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Notes:  Wufei goes to visit Quatre with the intention of finding out if he is who he says.

Untamed Spirit

Part Seven

Wufei walked down the hallway.  It still boggled his mind that the blonde in one of the bedrooms could be Quatre.  True, he
looked like the late Mrs. Winner, but maybe he wasn’t Quatre.  Wufei still had a picture of the Winners with his own family.  
Mrs. Winner had been very beautiful, and the youth they had taken in DID resemble her greatly.  Wufei really wanted to believe .
. . it would bring joy back into Mr. Winner’s eyes should this young man truly be his long lost son.

He walked into the bedroom that they had put the youth in, and felt a stab of panic when he didn’t see the young man.  Then a
sound from the floor caught Wufei’s attention, and he looked past the bed, smiling a little at the scene he found.  There, lying on
the floor was the little blonde . . . nestled together with two wolves Wufei didn’t remember having let into the cabin.

Wufei shrugged.  He reached forward and gently checked the youth’s foot, keeping a watchful eye on the wolves.  He really
didn’t want to be mauled if they decided he was a threat.  However, he smiled as the blonde awakened.

“Good morning.  Your pack mates won’t attack, will they?”  He asked in a calm tone.

“Nope.  No bad here.  Who you?”  The blonde asked as he pushed himself to a sitting position, yawning widely as he stretched
his arms above his head.

Wufei decided that now was as good a time as any to start his test.  “You don’t know me?”  He asked with a smirk.  “Have I
changed so much since we were little?”  He decided that a small nudge wouldn’t hurt.  He didn’t want the youth to be
mistrustful.  If it WAS Quatre, Wufei wanted to continue their friendship.

The youth squinted his eyes a little, cocking his head to the side as he regarded Wufei carefully.

Wufei smirked again.  “Maybe this will help.”  He removed his hair tie . . . he’d never tied his hair back as a child.  It was only in
recent years that he felt the need to keep his hair from his face.  “Do you know me . . . Ooof!”  He was cut off when he
suddenly found his arms filled with an exuberant blonde.

“Oo-fei!”  The blonde squealed, constricting his arms around Wufei’s body.  “Oo-fei!  Oo-fei!  Oo-fei!”

Wufei chuckled.  The first test had most definitely been passed.  Quatre had ALWAYS greeted him like that.  “Air, Quatre!  
AIR!”  He smiled at the blonde as he was released from the bear hug.  Then he went back to checking Quatre’s ankle.  “This is
looking better.”  He said as he wrapped the bandages again.  “So . . . is there anything I can get you?”

“Ice cweam?”  Quatre asked, a purely innocent expression on his face.

Wufei snorted.  “It is the middle of winter and you want ice cream?  It’s in short supply here, I’m afraid to say.  It’s not
considered a necessary food group.”  He pulled the blanket off the cot and wrapped it around Quatre’s slim shoulders.

“No ice cweam?”  The little blonde pouted, his brow furrowing slightly.

Wufei smiled.  “How about some hot cocoa?  I believe I saw a couple boxes of the instant mixes when I was looking through
the cabinets earlier.”

Quatre’s eyes lit up with pure delight.  “Yeah!”  He exclaimed, lunging forward and hugging Wufei again.  “Oo-fei have some
too?  And Tro . . . Tro-wa?”

“Let me breathe, Quatre.”  Wufei chuckled as he gently pushed Quatre so that the blonde loosened his hold.  “Yes, I will have
some too . . . but I do not think Trowa is up to having any.  He’s gotten a minor cold.”  At Quatre’s worried expression, Wufei
added, “But don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll get better.”  He stood up, smiling at his friend.  “Now . . . if you’ll stay here, I’ll . . .”

“Oo-fei leavin’ me?  Gonna go ‘way like Mama?”  Quatre pouted sadly and gave Wufei a pitiful look.

Wufei groaned.  “Oh, not that face, Quatre . . . please?”  Wufei said, remembering all the times as children when Quatre had
used that exact face to get his way.  It was difficult arguing with someone who was too adorable for words.

Hanging his head, Wufei finally gave in, just like he had many times before.  “Ohhhh . . . all right.”  He sighed, then shook his
head.  “But, you are not to stand on your hurt leg, okay?  There’s a nice sitting room right off the kitchen.”  He quickly wrapped
Quatre up in a blanket.  “Umm . . . are your friends going to have a problem with you not being here?”  He looked nervously at
the silver wolf and her cub, wondering if they would be upset by Quatre’s absence.

