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Notes:  Yaoi Lemon in this part.  2x1 and ?x?.

Untamed Spirit

Part One

Trowa shut the car door, walking into the station through ankle-deep snow.  For the past week he had worked in this forest,
happily.  He had enjoyed each of his treks into the dense forest, each patrol a joy to him.  The first day had been a little tough,
since he and his two friends had gone out on patrol on their own with only a short tour of the area surrounding the station.  But
they had each made it back before nightfall, thus gaining their commander’s respect.

He stepped up onto the wooden porch, stomping his feet to rid his boots of the layer of snow they had acquired, then opened the
door to the station and stepped in, ready to get back to work for another day.  Commuting was difficult, since the nearest town
was miles away . . . the first heavy snowfall they get would most likely leave them cut off from the rest of the world.  Trowa
understood that, and it was one of the reasons that he had taken this job.  Other than his sister, Catherine, Trowa had no one
that would worry over him if he didn’t show up for days on end.  So being stuck at the station would be no trouble for him.  It
was just the same with Heero and Duo . . . neither of them really had any family either.  Heero’s father was dead, and Duo was
an orphan.  There was no one on the outside that would miss them really.  So this job in the middle of nowhere was just perfect
for them.

As he entered, he saw what he had come to expect after working here for a week.  Zechs was at his post at the radio.  Une was
at her desk at the back of the station.  Naturally, Noin was nowhere to be found, probably already out on patrol.  Duo and Heero
were already here, standing by the coffee machine, Duo laughing about something, while Heero was smiling.

Trowa approached his two friends.  “Shouldn’t you be out on patrol?”  Trowa asked, smirking.

Duo smiled at Trowa.  “Yup.  We were just waiting for you.”  Duo said.

“Why?”  Trowa asked, raising an eyebrow.

“To say good morning to you, of course.”  Duo laughed.  He slapped Trowa on the back.  “So good morning.  Now, let’s get to

Trowa shook his head.  “Yes, let’s.”  He replied, following his two friends over to Une’s desk and requesting the key to the
weapons’ locker.  In just a few minutes, Trowa had returned the key to Une.  Trowa, Heero, and Duo then made their way out
of the station, heading out for patrol.

As Trowa stepped out, hearing Heero shutting the door behind them, a strange truck pulled up in front of the station.  Trowa
watched as a unique-looking gentleman got out of the truck.  He was wearing a parka, his eyes obstructed by a pair of dark

The man stepped up onto the porch, pushing back the hood of his parka from his balding head.  “So, you guys are the newbies,
eh?”  He asked.

“That would be us.”  Trowa replied.  “I’m Trowa, this is Duo and Heero.”  He said, gesturing to his friends as he said their

“I’m Howard.  I’m here to make sure your supplies are all stocked up here.”  The man replied, shaking the hands of each young
man.  “Ya willing to listen to some advice from this local yokel?”  Howard asked with a laugh.

Trowa nodded.  “Sure.”  He said, feeling that he could spare a few minutes to listen to what this man had to say.  And since
Duo and Heero weren’t leaving, then they probably felt the same way.

Howard’s face suddenly grew serious.  “Be careful out there.  Don’t mess with the wolves.  Don’t trespass on the predator
hunting grounds.  And don’t take anything from the forest.  You don’t wanna invoke the forest spirit’s wrath.”

“Forest Spirit?”  Trowa asked, highly doubting the existence of such a creature.

“Don’t laugh.”  Howard warned.  “I’ve seen its tracks.  It’s real.”  He paused, taking a breath.  “They say it has long hair and
runs with the wolves.  The poachers in the area are mostly after the spirit . . . to find out if it’s real . . . to catch and/or kill it.”

“Why?”  Trowa asked.

“For the money of course.”  Howard answered.  “Just think of how much money a forest spirit would be worth.”

“I’m not sure if I believe in this forest spirit.”  Heero announced, his tone calm as ever.

Howard shook his head.  “I didn’t think you boys would.  Just keep an eye out and be careful.  You’ll see the tracks for yourself
soon enough.”  With that Howard stepped past them, heading into the station.

