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Notes:  Hilde pays a visit to Duo’s chamber.  Alex exacts a fee from Mueller as they travel with Dorothy and Relena.  Trowa
and Quatre finally reach Duo’s home.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Forty-Three

Hilde felt a little light-hearted as she carried the clean bedding to Duo’s bedchamber.  Queen Meiran was here, and Hilde hoped
that the beautiful sorceress would be able to help Duo.  Many feared Meiran for her powers, but Hilde knew Meiran to be strong
in her love of her people.  The only ones who ever suffered permanent damage from the Queen were those willing to do harm to
her or to those under her protection.

She giggled as she remembered hearing of the tongue-lashing Meiran had given to one of the kitchen staff.  Hilde knew of the
individual.  The man had always been a pigheaded idiot, and Duo HAD spoken to him about his attitude toward the slaves.  
Maybe now he’d take that talk to heart, if he was still under Duo’s employ.

She straightened herself and knocked twice on Duo’s door, entering when she heard Meiran give her permission.  As Hilde
entered, she smiled at the Queen, but felt concern when she saw how pale the woman was.

“Are you ill, Majesty?”  Hilde asked.

Meiran smiled warmly and sighed.  “Just fatigued as of late.  It’s probably due to all the excitement.”

Hilde didn’t know if she believed the Queen’s words, but had no cause to question her.  Her attention was soon diverted by the
other person in the room, blinking as he approached her.  She knew him, and yet, he was so changed.  There was a calmness
about him that hadn’t been there when she had first met him.

“Wufei, I almost didn’t recognize you!”  She smiled and took in his attire.  It was not that of a slave or even a servant.  He was
dressed as a member of the royal court.  “You look wonderful.”

Wufei ducked his head slightly, but smiled.  “I thank you, Hilde.  It is good to see that you are also well.  And a free woman
now, if I judge by your manner of dress.”  He looked up, easily gaining eye contact with her.  “Heero told me that the two of
you are getting along now.  Both Meiran and I were glad to hear it.”

Hilde blushed and nodded.  “Well, with all the time that Heero and I spent together, we had the opportunity to talk and learn
about each other.  It shames me to remember how horribly I treated him when he first arrived.  Yet, he bears me no ill will.”

Wufei nodded.  “Amazing how some can overlook the past.”  He held his arm out, gesturing to the bundle of linens she held.  
“May I assist you in your task?  I have met Duo only once before, but I would like to help in any way that I can.”

“Thank you.”  Hilde nodded as she put the linens on the table nearby.  “Where is Duo . . . and Heero?”

Meiran motioned to the bathing area.  “Heero is giving Duo a bath in the hope of bringing his fever down.”  She sighed and
shook her head.  “It pains me to see him like this.  I wish . . .”  She shrugged, sinking somewhat in her seat.  “The past cannot
be undone though.”

Hilde bit her lip as she stripped the bed.  “Can’t you heal him, Majesty?  You’ve done it before.”

Meiran held up her hand.  “Yes, but this is not an illness.  It is withdrawal.”  She smiled sadly and turned her gaze to the
bathroom.  “I will not give Duo an easy out.  If I were to take all of his pain away, there would be nothing to stop him from
getting into this condition again.  It is not life threatening and he has you and Heero and many of the staff that wish to help him.”

Hilde nodded as she finished stripping the bed of the sweat-damp linens and started making the bed with Wufei’s help.  “I
understand.  I guess . . . I hate seeing Duo in this much pain.  I always had a love for him, from the very first time he held me
when I had nightmares.”  She finished just as Heero carried Duo in from the bathing area.  “Is there anything you need, Heero?”

Heero nodded as he tucked Duo into the clean bed.  “Some aloe.  He’s been scratching his arms too much, and it’s starting to
break the skin.  From the books I read, I understand aloe is helpful in such a case.  Thank you, Hilde.”

Smiling, Hilde gathered the dirty linens.  “I’ll also see if I can find a pair of soft socks.  If we put them over his hands, he won’t
be able to scratch so much.”

Heero returned the smile, though it was barely visible with the veil he wore.  “Good idea.  Thank you.  I appreciate your help.”

