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Notes:  Trowa works on getting the stranger he found back to the Rangers’ station.  He meets new friends along the way.

Untamed Spirit

Part Three

Duo stared out the window, watching as the storm raged outside.  He was worried, watching as the trees bent to the will of the
harsh winds that blew.  Snow fell in curtains, obscuring almost everything from view.  Duo sighed, hoping that Trowa was
okay out there.

A warm arm circled around Duo’s waist, a cup of coffee appearing underneath his nose.  Duo turned and smiled slightly,
accepting the warm cup from his lover.  “Thanks, Heero.”  He said, leaning to the side and laying his head against Heero’s chest.

“Any sign of him yet?”  Heero asked.

Duo took a sip of his coffee, then put it down on the windowsill, holding it in both hands as he stared down at the steaming
contents.  “No . . . nothing.”  Duo sighed.

Heero’s arm tightened around Duo’s waist, his free hand gently closing over Duo’s around the cup he still held.  “I'm sure
Trowa is fine.  He’s probably on his way back now.”  Heero replied, his thumb caressing the back of Duo’s hand.  “Any minute
now I’m sure you’ll see him walking up to the station.”

Duo nodded, enjoying the warmth of Heero’s body as they stood there, both of them staring out into the harsh storm.  “I’m sure
you’re right.”  Duo said, truly hoping that Heero was.


Trowa stumbled through knee-deep snow, his teeth chattering as he carried the precious bundle in his arms.  He had lost his
way in the storm . . . all of his tracks having been covered by the freshly fallen snow.  For all he knew he was going around in
circles.  He sure hoped that he wasn’t though.

In his arms, the blonde youth awakened, pushing and squirming in an attempt to get away from Trowa’s grasp.  Trowa
stopped, gently setting the young man down at the base of a tree, so that the wind was somewhat blocked.  “It’s okay.”  Trowa
said, trying to soothe the young man.  He reached up, cupping the young man’s face, forcing him to meet Trowa’s gaze.  “I
won’t hurt you.”  Trowa whispered.

The young man’s eyes slowly calmed.  He reached out with a shivering hand, timidly brushing his fingertips along Trowa’s
face.  He let out a short laugh, as if this was quite amusing to him, then pulled his hand back, his shivering getting worse.

Trowa didn’t like seeing the tremors coursing through the frail body.  So he pulled off his pack, removing his coat.  The cold
intensified, and he gasped at the sudden chills that assailed him while he wrapped his coat around the young man’s shoulders.  It
wasn’t as cold as it could have been though, the thermal underwear he wore helping him somewhat.  But he knew that he would
have to get back to the station soon, or else both he and the young man wouldn’t live to see morning.

Once again, Trowa shouldered his pack.  Then he stood, picking up the young man as he rose.  He began walking again, not
sure if he was even going in the right direction or not.  All he could really do was to keep walking and pray that this was the
right way.

He nearly laughed in relief when he stumbled out onto the road, falling to his knees in the snow and almost losing his grip on the
young man in his arms.  He was tired and cold.  He just wanted to go to sleep . . . but he knew better than to do that.

Trowa looked down, frowning when he saw that the young man was unconscious.  Trowa couldn’t feel his hands anymore, his
feet also numb.  Slowly, Trowa struggled to stand once again, knowing that he had to keep moving.  Once on his feet, he
staggered along the road.  This was the only road, so he was heading either toward the station or to town . . . he hoped it was
the former.  There was no way he could reach town in time, but the station was closer.  He didn’t even care that he was
walking down the middle of the road, just as long as he got somewhere.

After a short time of walking, Trowa noticed a light on the road before him.  It grew brighter with each passing moment, and
was coming from somewhere behind him.  Trowa turned, smiling when he saw the headlights of a car approaching.  However,
since he wasn’t watching where he was going, he stumbled once again, falling to sit in the cold snow that covered the road.

For a brief moment, Trowa closed his eyes, not realizing he had done so until he heard a door slam shut.  He snapped his eyes
open and looked up, seeing that the vehicle was a lot closer to him than it had been before, and that it had stopped.  It was a van,
dark to Trowa’s eyes.  Two figures hurried through the storm toward him, but Trowa couldn’t make out their faces, with the
only available light being behind them.

“Are you okay?”  A male voice asked, the two people each taking hold of one of his arms and helping him to stand.

“I need to get to the Rangers’ station.”  Trowa replied, yelling so that he could be heard over the force of the wind.

“We’re heading that way ourselves . . . let us give you a ride!”  A female voice replied.

