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Notes:  Duo helps Trowa out and Heero and Wufei give Quatre a much needed bath.

Untamed Spirit

Part Four

Duo gasped, watching as Trowa’s eyes rolled back into his head, the tall young man collapsing to the floor quickly.  Duo rushed
to his friend’s side, hastily rolling him over onto his back and pressing his fingers to Trowa’s throat.  He sighed in relief, feeling
a weak but steady pulse.  However, he had to wonder just what was wrong with him.

His answers were obvious though.  Trowa was cold to the touch, his skin pale and damp with melted snow.  He wasn’t
shivering and his lips were tainted a faint blue as he lay there on the floor unconscious.  Duo wondered how long ago Trowa had
given his coat to that young man he had brought in.  It must have been awhile for Trowa to be this cold.  It looked like he was
in the minor stages of hypothermia.  They had to get him warmed up and soon.

Duo turned, seeing that dark-haired young man that had come to the station with Winner’s heir, Alex.  “Hey, what’s your
name?”  Duo asked.

“I-I’m Mueller.”  The young man replied.

“Well, Mueller . . . can you lend me a hand?”  Duo asked.

Mueller quickly stepped forward and walked over to stand next to Duo.  “What do you need me to do?”  He asked.

“Help me get him upstairs.”  Duo said.

Mueller nodded.  He knelt and grabbed one of Trowa’s arms, pulling it to wrap around his shoulders as he wrapped his own arm
around Trowa and got him into a sitting position.  Duo did the same with Trowa’s other side.  Then the two of them stood,
lifting Trowa to a standing position as they moved.

“Hey Une!”  Duo called out.

Less than a minute later, Une walked into the room.  “Good lord, what happened to Trowa?”  She asked, walking over and
laying a hand against Trowa’s face.  “He’s ice cold.”

“I think he’s hypothermic.  I’m going to get him out of these wet clothes and into a bed.  Have one of those medical people
come and check on him though.”  Duo said.

Une nodded.  “I’ll make sure either Sally or Wufei sees to him.  That blonde needs both of them now though.  You take care of
Trowa, Duo.”

“I will.”  Duo said.  Then he and Mueller dragged Trowa’s unconscious form up the stairs.  Zechs was standing outside of the
doors.  He opened one for Duo, moving out of the way while Mueller and Duo took Trowa inside.  “Set him down on the
floor.”  Duo said.

“Okay.”  Mueller replied, gently beginning to lower Trowa’s body.

Once Trowa was laying flat, Duo quickly began to rid his friend of his clothes.  He glanced up, noticing that Zechs was still
standing in the doorway.  “We have any spare clothes around here?”  Duo asked.

“Yeah . . . we have supplies in the storage closet.  I’ll go get them.”  Zechs said, then rushed out of the room.  Duo could hear
the pounding footsteps as Zechs rushed down the stairs.

“Mueller, go find some towels or something we can use to dry him off.”  Duo ordered.

Mueller wordlessly ran out of the room.  While Mueller and Zechs were gone, Duo stripped his friend, leaving Trowa only clad
in his boxers.  He wanted to spare Trowa at least a little embarrassment, so he left them on.

Both Mueller and Zechs returned at almost the same time.  Mueller dropped to his knees by Trowa’s side, handing one of two
towels he had in his hands over to Duo.  Then he immediately started to gently rub the remaining towel over Trowa’s left side.  
Duo smirked, glad that the young man was helping.  Then Duo set about drying off Trowa’s right side.  Zechs just left the
garments that he had brought in on the floor, silently leaving a moment later.

Once Trowa was almost thoroughly dry, Duo laid his towel over Trowa’s mid-section.  Then he reached under it, carefully
pulling down Trowa’s last garment, his boxer shorts.  He quickly dried what remained of Trowa’s body, blushing furiously as
he did so.  This was his best friend and here he was basically groping him.  Even if Trowa was unconscious with hypothermia,
it just seemed wrong in Duo’s mind.

