Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  Time skip of three days.  Quatre is healing.  Trowa is feeling better, but now Heero and some of the others have caught
his cold.

Warning:  Lemon ahead.  2x1.  Enjoy.

Untamed Spirit

Part Nine

Wufei sighed as he entered the sitting area.  Several days had gone by since the snow storm had trapped them all here in this
cabin.  And now that Quatre was getting stronger, he was getting more and more stubborn.  He sighed as he once again saw the
blonde about to get up.

“Quatre . . . your foot is steal healing.  You need to lie down,”  Wufei chided, crossing the room and gently pushing Quatre back
down onto the sofa.  The two wolves looked up at him, but neither did anything, a fact that left Wufei feeling greatly relieved.

Quatre growled a little as he folded his arms across his chest.  “I feel much better now, Wufei.  I wanna . . . want to . . . see

Wufei smiled with fond affection at his friend and shook his head.  “Trowa will be out of bed today and will probably come out
here to keep you company.  I’m sure he’ll enjoy talking with you.”  He looked up as Duo entered the room, running the back of
his hand across his nose.  He could tell that his new friend was coming down with the cold that Trowa was getting over and
that Heero, Noin and Mueller currently had.  “You had better take care of that.”

Duo grinned impishly and headed toward the kitchen.  “Yeah . . . I’m just going to get some O.J.  Oh, and tell you that Zechs
was in contact with someone in town who said the roads are being cleared.  It’ll take a day or two, but we can have Quatre out
of here and home soon.  Won’t that be nice, buddy?”

The blonde smiled brightly.  “Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing my Papa.”  His smile faded.  “It would be nicer if Mama were
still alive.  But she isn’t.”  The larger wolf on the floor whined softly before licking Quatre’s hand as if she understood his

Wufei offered a warm smile.  “Your father has many pictures of her, Quatre.  And she still lives on in you.  I’m sure that,
wherever her spirit is, she is happy to know that you will be reunited with your father soon.”

Quatre’s smile returned as he nodded.  “So . . . what will I be learning today?”


Duo grinned as Wufei was telling Quatre about his daily lessons.  He got two glasses of orange juice and headed back upstairs.  
Heero was in bed with a cold and Duo felt the need to pamper him.  He entered just in time to hear the end of Heero blowing his
nose.  He smiled warmly at his lover and walked toward the bed.  “Hey . . . I got you some orange juice.”  He handed one glass
to Heero and set his own on the night stand.  Then he leaned over to fluff Heero’s pillows and kissed Heero softly on the

Heero sighed and shook his head.  “Duo, for the last time.  Please get someone else to take care of me for a while.  I don’t want
you getting sick, too.”

Duo sat on the bed and caressed Heero’s face before retrieving his orange juice.  He sipped at it quietly for a few moments
before speaking.  “If I got sick, I know you’d look after me.  After all, I’ve kept you company, played chess with you, brought
you all forms of refreshments, changed your bedding when you got up to shower, massaged your feet and rubbed menthol on
your chest.  You’d do no less for me.”

Heero snorted and tried to glare, which didn’t work due to the redness of his nose.  “But I am an excellent patient.  You on the
other hand, are impossible and demanding.”  He took a swallow of his orange juice, then set the glass on the bedside table.

Duo swallowed the last of his orange juice and glared at Heero.  “Bite me, Yuy!”

Heero’s eyebrows quirked at the use of his last name.  “Is that an invitation, Maxwell?  Maybe once I’m fully over my cold I’ll .
. .”

He never got to finish that statement as Duo swept forward and captured his lips with his own.  He groaned into Duo’s mouth,
his tongue tracing his lover’s lips.  Then he pulled back, his hands pushing at Duo’s shoulders.

“Duo, don’t.  I don’t want you getting my cold,”  Heero warned.

Duo smiled.  It was cute the way Heero was concerned about him.  But it wasn’t necessary.  “Too late, love muffin.”  He
sniffed, already finding it difficult to take in a breath through his nose.  “I already caught it.  Now, what say you and I have a
little fun?”  He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, leaning forward and pressing his weight down on his palms, his body over

“You’re insatiable.”  Heero sighed, but a smile was on his face.  “I suppose that’s one of the many reasons I love you so much.”

Duo brought his leg up and over Heero’s body, straddling his waist.  “Come on, baby.  It’s been days since I really got to touch
you.  Remember that day in the woods?”  He trailed a few kisses along Heero’s throat, nibbling at his chin.

