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Notes:  Duo and Heero have more fun.  1x2 Lemon.

Untamed Spirit

Part Ten

Duo groaned as he gradually climbed through the layers of consciousness.  He could hardly believe that he was still tingling after
his recent bout of lovemaking with Heero.  Speaking of which, Duo looked around and pouted a little when he saw that Heero
wasn’t in bed, or even in the room with him.  He guessed that Heero had gone ahead to shower.

Duo pulled himself up and sniffled.  He wasn’t too bad yet, but he knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d be bedridden.  As soon
as his symptoms started up, Heero wouldn’t let him up for anything other than bathroom breaks.  He remembered quite well
from the last time he had been ill.  Duo wasn’t a great patient when he was sick, but Heero was a major mother-hen.

With a shrug, Duo quickly stripped the soiled sheets from the bed and replaced them with the clean set he found folded neatly on
the chair.  Heero had probably left them there for him to find, or so that he could change them himself later.

Once that was done, Duo threw on a robe and went in search of his lover.  When he approached the bathroom, he smiled when
he heard the water running and a familiar voice humming.  ‘Time to take you up on your offer, Heero,’ Duo thought with a wry
grin.  He entered the room with no hassle and locked the door behind himself.

He quickly stripped off the robe and slid open the shower door.  “Hey, is there room in there for me?  You know the old saying .
. . ‘conserve water, shower with a friend.’”

Heero laughed softly, his body and hair glistening under the fall of water.  Gently, he wrapped his slick hands around Duo and
pulled him close.  “Come here.”

Duo smiled, his body shivering a bit as the warm water hit him.  He reached behind himself, blindly closing the door.  “God I
love you.”

Heero nuzzled Duo’s neck and licked at the water droplets beading there.  “And I love you . . .”  He pulled back for a moment
and shook his head with a sigh.  “When we’re done in here, I want you to go straight back to bed and get some sleep.”  He
reached up, wiping Duo’s wet bangs away from his face with a gentle touch.  “You really need to conserve your strength.”

Duo pouted a little.  “But I was hoping for a little more fun . . .”  He smirked as a thought came to him.  With skillful fingers, he
began stroking Heero in places that he knew were extremely arousing for his lover.  “Just one more go and then I promise to
take it easy like a good boy.  It'll be good for me to get my circulation going, and heavy breathing in this steam will be good for
my lungs.”

Heero chuckled and gathered Duo close, his breath already becoming harsh as Duo continued to toy with his most sensitive
places.  “Whatever am I going to do with you?”

Duo knew the answer to that and kissed Heero before speaking.  “You are going to love me until the stars fall from the sky.  
That’s what you told me when we first got together.”  Then he gently nipped at Heero’s earlobe.  “So, does that mean you’re
going to make me feel good and wear me out?”

Heero’s grin was predatory, his eyes hazed with undeniable lust.  He reached around, clenching his hands against Duo’s rear.  
“You bet your sweet ass I will,” he responded, roughly spinning Duo and pinning him up against the shower wall.

Duo groaned at the feel of Heero’s half-hard shaft sliding between the cheeks of his ass.  Heero rubbed himself back and forth,
grazing his hot flesh against Duo.

“Do you like that, Duo?  Do you like what I do to you?”  Duo was sure that Heero was smirking, as he could very well hear it in
his tone.  “Now, since sound bounces off tile, you’ll have to be as quiet as possible.”

Duo whimpered and nodded as Heero slid his hand down to probe his opening with his long, supple fingers.  He felt the cool
drizzle of liquid soap against his rear and shivered as Heero swept his fingers through it, using the soap to lubricate his way into
Duo’s body.  Duo sighed as the almost comforting feeling of being prepared to welcome his lover enveloped him.  There was
just something about being claimed by Heero that made Duo feel cherished.  No one had ever made Duo love being taken before,
and no one else ever would.  Heero was the only one he would ever trust with this.

He leaned his head forward, pressing his forehead to the tiled wall.  “Only you, lover,” he groaned, pushing back against Heero’s
finger.  “Only you can do this to me . . . because you’re the only one I want with me and in me.”

Heero growled in that wonderfully possessive way of his and added another finger.  “That’s good, because I don’t intend to
share you with anyone.  Just like I know you don’t want to share me.”  Heero kissed Duo’s shoulder, then retracted his fingers
and slapped Duo’s ass.  “Spread your legs, love and bend over more.  I can’t wait any longer.”  He punctuated his words by
grinding himself against Duo’s thigh.  Duo could swear that he felt the way Heero was throbbing for him.