As soon as Duo was convinced that Trowa was dry enough, he and Mueller dressed Trowa.  Duo slipped the pajama bottoms
that Zechs had supplied, onto Trowa, while Mueller had raised Trowa’s hips to make it easier to get them on.  Then Duo lifted
Trowa to a sitting position, holding him up while Mueller got the shirt on him.

“Come on, Trowa buddy.”  Duo whispered to his unconscious friend as he and Mueller hefted Trowa onto one of the twin beds
that occupied the room.  “Time for bed.”  Duo said, pulling the blankets up to Trowa’s chin.

Duo sighed, setting his hand against Trowa’s cheek, glad to find that he was slightly warmer now.  Then he took a moment to
glance around the room.  There were two twin beds, two dressers side by side on one wall.  There were also several bunks
folded up against one of the other walls, as well as enough cots to fill this room.  These people were definitely ready for a

“Do you need anything else?”  Mueller asked quietly, fidgeting with his hands as he stood anxiously by Trowa’s bedside.

“No, thanks for helping though.”  Duo said, turning to grin at the young man.

Mueller smiled slightly.  “It was no problem.”  Mueller replied.

A thought occurred to Duo, so he thought that he might as well ask Mueller about it.  “You like Zechs, don’t you?”  Duo asked.

Mueller blushed a deep crimson and he quickly ducked his head, looking down at his shoes as if they had suddenly become the
most interesting things in the world to him.  “I . . . I . . .”  He stuttered, not able to finish his sentence.

“Hey, it’s okay if you like him.  If you're embarrassed about being gay, you shouldn’t be.  I am, so is Trowa here, so is my
boyfriend, Heero.”  Duo smirked.

“Heero . . . you mean that guy with the dark brown hair?”  Mueller asked, raising his gaze slightly.

Duo nodded.  “Yup, that’s Heero.  Now, answer my first question . . . Do you like Zechs?”

Mueller didn’t say anything for a few moments, but eventually he nodded. “Y-yes . . . was it so obvious?”

“Well you were staring at him all day basically.”  Duo said, standing and walking over to where Mueller was standing.  “Why
don’t you tell him how you feel?  Ask him on a date or something?”

“I can’t.  W-what if he doesn’t like me?  What if he doesn’t like guys like that?  I can’t go up to him and just ask him out.  I-I
just can’t.”  Mueller replied in a rush, his eyes wide as he stared at Duo.  “I-I’m not good enough for him anyway.”

Before Duo could reply, Mueller turned and ran out of the room, the sound of his footsteps rapidly disappearing down the hall.  
Duo shook his head, not knowing why the young man thought he wasn’t good enough.  Whatever had caused it, Duo hoped he
would get over it eventually.  The guy was cute, and he seemed nice enough . . . he should be happy.

Duo sighed, walking back over to Trowa’s bedside and taking a seat.  He idly brushed his fingers through Trowa’s hair, his
concern returning to his friend’s welfare.  The color was returning to Trowa’s cheeks, and shivers were now coursing through
his body.  He did look like he was getting better.  However, Duo wouldn’t be sure of that until either Sally or Wufei came to
check on him.  So he’d wait and worry, hoping for his friend and for the welfare of that young man that Trowa had found in
the forest, wondering if he really was Quatre Winner or not.


Heero frowned as he helped to carry the strange young man into the bathroom.  To think that this was Quatre Winner, someone
who had disappeared fourteen years ago in the forest that Heero was currently working in . . . it was just amazing that he had
survived for so long out in the wilds as he had . . . a miracle.

“Put him down on the floor.”  Wufei said.

Heero nodded and silently complied.  While Wufei turned to turn on the water in the bathtub, Heero removed Trowa’s coat and
the blanket from around the young blonde.  He picked up a handful of the young man’s hair.  “Most of this will have to go.”  He
stated.  “It’s filthy and hopelessly matted.”

“You’re right.”  Wufei nodded.  “Do you have any scissors?”