Hilde bowed to those in the room, almost dropping the bed sheets as she did so, then left the room to run her errand.  She truly
hoped that Duo would get well soon.  She hated to see him suffer so.


Trowa dropped the flap that covered the window, turning his gaze from the passing scenery to look down at his - he hated to
use the word ‘slave’, even though the law stated that Quatre WAS now a slave.  If he had to use a term, he’d use bedmate,
though a part of him wanted to go so far as to call Quatre his lover.  The young man was extremely lovable.

He smiled, sifting his fingers through Quatre’s blonde locks.  Quatre was currently cuddled up next to him for warmth and was
fast asleep.  ‘Good, he hasn't been sleeping well at all.’  Trowa frowned in concern as he stroked a pale, gaunt cheek.  ‘Nor has
he been eating.  A good soak in a tub of clean water, a warm meal, and a night of sleep in a soft bed will do him a great deal of

Not that Quatre complained much.  Quite the contrary.  Unless asked, one would never know just how much the petite blonde
was suffering.  One relief that Trowa had was that the injuries Quatre had received from that brute of a guard had healed during
the journey to Meiran’s.  Although, Trowa did worry about this illness.  At least he knew that the members of Duo’s staff kept
the stillroom fully stocked with fresh and dried herbs as well as tinctures, salves, and elixirs.  He had no doubt that he’d be
allowed to make use of anything he might need.  Though he did not know what ailed Quatre, Trowa knew enough about
remedies to make a tea to calm his nausea.

“Mmm . . .”  Quatre moaned in his sleep, his brow furrowing as he leaned closer to Trowa’s body.  His fingers clutched at
Trowa’s tunic, a slight shiver passing through his form.  “No . . .”  He whimpered, shaking his head.

Trowa frowned.  He didn’t like seeing the pale beauty in such distress.  “Quatre.”  Trowa spoke, tenderly stroking Quatre’s
cheek.  “Wake up.  You’re dreaming.”

Aquamarine eyes flickered open, blinking repeatedly for several moments.  He yawned, shaking his head, only to cuddle closer to
Trowa’s body, holding him more securely.  “There’s something wrong, Trowa.”  Quatre said with weariness.  “Ahead of us.  
Something dark lingers in the air.”

“Whatever it is, we’ll deal with it.”  Trowa said, pressing a soft kiss to Quatre’s forehead.  “We’re almost to Duo’s home,
where you are going to rest until morning.”  He smiled a little at the blonde, running a hand along his arm.  “Any idea what it
could be?”

Quatre smiled beneath his veil.  “No, just trouble.  Could you think of anything that would be bothering Duo?  An illness or
something like that?”

Trowa shook his head.  “No.  I hope he’s not ill though.  Illness has always hit him hard for as long as I’ve known him.  I think
it comes from how he spent most of his childhood.  It’s one of the reasons the stillroom in his home is always fully stocked.”  
He sighed, getting back to Quatre’s question.  “As for troubling, he is constantly frustrated that he can’t learn like he wants to.”  
Trowa smiled warmly.  “He has such a thirst for all things.”  His smile vanished.  “Some things more than others.”

Quatre’s eyes darkened a little.  “What do you mean?”  He asked, his hand settling against Trowa’s chest.

Trowa sighed.  “I never mentioned this to Meiran, but whenever I visited Duo in the past, he’d celebrate the event.  Most of the
time with alcohol.  I’ve never had a taste for the stuff myself, but Duo seemed to adore it.  I had expressed my concerns to him
on occasion, but . . . he tended to laugh it all off and told me that it wasn’t a problem.”

Quatre nodded in understanding.  “One of my sisters married someone like that.  I hope someone else sees that he is hurting.”

“If no one does, we’ll bring it to their attention.”  Trowa smiled, pulling Quatre closer.  “I hate seeing him harm himself like this.”

Quatre stretched a little and kissed Trowa’s cheek.  “Thank you.  I know I must sound silly with my worries.”

Trowa shook his head.  “Quatre, I told you before.  I know all about your abilities.  Meiran informed me of you during the
nights when I lay ill.  She seemed intent on keeping my mind from my fears and often told me of a prince in a far off land who
had such great potential as a seer.  I suppose I never connected that it was you that she spoke of until seeing the sincerity in
your eyes as you told me of your vision.”

