Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  Lemons in this part.  Dorothy X Relena, Alex X Mueller and Dorothy X Alex (Yes, Dorothy is dominant.)  This part
focuses entirely on Dorothy’s little troupe.

Warnings:  Squicky lemons.  Torture of Mueller.  Abuse of magic.  MAJOR SQUICK FACTOR.  Please skip, if it bothers you.

Servitude, Retribution, and Enchantment

Part Forty-Six

Mueller whimpered as Alex dragged him along the halls of the modest inn and into the communal bathing area.  Alex hauled him
over to a secluded area, drawing a heavy curtain closed to block the rest of the room from view.  He raised his hand and
murmured a spell, sealing the curtained off area to keep all sound from carrying past the barrier he had made.  He then removed
his clothing, leaving the garments in a pile beside the pool’s edge.

Mueller didn’t know what was about to happen to him, but he doubted it would be good.  He wanted to beg Alex to release him
and give him a chance, but he knew that Alex was loyal to Lady Dorothy.  In truth, Mueller knew that he deserved whatever
punishment he received.  But that didn’t stop his terror as Alex roughly stripped him of his clothes and yanked him down into
the water.

“Fool, couldn’t you have been more careful?”  Alex’s tone was full of anger, but tinged with a sadness as if he were truly sorry.

Mueller winced as his skin was roughly scrubbed.  Alex’s hands were strong and the cloth he used was coarse.  “I meant no
harm to the Queen.”

“Sshh, be silent.”  Alex took a deep breath and sighed as he pulled Mueller in for a quick hug.  “I know not what you have done,
but our Lady’s hold over me has weakened.”  He nuzzled Mueller’s cheek, letting out a shaky breath.  “No matter what happens
now . . . please know that there was love.”

Mueller pulled away from Alex and blinked when he saw that the blonde’s eyes were a little different than he was used to.  
There was a kindness in them that hadn’t been there before, a spark of life and vitality he had never before seen.

Alex nodded.  “There was love, and it will pain me to watch whatever our Lady does to you.  But I cannot interfere.  Please,
forgive me.”  He caressed Mueller’s cheek with a gentleness Mueller had never before received.

Mueller nodded solemnly and allowed Alex to finish bathing him.  The blonde’s hands moved less roughly now, his strokes
tender and careful.  Mueller didn’t know what had happened, but he knew now that Lady Dorothy had some sort of hold on the
young Queen, as well as on the man he had come to love.

Alex was quiet as he finished washing Mueller’s hair.  His hands fell on Mueller’s back, lightly pressing him forward.  “Bend
forward.  Our lady stated that every inch of you was to be cleaned.”

Mueller did as he was instructed, leaning his arms on the ledge.  As it was, the water of the bath only came up to his waist.  He
took in a sharp breath, groaning when Alex inserted a finger slick with soap into him.  Somehow, this simple act was proving to
be more fulfilling to him than any time he had ever been filled by other parts of Alex.

He bit the skin of his forearm as Alex added more fingers, scissoring the digits within his trembling body.  It wouldn’t do to cry
out with the pleasure he was receiving.  It wasn’t right that he announce his delight so loudly, no matter that only he and Alex
would be able to hear with the spell intact.  Tears coursed down his face as he realized that he could have had these sensations
all along, if not for Lady Dorothy’s influence over Alex.  He was in no position to complain, but he was only human.

“You’re so beautiful,” Alex whispered, curling his free arm around Mueller’s waist and taking hold of the dark-haired youth’s
aching member.

It was almost too much for Mueller to take.  He gasped and arched his back as pleasure coursed through his blood.  Never
before had he felt such exquisite sensations, and he had no idea if he’d ever feel this way again.  He only allowed a faint whine to
escape him as Alex’s hand pulled away, leaving him gasping with regret and disappointment.  Perhaps Alex would leave him like
this, abandon him when his body was demanding satisfaction, to leave him longing for more.

Alex leaned across Mueller’s back, his thick cock pressing against Mueller’s buttocks.  His breath was hot as it caressed the
slave’s ear, his hands scorching wherever they touched.  “Let me show you how I always should have treated you these past
two years,” he murmured, sliding those delightfully strong hands down to rest briefly at Mueller’s hips.