“Yeah . . . I’ll get them.”  Heero replied, rising to his feet and leaving the room for a few brief moments.  When he returned with
the scissors held in one hand, Wufei was lifting Quatre from the floor.

Wufei moved slowly and carefully, setting the thin form into the water.  Quatre moaned, his body twitching although he
remained unconscious.  Wufei held out his hand and Heero quickly gave him the scissors.

“I’m just going to cut off the hopelessly knotted part.  We can worry about styling it later.”  Wufei stated, cutting a good portion
of the hair off.  Now the blonde had an uneven amount of shoulder length hair.  The rest of the hair fell to the floor, a matted
mass of knots laying on the tiled bathroom floor.  With a sweep of his arm, Wufei pushed it aside and out of the way, laying the
scissors down as well.

Heero knelt by the bathtub, looking down on the submerged body of Quatre.  He was so thin, his ribs seen clearly through his
pale, yet dirty skin.  “Do you need my help?”  Heero asked.

Wufei nodded.  “It would be appreciated.”  He replied.  “I’ll keep him upright and you clean him.  Unless you’d rather we trade
positions and I do the cleaning?”

Heero shook his head, although he did appreciate the other young man’s attempt to make him more comfortable.  “I’ll wash
him.”  He stated, picking up a washcloth and some soap that Wufei must had set out while Heero had been gone.

Heero lathered the washcloth with soap, then reached into the tub, carefully beginning to scrub the years worth of dirt and grime
from the young man’s body.  He washed his feet first, carefully cleaning around the gashes in his one leg, slowly and
deliberately moving upwards.  He blushed as he reached Quatre’s mid-section, not truly comfortable with cleaning another
person’s genitals, but knowing that it had to be done.  A blush remaining on his cheeks, Heero cleansed Quatre’s length, noticing
immediately when it reacted to the contact.

He continued on however, deciding it really wasn’t his place to grope the blonde’s body, even if it was a tempting idea.  Besides,
he was immensely happy with Duo and didn’t want anything to risk the relationship he had with the love of his life.

Heero moved upward, stroking along the blonde’s body and chest, cleaning away the dirt, sliding the washcloth up his neck.  
Finally, he reached the young man’s face.  He rinsed the washcloth, as he had several times already during the course of this
washing, then slid the soapy cloth over Quatre’s cheek.  He was startled when frightened blue eyes flew open and looked at him.

Quatre whimpered, raising a hand and weakly pushing Heero away from him.  Turning, he saw Wufei behind him and panicked.  
He pushed himself away, curling his knees up to his chest as he backed as far from the two of them as he could get in the tub.  
He looked ready to get up at any moment, to attempt to escape even with the wounded leg.

“Quatre . . . calm down.”  Wufei said quietly, holding his hands up.  “We won’t hurt you.”

Quatre narrowed his eyes, snarling at them.  He didn’t seem to want to listen.  He shifted his position, the movement obviously
putting pressure on his injured leg since a moment later he cried out in pain, shivering as he started crying.

“Quatre . . .”  Wufei tried again.  “We only want to get you cleaned up.  You know . . . bath.”

“B-baf?”  Quatre asked, timidly, watching Wufei carefully.

Wufei nodded.  “That’s right . . . bath.”  He smiled.  “See, you’re almost completely clean.”  Wufei said, gesturing to Quatre’s

Quatre looked down at himself, eyes widening in surprise.  He ran his hand over his skin, the difference in shade obviously
shocking to him.  For a moment he played with the soap suds that remained on his skin.  “Me, kween?”  Quatre asked.

Wufei chuckled, shaking his head.  “No . . . you’re not clean just yet.  We still need to wash your face and hair.  Will you let
Heero do that?”

Quatre turned his attention to Heero, eyeing him carefully.  “No hurt Katowa?”  Quatre asked his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“You have my word, I won’t hurt you.”  Heero said, speaking quite solemnly.

