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Notes:  Trowa wakes up.  Mueller has problems dealing with the sleeping arrangements.  And two visitors arrive at the station.

Untamed Spirit

Part Five

Trowa tiredly opened his eyes, not sure just when he had fallen asleep.  He looked down at himself, shocked to see that he was
in bed.  He was confused as to why he was lying down in a soft bed, wondering how on earth he had gotten there, not to
mention how he had gotten dressed into the clean pajamas he was currently wearing.  Then he noticed that Duo was sitting in a
chair by his bed.  The young man was asleep, apparently having been watching over Trowa.

“Are you okay?”  A quiet voice asked.

Trowa turned to the door, smirking when he saw the Asian nurse that had driven him back to the station, Wufei.  “Yeah . . . I
guess so.  How’s the guy I brought in?”  

Wufei stepped into the room, then sat on the edge of Trowa’s bed.  “He’s asleep.  Heero and I got him cleaned up and Doctor
Po stitched up the gashes in his leg.  He’s resting peacefully now.”  Wufei whispered, apparently keeping his tone low so that he
wouldn’t awaken Duo.

Trowa nodded, then sneezed.

Wufei set his hand against Trowa’s forehead, then placed it against one of his cheeks.  “I think staying out in the cold so long
was not beneficial to your health.”  He commented, his fingers prodding the glands under Trowa’s jaw.  “I believe it would be
best for you to stay in bed for a while . . . you may be coming down with something.”

“I don’t like staying in bed.”  Trowa muttered.  “I want to see that blonde . . . Quatre.”

“Well, your skin feels too warm for my liking.  After you get some rest, I’m sure Doctor Po will want to examine you more
fully.  I suggest you get a good night’s sleep and worry about Quatre in the morning.”

Trowa sighed, but nodded.  “I guess I could sleep.  You’re sure that Quatre is okay?”

Wufei smiled.  “Quite sure.  He’s sleeping in a bed in the room right next door.  Sally sedated him so that he wouldn’t feel it
when his injuries were tended to.  He’ll be sleeping for several more hours now.”

Trowa nodded, satisfied with the answer.  “Should Duo be sleeping like that?”  Trowa asked, gesturing to his long-haired friend
who was still asleep in that chair.  “He can’t be comfortable.”

“I’ll take care of that.”  Heero announced quietly, stepping into the room.  “Wufei, Sally said that she was going to stay in with
Quatre so you get to bunk here with Trowa.  Duo and I are going to be in the room to the left, Noin and Une are taking the room
next to that, and Zechs and that Mueller guy are going to be at the other end of the hall in the last room.”

Wufei nodded.  “Thank you for informing me.”  The Asian youth said, moving around Trowa’s bed and sitting on the other twin
bed.  “Does she need me for anything else?”

“No, everyone’s getting settled in for the night.  Goodnight, you two.”  Heero replied, easily sweeping Duo into his arms.

“Goodnight.”  Wufei replied, kicking off his shoes and laying back on his bed, not bothering to change out of his clothes.  He
was probably exhausted after tonight anyway, what with finding a childhood friend that he had probably thought had died a long
time ago.

“Sleep well, Heero.”  Trowa smiled, watching as his friend carried Duo out of the room, pulling the door shut with his foot as he

Trowa closed his eyes, not caring that a light was still on as he quickly fell into a peaceful slumber.  He just hadn’t known how
tired he had really been until he had closed his eyes.  Now he was glad that Wufei had suggested he get a good night’s rest
before worrying about that blonde youth that he had found.


Heero smirked as Duo groaned, slowly blinking his eyes open as Heero carried him to the bedroom they would be sharing.  Duo
looked up, blinking sleepily as he smiled at him.  “Hey, Heero.”  He said, breaking out into a yawn as he finished speaking.  
“Where we goin’?”

“To bed, of course.”  Heero responded, leaning forward and pressing a quick kiss to Duo’s forehead.

Duo smiled and snuggled closer to Heero’s body, sighing happily.  “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

Heero chuckled, carrying Duo into their bedroom and setting him down on one of the twin-sized beds.  Then he walked over to
the door and closed it.  He returned to Duo’s side, reaching up and slowly unbuttoning the young man’s shirt.  “Let’s get you
undressed and into bed.”  Heero said with a smirk.

“If you want to get laid, you’re doing a good job of turning me on.”  Duo winked.  “Hell, everything you do turns me on.  You
could be peeling an orange and I’d want to jump you.”