Mueller looked back over his shoulder, watching with trepidation as Alex took himself in hand, stroking a handful of soap across
his manhood.  He groaned at the sight, wanting nothing more than to please Alex, to take the organ into his mouth and lathe it
with attention.  He was about to turn when Alex pressed his free hand to Mueller’s back.  “No, please, let me do this,” he
pleaded, his eyes soft and caring as they regarded him.

Mueller nodded, parting his lips and taking careful breaths as Alex used his one hand to spread Mueller open to him, his other
hand to direct his shaft to the opening awaiting him.  Slowly, Alex pressed forward until just the tip of his manhood breached the
ring of muscle.

There was no pain.  By the Gods, Mueller had not known there could be anything but pain with such a union.  He let out a puff
of breath, scraping his blunt nails across the tiled floor.  “More, please . . . please,” he begged, desperate for more of this sweet

Alex obliged without word.  His hands gripped Mueller’s hips, holding him still as he steadily pushed himself inward.  Mueller
felt as each inch sank deeper and deeper into his cavern until the feel of Alex’s balls against his skin made him moan in bliss.

“I didn’t know it could feel like this,” Mueller breathed, panting as Alex stilled himself for a moment.

“I’m sorry.  If I could have controlled myself . . . every night we’ve lain together should have been like this.”  He stroked his
thumbs along Mueller’s slick skin, drawing himself out of the slave’s body with a deliberately slow movement.  “You should
have known only pleasure from me.”

Mueller could not speak.  His voice was lost to him in the moment that Alex had begun to move again.  He simply held on and
rode the waves, moaning uncontrollably as Alex began to pick up the pace.  There was an ache in his loins he had never known
before, a craving he didn’t understand.  Alex changed his angle and Mueller bucked against him, stars dancing before his eyes.  
He rose up, his back colliding with Alex’s strong chest.  “Please . . . please . . . I don’t know . . .”  His words were broken,
barely audible.  He didn’t know what he wanted, what he was asking of Alex.

Alex seemed to understand though.  He slid his hand along Mueller’s flesh, curling his fingers around the slave’s bobbing shaft.  
Mueller jerked his hips into that welcome fist, torn between which way he should thrust.  Alex solved that problem as well.  He
moved his hips and hand in counterpoint, giving Mueller more stimulation in this one moment than he had ever gotten in his
entire lifetime.  He was lost, swept away in this sea of passion.  And soon, the waves of ecstasy washed over him and he was
drowning in pure bliss.

A convulsion wracked his slender frame as his semen spewed forth.  Darkness dotted his vison, the world seeming to spin as he
gave in to the pleasure.  Alex groaned and slipped out of Mueller’s tight passage, pumping the slave’s cock until the last drop.  
Only then did he take his own shaft in hand, bringing himself to a quick release.  Mueller vaguely felt the splash of hot fluids as
Alex came on him.

The blonde spared only a moment for rest, then once again cleaned Mueller’s body, even as the slave trembled with the
aftershocks of his first orgasm.

Alex picked Mueller up and laid him across the tiled floor, wiping a damp cloth over Mueller’s skin.  “Try and hold onto this
memory through whatever our Lady plans to do to you.”  He pressed a kiss to Mueller’s forehead and sighed.  “I can't promise
it will ever be like this again, either.  Once our Lady’s control is returned . . . it’ll be as it was.”

Mueller simply smiled into the face of the man that he loved.  “I will be content with anything, even if I am only a vessel for you
to release yourself into.”

Alex looked pained and shook his head.  “So brave . . .”  He sighed and stood up, pulling Mueller to stand as well.  “Come on.  
She is not a patient woman.”  He fixed a veil over Mueller’s face, a cloth of sheer fabric for his loincloth to act as his only
covering, but not before giving Mueller a deep kiss.  “Remember, I love you.”

Mueller smiled shakily at Alex, the words echoing in his heart.  “And I you.” He swallowed and lowered his head as Alex led him
from the bathing chamber.