Soon, Trowa found himself getting helped into the back of a van, the young man still cradled protectively in his arms.  His pack
had been removed at some time, but Trowa wasn’t exactly sure of when.  Before he knew what was happening, the van was
moving once again, and someone was talking to him.

“Hey, can you hear me?”  The woman asked.

Trowa blinked, feeling a little disoriented, his vision fuzzy.  “Yeah . . . I can hear you.”  Trowa replied, his eyesight slowly
returning to normal.  Once he could see properly, he noticed that a blonde woman was kneeling on the floor in front of the seat
he was resting on.  In the driver’s seat was a dark-haired youth.  Trowa couldn’t see his features, but that ponytail he sported
had to be painful.

“I’m Dr. Sally Po . . .”  The woman said.  “The young man driving is my nurse, Wufei Chang.  We’re on our way to the
Rangers’ station.”

“So you’re the medical staff we’ve been waiting for?”  Trowa replied, chuckling lightly.

“You're a ranger?”  Sally asked, sounding surprised.  “What the hell are you doing out here in this weather?  And without a

“Him.”  Trowa answered, looking down at the young man he still held.  He reached up, his hand shaking, and pushed aside the
tangled mess of hair to reveal the young man’s dirty features.

Sally pressed her fingers to the blonde’s throat.  “Shit!  What the hell is going on?”

“I found him in the forest.  He got his leg caught in a trap.  I helped him out and he fled.  By the time I found him again the
storm was raging.”  Trowa said.  “I think he was raised by wolves.”

Sally looked up at him, obviously shocked.  Trowa heard as Wufei snorted.  “Highly unlikely.”  Wufei snapped.

“You didn’t see what I did.  How else do you explain him?  I tracked him to a wolves' den, where he was surrounded by cubs
as if he was one of them.  They protected him, and one of them was even trying to care for him.”  Trowa replied, his tone

“Enough!”  Sally yelled.  “Let’s just see what we can do for him.  It doesn’t matter where he was raised or by what.  He's a

“Yes, Dr. Po.”  Wufei grumbled, keeping his eyes on the road ahead of him.

Sally shook her head, but her attention was solely focused on the young man in Trowa’s arms.  After a few minutes of her
looking the pale youth over, Trowa spoke up.  He just couldn’t stand the waiting around.

“Well?”  Trowa asked, trying not to sound too impatient.

Sally sighed.  “Besides his injury, he’s malnourished, slightly dehydrated, in need of a haircut, his teeth need to be cleaned, his
nails need a trimming, and he definitely needs a bath . . . a good long, warm bath.”

“Mama?”  A timid voice asked.  Trowa looked down, nearly gasping when he saw that the young man was awake, if only
barely.  The youth was looking up at Sally, his hand raising to curl his fingers in her hair.  “Mama?  Baf?  Wom baf?”

“You can understand us?”  Sally asked, clasping his hand.  She looked up at Trowa.  “He must have been a child when he got
lost . . . old enough to talk.  Probably old enough to know his age as well.”  She turned her attention back to the blonde, smiling
down at him.  “Can you tell me how old you are?”

The blonde raised his hand, holding up four fingers as he happily proclaimed.  “I foah!”

“Wonderful!”  Sally congratulated, brushing her fingers across one of his cheeks.  “Do you know your name?”

The young man looked at her curiously.  “Mama know my name.”  He replied.

“Why’s he calling you ‘mama’?”  Trowa asked.

“He’s delirious. I think it’s my hair . . . his mother must have had blonde hair as well.”  Sally replied.  Then she spoke to the
young blonde once again.  “Yes, Mama knows your name . . . but I just want to see if you remember it.  Understand?”

The blonde nodded.  “I Katowa Wababawa Winnew!”  He said, looking proud.

The van swerved and both Sally and Trowa looked to Wufei, who had gone pale.  “Winner?”  Wufei gasped.  “That’s Quatre

“Winner?  Isn’t that the name of the man that donated all that money to have that station built out here?”  Trowa asked, feeling
as if he was missing something.

“Yes.  Quatre Raberba Winner was lost along with his mother in an airplane crash fourteen years ago.  Mr. Winner walked out in
a daze, but no sign of either Quatre or Mrs. Winner was ever found.”  Wufei replied.

“But then who is this heir that was visiting the station today?”  Trowa asked, still feeling confused.

“Mr. Winner was grief stricken.  A couple years ago, he adopted a kid by the name of Alex and raised him as if he were his
own.”  Wufei answered.

“How do you know all of this?”  Sally asked.

Wufei looked in the rearview mirror and smirked slightly.  “My parents used to be friends with the Winners before the crash.  I
used to play with Quatre Winner when I was little.”

