for hours at a time, such vanity is a bit much.  But you should
appreciate your own beauty.  Not that I’m ordering you to do so.”  Duo smiled gently as he shook his head again.  “But with the
touching, start with your chest area, get to know yourself.”

Heero spun to look at Duo.  “My chest?  I always thought that sex happened solely in the nether regions?”

Duo’s eyes widened and then he snickered.  “Oh, man, you really have had some ignorant masters if all they saw sex as was a
rut in some bedroom at an inn.”  He sighed.  “And you most definitely haven’t been paying attention to your lessons.  Hilde has
explained the benefits of foreplay several times.  Although, I do recall that you never actually looked at her when she was
speaking or demonstrating these things.”

Heero cast his eyes away.  He hadn’t wanted to pay attention then, and still had little interest in learning the ways of a pleasure

“There are many areas on the human body that make the whole experience more pleasurable.”  Duo said, ghosting a hand down
over his own, clothed chest.  “The nipples, the roof of the mouth, fingertips . . . and many other places.  We humans are very
tactile beings.  Try it.”

Heero turned back to the mirror and timidly ran a hand over his own chest, shuddering in surprise as his fingers gently grazed
one of his nipples.  He watched, in fascination, as the nub puckered and firmed in response.  “What?”  Heero gasped aloud.  
Biting his lip, he gently pinched the firm little nub and had to fight off a groan.

“Touch your body, Heero, using only the tips of your fingers.  Don’t be afraid to find your sensitive spots.”  Duo voice was soft
and encouraging.

Heero watched himself in the mirror as he tentatively brought his fingers along the length of one arm, shivering at the slight
tickling sensations that sent warmth within him.  He occasionally glanced in the mirror to see Duo, pleased to see that his master
was always in the same place.  For a few moments, he wondered what he was going to accomplish with all this touching.  
Then, he ran the tip of his fingers down the length of his semi-erect member.  The wave of pleasure that hit him, nearly sent him
to his knees with a soft cry.

“Master?”  He moaned, as Duo’s arms came around his body to keep him from falling to the floor in a heap.  “What . . . what . .
.?”  He didn’t understand.  What was that?  What had happened?

Duo murmured in his ear, his voice shaking.  “Touch yourself, Heero.  Do what feels right.”  He said, helping Heero to his feet.  
“Lean against me if you need to, I’ll keep you steady . . . and I won’t touch you in any other way if you don’t wish it.”

Heero nodded, closing his eyes as he wrapped firm fingers around the hardening length.  He slid his hand along the skin, only to
pause in his actions as Duo’s voice came to him again.

“Open your eyes,  Watch what you’re doing.”  Duo whispered.  “See how beautiful you are.”

Slowly, Heero dragged his eyes open, his gaze locking on his own reflection.  He stared, mesmerized as he continued his
actions, feeling himself harden in his hand.  He stroked himself, feeling awkward as he did this, yet the sensations were
amazing.  He had never felt anything like this before.  But he was left with a deeper longing, as if there was something missing.

His breath hitched in his throat, his body shuddering.  He didn’t know what to do, not really.  But he knew he wanted something.

“Duo?”  Heero asked, his voice and body trembling with the thought of even bringing this topic up.  He couldn’t do this.  Duo
would hurt him.  His mind screamed at him not to say these words.  And yet, his body wanted something else.

“Do you want me to help you?”  Duo asked.

Heero nodded without thought.  He wanted to take Duo up on his earlier offer, no more than that.  He did not want to be used
for a single night’s pleasure, didn’t want to be used at all.  “Only one hand . . . please . . . like you said before?”

“Heero, are you sure?”  Duo asked, reaching up and untying the veil, tossing the flimsy bit of cloth to the side.  “I don’t want
you to feel that I’ve taken advantage of you.”

“I . . . I’m sure!  I can’t . . . I don’t know what to do.”  He pleaded, lowering his voice to a pale whisper as he spoke his next
words.  “Please, Duo?  Please, help me?”

With a silent nod, Duo let his one hand wander across the planes of Heero’s chest, briefly toying with his nipples before
descending lower.  “I think you’ve worked yourself up quite enough.”  Duo said, covering Heero’s hand with his own, his hold
tighter than Heero’s had been.

Heero bucked against the feeling, letting his head fall back onto Duo’s shoulder.  He tried to breathe.  Yet, it was as if the world
was spinning around him out of control.  He didn’t understand this, but by the Gods, he wanted more of it.  And then, Duo
began to move his hand, stroking slowly and deliberately, moving with ease along the column of Heero’s aching shaft.

Heero whimpered, reaching back with his free hand, digging his blunt nails into the side of Duo’s body, even as he rocked his
hips in time with Duo’s strokes.  He opened and closed his mouth time and again, gasping, making incoherent sounds.

Duo’s hand squeezed around him and Heero very nearly screamed, reaching out frantically with his free hand and finding Duo’s
arm.  He slid his grip down along the appendage, grasping Duo’s hand and raised it, not truly knowing why he was doing it as
he bought his master’s fingers to his lips and began to lick the pads of his fingertips.