“We better get going.”  Duo said.  “We have patrols to get to.”  He took Heero by the arm and led him away, heading in one
direction.  Trowa took that as a sign that he should head in the other direction . . . who knew what the two of them would do
when they were alone in the forest.  Before he got too far, Trowa heard Duo’s voice.  “Hey, Trowa . . . watch out for forest
spirits!”  He almost yelled, laughing.

Trowa just shook his head, not replying as he headed out for his patrol, flipping on his radio as he moved beyond the trees.  It
was protocol . . . he had to switch it on, just in case the station or one of the others needed to get into contact with him.  He
also had to make routine checks every hour on the hour.  It was only to protect the safety of the rangers, so Trowa didn’t mind.

His thoughts returned to what Howard had said as he walked along the trails.  He smirked as he imagined there to really be a
forest spirit.  Would it be male, or female, he wondered.  Trowa chuckled lightly, thinking himself to be acting silly for imagining
such things.  Perhaps he should pay more attention to his patrol . . . there were poachers around, so he did have to keep an eye
out for them, their camp, or any traps they had set out.


Heero frowned as he wondered where Duo was leading him.  This wasn’t their usual patrol route.  As Duo continued to pull him
along, Heero opened his mouth.  “Duo, where . . .”  He started, only to be interrupted by his companion.

“Sshh.”  Duo smirked, hushing Heero.

Heero glared, but closed his mouth.  He silently followed, allowing Duo to take him deeper into the forest.  About two hours
later, Duo pushed aside some shrubs and led Heero out into a clearing.  A river, mostly frozen over, flowed nearby, while thick
trees and bushes surrounded the area, making it a lovely isolated area.  Heero smirked, his mind wandering as he pondered why
Duo would bring him to such a secluded place.

Duo released his hold on Heero’s hand, smirking as he pulled off his pack and leaned it up against a nearby tree.  He crouched
down and opened his pack, pulling out a thermal blanket.  He unfolded it, then laid it out across the ground, gesturing for Heero
to sit as he pulled other things from his pack.  Two thermoses, a lunch bag, another blanket . . . he set all the objects on the

Heero pulled off his own pack, setting it aside and sat, watching Duo work.  Then Duo joined him on the blanket, opening a
thermos and holding out a plastic cup to Heero.  Heero smirked as Duo poured out the steaming hot liquid, which both smelled
and looked suspiciously like hot cocoa.  He smirked, “Cocoa?”  He asked.

“Of course.”  Duo replied, smiling as he poured some into his own cup.  He unzipped the lunch bag and pulled out a packet.  
“Marshmallows?”  He asked cheerfully.

Heero nodded, watching as Duo dropped a few marshmallows into each cup.  “What else do you have?”  He asked, sipping at
his drink.

Duo smiled, but didn’t answer.  Instead he twisted the cap back onto the thermos and reached into the lunch bag again.  This
time, he pulled out a small container.  He pulled off the lid and set it aside.  Reaching in, he then pulled out a small chunk of
cheese.  Taking a sip of his own cocoa, Duo held the cheese out to Heero, who accepted it with a smirk of his own on his face.  
Chewing thoughtfully, Heero knew exactly what Duo had planned for today.  There wasn’t really much doubt as to where this
was heading.

For a while they ate . . . Duo never allowing Heero to feed himself, instead serving bits of cheese and fruit to Heero with his
own hands.  After a few minutes, Heero got tired of not being allowed to serve himself and decided to get a little revenge in.  As
Duo plopped a grape into his mouth, Heero lunged forward, wrapping his lips around both the grape and his lover’s fingers.  He
smirked around the digits as he heard Duo’s sharp intake of air, watching the crimson blush spread across Duo’s cheeks.

With a swipe of his tongue along those fingers, Heero released them from his mouth, chewing and swallowing the grape Duo
had offered.  Without warning, Duo surged toward him, his body pressing against Heero’s as he moved in and devoured Heero’s
mouth, roughly plunging his tongue into his mouth and sweeping around the inside.  Heero groaned, his eyes falling shut as he
lost himself in the pleasure of Duo’s taste, the wonderful way that it mixed with the cocoa.

Heero was quickly brought back to reality however, as he felt Duo’s chilled fingers slide across his abdomen.  He started, nearly
jumping into the air as he pulled back, looking down to see that Duo’s hand was up underneath his unzipped coat and his
uniform shirt which was now untucked.  He hadn’t even realized that Duo had started removing clothes, not until those fingers
had touched his bare skin.