Heero let out a breath, nodding.  “Yes, that was quite . . .”  He broke off with a groan as Duo’s hand slipped up beneath his
pajama top, his thumb circling one nipple.  He arched his back, pressing himself closer to the long-haired youth.  “You always
know how to make me feel good.”

“I bet I can make you feel even better.”  Duo grinned, taking a long slow lick down Heero’s throat, stopping when the top
button of Heero’s pajamas impeded him.  He sat back with an overdramatized sigh, fiddling with Heero’s collar.  “This is in my
way.  I’m afraid it’s going to have to go.”  Without waiting for a word from Heero, Duo grabbed the shirt in two fistfuls and
tore it apart, revealing the smooth expanse of Heero’s chest.

“You could have just unbuttoned it,” Heero commented, his hand running up and down along Duo’s thigh.

Duo grinned.  “Not as much fun that way.”  He ran his hands over the newly exposed body of his lover, his body tingling with
anticipation.  “Just lie back and let me do all the work.”

Heero opened his mouth, perhaps to say something in reply, but Duo didn’t want to hear talk right now.  He wanted action.  He
pressed forward, taking those delectable lips again.  Heero’s mouth was like ambrosia, the finest delicacy Duo had ever tasted.  
Duo could never get enough.

His hands worked along Heero’s chest, brushing along his sides, slipping down to Heero’s pajama bottoms.  Insistently, he
pushed at the offending garment.  Heero obliged his efforts by lifting his hips a bit, giving Duo just enough leeway to slide both
his pajamas and boxers off.

Something delightfully hard was nudging against Duo’s thigh.  The feel of it left Duo groaning in pleasure, his body aching to
feel that in an even more intimate way.  “Ooo, I definitely like the feel of that,” Duo breathed, rocking his hips against that hard

Below him, Heero threw his head back and moaned deeply, his fingers digging into Duo’s thighs.  “Duo . . . you’re wearing too
much.”  His hands moved to Duo’s zipper.

Duo brushed his hands away.  “No, no, no.  I said I’d do all the work.”  He did love playing with Heero.

“Tease,”  Heero smirked.

Duo chuckled, saying nothing.  Instead, he spoke with action, bending his body so that he could lap at Heero’s nipple, teasing
the hardening nub with his teeth.  He enjoyed hearing as Heero’s breath came out in pants and moans.  For a moment he even
got Heero to stop breathing, as he curled his fingers around that hard cock and gave it a fleeting stroke.

Duo couldn’t wait any longer.  He was a physical person.  And for the past week, he hadn’t gotten anything more than make-out
time with Heero.  Well, except since Heero had gotten sick, then the most he had been able to do was deliver a few massages
and menthol rubs to his lover’s body.  The sex might not be everything, but Duo did still enjoy doing it.  And everything about
Heero turned him on so much it was hard to think sometimes.

He scrambled back on the bed, wasting no more time as he wrapped his lips around the tip of Heero’s leaking shaft.  He
moaned, a shudder passing through him with that first taste.  He had missed this.  Losing himself in the simple pleasure of
tasting Heero’s cock, Duo went down on him, taking all that he had to offer and wanting even more.  He moaned, hearing Heero’
s pleased gasps as he licked and sucked every inch of Heero’s manhood.

Heero’s fingers tangled in his hair, stretching the scalp painfully.  But Duo didn’t stop.  In fact, it only encouraged him to do
more.  He began to bob his head, lathering the organ with his tongue and lightly scraping his teeth along it as he pulled back.  
“Come for me, Heero.”  He whispered, his hand working quickly along the Japanese man’s shaft.

“Oh, God Duo.”  Heero shuddered, pressing the back of his hand over his mouth.  When Duo swallowed him whole, his cries
were muffled by it.

His body shaking, Heero finally gave in, rocking his hips sharply as his seed expelled into Duo’s waiting mouth.  Duo eagerly
swallowed all that he could, taking long deliberate licks once Heero had fallen slack against the bed once more.  He coaxed Heero
to hardness again, licking and stroking the sensitive shaft, wanting to see Heero begging for more.

For a few fleeting seconds, Duo pulled away.  Just long enough to strip himself.  Before casting his pants aside, he fumbled in
one of the pockets, pulling out the bottle of lube he always carried with him.

