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Notes: Wufei visits the doctor.  Quatre has a restless night.

Strays and Misfits

Part Thirty

Wufei fidgeted as he waited in the office of the doctor that Treize had made his appointment with.  He didn't like doctors,
especially unfamiliar ones.  He didn't know this woman.  He had never heard of her before.  However, from the documentation
hanging on the walls, she was not only excellent in her care of Companions of the wealthy, she also did a great deal of volunteer
work for strays and Companions that came from camps.

A nurse walked in, smiling.  "Wufei?"

Wufei took a nervous glance toward Treize and the two of them stood up.

The nurse's smile only brightened.  "Good evening.  If the two of you would follow me, I'll show you to an exam room and the
doctor will be with you shortly."

The Chinese feline followed the nurse and hopped up to sit on an uncomfortable table she gestured to.  "Will I have to strip?"

"Not right away.  This is mostly just a checkup to make sure the records forwarded to us earlier today by the academy you
attended are up to date.  Also, so you and Doctor Peacecraft can get acquainted.  We find it's best that someone is comfortable
with their attending physician regardless of species.  Don't you agree?"

Wufei nodded.  When the woman left, he looked around.  He didn't like this place.  It was making him nervous.  Slowly, his ears
began to lower and he felt his tail twitching.  He'd never been comfortable around doctors.

Thankfully, it wasn't long before the doctor walked into the room.  She was young and attractive, with wheat-colored hair pulled
up into a tidy bun.  She smiled at Treize as soon as she saw him and engulfed him in a hug.  "Treize!  It's always good to see
you."  She pulled back, running her slim hands down the tall man's arms before letting go.  "How is my idiot of a brother doing?"

Treize was smiling warmly.  “Being his usual stubborn self.”

"Brother?"  Wufei blinked, confused.  He felt he was missing out on at least half of this conversation.  It was obvious that Treize
knew her.  Perhaps she was also the medical professional in charge of Une's care.

The doctor turned to him.  "Wufei?"  At his nod, she smiled and held out her hand to him.  "I'm pleased to meet you.  I'm Relena
Peacecraft.  Zechs is my older brother."

Wufei hesitated a moment before accepting the hand and shaking it.  "It's an honor to meet you, Doctor."  Perhaps her being
Zechs' sister was why he had seemed so amused earlier.

"Please, call me Relena."  She smiled warmly.  "Now, I feel it is my duty to inform you that I am also Une's physician.  Treize
mentioned that you were uncomfortable with their former relationship, so I hope that won't make you uncomfortable if I also
oversee your care.  I know Treize asked specifically for me, but I can refer you to someone else if you'd prefer it."

The offer was tempting.  However, Wufei shook his head.  It would be a little odd at first, being treated by Zechs' sister, but he
knew that feeling would pass.  "That will not be necessary, but I thank you for the offer."

Relena nodded and sat down nearby.  "All right."  She flipped through the folder she had brought in with her.  "You just had a
full physical about a month ago, but I prefer that my own records are up to date.  Therefore, I'm going to give you a full
physical, complete with blood work."

"That sounds acceptable."

The whole visit took a little less than an hour.  Wufei found himself pleased with her professionalism and consideration for those
in her care.  That she had asked if he wanted Treize to leave the room or have a male nurse administering the more delicate
examinations left him with an approval of her skills.

Afterward, he rode in silence while Treize drove them back home.

"So, what do you think of her?"  Treize's voice was filled with warmth.

"I can see the family resemblance between her and Zechs."  He shrugged.  "One meeting does not tell me much about her as a
person or as a doctor, but I considered her handling of my care to be adequate."

Treize chuckled.  "I understand.  She's really sweet.  Had a thing for Heero a while back until she realized that he would never be
interested in her."  His smile slipped, as if mentioning his brother had taken the happiness right out of him.

Wufei pursed his lips.  "I apologize for prying, but will I ever meet Heero?  I must admit to being curious about him."  He
remembered several conversations in which this mysterious brother had appeared.  A talk with Mariemaia, a brief discussion
with Treize himself.  Still, Wufei knew very little about the man.

"That would be up to Heero, I'm afraid." Treize smiled sadly.  "We had a falling out a couple of years ago.  He hasn't come back

"May I ask what happened?"

Treize didn't reply for long enough that Wufei was certain there would be no answer.  When the man spoke, it was deliberate
and slow, as if every word was chosen with careful thought.

"Heero made the acquaintance of a man when he was in college.  They started dating, it got serious.  I should have turned the
bastard in for statutory rape, but I trusted my brother's judgment.  I shouldn't have."

"He was abusive?"

Treize nodded, his grip on the steering wheel tight.  "Heero started showing up with bruises.  He lost weight.  His behavior and
reactions were off.  When he showed up to Mariemaia's birthday party, I confronted him and he confessed everything."  He
laughed once but it lacked any joy.  "Poor kid didn't know anything was wrong with what was being done to him.  That bastard
had him convinced that sex was supposed to hurt."

Wufei winced.  He had no words to convey his own emotions.

"I talked to him.  Got him to see the truth.  He left, ran right back to his abuser.  That night I got a call from the police telling me
that my little brother was lying in a coma and might not make it through the night."

"I am sorry."  Wufei decided that maybe he should have waited until they were home to broach such a subject.  It was probably
dangerous to have such a conversation while one man was driving.