“Duo, what are you doing?  You can’t really mean to . . . out here . . . it’s freezing.”  Heero argued, his sentences broken.

Duo’s smile widened.  “I’ll warm you up real quick, Baby.”  Duo nearly purred, an icy breeze and Duo’s tone, both sending
shivers throughout Heero’s body.  He leaned over, his lips so close against his ear, that Heero could feel his hot breath.  “I want
to fuck you like an animal.”  He whispered.

Heero gasped, his eyes widening as Duo’s statement sunk in.  He really meant to do this in the forest, out here, where anyone
could just walk in on them.  He wasn’t sure if he was embarrassed to admit it or not, but it was really turning him on.  
“Anything.”  Heero replied, breathlessly as he arched upwards, pressing his chest against Duo’s.

Duo smirked, leaning back as he unzipped and pulled off his coat.  “I thought you’d say that, Baby.”  He hastily stripped down
and helped Heero with his . . . pulling off boots and socks, shirts and undershirts, pants and thermal underwear . . . until both
Heero and Duo were only clad in their boxers.  Duo smiled, shimming out of his boxers and tossing them aside into the pile of
clothes that occupied one corner of the blanket.  Soon, Heero’s boxers also joined that pile.

Heero shivered in the winter day, crossing his arms over his chest in response to the chill air that swept over and around his
body.  However, as cold as he was, Heero watched, mesmerized, as Duo pulled the band from his hair.  He brushed his slender
fingers through it, until the waves fell loose and free, draping around his sleek body like a cape.

Duo straddled Heero’s body, leaning forward and gently pressing his lips against Heero’s.  But before Heero could respond, Duo
pulled back, smirking as he moved downward.  He nipped at Heero’s chin, trailing lips and tongue along the center of his throat.  
Duo continued downward, moving in spirals that swept across Heero’s chest, until he reached his nipples and captured one of
the peaks that were already stiff from the cold around them.

Heero arched upwards, gasping for air as Duo continued his ministrations.  He wanted Duo lower, and yet he didn’t want this to
end so hastily . . . he wanted more.  “Please.”  He begged, gasping once again as Duo switched sides, his mouth devouring his
other nipple as fingers toyed with the one that had been abandoned.  After a few moments, Duo began to move downward
again, trailing his hot, wet tongue in unknown designs, fingers following the same trail as a chill breeze blew across Heero’s
body and causing him to gasp as the wetness dried against him in such a pleasurable way.

Duo’s mouth never deviated from its path, dipping into Heero’s navel, nipping at each of his hips, but bypassing where Heero
wanted those lips most.  He could feel Duo’s silken hair brushing against his shaft, the sensation causing his eyes to cross while
Duo grazed his teeth along each inner thigh.

Then suddenly, Duo stopped.  Heero whimpered, opening his eyes to find out why.  He saw Duo, his body covered in goose
bumps as he reached over and pulled a tube from inside of the lunch bag.  Heero had no doubts as to what it was, and when
Duo returned his attention to him, Heero willingly spread his legs wide, a silent invitation but extremely effective.

Duo went down on him again, and although he once again bypassed Heero’s erection, he instead suckled his sac, taking them
into his mouth one at a time and toying with them with his talented tongue.  Heero writhed against the sensations that warred
through him . . . both hot and cold fought for control . . . sweat glistening on his skin while goose bumps covered him.  

Finally, Duo seemed to take pity on him, and moved upward, gliding that hot tongue up along the underside of Heero’s shaft.  He
then brought his lips around the head, his tongue diving into the slit as he sucked with great intensity.  Heero bit into his bottom
lip, his hands bunched up in the blanket below him as he kept his hips down, not wanting to hurt Duo by forcing himself deeper
into that glorious heat.

Duo’s fingers, now coated with lubricant, gently began to worm their way into Heero’s willing body one at a time.  Duo
patiently prepared his lover, even as the cold surrounded them, lowering his mouth further down on Heero’s length then
beginning a gentle bobbing motion.  His pace quickened, four fingers deep in Heero’s body now mercilessly hitting that spot
deep inside of him.  Heero found himself unable to control his body anymore, just wanting completion.  His hands had found
their way into Duo’s glorious hair, his hips rising and falling in an attempt to meet the pace that Duo was setting with both his
mouth and his fingers.  

