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Notes:  Wufei gets instructions from his owner.  Duo suffers through his heat.

Strays and Misfits

Part Twenty-Seven

Wufei sat at the kitchen table chewing on a piece of toast as he watched Treize enter and leave the room in various stages of
readiness.  Mariemaia and Une had already left for the day and Treize was preparing to do the same.  Distantly, he could hear the
soft snoring coming from a room at the back of the house and felt assured that Zechs was still asleep.  He hoped Treize
wouldn't accidentally wake the other man.

"Is everything alright, sir?" he asked cautiously.  He was still unsure of his place.  Was it right for him to be questioning his
employer in such a familiar fashion?  He could be overstepping the bounds of their arrangement.

The man paused before running a hand through his hair.  "Yeah.  It's just ... I'm nervous.  You've never been alone with Zechs
before.  I only want to make sure everything is prepared.  I left a list of contact numbers and a schedule for Zechs' medication
on the bedside table.  Une and Mariemaia should be back a little after two, and I'll be back this evening in time for dinner.  Oh,
and I've booked a late appointment for you with a local Companion doctor."

Wufei started and his ears flattened against his head.  Why did he have to go to a doctor?  Were they going to surgically augment
him?  He'd heard that some families didn't approve of their Feline Companions having claws or to be sexually active.  Wufei
hadn't considered that Treize would have him altered.  He thought he'd been safe from that when he'd seen Une.  She was
pregnant and her claws were intact.  The thought that he was mistaken was highly disturbing.  But then, who wouldn't be
disturbed by the thought of having their reproductive system messed around with?

Turning to him, Treize frowned in puzzlement.  "What's with the face?  I figured you'd prefer to meet the doctor now while
you're healthy so you can get to know her.  Better to become acquainted with her now, rather than later when you're sick or
injured."  He tilted his head.  "What did you think I was taking you to the Doctor for?"

Feeling embarrassed at his assumptions, Wufei simply turned his attention to his breakfast.

After a moment of silence lingering between them, Treize sighed.  "Wufei, if there is ever anything I do or say that makes you
nervous or uncomfortable, I'd rather you tell me than suffer in silence.  I always feel being honest with people gets you further
than keeping feelings bottled up."

Wufei could see the truth in that statement.  He nodded, thinking over his words before he spoke.  He didn't want Treize to
misunderstand or get angry over something he said.  "I have heard there are humans who have their Companions altered ...
surgically."  He cleared his throat.  "The claws and internal reproductive organs are the most typical removals.  But also ears are
clipped, and there are invasive procedures to enhance the appearance."  He didn't want to continue.  He'd heard horror stories of
Companions being forced to endure painful and unnecessary surgeries just to look attractive for their owners.  As they had no
rights, a feline couldn't refuse.  Their owners controlled every aspect of their lives.  They were dolls for the amusement of their

"I would never do that to you," Treize spoke, his tone coldly serious.  "It's just going to be a basic physical examination."  His
hand fell on the table near Wufei's plate.  His closeness caused the feline's ears to twitch.  "Look at me."

Without thought, Wufei obeyed the gently spoken command.  He blinked up at Treize, his plate of food completely forgotten

"I won't hurt you, Wufei.  I just want to be sure that you're healthy."

Wufei nodded.  He did feel relieved now that Treize had explained his intentions.  He smiled slightly.  "You should get going, sir.  
You don't want to be late."

Treize looked down at his watch and cursed.  The next instant, he was running around again, rattling off bits and pieces of
information whenever he was passing by Wufei.  Finally, he grabbed a piece of cold toast from where it had been sitting in the
toaster.  He paused as he was bringing it to his mouth and chuckled while shaking his head.  "I sound like a parent instructing a
new babysitter."

With a tilt of his head, Wufei responded.  "I doubt that Zechs would appreciate the comparison.  Although headstrong, he has a
good deal of common sense.  We get along favorably so I doubt too much will go awry.  Should there be something that does
happen which I cannot handle, you will be the first person I call."

There was a grateful smile on Treize's aristocratic face.  "Thank you.  I know you probably think I'm acting like an
overprotective lover, but his stubbornness has always been a cause of concern for me during this time of healing.  He pushes
too hard, too fast and it could do more harm than good."  A clock somewhere in the house chimed and Treize sighed.  "I had
better head out now or I WILL be late.  I'll see you later this evening."  With that, he jammed the piece of toast into his mouth
and rushed out of the house.

Wufei calmly finished his breakfast and cleaned up after himself in the kitchen.  He tidied the counter and washed the plates that
had been used for breakfast.  When he was done, he headed for Zechs' room.  He was looking forward to doing some exercises
with the man as long as he kept that blasted wheelchair away from Wufei's tail.