Dorothy muttered angrily as she stripped the young queen of her regal garments and tied her wrists and ankles to the posts of
the bed with silk sashes.  All of her hard work, down the drain.  All because of one stupid insignificant slave.  Honestly, she
couldn’t understand how one of her own could carry on with such a worthless little nothing.  She had thought she had given
Alex much better taste than that.  Perhaps her influence over the blonde wasn’t as secure as she had thought.  She’d have to
renew her hold on him as well.  She could already feel her control over him draining away.  One action undid all of her work, as
if someone had pulled the single loose thread in an elaborate tapestry.  That fact irritated her to no end.  She’d have to find a
core to tie her control to, an object to bind them instead of keeping it all within herself.  Obviously, her previous method
contained a flaw.

No matter, the mistake would be corrected soon enough.  She would repair her damaged spells and Mueller would be punished.  
And if he happened to survive tonight, he would be nothing more than a lowly slave, no longer permitted the same freedoms he
had once been granted.  She’d make sure Alex treated him with proper contempt.

Stripping off her own clothes, she walked over to her trunk and opened it.  Rifling through the contents, she found the
ingredients she needed as well as an empty jar.  Setting everything down on the table, she made quick work of creating the
needed potion.  She smiled to herself when it was finished and strode back to the bed, carrying the freshly made potion with
her.  She set it within easy reach beside a dagger on the table, as well as a pair of simple clear crystals.

With a predatory grin, she climbed into bed with her beloved Queen and began to dote attention on her.  Beneath her breath, she
mumbled spells that would heighten pleasure, quickly bringing the unconscious woman to a state of arousal.  She would control
Relena, yet Dorothy had no wish to cause her harm.  Satisfied that no harm would befall her love, Dorothy took the jar from the
table.  She dipped her fingers in, scooping out a good amount.

She had always hated this part, even the first time she had been shown that it could be done.  It felt odd to her, as if her body
was not her own.  Still, it had to be done.  To control someone as completely as she needed to, this primal act was necessary.

She murmured a soft spell to awaken her Queen and smiled as cornflower blue eyes opened.  Fear immediately flashed in those
glimmering orbs, and she opened her mouth, perhaps meaning to scream for help.  

Dorothy pressed a single finger to Relena’s lips, spelling the young queen silent.  She did not want to hear her fearful cries, to
know that Relena no longer remembered her.  It wouldn’t be for much longer, but it still upset her to know she was a stranger
to her beloved.  It was a harsh truth she was not ready to face.

“Watch, see what it is I do for you, before you feel what it is I do to you.”  Dorothy swallowed and spread her thighs apart
slightly, pressing a single potion-covered finger to the tiny bud that crowned her cleft.  She began with tiny circles and moaned
as she felt the beginnings of her spell tingle through her body, her clitoris slowly growing under the attention.  As odd as it felt,
she did enjoy it on some level.  She looked down, feeling a morbid fascination as she watched the slow change to her body.  It
didn’t take too long for the tiny bundle of nerves to grow into what she thought was a good-sized phallus.

Wrapping her fingers around the pulsing length, she gave it a couple strokes, her body singing with the pleasure of the simple
action.  “See how excited you make me?” She groaned, looking down onto the body of her beautiful queen.

Relena’s body began to quake in fear and she struggled against the silken sashes that bound her to the bed.  Dorothy had been
expecting this though.  The same thing had happened the first time that Dorothy had called on these dark powers to enslave the
princess Relena had been.  Controlling someone’s mind was not an easy task.  The mind was a complicated thing, difficult to
conquer and hold captive.  But Dorothy had been doing it for five years now.

It was true that there were easier spells to influence people’s minds, ones that didn’t involve forbidden magic or blood rituals.  
However, none of those spells lasted for very long, and Dorothy needed an infinite amount of time.  She didn’t want to lose
Relena, not after all the trouble she had gone to in getting her under control.  Dorothy had made sacrifice after sacrifice for this.  
She had made a deal with that bastard wizard, had given up her right to the crown of her own kingdom just to learn how to use
the power that flowed through her being.  She had been a weak little princess before she had met Relena.  Now, she was a
sorceress, a terrifying specter that haunted many a mind at night.  She did so love her work.

