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Notes: Heero and Duo after the movie.  Wufei informs Treize of Zechs' eating habits.

Warning: Descriptions of Feline anatomy.

Strays and Misfits

Part Twenty-Nine

Heero had kept an eye on Duo throughout the movie, pleased that the feline seemed to be at ease.  He hadn't been oblivious to
Duo leaning against him in the middle of the movie, and he was surprised to find that he wasn't uncomfortable with the
closeness.  He actually found it quite pleasant and he was glad that his friend was a little less self-conscious about himself.  In
fact, Duo seemed so comfortable that his eyes were drooping as the credits rolled.  Heero was about to suggest Duo go on into
bed for a nap when the Feline simply cuddled up close to him and fell asleep as the little girl started singing at the end of the

Duo seemed to be so at peace that Heero didn't have the heart to disturb him.  Instead, Heero leaned back and made himself as
comfortable as possible as the next movie started.  He didn't particularly like this movie.  It was just another in a seemingly
endless line of near-identical slasher flicks.

Stretching carefully, he reached for the remote.  Duo groaned faintly just as Heero's fingers curled around the control and the
Japanese man froze in worry.  He didn't want to wake Duo.  The feline's emotional and physical state were already distressed.  
Rest would be the best thing for him.  He let out a relieved breath as Duo settled down and seemed to fall into a deeper sleep.  
Heero lowered the volume on the television a little and started surfing the stations.  Nothing caught his eye at first, but he
eventually came up with something.  He settled back against the sofa cushions, allowing the drone of the narrator to pull him into
the history of the Feline Companion program.

He had just gotten to the point where military funding for the program had backed out when Duo moaned and shifted against
him.  Heero would have ignored it as a usual sleeping move, if the feline hadn't started moving steadily against him.  It took a
second for him to realize that Duo was, for lack of a better term, humping his leg.  Although embarrassed, Heero didn't have the
heart to shake Duo awake and break him out of his actions.  It would only end in Duo running off to the bathroom to finish
what he was doing anyway.  He didn't want Duo to think he had to leave because of the feline's own thoughts of this being
perverted.  It wasn't Duo's fault that his body was going through this.  It was a natural thing, something both he and Duo would
have to get used to, seeing as how they lived together.  Besides, as much as he wanted to deny it, Heero couldn't suppress the
pleasurable sensations drifting through his own body with each rough pass of Duo's swelled erection against his thigh.

Heero tried to keep his eyes on the television screen.  But it grew increasingly more difficult as the moments ticked by and Duo's
actions escalated.  The lithe feline muttered something and shifted his body completely onto the sofa, one knee wedged into the
back of the sofa, the other slipping between Heero's slightly parted thighs.  Duo leaned up over Heero, his body heavy and
sluggish, pressing his nose into Heero's neck.  He sniffed at the human's skin, hips shifting up and down.

For a moment, Heero thought his worries were over when the feline stopped his tempting gyrations, seemingly slipping back into
a peaceful sleep.  However, his hopes were dashed when Duo's moist tongue lolled out of his mouth to lick at the human's
suddenly sweaty skin.

Heero froze completely, his chest constricting in fear.  But beneath that fear was an undeniable urge, one that Heero never
thought he would ever feel.  Ever since the issues with his former lover - his rapist - Heero had never thought he'd be ready to
offer or accept any sort of affectionate touches.  He had been hurt, so badly that everyone had seemed a threat to him.  And
those that weren't threatening would obviously see him as damaged goods, a filthy piece of what he had once been, something
not worthy to waste their time on.

Since Duo had moved in though, his previous thoughts had melted away to give way to new possibilities.  Perhaps he wasn't so
damaged as he had considered himself to be.  Duo had been affectionate and Heero had so far been unable to deny him the
petting strokes or ear scratches he craved.

It dawned on him that he did truly want a relationship with Duo.  He wanted Duo.  He didn't know if he could do anything about
it, but he did feel a pulsing heat coursing through his own veins, the fires stoked with every teasing lick and the press of Duo's
hardness into his thigh.  His cock was hard and it was a frightening thing.  Frightening, but undeniably exciting.  He had never
known the pleasures of true intimacy, and somehow knew that Duo was equally ignorant of such touches.  Although
intimidated, Heero was curious about the new feelings he was experiencing.