"This place looks like a bakery exploded!"  Duo looked around the kitchen.  His desire to hump the furniture had eased a bit and
he wanted to do something useful until the next wave hit.  With a frown, he looked in the cupboards and in the fridge.  "Heero,
did you cook ALL the food we had?"  He turned a bit and chewed lightly on his bottom lip as Heero entered the kitchen.  The
guy was too adorable with the flour dusting his clothes and smudged on his cheek.  His belly tightened at the sight and he had to
turn away and look at something other than his kind owner before he ended up pouncing on him.

"I didn't realize it at the time, but I guess I did."  Duo glanced over in time to see the distressed frown cross the human's face.  
"I hate when this happens.  All this food will go to waste now.  I ... I should have thought first.  But I just ... I needed
something to do."

Duo was across the room in an instant, his hands on Heero's shoulders before he knew it.  He rubbed the lean arms up and
down, fighting back his raging hormones with every breath in his body as he sought to comfort his friend.  "It's okay, Heero.  
Not all of it will be wasted.  Some of this stuff can be frozen for later.  But the rest ... Well, maybe we can give some of it to the
neighbors or something."  He caught a strong whiff of Heero's scent as the apartment's air conditioner kicked in and he cleared
his throat as his body warmed considerably.  He couldn't ignore his body anymore.  "Umm, I'll be right back."  With that, he ran
to the bathroom.

As soon as he was inside, he locked the door and leaned back against it.  A frail tremble coursed through his limbs as he shoved
his pants down and took himself in hand.  'I will not hump Heero's leg.  I will not hump Heero's leg.  I will NOT hump Heero's
leg!' he repeated to himself, trying to will back the urges that had him wanting to do that very thing.  Passing his hand over the
head, he collected the gathered moisture and spread it out along the length of his manhood, wincing at the sheer wave of
pleasure that simple action produced.  It felt almost too good to be real.

The passage of time was lost to him as he did what he had to do.  He knew he was purring, but was beyond able to stop himself
as he dropped to his knees and thrust into his own fist.  It was only by sheer force of will that he managed not to cry out his
release, not wanting to worry Heero.  he shuddered with the fading rapture, a copious amount of his seed puddling on the floor
beneath him.  Another shudder, and an added amount spewed forth.  Then another.  And another.  He eased to lie on his side,
shuddering.  He didn't know how it was possible that his body produced so much.  Hell, he'd just jacked-off about an hour ago.

An indeterminate amount of time later, Duo was washing his hands in the sink and pulling on his loose pants again.  He hoped
Heero wouldn't change his mind and send him away.  It was only a matter of time before all of this horniness got on his nerves.  
He nearly jumped out of his skin when Heero knocked on the door.

"Yeah?"  He grabbed a towel and started to wash up the mess on the floor.

"I called a grocery store that delivers and ordered a few things.  It's not as much as I feared we needed.  Just milk and eggs ...
and some other things."

Duo chucked the towel in the sink and moved to the door, cracking it open enough to smile sheepishly at his friend.  "I'm sorry
you had to do that.  It's more expensive to have it delivered, right?  I think I can keep my fly zipped long enough to run to the
store so I don't embarrass you."

With a tilt of his head, Heero smiled back.  "I'm not worried about myself.  But I'd hate for you to get embarrassed.  I remember
seeing this one sicko who got his kicks out of seeing his companion suffer the humiliation of walking around the store with an
obvious hard-on.  Poor kid was embarrassed beyond belief.  I would never wish that on anyone I disliked, forget about inflicting
that sort of thing on someone I respect."

Duo blinked at that.  Respect?  Heero respected him?  Despite himself, he started purring and the warmth in his stomach began
to grow anew.  "Shit!" he frowned, dropping his head to the door frame.  "Sorry, Heero.  I-I ... I gotta go."  He closed the door
and slid down to his knees, berating his freakishly hot body.  One word from Heero was enough to set him off.  How was he
supposed to get through days of this?  He couldn't even put it off for ten minutes.

He was already panting when Heero told him to take all the time he needed.  He could hear Heero walking back to the living room
as he dropped his pants again.  Pressed up against the door, he inhaled deeply, catching the faint traces the Heero's scent as the
human moved further away.  It was enough to turn his cock into an iron bar, an almost steady flow of precum drizzling down
the wood of the door as he ground his pelvis against it.  If Heero ever found out just how amazingly hot and fuckable Duo found
him, the human was bound to toss him out.  Scarred humans didn't open their arms to the first horny feline they picked up off
the street.

He groaned, a jet of pearly fluid oozing out.  His nails dug as deeply as they could into the wooden door - not far, since they'd
been clipped - and he pressed against the door again.  Dammit, he really wanted to screw someone right now.

To Be Continued ...