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Notes:  Heero takes Duo to the Feline Companion Services to see about ownership.

Strays and Misfits

Part Three

Heero groaned as he came to wakefulness, blinking his eyes open slowly.  He had a headache that spoke of his lingering
exhaustion.  Other than that, he was fairly comfortable.  The reason for his comfort became apparent when he looked down at
the weight settled on his chest.

He smiled warmly at the sleeping Duo and stroked the feline’s hair.  The soft purr that came from Duo made Heero want to pull
him close.  ‘We have to see about getting you some clothes, too . . . as well as some hair accessories.’  He wanted to buy Duo
everything that the feline wanted . . . or could ever want.  Heero found himself fighting a chuckle when Duo cuddled closer to
him . . . but the chuckle died in his throat.

There was a hardness digging into his thigh.  Heero knew that it wasn’t because Duo was turned on by him, since being aroused
early in the morning was a normal occurrence.  Still, it didn’t help matters since images of the beautiful feline writhing under him
started to enter his mind.  It was then that things only became increasingly worse.  Heero took his hand from Duo’s hair and the
feline reacted by almost straddling Heero’s body, pressing against him in search of the hand that had been petting him.  He was
still asleep, but the movements of his body were quite enticing.

Heero had to restrain himself from moaning as Duo’s hips ground against him, the feline’s purring only increasing as he rubbed
his form against Heero’s body.  It was a feline reaction, the need to be stroked, to gravitate toward contact . . . Heero knew
this.  Heero dug his hands into the sheets, fighting the urge to touch Duo in return.  ‘No!  Duo trusts me.  I will NOT betray that
trust!’  Heero repeated over and over again in his mind.

And then . . . Duo came, moaning loudly in his sleep as a distinct wetness seeped between the layers of clothing between them.  
Heero gulped, easing himself out of the bed.  He carefully tucked the blankets in around Duo, watching as the feline grabbed the
nearest pillow and curled into it, rubbing his cheek against it as he purred.  Then Heero left the room, grabbing a clean set of
shorts as he headed for the bathroom to take a quick shower . . . a COLD shower.  He’d worry about breakfast when he


Duo sat up, rubbing his eyes tiredly.  He stretched his arms and back, extending his tail straight out behind himself.  Hearing a
number of bones cracking, Duo groaned, only to break into another yawn.  He sighed happily, then frowned.  Looking around
the room, it was then that he noticed that he was alone in bed.  Where was Heero?

He sniffed the air, but didn’t smell anything cooking.  So Heero obviously wasn’t in the kitchen.  He perked his ears up, intently
listening . . . and heard water running.  Heero must be in the bathroom, Duo thought, nodding his head.  He liked knowing where
Heero was.  He might trust Heero somewhat, but he wasn’t all that comfortable with the idea of living with a human yet.  
Humans were trouble, plain and simple.

Duo pushed the blankets from his body, a frown quickly coming to his face when he took notice that the front of his pants were
damp.  Dammit, he thought, berating his own body.  He had to go and have a wet dream . . . he sighed, biting his lip as he
looked toward the door.  He hoped that Heero hadn’t noticed . . . maybe it hadn’t happened before Heero had gone to shower.  
He hoped that was the case.

Sighing again, Duo rose from bed.  He walked over to the dresser, rooting around for more of this oversized clothing that Heero
had been letting him wear.  He didn’t find what he was seeking, but he did find an old pair of jeans, faded, the knees of which
were torn up.  Not wanting to upset Heero, Duo didn’t cut them just yet.  Instead, he took a seat on the bed, covering his waist
with the blankets so that Heero wouldn’t be able to see the evidence on the front of his sweats.  Then he waited.

Heero didn’t take long to come to the bedroom.  He was dressed in plain blue jeans and a black T-shirt, nothing fancy.  He was
running a towel through his hair as he entered the bedroom, a smile quickly forming on his face when he looked at Duo.

“Oh, you’re awake.”  He said, nodding his head.  “Want breakfast?”

Duo shook his head.  “No, I don’t think I can eat right now . . .”  He ducked his head, feeling embarrassed.  “Humans make me
nervous.”  He didn’t like being around humans really . . . and today they were going to go to the Feline Companion Protection
Services building so that he could get registered.  It all made Duo incredibly nervous, terrified that he’d be shoved into a camp
instead of allowed to live with Heero.

“I understand completely.”  Heero replied, draping the towel around his neck.  “Don’t be nervous.  I’m sure everything will
work out.”

Duo smiled a little.  “Hey, Heero . . . do you mind if I use your jeans?”  He asked, holding the garment in question up.  “I . . . I’ll
have to cut a hole in them . . . you know, for my tail.  If you don’t want me to, you can pick something out for me.  I don’t

“No, it’s okay.  Go ahead.  And you can borrow any shirt you like too.”  Heero nodded.  “We’ll get going just as soon as you’re

“Thanks.”  Duo grinned, grateful for Heero’s kindness.

Heero turned and quietly left the room, giving Duo some privacy.  Duo quickly changed his clothes, eager to get this day over
with.  When he got to the front room, he found Heero sitting on the sofa, holding a hairbrush.

“Come on, I’ll fix your hair.”  Heero smiled, beckoning Duo over to the chair he had set before him.

Duo complied with a smile, taking a seat in front of Heero.  He waited patiently as Heero brushed out his hair, doing it just as
carefully as he had that first night.  Duo found it easy to lose focus, Heero’s hands were wonderful . . . calming him.  He liked

It ended too quickly for Duo’s liking though.  And with a sigh, Duo rose from his seat.  Heero lent him a pair of shoes - though
they were a little big on him - as well as a jacket . . . and then they left, heading for the FCPS building . . . hopefully so that they
could live together.


