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Notes:  Mueller longs for a certain blonde to notice him.  Quatre awakens.  And Wufei tends to Trowa’s health.

Untamed Spirit

Part Six

Golden rays of sunlight washed down on him from above.  No, not sunlight . . . it was hair, glorious blonde hair.  There were
long blonde strands of silk flowing about his body, caressing his sweat-dampened skin.  He looked up, smiling as he saw the
face of Zechs Merquise looming above him, feeling the slick heat of this glorious man as he drove into the body of his willing

He wrapped his legs around Zechs’s waist, pulling him deeper, wanting . . . no, needing to feel more.  The thrusts were set at a
maddening pace, Zechs’s lips scorching his skin with every kiss he trailed on his body.

“More . . . please?”  He begged of Zechs, pushing back with each plunge of Zechs’s delightfully hard body.

The pleasure only continued to escalate, never pausing or ceasing.  Ecstasy was all he knew, it was in his veins, his skin . . . all
around his quivering body.  He was so near to completion, so close to finding release that he could almost taste it.

And then Mueller awakened.  He groaned, the images of his wonderful dream fading away into nothingness.  Why couldn’t it
have continued for just a few more seconds?  It would have been nice to have actually finished that dream.

He turned, looking over to his roommate and hoping that he hadn’t awakened the other man.  However, he nearly fell out of bed
at the sight that lay there across from him.  There was Zechs, but that was to be expected, although there was more to be seen
than Mueller had expected.

The blankets that had been over Zechs were on the floor now, probably kicked away by the other man sometime in the midst of
his slumber.  He wore nothing other than a pair of flimsy boxers . . . and they were barely on him as it was.  The waistband was
riding low, giving tantalizing views of skin that Mueller had never dared to hope he would ever see in real life.

That body . . . he was so beautiful, Mueller thought, his imagination running wild as he tried to picture what it would be like to
be held by those muscular arms, to be held against that strong chest.  He bit into his bottom lip as he allowed his one hand to
drift below his blankets, grasping at his own crotch through the pajamas covering his body.

Mueller wanted to get up, to walk over there and straddle Zechs where he lay, to touch that gorgeous body with his hands . . .
to taste his creamy skin.  He wanted it all, to touch and be touched, to taste and shudder in pleasure as Zechs tasted him.  But he
simply wasn’t worthy of the blonde’s attentions, didn’t deserve those strong hands caressing his scrawny body.  But . . . it didn’
t hurt to imagine, to dream of the things he wished to do.  And imagine he did.

Trailing his eyes over the sculpted body laid out before him, Mueller slipped his hand beneath his pajamas, curling his fingers
around his own slick erection.  He let out a shuddered breath as he slowly began to pump his fist, stroking himself beneath the
blankets, licking his lips as he watched each rise and fall of Zechs’s strong chest.

Images flickered in the back of his mind, teasing him with flashes of his desires, of the things he dreamed of Zechs doing to
him.  He grunted as he finally came to completion, biting harshly into his bottom lip to silence any sounds he might have made.  
He lay back in bed for a moment, allowing the sensations to wash away, berating himself for losing composure like that, for
allowing himself to do such a thing.  He shouldn’t have . . . it was wrong to do that when the object of his affections was
sleeping right there, not ten feet away.

With a sigh, Mueller rose from bed and strode to the bathroom, deciding that he had better clean himself up.  He never noticed
the pair of striking blue eyes that followed his every move.


Quatre blinked open his hazy eyes, not understanding what was going on.  He had a vague memory, but couldn’t remember
things exactly, didn’t know why the ground he slept on was feeling so warm and soft this morning.  It was winter, the cave
should be cold . . . and he didn’t feel Mother’s fur by his side, nor the bodies of his brother or the rest of the pack.

He yawned, bringing his fists up to rub at his eyes.  He frowned though, feeling something strange covering his body.  He
blinked again as he took his hands from his eyes, his vision more clear now than only a few moments ago.

Quatre was very confused . . . he was wearing clothes . . . but he hadn’t had any clothes in years, not since he had grown out
of what he had been wearing that day.  He shuddered, not wanting to remember . . . he didn’t like remembering.

Quatre shivered, pushing himself to a sitting position, taking another look around.  He was in a room . . . in a building . . . he
didn’t know anything more than that about where he was.  There was a woman lying in a bed across the room from him.  
Strange, how he could remember the name of some objects . . . he just couldn’t seem to verbalize what he knew really.

A familiar sound made Quatre smile and he leaned over the edge of the bed that he was lying in.  There, lying on the floor was
Mother and Brother . . . his family.  Quatre crawled out of bed, being wary of his injured ankle as he joined his family on the
floor, curling up against them as he allowed himself to fall asleep again.  He felt safer here and was glad they had come to find


Wufei sighed deeply as he sat on the edge of Trowa’s bed.  The young man was still asleep . . . but his pale pallor distressed
Wufei.  Setting his hand to Trowa’s face, he found the skin to be feverish, just as he had suspected it would be.  Trowa was ill .
. . perhaps no more than a cold, but still it was not all that comforting given the fact that the group was cut off from the outside
by a snowstorm that was still going strong.

“How’s he doing?”

Wufei turned to look at the young, long-haired man standing in the doorway behind him.  If he remembered correctly from the
rushed introductions last night, the youth’s name was Duo.  “He has a cold . . . but it could worsen.”

Duo came forward and frowned deeply.  “Don’t you have the medicine here to take care of something like this?”  He questioned

Wufei rolled his eyes.  “Yes . . . I said it COULD worsen, not that it WILL worsen.  If it stays a cold, then he will be fine.  But
if it should happen to turn into pneumonia . . . I will do all that I can with the supplies we have.  Luckily, we are very well

Duo visibly relaxed, letting out a long, slow breath.  “That’s good.”  He ran his fingers through his bangs, closing his eyes
briefly.  However, he opened them again, when another young man came up behind him, circling his arms around Duo’s slim

“You weren’t in bed when I woke up.”  The other youth . . . Heero was his name . . . said with a small smirk on his face.

Duo grinned, turning in Heero’s arms.  “Well, I just had to see how Trowa was doing.”  He replied quietly, leaning heavily
against Heero’s body as he kissed the other young man.

Wufei shook his head before rising to his feet and clearing his throat.  He really did not want to watch the two of them grope
each other at the moment.  No, Wufei had more important things to do.

“If you two will please contain yourselves . . . I would ask if either of you would mind staying with Mr. Barton for a few
moments, while I check and see if Sally requires my assistance with anything.”

“Sure, go on.”  Duo smiled widely.  “We can handle it.  Trowa’s our friend . . . we won’t let anything happen to him.”

Heero nodded sharply in agreement.

“Yes, I am certain that you will adequately see to his care while I am away.”  Wufei nodded, saying nothing further as he
stepped past the two young men and walked out of the room.  He simply had to find out if that blonde really was his old friend
Quatre or not.

To Be Continued . . .