“Please . . . more.”  Heero pleaded, his voice reduced to mindless gasps as Duo continued.

Duo stopped for a brief moment, and Heero whined, feeling the edge so close that he could almost reach it.  “Come on, Baby.  I
want to taste you.”  Duo said, his voice a husky whisper.  

Before Heero could utter a reply, or even think of something to say, Duo went down on him again, sucking harder than ever
before as he drove those fingers deep into him again.  Heero let loose, screaming as he spilled himself into his lover’s waiting

As Heero was recovering from his orgasm, he felt Duo’s fingers pull out of him, his lover’s hands guiding Heero to turn over.  
Heero willingly went on his hands and knees for Duo, even as he asked in a breathless whisper.  “What . . .?”

Duo leaned over his back, his arms wrapped securely around Heero’s body to help keep him upright.  “Like I said, lover, I want
to fuck you like an animal.”  He whispered, sending a fresh set of shivers throughout Heero’s body, causing his softened length
to quickly become erect once again.

Duo slowly entered Heero.  There was no pain, only pleasure since Duo had thoroughly prepared him.  Both Duo and Heero
groaned and hissed at the feel of their joining.  Duo paused once fully sheathed, and Heero was the one to move first, silently
telling his beautiful lover that he was ready by pressing himself back against Duo’s hard length.  Heero loved the feel of Duo
buried deep inside of him, almost as much as he enjoyed the tight heat of Duo’s body clenching around him.  They took turns
being top and bottom, both enjoying the variety of different positions.  Either way, during their lovemaking, both were
completely and totally satisfied at the end, just as they were now.

After a series of shallow thrusts with Duo’s chest firmly pressed against Heero’s back, Duo leaned back, gaining better leverage
as he picked up his pace.  Heero cried out encouragement, not truly sure what he was saying anymore as the pleasure he felt
quickly overwhelmed his senses.  He was only interested in Duo’s cock ramming into him at the moment, wanting more of it,
craving it to go deeper and faster into him.  He thrust himself back, meeting Duo’s own thrusts.

He cried out in sheer ecstasy as Duo shifted his angle, plunging in deeply and directly into his prostate once again.  Duo’s fingers
tightened against the skin of Heero’s hips, bruising him, but Heero didn’t care.  The cold had long ago disappeared and only he
and Duo remained, the world around them fading into oblivion as pleasure coursed through him.

For the second time that day, Heero felt the edge of completion drifting at the edge of his senses.  One of Duo’s hands left its
place at Heero’s hip, roughly grasping Heero’s length and stroking it counterpoint to the glorious thrusts that he was delivering
into Heero’s ass.  

Heero screamed once again, his seed spurting out and dripping between Duo’s fingers as he came hard.  His arms buckled and
he would have fallen forward if not for Duo’s arm wrapping around his waist, pulling him back.  Heero straddled Duo’s thighs,
and Duo continued to thrust into him, seeking his own completion within Heero’s still spasming body.  It wasn’t long after, and
Duo bit down on Heero’s shoulder, his own hot fluids filling Heero while his hips continued to move on their own.

“Love ya, Heero.”  Duo murmured, gently laying himself and Heero down on the blanket, reaching over and grasping the other
blanket he had pulled from his pack and shaking it open.

Heero carefully pulled himself off of Duo’s softened length and turned, laying his head against Duo’s sweaty chest.  “Love you
too.”  He replied, while Duo covered the two of them with the other blanket, wrapping his arms around him and snuggling close.

A sudden rustling sound drew Heero’s attention and he looked, just in time to see the branches of a shrub move.  “Duo . . .
there’s something out there.”  Heero whispered, pointing to the branches that still waved.

Duo chuckled.  “Maybe it’s that forest spirit.”  He laughed.  Then he shook his head.  “Seriously though . . . it’s probably just
some animal . . . nothing to worry about.”

Heero sighed.  “Perhaps we should get back to work, Duo.  We are supposed to be on patrol.”  

“Yeah, yeah.”  Duo groaned, pulling away from Heero.  He reached over and grabbed their clothes, trying to separate his from

Heero leaned over, pressing a gentle kiss to Duo’s cheek as he pulled on his boxers.  “That was an interesting experience . . . we
should do it again sometime.”  He smirked, shivering in the cold.