The pale blonde shuddered, clutching at Trowa’s tunic again.  “Swear to me . . . you won’t leave my side in the forest between
Meiran’s castle and your home.  I do not think I can bear losing you . . . not now.  I have seen your death and it terrified me
more than anything else I could imagine.”

“I swear it.”  Trowa said without hesitation, only wishing to ease the youth’s fears.

“Good . . . good.”  Quatre said, though his heart did not seem to flow within his words.  He frowned, settling his head against
Trowa’s chest again, his arms draped around the taller youth’s body.  “I do not want to see my vision come to pass.”

“Neither do I.”  Trowa sighed, gently stroking his hand through Quatre’s hair.  “I will do all that I can to ensure that it doesn’t

Quatre said nothing further.  He merely lay there, cuddled against Trowa’s body.  Trowa decided not to push the matter.  If
Quatre wished to talk more, then he’d be there to listen.  He sighed, leaning back in his seat.  It wouldn’t be much longer before
they reached Duo’s home.  Trowa hoped that his friend was well.


Mueller shivered as the bitter cold stung his cheeks.  He pulled the hood of his cloak further over his head, hoping to keep some
warmth in him, but it seemed to do little good.  The cold whipped around him, chilling his body.  Of course, there wasn’t much
he could do about it now.  He was sitting beside Alex as the blonde urged the horses to pull the carriage.  As an escort to the
Lady Dorothy, it was their duty to stay out here, despite the snow that kept hitting his skin, freezing him to his very bones.

“You’re pathetic, you know that?”  Alex’s snide voice remarked.  “Have you learned nothing from watching the Lady for the
past two years?”  He shook his head, taking one hand from the reigns and holding it in the air.  “Calefacere.”  He spoke with

Barely an instant later, a flash of light flickered in Alex’s palm, slowly forming until it became a glowing sphere.  The sphere
spread and grew, eventually encompassing all of the carriage and the horses within a protective bubble.  Mueller very nearly
sighed in relief as the warmth of this bubble began to flow through him.  Feeling returned to his fingers, to his cheeks.  It was
wonderful not to feel the chill anymore.

He smiled gratefully at Alex, only to cast his gaze aside in embarrassment.  No matter how many times the two of them were
intimate, he would never lose his shyness.  There was just something about Alex that left him feeling as if he were inferior to the
blonde.  The way Alex carried himself, the confidence and pride he exuded to others.  He was a better person, stronger than
Mueller was.  When compared to Alex, Mueller was merely a shadow.  But then again, he was owned by the blonde.

Alex must have caught the brief smile, for he reached his hand out, sliding it up beneath the many layers of clothing Mueller was
wearing.  Though merely a slave, Mueller did not wear the veils he was required to by law, but that was how Alex wanted him,
so he could not disobey.  Still, Alex had no difficulty finding skin to graze his hot hand across, though Mueller wondered how
that hand could feel so warm when only a moment ago they had been out in the freezing cold.

“What say you thank me properly for this little gift?”  Alex smirked, pressing firmly against the skin at Mueller’s abdomen.

Mueller blushed, knowing full well what type of payment Alex would want.  Still, he had to ask.  “W-What is it you want me to
do?”  He asked, gasping as the hand slowly began to trail lower, pushing past the waistband of his breeches.

Keeping one eye on the road ahead of them so that they wouldn’t stray off track, Alex leaned over, whispering deviously in
Mueller’s ear.  “I want to bury my cock in that hot little mouth of yours.”  He chuckled, a cold glint in his eyes.  “When we
reach town, I’ll take that ass of yours, but for now I can settle.”

Mueller nodded.  He owed everything that he was to Alex.  His life, his body.  He had been nothing before Alex had found him.  
No, Mueller had been less than nothing.  He had been a brothel slave, property of so many, whored out to whoever would pay.  
Brothels were horrible places for slaves.  They were simply put nothing more than toys to be used and abused.  They were the
lowest of the slave class, below the status of even a pleasure slave.  Pleasure slaves at least were given clothing to wear,
sometimes even pampered or treated kindly by their owners.  But the life of a brothel slave was nothing more than unending lines
of lustful men and women who wanted a quick rut.