“Now, now . . . be still, I’ll make sure you get some enjoyment out of this.”  Without a further word, she positioned herself
between the Queen’s thighs, aligning the head of her shaft with Relena’s opening.  Grasping the girl’s hip and thigh, Dorothy
slammed inward, sheathing herself with one brutal thrust.  Relena arched her back, tears springing to her eyes as Dorothy began
a merciless pace.

Dorothy wished she could just enjoy this act, but she had other matters to attend to.  Rocking her hips forward into Relena’s
welcoming heat, Dorothy reached over to the bedside table and picked up the dagger and one of the crystals.  With difficulty,
she kept her pace, driving deeper and deeper into the slick cavern, even as she breathlessly spoke her spells.

She grabbed Relena’s wrist, cutting free the sash with the knife.  Against Relena’s struggling, Dorothy forced open the girl's
palm and sliced the knife across her skin.  Blood flowed red and thick, dripping to the sheets.  Making a matching slash on her
own hand, Dorothy threw the knife to the floor.  She placed the crystal against the cut on Relena’s palm, roughly pressing it into
the wound.  Relena trembled, her mouth open in soundless cries and Dorothy pressed her own bleeding wound to Relena’s, the
crystal sandwiched between their palms.

Gritting her teeth, she moved faster, slamming her hips into Relena’s beautiful body.  She felt it coming, the imminent release
she couldn’t fight.  Quickly, she spoke the words of her spell, calling forth the spirits to bind Relena to her.  As the last syllable
left her lips, Relena’s body arched in an impossible curve, her tight muscles clamping down around Dorothy’s cock.  Still,
Dorothy rammed in, riding the waves of Relena’s orgasm until her own climax claimed her.

Dorothy cried out her love’s name, rocking her hips shallowly even as she fell across Relena’s sweaty body.  “Wonderful,” she
smiled, cautiously drawing her hand away from Relena’s, easing her still-hard shaft out of the Queen’s body.  To her delight,
she saw that the crystal was glowing a bright red, signaling that Dorothy did indeed have control over Relena once again, and
now that control was anchored by the crystal.  With a kiss, Dorothy released the spell of silence and smiled down at the blonde

“How are you feeling, my love?”

“Wonderful, Dorothy,” Relena sighed happily, a brief red glow alighting in her perfect eyes.  “I love you, Dorothy.”

“Good, now sleep.”  She ran her fingers over Relena’s face, charming the girl into a peaceful rest.

She lingered beside Relena for a moment, simply gazing down at the woman she loved.  Then she got up and tended to her.  She
cleaned the wounds on Relena’s body, bandaging her hand and head.  Dressing herself only in a robe, she prepared her supplies.  
She cleaned off the dagger and crystal, placing them both on the table once again with the unused crystal.  She retrieved a slim
silver box from her trunk, as well as a jar covered by a red cloth.  Then she gathered other objects she would need.  She placed
everything she needed near to the hearth.

It was then that the door opened and Dorothy turned to see as Alex and Mueller entered.  “Chain your slave by the fire and strip
yourself,” Dorothy commanded coldly, looking on the blonde with contempt.  She knew he would obey, the deep tendrils of her
influence still ebbed within him.

When Alex locked the shackles around Mueller’s wrists, Dorothy approached the obviously frightened slave.  She grasped the
veil and tore it from his face, doing the same with the flimsy loincloth.  He had no need of covering.  She shortened the slack of
the chains, forcing him to remain kneeling close to the wall beside the hearth.  There, now at least he’d be out of the way.

“Dorothy, whatever you’re going to do . . . please, don’t,” Alex spoke, even as he stripped off his garments.

“What’s the matter Alex, frightened of your big sister?”  She chuckled, watching the fear within Alex’s eyes, the blush
beginning to spread across his cheeks as he stepped out of his breeches and kicked them aside.

Dorothy’s mother had been lonely after her husband had died in battle.  That’s the only reason she had married that bastard who
had been Alex’s father, the man who had filled a young impressionable queen with his filthy seed.  Dorothy and Alex were only a
year apart in age, but they were miles apart in status.  She felt nothing but contempt for this spawn of a mere commoner.