Carefully, he lifted his hand and caressed Duo's face.  The touch roused the feline and Heero found himself looking into those
incredible eyes of Duo's.  He smiled gently as Duo's confused sleepy state left to reveal fully awakened horror.

“Aw SHIT!  I'm sorry, Heero!  I don't know what came over me.”

Heero listened to Duo ramble a little and he decided to take matters into his own hands, literally.  With a smile, He placed his lips
on Duo's and gave the feline's hardness a caress through his pants.

Duo's reaction was to let out a little moan as a dampness spread out on the front of his pants.  His hands gripped Heero's
shoulders as his body gave a sudden lurch, a deep guttural groan issuing up from his throat.  A second spasm followed.  Then
another, and another, until Duo slumped against the human's body.  For his part, Heero was simply amazed at the amount of
fluids seeping through the thin fabric of Duo's pants.  

For a few minutes, there was no sound except the panting breaths of the feline.  Then Duo lifted his head and gave Heero a
searching look.  “Why?”

Heero, rather than being disgusted or frightened, felt a calmness as he stroked Duo's arm.  “Because I care for you a great
deal.”  He pulled the feline close.  “I thought I was in love once before, but I never felt this closeness between him and I. I don't
have anything to prove to you.  You know what I need when I need it even before I do.  Before meeting you, I had merely been
existing.  Then you came into my life and I started living again.”  He tilted his head and gave Duo another kiss, one which the
feline responded willingly to.  “And while I'm nowhere near ready for everything, I wouldn't be adverse to taking our relationship
further.”  He gave Duo a shy smile.  “If you want to, that is.”

Duo's eyes practically glowed with joy as he leaned forward to nuzzle Heero's face with his own, a purr starting from deep
within his chest.  “Want to?  It's all I can think about right now.”  He swallowed, holding up his hands.  “And not just because
I'm horny as hell.”  He brushed the backs of his fingers across Heero's cheek.  “I was worried you'd be scared of me.  I
honestly do care about you, Heero.”

Heero chuckled against the ache in his throat.  He leaned forward, pressing his forehead to Duo's and closing his eyes.  “God,
I've only known you for a couple of days and you've turned my entire world around.”

Duo pulled back quickly, his eyes roving across Heero worriedly.  “Is this too fast?  Are we rushing?  I've never been … no
one's ever … I don't want to lose you by going too quickly.”

With a racing heart, Heero did the only thing he could to silence and reassure Duo at the same time.  He kissed him.  The feline
fell into the intimacy easily, hands roving and his body moving against Heero.

Duo was on all fours above him, his hands and knees pressed into the couch around Heero who found himself lying on his
back.  It was somewhat disconcerting to be pinned beneath the feline and even though he was thoroughly enjoying the kiss, he
was beginning to panic.  Vicious memories taunted the edges of his consciousness, tainting the pleasure he found in every
motion of Duo's tongue against his own.  He'd never found any enjoyment out of what his boyfriend had done with him.  He'd
been held down, trapped and forced to do what the other man had wanted.  He didn't want that again.

He shoved his hands against Duo's shoulders, pushing him back and breaking the kiss.  The feline blinked down at him,
confused and concerned.

“Sorry.  I'm sorry.”  Heero breathed heavily, licking his tingling lips.  “That didn't go as I'd planned.”

“I-I did something to upset you, didn't I?” Duo asked.  He sat back on his heels and watched Heero, his furred ears lowering

Heero reached up and scratched one of those ears.  He didn't want Duo to blame himself for anything.  It wasn't his fault.  
These were Heero's fears.

“You did nothing wrong.”  He tried to smile.  “I just … let's try something different.”  He shifted himself up and leaned closer to
Duo.  Cupping his hand on the back of the Companion's head, he kissed him, gently urging him to lie back.

Duo complied eagerly.  His hands went around Heero's body almost as quickly as his legs did.  Heero attributed his exuberance
to the fact that he was experiencing a Heat cycle.  He'd already come once.  Heero was hoping that he could coax another
release out of him.  It didn't look as if it would be too difficult a goal.  Duo was already so tightly strung.  Heero wouldn't be
surprised if Duo came with a single stroke like before.