Alex had been his salvation.  He would never forget, could never repay the debts.  A simple act such as this was nothing
compared to what he had left to repay.  He would give everything if only to make Alex happy.

“But the carriage.”  Mueller said, frowning.  He did not want Alex to unintentionally drop the reigns or lead them from the road.

Alex shook his head.  “Persequi semita,” he said simply, casting the reigns from his hand.  Before him, the reigns stopped in
midair, as if a pair of invisible hands had arisen to guide the carriage and horses to their destination.

Mueller smiled, watching as Alex spread apart his layers of robes, hastily untying his breeches.  Not wanting to dawdle in his
task, Mueller bent forward and nuzzled the man’s crotch, listening with joy as he heard a groan of satisfaction.  He pushed the
fabric down, revealing a thick shaft, already hard and dripping.

Mueller’s body practically sang as he swept his tongue along one throbbing vein, feeling as Alex’s fingers dug deeply into his
hair.  Knowing what Alex was about to do, Mueller parted his lips, feeling the harsh shove as Alex drove his cock upwards.  He
breathed in through his nose as he took in all that he could, tightening his lips around the length as it was repeatedly driven into
his mouth.

He cared nothing for the pains that sprang up because of Alex’s enthusiasm.  So long as he made Alex happy, he was satisfied.  
Moaning so as to heighten the other youth’s pleasure, Mueller began to move faster than Alex’s thrusting, seeking to send his
lover into orgasm.  He had heard such things were pleasurable.  It mattered little that he had never experienced it himself.  He
existed only to make Alex happy.

He reached a hand down, eagerly taking Alex’s sac in hand, massaging them, rolling them against his palm, squeezing them just
enough to make Alex moan.  Using his training to the best of his ability, Mueller sucked deeply, doing all that he could to please
the blonde.  He was rewarded only moments later as Alex grabbed his head with both hands, forcing his throbbing cock halfway
down Mueller’s throat as he shot his load.

Mueller pulled away as soon as he was able, only to have Alex’s arms wrap around him, yanking him to sit atop the blonde’s lap,
a distinct hardness poking at his backside.  “Forget town.  I think I’ll take that ass now.”  He hissed, his hands roughly stripping
Mueller of his clothes.

With a smile, Mueller quietly waited, caring nothing for the pain of intrusion that he knew he would feel with this latest
possession.  He would give anything if only to make Alex happy.  A little suffering was nothing when compared to his master’s
pleasure.  So long as Alex remained happy, Mueller was one step closer to the freedom he longed for, the freedom that Alex had
promised to him.

Still, even without a veil, he knew that he was nothing more than a hole to be fucked, no matter how much false freedom Alex
allowed him.


Quatre trembled as they drew nearer to their destination.  Tremors ran through him that had nothing to do with either fear or

Trowa gazed at him in concern, a warm hand brushing against his cheek.  “What is it?”

Quatre shrugged, not wanting Trowa to worry about him.  “I don’t know.  I guess I’m just excited to meet Duo.  I was a bit
concerned when Meiran had to leave me three years ago to tend to him.  I’ve always wondered how he had fared.”  He smiled
up at Trowa.  “And from what you’ve told me about him on this trip, I think he and I will be good friends . . . at least I hope so.”

Trowa chuckled softly.  “Quatre, a porcupine would probably wish to be friends with you.”  When the carriage stopped, Trowa
lifted the flap over the window to look outside and frowned, his brow knitted with concern.  “That’s odd . . .”

Quatre waited while Trowa got out of the carriage, his eyes following the tall youth as Trowa had a look around.  Then Trowa
returned to the carriage and helped ease Quatre down.  A part of Quatre loved the contact, but he knew that Trowa was still
slightly uncomfortable with it, so he didn’t cling.

“What’s wrong?”  He asked, wondering what had Trowa so concerned.

Trowa’s expression was full of worry.  “Duo’s study has a window that faces the road.  He should have been here to welcome
us.  Or at the very least, he should have sent George.”