He slid himself between Heero’s thighs, rubbing his aching cock up against Heero’s inner thigh.  “God, Heero.  I’m so hard I
can barely think.”  He licked Heero’s throat again, his fingers grasping at Heero’s side.

Heero grazed his fingers along Duo’s cheek, silently urging his lover up to him.  They kissed, tongues dancing with each other
while Duo opened the lube and applied a liberal amount to his fingers.  Eagerly, but carefully, Duo slid one finger up inside his
partner, shuddering at the heat within him.  He couldn’t wait to bury his cock in that tight ass.  They never broke the kiss as
Duo stretched Heero, working one, then two more fingers within him, Heero’s hips rocking in time with the thrusting motions
of Duo’s hand.

“In me . . . now,”  Heero gasped, breaking the kiss.

Duo shook his head, rubbing his throbbing erection against Heero.  “No, not yet.  I want to last.”  With that, he grabbed Heero’s
hips and yanked him down, pressing their shafts together.  He rocked against Heero, pressing as close as he could, digging his
fingers into his hips.  Heero bit back a gasp, throwing his arms around Duo’s back, holding tightly as Duo humped him, taking
and giving waves of pleasure.

Duo didn’t last long.  He had already been achingly hard to begin with.  And seeing Heero in the throes of passion always left
him teetering on the very edge of sanity.  He grunted his release, splashing the sticky wetness across Heero’s stomach.  Heero
moaned, reaching between their bodies to swipe his fingers through the milky fluid, bringing it to his lips.  His tongue darted out,
tasting it, a delightful smile on his face.  Already, Duo was rising to the occasion again.

“Okay, enough play.”  Duo smirked, pumping his shaft a few times before he positioned himself at Heero’s waiting entrance.  
Slowly, deliberately, he eased inside, unable to breathe until he was fully settled within his lover’s hot body.

“Move,” Heero insisted, wriggling his hips.

Duo complied, even though they’d had no time to adjust.  He could never deny Heero anything, not in this.  He moved slowly at
first, retracting himself to the tip before plunging back in, sheathing himself fully and then repeating the action over and over
again.  He listened to each and every one of Heero’s moans and pleas for more, slowly increasing his pace as time wore on.  
Until finally, he was pounding away at his lover’s tight ass.

Heero had reached behind himself, gripping the headboard, his knuckles white with the strain.  Duo grabbed Heero around the
backs of his knees, spreading his legs as wide apart as he could.  He let loose, throwing himself into pleasing his lover.  Plunging
in hard and fast, the bed slamming against the wall with each drive he delivered.  Heero bit his lip to stop a scream, meeting each
and every thrust of Duo’s hips.

Duo snapped forward, grunting as he leaned down, pressing his weight down on Heero.  He let go of Heero’s legs, one hand
bracing on his hip while the other gripped the mattress by Heero’s head.  Duo’s thrusts became shorter, faster as he deeply
rammed inside of him.  His fingers curled around Heero’s cock, his thumb passing over the tip just as Heero climaxed, his seed
splattering Duo’s chest.

White spots speckled Duo’s vision and he succumbed to the pleasure, a soundless cry leaving his lips as he drove hilt-deep one
final time.  He nearly fell over, his body shook so much.  “Oh, God!”  He whispered, releasing wave after wave of passion
within Heero.  He rocked his hips, his breath coming out in shudders as he came down off the best high he had ever gotten in
his life.

Slowly, tiredly, he dragged his flagging erection from Heero’s passage, grunting again as the friction left him shuddering one last
time, a few droplets of semen leaked out of his spent length.  “That . . .”  Duo started, sliding to lie across Heero’s side.

“Was incredible,” Heero finished, his hand idly stroking across Duo’s throat.  He grimaced down at his sticky, semen and sweat-
covered body.  “I need a shower.”

“Later.” Duo smiled, reaching to the foot of the bed and dragging a blanket up.  “We can shower later.  For now, I think we
should rest.  We are sick after all.”

Heero chuckled.  “I can wait,” he agreed.  He turned over, pressing his face into Duo’s shoulder, reaching around to grope his
ass.  “But this is mine when we get in there.”

Duo laughed outright.  “And you say I’m insatiable!”

“Go to sleep,”  Heero mumbled, his hand still on Duo’s ass as he fell into a soft slumber.  Duo was quick to follow him.

To Be Continued . . .