“Stop dawdling, Alex . . . I don’t have all night.  Get down on your knees.”  She turned back to Mueller and sneered at him.  
“Filthy whore, I shouldn’t waste any more energy on you, but I can’t have you screaming and trying to get help.”  She quickly
silenced the slave and smirked at him.  “You know, this is all your fault for being clumsy.”  On impulse, she cast another quick
spell which would force him to watch.  She couldn’t have the loathsome creature looking away.

Once she was satisfied that Mueller wouldn’t be a distraction, she turned her attention to Alex.  “I have a gift for you, Alex.”  
She wove her fingers through his hair, then yanked it roughly as she used her free hand to spread open her robe.

Alex’s eyes widened as they focused on the half-erect length that dangled between Dorothy’s legs.  The spell was still intact and
would remain so until Dorothy released it.  And she had no desire to release the spell until she was satisfied that Alex was hers
once again.

She grazed her nails across Alex’s face, then gripped his chin.  “Open up,” she grinned, leaning forward until the shaft slid
across his lips.

Slowly, hesitantly, Alex’s lips parted and Dorothy eased herself into that hot, wet mouth.  She groaned, throwing her head back
as she immersed herself fully in that heat, finding herself rising quickly.

“Move your head,” she commanded, “Suck me.”

Alex obeyed, a muffled whimper escaping him as he eased back until just the tip was pressed against his lips.  He licked at the
growing organ, his eyes screwed shut as he took it into his mouth again and began a rapid bobbing motion, as if wanting to get
this over with as quickly as possible.  Dorothy merely enjoyed the attention, delighting in the feel of Alex’s mouth around her.

When she decided she’d had enough of that, she kicked the blonde away from her, watching with satisfaction as he fell onto the
furred rug that lay before the hearth.  “Spread your legs.”  She kicked his ankle, amused by the sharp intake of breath that
signaled a moment of pain.

She dropped to her knees between his slightly spread legs.  “I don’t really want to prepare you, but I can’t have you in such bad
shape that you can’t serve me.  So you should count your blessings.”  She sucked her fingers into her mouth to make sure they
were wet before using them to stretch Alex a little, just enough so that she wouldn’t damage his body with her impending
intrusion.  She made sure that Mueller could see her every action, knowing it would only make him suffer to watch how she
treated his master.  It heightened her anticipation knowing that Mueller loved her swine of a half-brother.

She smirked wickedly and positioned herself at Alex’s entrance.  “Make a sound to alert anyone and I’ll make your little slave
BEG for death a hundred times over without killing him while you’re still in your right mind.  You know I can and WILL do it.”  
She felt satisfied when Alex brought an arm up to his mouth to prevent himself from making too much noise.  She was going to
enjoy this if only because she was torturing two people with this act.

Without thought or care for Alex’s comfort, Dorothy slammed into him.  She paused for a moment to enjoy the tightness and
the heat, then started a ferocious pace, ignoring the way that blood started to drip from where Alex was biting harshly into his
arm.  She didn’t have to take control over him by using him in this manner.  The same result could be accomplished if he were
the one penetrating her.  She simply did not want his filthy cock inside of her.  No man was worthy of such a sacrifice.  It was
far too risky.  After all, only foolish witches allowed themselves to get pregnant.

She pushed his knees up, spreading him open to her further.  Dorothy groaned in delight as she thrust deeper, faster into his
tight body.  She glanced aside to Mueller and threw her head back with a laugh when she saw the slave straining against his
chains, tears streaming down his face and silently screaming for her to stop.  “Oh, this feels better than I thought it would!  I
should have done this sooner!”  She kept up her pace and repeated the actions that she had done when binding Relena.

Alex tried to look away, but when she had his gaze, she kept it.  She rammed into him over and over again as the words of her
spell spilled from her lips.  She curled her fingers around his bobbing cock, jerking her hand with the speed she used to fuck his
body.  Once it was finished, she kept up her bruising pace until her climax drained into the now-willing body beneath her.

“There now, Alex . . . that wasn’t so bad, was it?” she asked, wiping the sticky proof of Alex’s release on the furred rug as she
used her free hand to take the crystal from his palm.

Alex stretched as Dorothy pulled out of him.  His eyes seemed vacant, dull, just as she wanted him.  “It was wonderful, my

She smirked at that answer.  She had added a few augmentations to the spell.  No longer would Alex see Mueller as an object to
be desired, unless Dorothy willed it.  To him, Mueller was just a slave, a worthless piece of property and nothing more.