Heero blushed, pushing the shirt down and off Duo’s arms.  “Not tonight, Duo.  I don’t think the walls are quite thick enough.  
We wouldn’t want to disturb our neighbors now would we?”  

“You never said that in our apartment, Heero.  It might be fun to try and find out just which of us can keep quiet the longest.”  
Duo smiled, playfully trailing his fingers over Heero’s throat.  “I know quite well that you do most of the screaming, lover.”

Heero sighed, continuing to strip Duo of his clothes.  “As much as I would love to play that game with you, I think we’re both
too tired to give each other the attention we deserve.”  Heero whispered, leaning forward and swiping the tip of Duo’s nose with
his tongue.  This action caused the desired effect and Duo’s cheeks took on a rosy tint.

Duo nodded, then yawned again.  “Okay.”  He said.  

Heero smirked, quickly divesting Duo of his remaining clothes now that the young man wasn’t distracting him with
conversation.  Then he removed his own garments, folding both sets so that they wouldn’t get too wrinkly.  Now that he and
Duo were both only clad in their boxers, Heero climbed into bed, pulling Duo into the same bed with him and covering them
with the blankets.

“You sure we’re both gonna fit?”  Duo asked, gesturing to the twin-sized bed they were in.

“Yeah, we’ll just have to sleep close together.”  Heero replied, pulling Duo’s warm body against his own, content to fall asleep in
his lover’s arms.

“Hey Heero . . . how’s the blonde Trowa brought in . . . how’s Quatre?”  Duo asked quietly, snuggling close, his own arms
wrapped around Heero’s body.

“Well, he was injured, malnourished and sick . . . but I think given time he’ll heal.  Who knows, he may even catch up on what
he’s missed while in the wild.  He does seem very intelligent.  He acts and talks like a four-year-old.  He just needs to be taught.  
I think he has a good chance.”  Heero replied.

“That’s good.”  Duo sighed tiredly.  “Goodnight, Heero.”

“Goodnight, Duo.”  Heero smiled, pressing a chaste kiss to his half-asleep lover.  He closed his eyes, holding onto Duo securely
as they both fell asleep.


Mueller stood in the doorway of the room, biting his lip nervously.  Zechs was already inside, his shoes laying on the floor by
the bed he was reclining on.  He hadn’t noticed Mueller yet, since he was reading a book, but Mueller had definitely noticed
him.  Mueller just couldn’t get over how gorgeous the blonde man was, biting his lip as images of being wrapped in Zechs’s
strong arms crossed his mind.

He shook his head, stepping into the room shyly, wringing his hands in front of him as he walked.  “Um, Miss Noin told me that
I’d be staying here.”  Mueller said, nervous beyond belief as he stood there.

Zechs looked up from his book, casting a smile in Mueller’s direction.  “So you’re my roommate huh?  Well, your bed’s right
over there.”  He said, gesturing to the empty bed.  “There’s some pajamas on that dresser to your left.”

Mueller nodded.  “T-thanks.”  He murmured, walking over to the dresser and picking up the garments.  He bit his lip again,
knowing that he couldn’t change here . . . no, that just wasn’t an acceptable option to him.  So he quietly left the room, heading
to the bathroom and sighing in relief as he found it to be currently vacant.

Mueller closed and locked the door behind himself.  He set the clean clothes down, reaching up and unbuttoning his shirt with
trembling hands.  He didn’t know how he would get through this.  Being alone in a room with Zechs every night for who knew
how long . . . he didn’t know if he’d be able to handle this.  That Duo guy had already figured out that Mueller was attracted to
Zechs, by the time the roads cleared, so would everyone else probably.  Mueller was afraid . . . what if Zechs didn’t like him?  

Mueller shook his head, reaching down and grasping the sink with his hands as he leaned forward.  He blinked away his tears,
knowing that Alex was right about him.  He was just a pathetic weakling.  No one could possibly like him.  Alex was right, he
was nothing and should get used to being nothing.  Mueller nodded to himself, choking on a sob, knowing he should be grateful
to Alex for not leaving him like everyone else had.

He shook off the thoughts, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt and shrugging it off.  He winced as the movement caused his bruises
to ache, frowning as he saw them in the relfection in the mirror above the sink.  He had been disobedient again, something he
just couldn’t seem to help.  Alex was trying to teach him, that was what he kept saying.  These “lessons” of Alex’s usually left
Mueller bleeding from somewhere and last night had been no exception.