Trowa and Sally both looked back to the blonde, Quatre.  “Quatre?  Do you know what happened?”  Sally asked.

“Big boom.  Papa gone, an’ Mama went sleep long sleep.  Katowa tuck her in to go nitenite.”  He looked up at Sally, confusion
on his face.  “Mama wake up?”

Sally shook her head sadly.  “No . . . I'm not your Mama, Quatre.  She’s still sleeping.”

Quatre’s face saddened, tears falling from his eyes.  “Mama still gone?”

Sally leaned forward, gently hugging him despite the fact that he was still in Trowa’s arms.  “You poor baby.”  She said,
apparently trying to soothe the young man.  “We’re going to take good care of you from now on.”  She said, pulling away.

“You gonna tuck me in?”  He asked, a childlike smile on his face.

Sally laughed, ruffling her fingers through his tangled hair.  “And I’ll tell you a story too.  Now you get some rest, okay?  We’ll
be there soon and then we’ll get you all cleaned up.”

Quatre nodded and closed his eyes.  He was quickly asleep.

Trowa reached out and grasped Sally’s shoulder, gaining her attention.  “When he said he tucked his mother in . . . did that
mean what I think it meant?” He asked.

Sally nodded.  “Yeah . . . his mother died and he had to bury her.  It must have been horrible for him.”  She turned to Wufei.  
“We almost there?”

“Yeah, just a few more minutes.  I can see the lights in the windows.”  Wufei replied.


Duo was pacing now, moving back and forth in front of the window.  Every few steps he would look out, hoping to see that
Trowa was coming back, but there was never any sign of him.  This wasn’t good.  The storm was going strong.  Even Une
was worried although she wouldn’t admit it.  Duo could see it though . . . or else she was just very interested in the storm
outside . . . she had looked out the window at least ten times in the past half hour.

So Duo paced, cursing every now and then as he worried over why Trowa was taking so damn long.  He should have been
back by now.  Heero had tried to calm Duo down, but it wasn’t working.  Now Heero was standing by the radio with Zechs,
trying to get a hold of Trowa on his walkie talkie.  They were making no progress, which only served to make Duo worry
more.  Something must be wrong if Trowa wasn’t answering . . . or the storm was too bad to get a signal through.  Either way,
it didn’t make Duo feel any better.

Once again, Duo peered out the window.  He squinted, for the first time in a couple hours, seeing something in the distance.  His
eyes widened, realizing that it was a set of headlights.  Someone was heading this way.

“Une . . . we’ve got company!”  Duo announced.

“Must be our medical staff . . . we were told they had made it through before the roads closed.”  Une replied.  “Noin, you and
Zechs go up and get the rooms ready . . . we’ll probably be using them for a few days at least.”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Zechs grumbled, before he and Noin disappeared upstairs.

Duo once again looked out the window, just in time to see a van pull up outside the station.  Three people got out of the van, one
carrying something by the look of it.  His eyes widened, a happy smile crossing Duo’s face when he realized that Trowa was
one of those people.  Only moments later, the front door was opened and those people walked in.

Duo felt a rush of relief when Trowa entered the station.  “TROWA!!  Where the HELL have you been?  I . . . WE’VE been
worried sick!”  Duo exclaimed.

“I found someone.”  Trowa replied.

“Could someone give me a hand?”  A young Asian man asked, rushing over to Trowa and pulling a limp figure away from him.  
Duo looked and noticed that Trowa’s coat was wrapped around this figure, and that whoever it was, was filthy.

Heero stepped forward, assisting the Asian youth.  “Are you the medical staff?”  Heero asked.

“Yes.  I am Wufei Chang, and that is Sally Po.”  Wufei replied, gesturing with a nod of his head to the blonde woman that had
accompanied them.  “Your friend there found this young man in the forest.”

“We think it’s Quatre Winner.”  Sally added.

“You can’t be serious!”  Une nearly shouted.  Before anyone could reply, Une shook her head.  “It doesn’t matter who he is . . .
just take care of him.”

“Yes, of course.  I think a bath is in order, Wufei.  Could you handle that while I get something to tend to those gashes on his
leg?”  Sally replied.

“Yes, Doctor.”  Wufei replied.  He looked to Heero.  “Where is the bathroom?”

“This way.”  Heero answered, leading Wufei away.

Within seconds, everyone seemed to have disappeared.  Une took Sally to the infirmary, leaving only Duo, Trowa, and that dark-
haired boy from earlier in the room.  Duo looked to Trowa, and was about to ask something, when Trowa’s eyes rolled back
into his head and the tall young man collapsed onto the floor before anyone could catch him.

To Be Continued . . .