“And what do you think we should do with that little slave?”

She sat back and watched as Alex stood and approached Mueller who was giving him a pleading look as tears dripped down his
face.  Dorothy felt a surge of satisfaction as Alex balled his fist and soundly punched Mueller square in the jaw without holding

Dorothy stood when she saw that Alex was about to continue and stopped him.  “Now, now . . . Alex, as loathsome as this
thing is, it has its uses.  I’ll need a source of energy while I tend to my Queen, and to you.  Just look at what this thing made
you do to yourself.”

With mock concern, Dorothy pulled Alex’s arm toward her.  She bound the injury he had made to himself in a strip of cloth.  
Then she tended to the slash across his palm, bandaging the matching slash on her own hand as well.

“He should be punished, my Lady,” Alex said coldly.

“Right you are,” Dorothy smiled, briefly looking down at herself and releasing the spell she had cast.  Her body returned to
normal, and she sighed in relief for that.  She hated growing that thing.  “Prepare him for harvesting.  I used up a lot of my
ingredients to get you and Relena back under my control.”

She cared little for how Alex would prepare the slave.  In fact, she enjoyed the sounds of Alex roughly manhandling Mueller as
she grabbed a jar from the items she had already prepared.  She turned back and simply watched as Alex forced Mueller to the
ground and tied his wrists.

Mueller’s arms were now restrained behind his back, and Alex grabbed his ankles in a bruising grip.  The brunette struggled in
vain, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to speak.

“Hmm, I think I want to hear your screams,” Dorothy smiled, releasing the spell of silence she had cast on the boy.  She then
sealed the room.  She might have wanted to hear Mueller’s screams of agony, but that didn’t mean she wanted anyone else in
this inn to hear as well.

She licked her lips at the mere thought of inflicting pain on this foul creature.  She could almost taste the fear pouring out of
Mueller in waves, and she breathed the scent of sweat in.  “Oh, I am going to enjoy this.”  She ran a finger up Mueller’s
softness and laughed as his back arched and the length hardened slightly.

It took a moment for the shudders to die down, and Dorothy took that time to gather the object she needed next.  She picked up
the cloth-covered jar and opened it.  Reaching in, she clasped her fingers around the creature held within the jar and pulled it
out.  It was a long slim worm that curled about her wrist and arm as she held it.  Creating the creature had been time-
consuming, but it had not been difficult.  True, it could only be used once, but since its purpose was vital in retrieving a key
ingredient, its loss was worth the sacrifice.

She approached Mueller with the writhing worm and smiled almost sweetly at him.  “Now, this IS going to hurt you.”  She had
spelled her precious creature to exude pain, yet cause no true physical damage to its victim.

Dorothy knelt beside Mueller, smirking at Alex who still held the brunette’s ankles.  Without word or warning, she grasped
Mueller’s cock and used her thumb and forefinger to spread open the slit.  She held the head of the worm to the opening.  
Slowly, the worm inched inside and Dorothy sat back to watch.  It was actually kind of fascinating the way the long worm
slowly disappeared into Mueller’s soft length.  And the way the slave’s face turned red as a scream tore from his throat was a
sight to behold.  After too short a time, the only part of the worm still outside of Mueller was the bulbous tip at the end of its tail.

While she waited for the worm to do its job, she opened the silver box and pulled out an ornate silver dagger.  “Flip him,” she

Alex obeyed, roughly turning Mueller so that he was on his knees, his face smashing into the floor below since his arms were
restrained behind him.  Blood began to drip from a fresh cut on his forehead.  Dorothy ignored that and sliced through the ties
that bound his wrists.  Alex grabbed one arm and Mueller used the other to push himself up, shudders coursing through his
body, his breath coming harshly.  Alex held his arm still as Dorothy set up a jar with a wide opening beneath his elbow.  Then
with one slash, Dorothy cut open the slave’s arm just below his elbow.  Blood dripped quickly from the fresh wound, running
dark and thick to drop from his elbow and into the jar below.