Although Alex never hit his face, the bruises and wounds he had inflicted on the rest of his body often left him in need of
hospitalization.  Never the same hospital twice in a row, never staying for anything more than treatment in the ER.  Sometimes
Mueller wondered why no one ever caught onto the fact that he was being beaten.  People don’t usually fall down the stairs
quite as often as Mueller claimed he had.

Right now, there were scratches across Mueller’s chest, dark bruises marring his abdomen.  He had a bandage wrapped around
him, from a trip to another hospital . . . the doctors having said that he’d bruised a few ribs.  There was nothing too serious, but
it still hurt a good deal.  He frowned at the bruise around his one arm, the way it looked like a hand had tightly grabbed him.  Of
course, Alex’s hand had grabbed him there, right before he was thrown to the floor . . . before Alex had fucked him.

Mueller shuddered, wondering why people did that if it hurt so much.  He shrugged, pulling on the pajama top and buttoning it,
blocking his injuries from view.  Then he stripped off his pants, socks and shoes, turning away at the sight of the injuries to his
lower half, trying to deny their existence as he put on the pajama bottoms.

Once he was dressed, he grabbed the clothes that he had stripped off, taking a deep breath before he headed out of the bathroom
and back to the bedroom he was sharing with Zechs.  He knew one thing, that he had to keep his injuries from sight . . . that
was one thing Alex had been adamant about.  If anyone saw . . . Mueller feared what his friend would do to him.

Mueller dropped his clothes on the dresser, keeping his eyes averted from Zechs’s bed as he folded his clothes neatly.  Although
he had noticed that the other man was in bed, the blankets pulled up over him, he was trying not to pay too much attention to
him, not wanting to be caught staring at the attractive older man.  Mueller turned off the light and climbed into his own bed,
watching Zechs’s outline until he finally fell asleep, wondering one last time what it would be like to be in Zechs’s arms.  Would
the tall blonde be like Alex?  Or would he be gentle with him?  Mueller didn’t think it would be the latter . . . there couldn’t be
anyone who would treat him with kindness . . . he didn’t deserve it.


Trowa blinked his eyes open, frowning in confusion as to why he had awakened.  He didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary,
didn’t know what it could possibly have been.  He looked over at the other bed in the room, taking note that Wufei was deep in

Trowa pushed the blankets away from himself, slowly getting out of bed.  His throat was dry, so he felt that since he was
already awake there would be no harm in getting himself a drink of water.  He quietly slipped out of the room, coughing lightly
as he walked down the stairs.  He sniffled, hated it when he had a clogged nose.

He walked into the small kitchen area, taking a glass from one of the cabinets.  He filled it with water, then brought the glass to
his lips to slowly drink it.  He felt a cough building in his throat so he lowered the glass, waiting until the fit passed before he
raised his drink again.  Once he was finished with it, he placed the glass in the sink and tiredly began the walk back to his room.

A strange scratching sound attracted his attention just as Trowa had placed his foot upon the first step.  He turned, realizing
quickly that it was coming from the door to the outside.  Slowly, Trowa walked over to the door, hesitantly pulling it open.  
Snow and wind pushed against the door, forcing their way into the station along with two other shapes.  Trowa winced his eyes
shut, pushing the door closed a few moments later.  He shivered as he turned, blinking in disbelief as he saw the silver wolf and
her cub shaking the snow from their fur only a few feet away from where he stood.

Trowa watched, not willing to take a step closer to or away from the wolves, for fear that they would take his movement as
threatening to them.  Instead, he just watched as they sniffed around, then ran up the stairs.  Once they were at the top of the
stairs, Trowa followed them, keeping his distance from them until he saw where they were standing.

They were pawing at the door to the room Trowa assumed Quatre to be in.  Trowa stepped over cautiously, being sure not to
make any rapid movements as he turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.  The wolf and cub strolled into the room as if
they belonged there, and to Trowa’s surprise, laid down on the floor by one of the beds.  Trowa smiled, guessing that they had
only come to protect their pack member.  

With a smile remaining on his face, Trowa returned to his room and climbed back into bed.  He hoped that Sally and the others
wouldn’t be too upset about the presence of wolves in the station.  It wasn’t as if Trowa could just let them out now, they
probably wouldn’t go anyway now that they had found Quatre.  Besides, it was just too cold to send them out in the storm, it
would just be cruel to force them out now.  Trowa mentally shrugged and closed his eyes, deciding to worry about it tomorrow.

To Be Continued . . .