Duo moaned in delightful anticipation and did as he was told, trusting Heero to keep him on his feet.  He bit into his arm to keep
his scream from escaping as Heero claimed him with one sure thrust.  He shuddered under the onslaught of sensations as Heero
allowed him time to adjust.  Heero’s hardness was throbbing within him, while the water ran along Duo’s body in rivulets,
caressing him in ways that no human hand ever could.  Duo’s whole body hummed with the pleasure of it all, and he knew
things were only going to get better.

His prediction came true when Heero began a series of small motions to get Duo’s inner muscles to relax a little.  Duo only
wanted to be driven into the wall, rammed into time and again by his lover’s thick cock.  Still, he fought off his impatience,
knowing that Heero liked doing things his own way.  He only hoped that Heero would remember how difficult it was for Duo to
remain quiet whenever Heero worked him up like this.  He whimpered softly.  He didn’t want Heero to make him scream.  He
wanted it hard and fast, so rough that his release was announced with only the barest of gasps.  “Come on, Heero.  If I’m gonna
be quiet about this, you can’t drag it out like you normally do.”

Heero chuckled a little.  “Ahh, let me do things my way, love.  Trust me.”

Duo simply grunted as Heero thrust into him hard just once before resuming the lazy pace.  “Not to rush you, but this water will
get cold soon.”

There was a slight pause and Heero’s hand was stroking Duo’s back.  “You have a point.”  He sighed softly then.  “I just
wanted to make this last.”

Duo grinned and wriggled his backside, loving the way Heero filled him so utterly.  “When we’re both all better, love.  I promise
you can take all the time you want.  Right now though, just fuck me.”

Heero’s laugh filled Duo’s ears, but Heero said nothing more.  He gripped Duo’s hips and yanked him back, ramming himself as
deeply as he could.  Duo arched his back, his own shaft bobbing between his thighs as he was finally given what he wanted.

Their pace was fast and hard.  Duo’s limbs quivered as Heero took him with force.  He had to hold his hands to the wall to keep
from slamming his face against it with each drive of Heero’s cock.

“I’m sorry, Duo,” came Heero’s breathless voice.  “I can’t hold on any longer.”  He reached around, fisting Duo’s cock.

A mere moment later, Duo heard Heero’s gasp and knew his lover had found his own completion.  As much as he wished he
could have come with his lover, he knew that sometimes things just didn’t work out that way.  His heavy erection was still
aching, but he was happy that Heero had found pleasure within him.

Heero’s hand stilled on Duo’s length.  He didn’t move for a few desperately long moments, and then he slipped his softening
shaft from Duo’s body.  Duo groaned at the loss, but moved as Heero bade him until his back was pressed into one of the
corners of the shower.  Knowing what was to come, he pressed his hand against the wall, bracing himself there just an instant
before his manhood was swallowed whole.

“Oh, God!  Heero!” Duo cried out, slamming his head back against the tiled wall.  The pain he felt was nothing compared to the
pleasure though.

Heero gave the best blowjobs in Duo’s honest opinion.  His mouth was like a vacuum, his tongue slithering in impossible ways,
feeling like it was everywhere all at once.  He knew just when to suck, just when to bob his head, the perfect moment to
swallow.  Under Heero’s expertise, Duo was quickly reduced to a moaning idiot.  He jerked his hips forward, his orgasm
striking fast.  Heero pulled back at the last instant, allowing the sticky liquid to splatter his face.  The sight of his own seed
dripping along Heero’s cheek only seemed to make Duo come more.  It was such a turn on for him to see that, and Heero knew
it full well.

“You spoil me,” Duo groaned when he was finally able to bring his thoughts together again.  He slid down, Heero’s hands
guiding him down until he was sitting on the floor.

“You deserve it,” Heero replied with a roughened voice, reaching up to wash the semen from his face before he turned the
shower off.  “We’d better get to bed.”

Duo nodded, though he’d be more than happy to just stay where he was for the rest of the day.  He was blissfully content.  Of
course, he knew that he’d only make himself worse if he stayed sitting all dripping wet in the shower.  So, with a dumb smile on
his face, he allowed Heero to help him up.

Together, the two of them dried off and put on their robes.  They returned to bed where they stripped their clothes off again.  
Duo’s hair was still wrapped up tight in a towel, but besides that there was nothing between them as they slid back into bed.  
Content in his lover’s arms, Duo fell into an easy slumber, looking forward to when he was healthy again so they could enjoy
each other more.

“Love you,” he mumbled into Heero’s strong chest, just barely hearing the equal reply as he slipped off to sleep.

To Be Continued . . .