Heero smiled sympathetically at Duo as he stroked Duo’s fingers.  They had just entered the FCPS building, and Duo had
immediately tensed up, latching onto Heero’s arm as they walked further inside the large building.  “Sshh . . . it’s okay.”  Heero
tried to soothe.  “You’ve been to a feline medical doctor before, right?”

Duo nodded, his eyes darting around at every human that passed them.  “But not since I was a kit.  My owners . . . when I had
them . . . had private doctors tend to me, if they even bothered.  They didn’t want to be so common as to come to the FCPS
building like rabble.”

Heero smiled kindly.  “Well don’t worry.  I’ll be right here with you.  Okay?”

Duo smiled sheepishly at Heero.  “Okay.  Thanks, Heero.  I appreciate this.”

“Think nothing of it.”  With that, Heero led Duo to the front counter and greeted the employee seated there.  “Hello.  I’d like to
fill out the paperwork to get ID tags for my companion.”

The woman handed Heero a clipboard and smiled warmly at Duo.  Her name was Kelly, according to her name tag.  “Were the
previous tags lost?  Or is this a new ownership?”

Heero frowned when Duo tried to hide behind him, obviously frightened by being around so many humans.  “No . . . actually, I
found him on the streets the other night and he’s decided that he wants to stay with me.”  He looked over his shoulder and
blinked when he saw that Duo was trembling.  He wrapped his arm around Duo’s shoulders, carefully bringing the feline out
from hiding.  “I’m a nurse at a local hospital and volunteer most of my time in various charities . . . I could use the extra help
that a companion could provide with general house care duties.”

The woman blinked over at Duo.  “A stray?  And he actually chooses to stay with you of his own free will?”  The woman
looked skeptical and questioned Duo directly.  “Is this true?”

Duo nodded quickly.  “Y-Yeah.  I don’t want to stay on the streets.  And he needs help.”  He said, ducking back behind Heero
before he could stop the feline from doing so.

Kelly smiled brightly.  “Well . . . it is rare, but not unheard of.  Don’t hide . . . no one here will harm you.  What’s your name?”

Duo swallowed and clutched Heero’s hand as he stepped out from behind him.  “Duo . . . my name is Duo Maxwell.”

Kelly typed his name in using the terminal before her.  “There is a standard procedure to see if his previous owners want to
claim him.  You do understand, don’t you?”

Heero now knew just why Duo had been so frightened.  It wasn’t just the humans around him, but the fact that he could be
returned to his previous owners . . . people who most definitely hadn’t deserved the precious feline.  

“I understand.”  Duo said.

Heero nodded.  “So do I.  If they want me to, I can compensate them.”

Kelly nodded.  “All right, Duo . . . place your right hand on the scanner.”

Heero watched the proceedings.  “This is a standard procedure?  To check and see if a feline has a home before sending them to
the camps?”

Kelly looked at Heero as if he had grown another head.  “Of course!  It’s against the law for us to send a feline to a camp if he
or she already has a home.”  Then she frowned.  “Why do you ask?”

Heero sighed, then told the woman, in detail, how he had come to have Duo in his home.  When asked, he gave her the
approximate time and exact location of the incident.  The computer beeped as he finished speaking.

Kelly’s face darkened with anger.  “I told our manager that Samson was not to be trusted.”  She shook her head and smiled
sadly at Duo.  “He didn’t hurt you, did he?  He has been warned before, and was instructed again on the laws of the matter.  
That he even attempted something like this is grounds for dismissal and immediate arrest.  If he injured you in any way, you are
entitled to compensation.”

Duo seemed surprised, but he shook his head with a small smile.  “I’m actually kinda glad he did it.  He didn’t hurt me, but . . .
had he not grabbed me, Heero and I wouldn’t have met.”

Kelly smiled happily.  “I am so glad that something good came of it.  I’ll file a report against Samson . . . this won’t be
happening again.  I am sorry this happened, but . . .”  The computer beeped again, and she blinked.  “How long have you been a

Duo shrugged.  “I’m not really sure.  Days seem to drag on.  About three years?  Maybe more.”

She nodded.  “Your owners never reported you missing.”

Duo shrugged.  “I knew they didn’t really care.  What does this mean for me now, though?”

Kelly shook her head.  “Well . . . your license has to be renewed annually, and your owner has to bring you in for an inspection
and inquiry to make certain you are healthy and happy in your home, otherwise the license becomes null and void.  Once Mr. . .
.” She glanced at where Heero had started filling out the forms, taking note of his name.  “Yuy fills out the paperwork, you’ll
have a new set of ID tags and a fresh listing in the registry.  Of course, this means that our resident doctor must once again
administer all of your shots . . . as well as clip your claws and give you a complete physical exam.”

Duo’s ears fell.  “Doctor?  I have to see a doctor?”  He frowned, lowering his head.  “I never liked doctors.”

“Don’t worry, Sally is great at her job.”  Kelly said, a kind smile on her face.

Heero handed over the clipboard.  “Is there anything else we need to do?”  He questioned.

“No, that’s about it.”  Kelly replied.  “Go down the hall and into the fourth door on the left.  Doctor Po will be with you shortly.  
After your physical exam, if you are deemed physically fit, Sally will give you your new tags and records and then you’re free to
go.  If you ever lose your tags or get lost outside of your home, locate the nearest Feline Services station and report your
problem . . . the same goes for if you get into any trouble or are harmed by your owner . . . although I’m certain Mr. Yuy
wouldn’t do such a thing.”  Kelly smiled again.  “Good luck to you, Duo.”

Duo grinned.  “Thank you.”

With that, Heero took hold of Duo’s hand and led him away again, taking him to the room they had been told to go to.  There,
they sat and waited for the doctor, Heero hoping that all would go well.

To Be Continued . . .