Duo gasped, his eyes flying wide in the mirror before them.  His knees gave out beneath him, and together the two of them
crumbled to the floor, Duo’s hand never ceasing its delicious tortures.  Heero heard nothing, felt nothing besides the waves of
bliss.  He was lost in his own pleasures, his hips striving to thrust into Duo’s hand, wanting something he could not grasp.  He
thoughtlessly took the fingers into his mouth, sucking fervently against them, laving them with his tongue.  The skin was warm
and so delicious.

And then, with one final stroke, Heero opened his mouth in a wordless cry.  Duo’s fingers fell from his mouth as he whimpered,
his hips bucking against Duo’s hand as white-hot pleasure burst from inside of him.  He didn’t know what it was, but he liked
it.  He liked it a lot.

When it was over, Heero opened his eyes, only to find that Duo was just as he had been . . . kneeling behind him, his hands no
longer touching Heero’s body.  Heero felt somehow reassured by this.  Duo hadn't taken advantage of him, hadn’t tried to force
him to do more.

“Come, I think you need a rest.”  Duo said, lending a hand in getting Heero to his feet.

Heero blinked, yet said nothing.  He was confused by Duo’s behavior, tired, and still riding the fading waves of his euphoria.  He
didn’t know what to believe anymore.  Did Duo just want him for his body.  Or was there more to the youth than Heero had

Heero decided that there was one thing left for him to do.  But he would wait until the opportunity presented itself.

Duo guided Heero to the bed, settling him down on the comfortable surface.  He left briefly, returning to Heero’s side only a
moment later with a damp cloth, which he used to clean Heero’s bare form.  Again, Heero was confused.  Duo was being so
tender, affectionate even.  And Heero could see the obvious tent in Duo’s breeches.  The young man had done nothing to rid
himself of his own state of arousal, and here he was helping Heero.  Was he truly so kind as he seemed?

When Duo reached to grab the blankets, Heero decided to make his move.  He waited until Duo turned to drag the blankets over
him then leaned up, catching Duo’s mouth with his own.  He settled his hand on the side of Duo’s neck, tentatively licking his
master’s lips.  Duo groaned deeply, opening his mouth in acquiescence, accepting it when Heero’s tongue probed inside his

Surprisingly, Duo pulled himself away.  “No, not now, Heero.”  Duo said, smiling down at the former prince as he tucked the
youth in.  “You aren’t ready for that.”  He said.

“Lie with me?”  Heero whispered.  “I do not wish to sleep alone.”

Duo nodded eagerly, moving to lie beside Heero, his body settled above the blankets that covered Heero’s bare body.  Heero
turned on his side, making himself more comfortable in bed.

“Good night, Heero.”  Duo said, pressing a chaste kiss to the back of Heero’s neck as he spooned up behind him.

“Good night.”  Heero replied, nodding his head if only slightly as a smirk came to his own face.  Duo hadn’t taken advantage of
him.  He was trustworthy, something that Heero had never thought was possible.


Dorothy gazed into her mirror with a scowl on her face.  Instead of her own reflection, the mirror showed her two different
scenes.  The one of Relena’s brother didn’t bother her so much.  The prince had been found, and Dorothy wasn’t happy about
that.  But Milliardo - or Zechs, as he was now known - was still perfectly miserable.  He was even more miserable now that he
was with the woman he WOULD have married.  Dorothy smirked.  It had been an amusing scene to watch.  That princess’s
pleas had only served to cast Zechs further down in depression.  Still, she would have to keep an eye on the proceedings.

The other image though, was what truly irked her.  ‘Damn boy should be pregnant or DEAD by now.’  She thought with
bitterness in her heart.  She narrowed her eyes and glared at the image of Heero sleeping soundly in the arms of that blasted
jester.  He was smirking, dammit.  He was happy, not at all what Dorothy had planned for him.  This ruined all her fun.

“I’m going to have to do something about that.”  Dorothy sneered.

“Do something about what?”  Came a sweet voice from behind her.

Dorothy turned and smiled at Relena as her lover entered the room.  She waved her hand to make the images disappear and gave
the young Queen her complete attention.  “I just saw a flaw that needs to be dealt with.”  She said, walking over, turning her
head so that she could look Relena in the eyes.  “You are happy with me.”

Relena smiled in blissful contentment.  “Yes.”

Dorothy caressed Relena’s face, reveling for a moment in the soft purity of her skin.  “You aren’t sorry that your betrothed was

Relena shook her head, strands of silken wheat falling around her shoulders.  “Not at all.”  She replied with ease.

Dorothy nodded in satisfaction.  “Okay.  Come with me to bed.”

Relena followed.  “What about that flaw you said you saw?”  She asked, even as she undressed herself for bed.

Dorothy waved her hand as if it was of little consequence.  “I’ll deal with it in the morning.  We will have to discuss this with
our employer though.  Such things must be dealt with carefully.”

To Be Continued . . .