"No, it's all right."  He swiped at his eyes quickly.  "It came out okay.  Heero made it, barely.  The son of a bitch was sent to jail
and Heero's back to work and doing better.  I can't force him to come see me.  When he's ready he will.  I trust him enough to
know that."

Wufei had no idea what to say, so he remained silent.

Treize cleared his throat.  "So, I believe we had an agreement.  I tell you about my brother and you talk about your sister."

Wufei had hoped Treize would not remember that.  "Ah, yes.  Well, I do not have much to divulge.  I was raised in a camp in
China.  My sister, my twin, and I were sold shortly after our birth to a branch company in the US.  We do not know of our
parents, it is the way things were then.  We were raised in the camp.  We were all that we had, only each other.  One day, a
man from the school came, looking for males to attend.  My sister was the one to approach him, spouting praises of my
intelligence.  At first I did not want to go, I didn't want to leave her in that place.  But she promised that we would be together
again.  I believed her.  I have not seen her since."

"I could make some inquiries, if you want."

"You would do that?  Why?"  It genuinely confused Wufei as to why the human would be willing to do anything to help him.  
Treize was his owner.

A small smirk was on the man's face.  "Everyone should know their family, Wufei.  Do you have any information that could be
of use?"

Wufei swallowed, the mere hope of finding his sister causing an ache in his chest and throat.  "I do not have much.  My sister's
name is Meiran.  We were born in the Chang Camp in Beijing, then sold and raised in the Long Camp.  I don't know if or when
she was sold, or if she's even still alive."

"I'll see what I can find out.  I know someone who works for the FCPS.  Her whole job involves reuniting feline families."

Wufei nodded his head.  "I would appreciate any effort you might make.  I thank you for this."

"You can thank me once we've found your sister."

Wufei had no response.  He remained silent for the rest of the ride home.  He had a great deal to contemplate.  There was one
thing he knew for certain though.  If his sister was found, he would be eternally grateful to Treize.


Quatre blinked up at the ceiling above his bed.  It was late and it was dark, but he could still make out the pattern there.  He was
supposed to be asleep, but there was something bothering him.

Sex.  Was there a point to it other than for procreation?  The felines in the video he had seen earlier had seemed to be getting a
good deal of gratification out of it.  So maybe it felt good just to do it.  Perhaps that was what that horrible Catcher had been
trying to accomplish.  He didn't want to think about that though.  What the Catcher had been doing had hurt.  Quatre didn't think
it was supposed to hurt.  Maybe both parties had to be willing for it to feel good.

He sat up in bed, still puzzling over it.  He was curious.  He wanted to know more about sex.

Quatre stood and shuffled over to the door.  Quietly, he crept down the hallway and into the room beside his, Trowa's room.  
Trowa was asleep, lying on his side with one arm carelessly thrown across the bed.

The feline moved cautiously as he approached the bed.  He crouched down beside it, peering over the edge at Trowa's relaxed
face.  It was nice to see Trowa calm, without that panicky tinge to his green eyes.

He reached up and gently grabbed the human's shoulder, giving it a shake.  "Trowa?" he called in a whisper, hoping that the
young man wouldn't be upset with him.

Trowa moaned, but didn't wake.

Quatre shook his shoulder again, a bit more roughly.  Again, there was no response other than a soft groan.

The blonde looked around, his eyes alighting on a pill bottle on Trowa's bedside table.  Perhaps that was why Trowa wasn't
waking up.  Maybe he'd taken something to help him sleep.  Quatre knew that Trowa had several prescriptions.  He didn't know
what they were all for, but he recalled a mention of anxiety medications and sleeping pills.  Trowa had commented on taking
them when Quatre had balked at taking his own medications.  Knowing that Trowa took pills as well, made Quatre less opposed
to swallowing the nasty things.

Quatre frowned, leaning his chin on the edge of Trowa's bed.  He'd been hoping Trowa would answer at least one question for
him before shooing him off back to bed.  That obviously wouldn't be happening now.  Trowa was sleeping deeply.

He yawned and rubbed at his eyes with the back of one hand.  He was tired.  Maybe he should go back to bed after all.  Even as
he thought it, he disregarded the idea. He didn't want to go back to his own room.  It was quiet in there, far too quiet and
lonely.  He missed his sisters and how they'd held him.

Trowa shifted, rolling to lie on his back.  An idea was quick to form in Quatre's mind.  He didn't have to go back to his lonely
room to go to sleep.  He could sleep right here.

His only concern was how Trowa would react in the morning.  Quatre didn't fear a violent reprisal from the human.  Trowa
didn't seem capable of intentionally causing harm.  He was gentle in his care of Quatre and apologetic if he accidentally touched
one of the feline's injuries in the wrong way.  No, Quatre's concern was with Trowa getting scared.  He didn't want to upset
Trowa.  But he also didn't want to be alone.

Despite his worry, Quatre made up his mind.  He moved with deliberate slowness as he lifted an edge of the blanket.  Cautiously,
he crawled onto the bed and under the covers.  Watching the human's face, he eased closer to Trowa's body.  He was purring
before he was aware of it.  Trowa remained asleep and Quatre settled his head against the young man's chest.  The warmth of
the body against his was a great relief to Quatre, as was the steady thrum of the man's heart beneath his ear.

Quatre smiled and cuddled closer.  He'd missed this, the comfort of another person holding him while he slept.  He closed his
eyes, quickly falling asleep, unaware of the warm arm that curled around his back to hold him closer.

To Be Continued ...