Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  Alternate Universe fic.  I know nothing of the ranger service, so this fic is probably full of falsities, but I hope you’ll
still find it enjoyable.  This will be a Yaoi fic, with lemons.  But so far, the only pairing is 1+2 with implied sex.

Untamed Spirit


He watched from the window as the car traveled along the well-traversed stretch of road.  The wilderness passed by his view,
the trees, the forest where he would be working from now on.  It was a glorious sight.  He had always liked the outdoors,
always had enjoyed nature and the animals that inhabited it.  So he sighed, a gentle smile breaking out on his face for a few short
moments, before the serene quietness was broken by a loud laugh.

Trowa turned and glared at the man sitting in the seat in front of him, knowing that his friend had meant no harm with his
loudness, but was just expressing himself.  Duo was much better at that than his two traveling companions.  Trowa was quiet,
and Heero, who sat behind the steering wheel, was barely any better.  If it weren’t for Duo’s attempts to bring out Heero’s
emotions, making him laugh or smile, Heero would have just stayed the same.  Guess that’s what boyfriends were good for,
Trowa thought, to make each other happy.  

Trowa sighed, turning back to look out the window as he thought of his own love life, or lack thereof.  Duo and Heero had each
other, but Trowa had no one . . . he hadn’t had a date in years it seemed.  He was only eighteen, and yet Trowa felt older than
that . . . he was just plain lonely.

“We’re here!”  Duo announced as the car pulled to a halt.

Trowa blinked, not having realized the passage of time since he had been so lost in thought.  He opened the car door and got out,
smirking at the sound of snow being crushed under his boots as he stood.  He breathed in deeply, inhaling the scent of pine and
other earthy scents, zipping his coat up to his chin as an icy breeze blew through the trees.  

Becoming a Forest Ranger definitely had been a good choice for him.  He did love nature.  Heero and Duo were quite happy with
their chosen profession as well.  And here they were, on their first day at their new post.  They had just been transferred, by
some stroke of luck all three of them to the same National Wildlife Preserve.

“Welcome, gentlemen.”  A strange voice said.  Trowa turned to look, and saw a young woman standing in front of a large
wooden cabin, her long brown hair hanging loose behind her.  “I assume that you are the three new recruits I requested?”

Trowa nodded, Heero and Duo getting out of the car and moving to stand beside him.  “Yes, Ma'am.”  Trowa replied.

The woman smiled.  “I’m your new boss, you can call me Miss Une or just Une.  It really doesn’t matter to me.”

Trowa smiled in return, reaching out and clasping her hand to shake it, as he introduced himself and his two friends.  “I’m
Trowa Barton.  And this is Heero Yuy, and Duo Maxwell.”  Trowa said, then took his hand away and let his two friends shake
hands with their new boss.

“Well, come on inside, and I’ll introduce you to the rest of the staff.”  Une said.

Trowa, Duo, and Heero wordlessly followed Une into the cabin.  The first room seemed to just be an office of some sort.  
Hanging on the walls were maps and various shots of the surrounding forest.  A bulletin board hung near the door, memos and
several types of messages pinned to it.  Trowa noticed a few closed doors, and a set of stairs that led to an upper level, but paid
them no attention.  Instead, he looked around the room he was in, seeing a man with long, blonde hair fiddling with the controls
of a radio.  There was a young woman leaning over his shoulder, snickering at his attempts to tune in any type of station.

“You know we’re too remote to get any signals from the radio stations.”  The young woman smiled.

The man sighed and gave up.  “Yeah, I know.”  He replied.

“Zechs, how many times must I remind you that you are supposed to be monitoring frequencies, not trying to tune in the nearest
radio station?”  Une said, her voice raised as she reprimanded the blonde man.

Zechs stood, his long hair falling over his shoulder as he abruptly turned.  “Sorry, Une . . . but there hasn’t been anything out
there for days.”  Zechs replied.  “Not even a lost hiker.”

“How can you be so certain if you are not paying attention?”  Une said, then turned to the young woman that was standing
beside Zechs.  “And Noin, why aren’t you on patrol?  You know we’ve been having trouble with poachers lately.”

“Yes, ma’am, I was just on my way.”  Noin replied.