Duo smiled in return.  “Want to try again, now?”  He asked, waggling his eyebrows.

Heero chuckled.  “No . . . I don’t want you getting sick out here.”

Duo nodded, hastily dressing himself while Heero did the same.  “Yeah, probably a good idea.”  Once they were both fully
clothed, and reasonably back to the way they had been before their little activity, Duo’s hair once again bound in a braid, Duo
picked up the other thermos.  “Stew?”  He asked.

“No . . . I’m fine.”  Heero replied.

Duo nodded, then opened it anyway.  Heero folded the blankets once again, repacking the things into Duo’s pack as he watched
Duo pour some of the stew into the lid of the canister that had held the cheeses and fruit.

“What are you doing?”  Heero asked, curious.

Duo grinned, setting the lid on the ground then placing the cap back onto the thermos.  “Leaving some food for that forest spirt.  
I bet it’s hungry.”  Duo giggled, grabbing his pack and skipping off.

Heero sighed, shaking his head as he followed Duo, heaving his own pack onto his back once again.  “You’re just going to leave
that there?”  He asked, as he caught up with Duo.

“Nah . . . I’ll pick it up on the way back.  Some animal will have cleaned it off by then.”  Duo answered, still smiling.  As they
walked, Heero once again took hold of Duo’s hand, enjoying the contact as they returned to the patrol they were supposed to
have been doing before.


He had watched as those two had stripped themselves.  He didn’t know what they were doing, but it was interesting, watching
as that long-haired one had lavished attention to the other’s body, prying gasps and moans from his throat.  Slowly, the long-
haired one had trailed lips and tongue along the other, wrapping those lips around a part of the other’s body.  The other seemed
to enjoy it, and the curious onlooker wondered why.

Minutes later, the figure still watched, hiding in the bushes as those two joined themselves, one inside of the other.  He tilted his
head to the side, not knowing why it was so fascinating to watch, not quite understanding what was going on.  When those two
laid down beside each other, covering themselves, the figure ran off, not wanting to be found.  He feared them, feared all of the
uniformed ones.

When he felt that he was far enough away, he hid within the hollow of a tree that he knew well.  He took in a breath, not
knowing why he felt so excited, not understanding.  There were unknown feelings moving throughout his body, coalescing in
his groin.  He looked down at himself, gasping as he saw that he had an erection, comprehension as to what it was or meant not
reaching his mind.

He cautiously reached out and touched it, sliding nimble fingers along the length of it, eliciting a gasp from his own throat as a
flash of pleasure coursed throughout him.  He sank to his knees, remembering what that long-haired one had done to the other
while they had been joined . . . the way the long-haired one had wrapped his fingers around that body part of the other, stroking
it until a strange liquid had oozed from the tip.

As an experiment, he did it himself, curling his fingers around himself and pumping lightly.  He gasped once again, foreign
feelings moving through his body.  He didn’t know what it was . . . but he did like it.  He did it again and again, his strokes
becoming more sure, carefully avoiding using his long, rough nails against himself as he was sure that doing such a thing would

His hips moved on their own, thrusting forward into the hand he had wrapped around himself, his head falling back while his
eyes closed shut against the building pleasure.  He had never felt anything similar before and he wanted more.  He wrapped his
other hand around the one already on his erection, using them both as he pumped himself.  Within only a few moments, he cried
out in shock and pleasure, his eyes flying open just in time to watch as stream after stream of a milky white liquid sprayed forth
from the tip of his erection.  

He stopped his strokes, watching curiously as it became soft once again.  His body continued to twitch in aftermath of what he
had done, but still he wondered just what it meant.  Raising his hand, he saw that strange liquid covering his fingers.  He brought
his hand closer to his face and sniffed at the liquid, then darted his tongue out to taste it.

Shaking his head, he spit it out, not enjoying the taste.  He shivered, feeling cold.  He turned away from the mess he had made,
curling up on the ground inside of the tree.  He yawned, feeling tired.  He usually didn’t awaken until nightfall, but those two had
awakened him early.  So he pulled his long hair around and over himself, using it to keep him warm as he drifted off to sleep,
still not truly understanding anything that had happened today.

To Be Continued . . .