Quatre could feel the worry in Trowa and placed a gentle hand on Trowa’s shoulder.  “I sensed something was wrong.”  He
spoke quietly, saddened to know that his intuition had been correct.  A movement caught his attention and he turned his gaze to
it.  When he saw what it was, he gasped in pure delight.  “Is that Nataku I see?  Or are my eyes deceiving me?”

Trowa’s voice was soft as the tigress padded over to them.  “Yes, no doubt about it.  That’s Nataku all right.”

Quatre let out a happy laugh and knelt to embrace the beautiful feline.  “I have missed you!”  He smiled brightly as Nataku licked
his face as if he were a cub.  A deep, rumbling purr began.  “Yes, I am happy to see you, too.”  He looked up as Trowa headed
for the door.  “Trowa?”

Trowa paused to turn and face Quatre.  “If Nataku is here, then so is Meiran, which can mean either a celebration or Duo is in
some serious pain.  Stay with Nataku.  She’ll protect you.”  With that, he ran to the house.

Quatre sighed, stroking his hand along Nataku’s fur.  “We should follow him, Nataku.  He has a good heart and a beautiful soul,
but he can be frightening when he’s worried about someone he cares for.  I think he might startle a servant in his hurry to see to
Duo.”  Using Nataku for support, he stood and began following Trowa.  Though the young man was out of sight, he had no
doubt that he’d find his way.  “I’ll trust you to lead me, my friend.  I am sure you’ve been here before and know where Duo
would be, if only by scent alone.”

Nataku let out a huff of breath as if to agree.  Quatre smiled, trying to walk as swiftly as he could.  But he was quite weary.  
Quietly, Nataku walked alongside Quatre, leading him and offering silent support.


Heero sighed in relief.  Duo had just managed to fall into some semblance of sleep.  Still, even though he slumbered, Duo’s body
shivered, his limbs twitching beyond his control.  He moved to scratch his arms, but the socks Hilde had put over his hands
stopped him from causing himself further harm.

‘I wish I could do more than this.’  Heero thought as he dabbed at Duo’s feverish skin with a cool, damp cloth.  Meiran had
retired to one of the guest rooms to rest from her short journey, which concerned Heero.  He could see that she was unwell.  
But she was resting now and had Wufei to watch over her.  Heero smiled a little.  Wufei was a good man, and deserved
happiness.  Heero hoped to find the same peace that Wufei seemed to have found.

His thoughts were abruptly shattered as the door to the bedchamber slammed open.  A tall brunette youth stormed in, looking
out of breath as he hastily approached the bed.  Duo’s eyes flew open at the loud sound and he turned glassy eyes to look at the

Heero jumped, only to stumble over the chair he had been sitting in and fall.  He scrambled back, terror gripping his heart as the
stranger moved closer.  Heero didn’t like this.  He didn’t know this man, didn’t know what he wanted.  Maybe he wanted to
hurt Heero, to cause him pain.

His heartbeat pounded in his chest as the tall youth turned to look at him, as if noticing him for the first time.  He opened his
mouth, but Heero didn’t wait around to listen to what he could possibly have to say.  Heero turned and ran, heading to the only
place he could, the bathing room.  There would have been no way he’d be able to reach the door.  The stranger blocked his path.

Keeping his eyes on the curtain that led back into the bedchamber, Heero didn’t see the soap lying on the tiled floor.  He slipped,
falling backwards into the heated water of the bath.  He fought to gain a foothold, bringing his head above water with gasping
coughs.  He took a breath, only to cough even more.  Before he could catch his breath though, he pulled his body from the
water, limping as swiftly as he could to the farthest corner of the room.  His ankle pained him.  And now he was cold and wet.  
He only hoped that the stranger would not seek him out.

He sat on the floor, curling his arms around his legs as he warily watched the curtain.  Maybe this man meant to steal him from
Duo.  What if he wanted to do horrible things to him?  Heero shuddered, whimpering as he buried his face in his knees.  He had
just begun to like it here.  He did not want to be uprooted so soon.

To Be Continued . . .

Notes:  The spells that Alex used are basically just Latin words.  Here are the meanings.  Of course, they are just rough

Persequi semita - follow (to the end) path

Calefacere - to make warm