Une held up her hand.  “Wait, before you leave, I might as well introduce you to our newest members.”  She gestured behind
her as she spoke.  “This is Trowa Barton, Duo Maxwell, and Heero Yuy.  Boys, this is Lucrezia Noin and Zechs Merquise.”

Trowa nodded in greeting, while his two friends gave a vocal response.  Trowa couldn’t help but take in the sight of his new
coworkers’ features, it was a habit of his to try and memorize such details.  Noin was a seemingly happy young woman, a
cheerful smile on her face.  Her hair was short and dark . . . and although Trowa didn’t swing that way, he could see her
attractiveness.  Zechs however truly caught Trowa’s eye.  Now there was a great looking guy.  Trowa had always had a thing
for pretty blondes, and Zechs was no exception.  Piercing blue eyes looked out from beneath long bangs . . . he was simply
lovely in Trowa’s opinion.

However, as much as Trowa appreciated his coworker’s beauty, he would not get into a relationship with him.  In Trowa’s
experience, office relationships never worked out.  It had happened once before, and ended horribly, and Trowa just didn’t want
to take the chance again.  Zechs would probably make a good friend though.  Duo and Heero however were the exception to
Trowa’s experience.  The two of them had been together for years, and although they fought now and then, they were still
together and seemingly to be madly in love with each other.

“Noin, would you mind showing them around?”  Une asked.  “I have some paperwork I must get to.”

Noin nodded.  “No problem.”  She smirked.  “This way, boys.”  She led them around pointing out various things, the bathroom,
the rooms they used as bedrooms when the weather turned particularly rough and they had to camp out here, the makeshift jail
for poachers or other criminals.  

“Our medical staff will be arriving in about a week.  This station was just recently built.  I’ve only been here a week myself.”  
Noin said, as she pointed out the infirmary.  They continued along, Noin showing them around, showing them the generators
that would be used in case of a power outage, the food storage area, and finally a supply closet.  “And here is where we keep
our packs and everything that goes in them.”  Noin said, handing out packs to Duo, Heero, and Trowa, keeping one for herself
and slinging it onto her back.  “You are each responsible for your own packs . . . make sure to keep them fully stocked.  
Everything you’ll need can be found in here.  Understand?”

“Yes.”  Trowa replied, hearing as Heero and Duo also answered affirmatively.  

She pulled out a key and opened a cabinet by the door leading out of the closet.  “I’m guessing you were trained to handle

“Yes, of course.”  Heero replied.

Noin nodded, and began handing out weapons.  In moments, they each had a sidearm in a holster at their hips, and a tranquilizer
rifle in their hands, including Noin who was still buckling the belt for her own holster around herself.  “You’ll have to sign for
those.  Every shot you make must be accounted for so don’t fire your sidearm unless it’s absolutely necessary.  The paperwork
is horrendous.”  She said, then held out a clipboard and pen.  “Sign here.”  

They each signed, then were once again led out.  “Only three people have the key to the weapons’ locker.  Une, Zechs, and
myself.  If you need to check out a weapon, you have to see one of us and sign that form.  When it’s returned, you see one of
us, and sign that form.  Any weapon not accounted for at the end of each day, and Une will have a fit.  I worked with her
before, so believe me when I say that.”  Noin said.

Trowa smirked.  He had heard of Une’s reputation during training, all three of them had.  He was surprised that Duo wasn’t
already telling Noin the jokes that he had heard about Une.  But when Trowa looked to his friends, he saw that they were only
half-listening to Noin’s tour, mostly paying attention to each other.  Any minute now, Trowa expected them to jump each other
and give the rest of the team a great show.  However, they both kept their pants on, and Noin led the three of them out of the

“Come on, I’ll give you a brief tour of the grounds surrounding the station.  Then I have to go out on patrol, as do you three.”  
Noin said.  “Maps and compasses are in the side pocket of you packs.  Une likes to test the new recruits on their first day.  You
don’t come back by nightfall, and she’ll be disappointed.”

“Yes, Ma’am!”  Duo announced, happily following behind Noin, his hand straying to clasp one of Heero’s.  Trowa noticed the
movement, Noin seemed oblivious though.  Trowa sighed, knowing that Duo and Heero wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off
of each other for long.  He just hoped that they’d last until they got home to have their fun.

To Be Continued . . .