“Please . . . please, stop, Mistress,” Mueller begged, weakly trying to draw his arm away from Alex, his hips jerking every few

“If you keep fighting, I’ll slice your throat open,” Dorothy casually warned.  “Your only use is as a source of ingredients for my
potions and nothing more.”

Mueller whimpered, his body shivering.  Yet, he stilled all of his attempts at getting away.  Dorothy sat back and watched with
amusement as slight convulsions moved through the slave’s wiry body.  He grunted and flinched, his abdominal muscles
clenching repeatedly as he obviously felt the pain that the worm exuded.  Dorothy lowered her gaze to the bulbous end of the
worm’s tail, a smile beginning to curl her lips as it slowly expanded, filling with the contents of his bladder.

The witch reached out, cupping the expanding worm with her hand.  When it grew no more, Dorothy knew the worm was
finished its job.  Reluctantly, wishing it had caused the slave more suffering, Dorothy said a single word.  The filled end of the
worm began to harden, turning to glass within her palm.  It broke free of the rest of its body, leaving Dorothy holding a sealed
jar within her hand.  The amount was lacking, but she wasn’t picky.  She could always get more later.  The remainder of the
worm slipped free of Mueller’s quivering body, curling up to die on the floor below the slave now that its usefulness had come
to an end.  Mueller panted, letting out a sigh of relief as his head began to hang from weariness.  The worthless thing was
growing faint from blood loss.  Dorothy didn’t want to risk him losing consciousness.  She stretched out her hand and slapped
him hard, her long nails slicing his cheek open without her making an effort to do so.

“I suppose that’s enough blood for now,” she muttered, rising from the floor and striding over to her chest.  With care, she
placed the freshly made jar into the trunk and retrieved a strip of cloth.  Then she returned to her two servants and knelt again.  
Roughly, she tied the cloth around his arm, over the wound she had given him.

“Take this to the table,” she said, cautiously lifting the basin and holding it out to Alex.  “When you return, beat this worthless
pile of flesh until the brink of unconsciousness.  I want to see the marks of suffering upon his skin.”

“Yes, my Mistress,” Alex said, accepting the basin.  He stood with a fluid grace that would have impressed Dorothy had she not
hated him with every fiber of her being.  She turned away from him, reaching over and gathering the last of the items she’d need
this afternoon.

Even as she heard the first strikes of Alex’s fists against Mueller, she continued her work, mixing her ingredients.  She only
looked up when she was finished and smiled at the sight of the brunette.  The youth has a bloody mess, curled around the foot
which had just smashed into his rib cage.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Dorothy said, rising again to stand beside Alex.  She settled her hand on his shoulder, easing him back
away from the barely conscious slave.  “Now, Alex.  I need one more ingredient from him and I do not want him to enjoy it in
the least.”  She caressed his cheek, smiling in her sweetest manner.  “You will take him, my dear.  Take him to your heart’s
content and don’t hold back.”

She dipped her fingers into the potion she had just mixed, covering her fingers in a slick, greasy substance.  She slathered it over
Alex’s length, pumping the flesh and watching with pleasure as a fire of desire alighted in his eyes.  Her potion would be quick
to take effect and she wanted Alex fully imbedded in the slave’s body when it did.

“Take him now!  Hard and fast!” She stepped back, using a quick spell to cleanse her hand of the slick potion.

Alex swept forward without hesitation.  He dropped heavily to his knees, his jutting cock bobbing in the air before him, almost
visibly pulsing.  The blonde lashed out, grasping Mueller’s hips, yanking the slave up and back, positioning himself.  There was
no tenderness in this act, no hint of caring in the least.  He merely settled himself behind the slave, grunting loudly as he shoved
his cock deep inside with one forceful jab.

Mueller arched his back, a harsh scream erupting forth from his throat.  Dorothy laughed, enjoying the spectacle as her brother
brutally raped his lover.  Alex never paused, his pace cruel and fast.  And then finally, Dorothy’s potion took effect.

Alex threw his head back, a howl of pleasure leaving him as his body shuddered.  Within Mueller, the blonde’s cock spread and
grew, enlarging in the blink of an eye to tear apart the slave’s insides.  Dorothy could not truly judge, as she didn’t idly stare at it
for long, but it easily had to be the width of her calf.  She smiled at the sound of bones breaking, Mueller’s hips and thighs
cracking at the strain of it, his blood spilling forth to coat and lubricate Alex’s engorged cock, dripping to pool on the floor
beneath them.