As a nurse, Heero had a rudimentary knowledge of Feline anatomy.  They were built more or less like humans with a few
notable differences.  Heero decided to take advantage of the knowledge he possessed.  He slipped his hand down inside Duo's
loose pants, revealing the eager member as the cloth was pushed down.  Duo purred loudly, arching his back and gripping Heero

Heero smiled as he pulled back, wanting to see Duo's face.  He was rewarded by an expression of utter bliss.  He pumped the
feline's member delicately and was delighted at the ooze of pre-ejaculate that drizzled down the already slick column.  With a
small amount of reluctance, Heero eased his hand from the thick shaft to tenderly caress seed-laden testicles.  Duo moaned,
raking claws across Heero's shoulders.  It hurt but not enough to detract from the pleasure he felt from making Duo squirm.

Lower still, he moved his questing digits.  He pressed the pads of his fingers to Duo's hot skin, feeling his way from Duo's
scrotum to his anus, trailing along the perineal raphe, and then back again as he searched for the elusive Feline trait.  Duo
wriggled all the while, purring and panting.

There, a slight indentation.  Heero licked his lips, nudging the area.  This was where the sensitive seam split.  It was a small
opening, but it was fully capable of stretching to encompass another male's organ.

Despite knowing that this was Duo's first Heat, Heero was surprised that the thin membrane of skin still covered the uteral
cavity.  That meant he was still a virgin.  At the very least he had never been on the receiving end during a sexual encounter.  
But then, Duo had also said as much.

“This may sting,” Heero warned.  “I could stop.”

Duo thrashed his head from side to side.  “No.  Don't stop.” He tugged at Heero's waist with his legs.  “Please.  Keep going.  I
want you to.  I want you.”

That statement sent a thrill up Heero's spine.  He rubbed at the skin again in the hope of relaxing Duo.  Then he sharply pressed
against the area.  Heero broke through relatively easily and Duo yelped in the same instant.  Hoping that it wasn't too painful, he
eased his finger into the tight cavity, feeling as the walls practically throbbed around him.

He was barely in to the second knuckle when Duo released, his seed spilling across his own stomach.  Heero passed if off as
Duo being overly excited.  The feline had been teetering on the brink from the start.  His hormones were wildly out of control.

Seconds later, Duo's hand was down Heero's shorts.  His hand was searing hot as it wrapped around the neglected erection,
tugging on the blood engorged organ.  “Fuck, I want you inside me.”  He raised his hips, pushing himself against Heero's hand
and taking the human's finger further inside him.

Heero drew his hand away.  He reached back and grasped Duo's knees, urging him to release their hold around his body.  “Stop,
please.”  He shook his head, easing back away from the ravishing feline.  “I can't.  Duo, I can't.”

Duo still held his dick and he squeezed gently.  In one easy fluid motion he was on his knees.  He nuzzled the human's cheek,
still purring.  “Calm down.  I won't force you.  I want it bad, but I can wait.”  He licked Heero's ear, his voice soft and his other
hand joined its twin in its exploration of Heero's hardness. “You're worth it.”

He groaned at Duo's words and couldn't contain himself anymore.  Duo's hands felt so right and they stroked with perfection.  
He jerked against the skillful digits, biting his lip to silence himself as he poured his essence into Duo's hands.  He shuddered
once again when Duo licked his fingers clean of his semen.

“Duo, I-”

The feline shook his head, smiling.  “You don't have to say anything.  Just … hold me?”

Heero was overcome by the strange feelings swarming through him.  He slowly wrapped his arms around Duo's slight frame
and drew him close.  Together they reclined and settled against the comfortable and utterly ruined couch.  He idly wondered if
he could have it cleaned.

Duo's embrace was comforting and vexing all at the same time.  Only one thing was certain as they dozed, that Heero had a
great deal to think about.


Treize walked into his home, satisfied with how his work day had gone.  Although it was sometimes a hassle to be the CEO of
his own company, he found it fulfilling when days ran smoothly.  It was a rarity though.

As soon as he set his briefcase down on the table beside the door, he heard footsteps approaching him rapidly.  He crouched
down and smiled when he suddenly had his arms filled with a happy little girl.

“Hi, Daddy!  How was your day?”  Mariemaia smiled brightly.  “Guess what!  Une saw Uncle Heero's feline today and she says
he's very nice!  I can't wait to meet him! Do you think Uncle Heero will bring him to see us soon?”

Treize set his energetic daughter down and tousled her short hair.  “Maybe he will, but I can't promise it.  What did you do in
school today?”

“We learned about some ancient history!  Some of the other kids think history is boring, but I think it's neat!”  She bounced on
her feet a little.  “We learned all about Columbus and pilgrims and stuff.”