Quatre moved closer, carefully avoiding using his one leg as he maneuvered himself to the edge of the tub.  “Okay . . . you
kween Katowa.”  He nodded, lifting his chin and waiting patiently.

Heero smiled.  Slowly and carefully, he reached out, sliding the washcloth against Quatre’s cheek.  He tried not to scrub too
hard, not wanting to hurt the young man.  “Close your eyes.”  Heero said softly, waiting until the young man obliged before he
continued, finishing the last of his face and rinsing the soap away.

“I’ll go get some towels.”  Wufei announced, rising to his feet and walking away.

Heero nodded, dropping the washcloth.  He reached over and picked up the bottle of shampoo, smirking as he noticed that
Quatre was watching him curiously.  “Do you want to help?”  Heero asked.

Quatre nodded.  “How help?”  He asked, cocking his head to one side.

“We’re going to wash your hair.”  Heero said, gently taking hold of one of Quatre’s hands and holding it palm up.  He poured
some shampoo into his hand, then moved that hand up to Quatre’s head, guiding it to wash the hair.  Heero watched as Quatre
brought his other hand up as well, then he poured some shampoo into his own hand and decided to help Quatre.

Once Heero was satisfied that Quatre’s hair was clean, he helped the young man to rinse his hair out.  By then Wufei had
returned with the towels.  Heero helped Quatre out of the tub, all but holding him up as Wufei carefully dried him off.  Wufei
then wrapped a towel around Quatre’s waist and Heero lifted the blonde into his arms, following as Wufei led them out of the
bathroom and into a bedroom.

Sally was waiting in the bedroom as Heero and Wufei entered it.  “Set him down.”  She said, gesturing to one of the twin beds in
the room.

Heero nodded, carefully setting him down.  When Heero tried to move away, to let Sally have room to work, Quatre wrapped
his arms around him, pulling him back down and hiding from Sally behind him.

“Quatre, don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten me.”  Sally said quietly, kneeling down by the bed, reaching past Heero and
gently brushing a hand along one of Quatre’s arms.

Quatre peered around Heero, sniffing timidly for a few moments, before he came out of hiding and hugged Sally.  “You nice.”  
He said happily.

Sally hugged him in return, then gently pushed him away.  “Can I look at your leg?”  She asked.

Quatre nodded, raising his injured leg for her to look at it.  He whimpered when she examined him, but for the most part he was
quiet.  Heero hushed him, running his hands along Quatre’s back, trying to keep the young man calm as Sally did her job.

“This is going to need stitches.”  Sally said, frowning.  “Wufei, I left a few supplies on one of those dressers.  Ready a sedative.”

“Yes, Doctor.”  Wufei replied, then turned and walked over to the dresser.

Sally smiled at Quatre.  “Quatre, I’m going to need to do something that is normally very painful to do.”  Quatre shivered, once
again trying to move away.  Sally hushed him, cupping his face in her hands even as he whimpered.  “But it won’t hurt you.  I’
m going to give you an injection and you’re going to go to sleep.  You won’t feel a thing.  Okay?”

Quatre nodded unsurely.  “Me go sleep?”

“Yes.”  Sally smiled.  “You’ll be asleep.  You won’t feel any pain, I swear.”

Wufei returned, swabbing a dampened cotton ball over Quatre’s arm as he handed Sally the syringe.  Quatre turned away as
Sally injected him with the sedative, turning and clutching tightly to Heero as soon as the syringe was pulled from his arm.  
Heero quietly held him, while Sally ran a calming hand over Quatre’s side.

“Sleepy.”  Quatre whispered a few moments later, snuggling closer to Heero.

Heero nodded, gently moving out from under Quatre’s body, helping to lay him down on the bed.  He knelt by the bed, holding
Quatre’s hand, trying to offer comfort to the slumbering youth even as Sally and Wufei tended to his injury, cleaning, stitching
and wrapping it in bandages.  Then Quatre was dressed in pajamas, which turned out to be very loose on his thin form, and
tucked into bed.

To Be Continued . . .