Mueller fell forward, limp and motionless, save for the fact that Alex yanked his body along his throbbing shaft for his own
pleasure.  No more cries fell from his lips, the only hint of his survival being the weak whimpers that issued forth now and again.

“Raise him,” Dorothy bade, watching with glee as Alex grabbed Mueller around the waist and hauled him up to straddle his
thighs, never losing his pace as he plunged his unnaturally thick member within the broken body.

“Please . . . please, Mistress?” Mueller gasped breathlessly, tears falling in a torrent from his swelled and reddened eyes.

Dorothy chuckled, lightly slapping his bruised and bloody cheek.  “Don’t worry, you won’t die from this.  I won’t allow it.  I
will harvest from you until you have nothing left to give.  And right now, I need just one last thing from you.”  With that, she
grasped his limp length, holding it just about the head as she raised the bottle held in her other hand.  She poured the contents
out, the thick liquid resembling blood as it coated his flaccid flesh.  As she watched, it sank into his pores, absorbed into the
very skin.  The effect was immediate and Dorothy moved out of the way, as a stream of hot, sticky semen issued forth from
Mueller’s shaft.  He shuddered briefly, but the pain obviously overwhelmed any pleasure he might have felt.  Just as well, she
didn’t want him feeling anything but the pain.

“You will come until dawn, Mueller,” Dorothy cooed in his ear, then reached to pat Alex’s shoulder.  “And he will not be
satisfied until the first rays of light touch him.”  She licked the slave’s ear, enjoying the suffering he endured.  “You will not,
cannot lose consciousness until that moment.  You will find no peace in this.  Let this night be a lesson to you.  Next time,
perhaps I will have him rape you until you die.”

“Y-Yes . . . Yes, Mistress,” Mueller panted, a faint groan falling from his lips as he came again.

Taking her time, Dorothy picked up one last jar and removed the stopper from it.  She held it to the head of his shaft, patiently
waiting as he filled it with his seed.  When she had all that she needed, she replaced the stopper, then went about putting
everything she had used into her trunk once more.  She found the two crystals which she had used as anchors for her binding
spells and easily turned them into a pair of earrings which she put on.  She rather thought the blood-red stones looked nice on
her, but gave it no further thought.

Listening to the rhythm of Alex’s thrusts, Dorothy retired to a comfortable chair with a spell book, reading to see what other
tortures she could put Mueller through if he ever angered her again.  She didn’t pay attention to the writhing bodies on the floor
before her, only looking up when she felt the dawn approaching.  She set her book aside then, and watched, fascinated as the
sun’s rays alighted on Alex’s strong back.

Alex grunted hoarsely, his hips rocking as he flooded Mueller’s torn passage with an unnatural amount of semen.  His length
returned to normal, easily slipping from the abused opening as a few stray droplets of his seed issued forth from the tip.  He rose
to stand on shaking legs, his lower body smeared in blood as he approached Dorothy.

“My lady,” he spoke breathlessly, dropping to one knee.  “Is there anything else you wish of me?”

Dorothy gestured to the now unconscious slave.  “He will need tending to.  Be so kind and fetch me the heart of a virgin.”  She
casually tossed a knife to him, which he easily caught.

“Yes, my lady.”  He bowed again and rose.  Finding his clothes, he put them on, mindless of the blood that quickly began to
stain his breeches.

Dorothy let out a yawn and rose from her seat, striding over to where the slave lay unmoving.  He was alive, if just barely.  He
was hardly breathing and his blood still flowed from the tears Alex had inflicted.  The blonde’s seed flowed heavily from his torn
ass, mixed with the blood that spread in a pool around him.  But he would live.  Dorothy would see to that.  She wouldn’t let
him get off this easily.  There were more tortures in store for him, and one last ingredient she would steal from his body.  But
not yet.  She would await the right moment, the coming of the signs that would tell her when the time was right.  And then she
would inflict one last horror on him, one that would shatter his heart and kill his very soul.

To Be Continued . . .