Quatre glanced at the wolves laying around him and shook his head.  “They know.  I no call for help, I no sound afraid of you.  
They know no bad here.”

Wufei nodded and picked Quatre up, cradling him carefully in his arms.  “Come on, then.  You’re still a midget, you know.”  He
said, laughing softly as Quatre scowled at him.  The expression on his long lost friend’s face was simply adorable.

As Wufei rose, the wolves turned to look up at him.  Seeing that Quatre was being taken from them, they got up as well.  Since
they weren’t growling or acting in a threatening manner, Wufei turned and walked away, knowing that Quatre would warn him
if he was doing something wrong.

The wolves followed as Wufei made his way downstairs and to the sitting room.  He settled Quatre on a long sofa, propping his
injured leg up on a throw pillow.  The two wolves lay beside the sofa, keeping close to their pack member.

Wufei smiled, adjusting the blanket one more time.  “You stay here, Quatre . . . I’ll go and make that cocoa for you.”

Quatre bit into his lip, his face showing worry.  “Oo-fei?  Katowa has favor to ask.”  He said, grabbing onto Wufei’s arm.

“What is it, Quatre?”  Wufei asked, feeling concerned.  He took a seat next to the little blonde, hoping that there was nothing

“Will Oo-fei fix Katowa’s hair?”  He asked, raising his hand to curl in the uneven mess of blonde hair.

Wufei smiled.  He hadn’t been thinking about styling Quatre’s hair when he had cut it last night.  To be honest, it was a bit of a
mess.  “Of course I will.  If you don’t mind waiting a little for cocoa?”

“Katowa wait.”  The little blonde smiled brightly.

With a smile on his own face, Wufei rose from his seat and went to get the necessary supplies.  He returned to Quatre’s side in
a few short moments.  He got Quatre settled in a kitchen chair, making it easier for Wufei to work.  Then he set about his task,
dampening Quatre’s hair and combing through it before he set to cutting it.

In less than half an hour, Wufei finished.  He nodded in satisfaction as he brushed aside the bits of hair from Quatre’s shoulders,
running his fingers through the short blonde strands just for the sake of doing so.

“Here.”  He said, reaching over to pick up a mirror.  He held it in front of Quatre.  “Is this okay?”

Quatre reached up and grasped the handle of the mirror, his hands covering Wufei’s.  “This is Katowa?”  He asked, bringing one
hand to his face, feeling his own features, his eyes glued on the mirror’s reflection.  “Hair good.  But this face not what Katowa
remembers.  Look different.”

Wufei smiled, stepping around the chair and dropping to his knees in front of Quatre.  He set the mirror aside, raising his hand to
caress Quatre’s cheek.  “Quatre, I know this will be difficult to understand, but I think I should tell you.  You’re not four years
old anymore . . . neither am I.  We’ve both gotten older . . . you’ve been here in this forest for years.  We’d all given up hope of
seeing you . . . it’s been fourteen years since you went missing.”

“Katowa old now?”  Quatre inquired, his brow furrowing.

“No, not old.  But you are eighteen . . . a grown-up.”  Wufei said, trying to make it easier for Quatre to understand.

Quatre sniffled.  “Katowa no want be grown up.”  He whispered, his eyes beginning to fill with sparkling tears.

“I’m sorry that it can’t be changed, my friend.”  Wufei honestly replied.  “Come on, now.  Back onto the sofa, and I’ll go and
make us that cocoa.  okay?”

“Okay.”  Quatre said, his expression downcast.  

He allowed himself to be lifted again, leaning close to Wufei as he was carried over to the sofa.  Wufei was worried for his
friend.  However, he didn’t know what he could say.  So he did the only thing that he could think of.  He covered Quatre more
carefully with the blankets and stepped back, watching as Quatre lay on his side and dangled a hand over the edge, his fingers
brushing across the fur of the silver wolf.

As Wufei turned to walk away, he very barely heard Quatre whisper.  “Katowa should have stayed in forest.”

He paused in his steps, wishing that he had not heard that.  Still . . . what could he say?  With a sigh, he continued on his way to
the kitchen, knowing that he would have to talk with Quatre again later.  He had to make the little blonde understand that things
weren’t all that bad.

Maybe he could get one of the others to help with this.  Quatre needed more help than Wufei could offer.  When the others were
all awake, he would talk to them.  But for now, he’d do his best to keep Quatre’s spirits high.  The cocoa should be able to help
. . . at least a little . . . for now.

To Be Continued . . .