Treize chuckled and looked up when he noticed Wufei walking toward him with a purpose-filled stride and a determined
expression on his face.  “Wufei?  What's wrong?”

Wufei glanced at Mariemaia before clearing his throat and regarding his employer again.  “I need to speak with you for a
moment, sir.”

Giving his daughter a smile and a pat on the head, Treize sent her off. “Mariemaia, why don't you go play for a while?  I'll come
to see you in a few minutes.”  He watched his daughter skip away before giving the feline his full attention. Whatever Wufei had
to say must be important.  “What's happened?”

“I do not know if you were aware of this, but Zechs is not eating enough to sustain his health.  He barely touched either his
breakfast or lunch.  I was concerned that perhaps his medications are impeding his appetite or there is an underlying problem
with his digestive system that the doctors should be informed of.”  Wufei's tail flicked back and forth behind him in an agitated
manner.  “If he continues in this way, he will become even more ill.”

Sighing, Treize closed his eyes.  “I had noticed his lack of eating, but I always thought he ate while I was away.”  He opened his
eyes and smiled gratefully at Wufei.  “Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I'll contact his doctor right away.”  As he
said it, he headed for the phone.

The call was quick and to the point.  Zechs had a doctor's appointment in the morning.  A following call to his secretary
rearranged his meetings and morning schedule so that he could go with his lover.

“Was there anything else?”

Wufei nodded once.  “Aside from the eating issues, he did as he was supposed to.  He took the medications he has to take when
he had to take them.”

Treize felt relief fill him that Wufei had managed to accomplish that feat.  Zechs could be completely stubborn when it came to
his medications.  “Thank you.  I know you feel like you were just doing your job, but I truly do appreciate you being able to get
Zechs to take his pills.”  He made a motion toward the hall.  “Shall we go see him now?”

Wufei said nothing in reply.  He turned and headed toward the master bedroom with Treize walking along beside him.

When they got to the room, Treize entered first and sat on the bed beside Zechs who had been dozing.  He brushed a stray
strand of hair away from his lover's pale face, watching as those crystalline eyes fluttered open.  “Hey there.  Wufei tells me you
haven't been eating.  What's that about and why haven't you told me?”

Zechs gave Wufei a half-hearted glare, which Wufei met with a calm and blank expression, before turning his weary gaze to
Treize.  “I'm sorry.  I don't know why, but I just don't feel like eating.  I didn't want you to worry more.”

Treize nodded.  He understood Zechs' reasoning.  “Okay.  I've already called your doctor.  You have an appointment in the
morning.”  He checked his watch, ignoring the heated glare he was receiving from the blonde.  He looked to Wufei.  “Speaking
of doctors, we'll be leaving to visit yours in about twenty minutes.”

A laugh erupted from Zechs.  “I know the doctor.  You're in for a real treat.”

Wufei's ears fell.  His body language broadcasted the unpleasant feelings he had toward Zechs' jest.  Still, he bowed respectfully
to his owner.  “Please excuse me, sir.  I will return to my room and change into more appropriate attire.”  He didn't linger
around further, retreating from the room as quickly as he could manage.

Treize gave Zechs a look filled with exasperation.  “Did you have to behave like such a child?”

Zechs scowled and crossed his arms.  “He deserved a little ribbing for telling you about my appetite.  I don't like snitches.”

Treize closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose between his forefinger and thumb.  He already had one child, he didn't
need Zechs acting younger than her. “It is his job to look after your well being and to come to me if there is something wrong.  
You aren't eating right, which is slowing your recovery since your body isn't getting the fuel it needs.  There could be any
number of reasons why you don't have your usual appetite.  There could be something wrong with your digestive system, an
infection, there could be a new illness popping up, or it could be something as simple as your body disagreeing with the
medications you're taking.”  Treize frowned as a thought occurred to him.  “Just how long have you not been eating properly?”

His lover shrugged.  “Not sure.  It hasn't been that long.  A could days, maybe a week.”

He sighed and stood up, feeling annoyed with the blonde.  “I wish you had told me yourself that you had lost your appetite.” He
walked to the door and paused to look back at Zechs.  “You should apologize to Wufei.  He doesn't deserve your ridicule.”  With
that said, he left the room.  Right now, he didn't want to be around Zechs.  The man was behaving like an ass.

To Be Continued …