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Notes:  Some Quatre torment here.  I upset one of the clone’s a bit.  Enjoy.

Young Hearts

Part Six

Wufei walked through the halls, three clones following close behind him . . . his own clone and the clones of Treize and Zechs.  
He stepped into the quarters that he shared with Quatre, closing the door once all the clones were inside with him.

“You three, sit down and behave yourselves.”  Wufei ordered, herding the children over to one of the beds and making sure that
his own clone and Treize’s clone were not next to each other.

Then he turned his back to the children, grabbing himself a change of clothes before he stepped into the bathroom that adjoined
the room.  Wufei quickly changed, looking in the mirror above the sink to be sure that his hair was still neat.  It was, so he
walked out of the bathroom, only to sigh at the scene before him.

The three clones had gotten off the bed.  The clone of Zechs was standing between the other two, apparently trying to keep
them apart.

“What’s going on?”  Wufei asked, stepping over to the children.

“Nothing.”  The children replied, their voices almost synchronized.

Wufei sighed, not believing that for an instant.  He picked up Treize’s clone, depositing him on Quatre’s bed, then picked up his
own clone and put him down on his bed.  “You two stay where you are.”  He ordered.  “You will have to learn to get along with
each other . . . you might be living together for a long time.”

“Yes, sir.”  Treize’s clone replied, bowing his head slightly.

He felt a tap to his arm and glanced down to see Zechs’s clone looking up at him.  “What do you want me to do?”  The boy
asked quietly.

“Just sit somewhere and keep quiet.”  Wufei replied, not really sure what to do with these children.  He didn’t even know why
he had offered to take those other two along with his own.  He had no idea of what he needed to buy for them.

Zechs’s clone walked over to Quatre’s bed and sat beside the clone of Treize.  He sat there quietly, just swinging his legs over
the edge of the bed as he patiently waited.

As Wufei walked over to the small closet to retrieve his duffle bag, the door to the room opened and Quatre walked in, his clone
following behind him.

“Raberba, why don’t you go sit down while I change.”  Quatre smiled, closing the door behind his clone.

“Okay.”  The small boy replied, walking over and sitting on the bed beside Wufei’s clone.

Wufei looked over at Quatre.  “Raberba?”  He asked, raising an eyebrow quizzically.

“Well, he needed a name.”  Quatre replied, stepping over to his dresser and removing a change of clothes.  He turned to Wufei,
smiling before he walked into the bathroom.

Wufei returned to what he had been doing.  He pulled his duffle bag from the closet, also grabbing what few belongings he had
been keeping in there.  He dropped everything on his bed, quickly packing.  He just wanted to get today over with.

Quatre walked out of the bathroom, carrying his dirty clothes with him, along with his toiletries.  “In a hurry, Wufei?”  Quatre

“I do not know why I offered to take those other two clones with me.  I do not like shopping for myself.  What do you buy for
children anyway?”  Wufei replied, continuing to pack.

Quatre dropped his stuff on his own bed.  He quickly retrieved his suitcase from the closet, opening it and setting it on his bed.  
“Well, they’ll need clothes, toothbrushes and hair care products, various other toiletries.  Unfortunately, a few of the bedrooms
at the estate are unfurnished, but I’ll take care of that.  You might want to buy things to distract them . . . toys or something.”  
Quatre answered.

A thought occurred to Wufei as he was zipping his bag shut, something that Duo had brought up earlier.  “Winner, why do you
live here, if you have an estate nearby?”  Wufei asked, giving the blonde his full attention.

Quatre dropped what he had been holding, his hands beginning to tremble as his breath grew ragged.  Wufei did not like this
reaction.  He glanced over at the children noticing that they all looked concerned, and Raberba  was an instant away from
jumping up and running over to his older self.  To tell the truth, Wufei was also concerned.  It was unusual to see Quatre in
such a state.

Wufei hastily stepped over to Quatre, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and leading him over to the bathroom.  He frowned,
feeling all the tremors coursing through his friend’s body.  Before he walked into the bathroom, he looked over to the clones
again.  “You four stay there.”  He said.

They all nodded, Raberba offering a quiet.  “Yes, sir.”

Wufei closed the door once he and Quatre were in the bathroom.  Quatre pulled himself away from Wufei, wedging his small
body between the toilet and the wall, curling his arms around himself as he shivered.  He bowed his head, burying his face
against his knees.  By the way he was shaking and the sounds escaping his throat, Wufei knew that Quatre was crying.

Wufei knelt in front of his friend, reaching out a hand and laying it on one of his shoulders, wondering what could be troubling
the Arabian.  “Quatre . . . what’s wrong?”  Wufei asked, attempting to keep his voice at a soothing tone, purposely using his
friend’s first name in the hope that it was helping somewhat.

“I’m sorry, Wufei.”  Quatre cried, his voice muffled slightly by his knees being pressed so close to his face.

Wufei wasn’t exactly sure of what to do.  Comforting wasn’t really his strong suit.  But he was willing to try, if only to help
Quatre.  He didn’t like seeing his friends hurt or in pain.  “Talk to me.”  Wufei said, moving his hand to the side of Quatre’s
head.  “Please . . . look at me and tell me what’s wrong.”

Quatre slowly lifted his head.  Tears streaked his face, falling from red-rimmed eyes.  He sniffled, his body continuing to tremble
as he sat there, his eyes never quite reaching Wufei’s.  “I-I don’t know what to say.”  He whispered.

“Why don’t you just tell me why you are so shaken up?”  Wufei asked, gently prodding the trembling youth for answers.

“I was scared . . . afraid that you’d hate me because of why I don’t want to live in my own estate.”  Quatre replied, his voice
quavering as tears continued to trail down his cheeks.

Wufei huffed, then smiled.  “That would be quite impossible.  I would think no less of you no matter what your reasons are.  
You are my friend and nothing you say will change that.”  He said, offering a slight smirk to try and soothe his friend’s feelings.

Quatre smiled back, sniffling as he wiped the back of his hand across his eyes.  However, his smile quickly faded and there was
a long, uncomfortable silence before Quatre spoke.  “When I was little . . . whenever I misbehaved or made a mistake . . . my
tutors or caretakers used to lock me up by myself in rooms . . . sometimes closets . . . whatever was available.  Now I’m afraid
of being alone.  There were other things in my life that contributed to this stupid fear . . . but I’m not comfortable talking about
them.”  Quatre said, lowering his head one more time.  “The estates are too big . . . and I’m left alone most of the time . . . even
when the Maguanac are visiting.  I just don’t want to be alone.”

“You won’t be alone any more.”  Wufei whispered, running a hand along Quatre’s arm.  “You have Raberba now.”

“But for how long?”  Quatre asked, lifting his head, worry and sadness clearly visible in his tear-glistened eyes.  “What happens
if Une decides to put them in witness relocation?  What if Raberba is sent to live with someone else?”

Wufei shook his head.  “There is no point in dwelling on the possibilities.  He is with you now, so use your time with him to the
fullest.”  Wufei said, then upon seeing Quatre’s sad expression, he added.  “But if he is taken, I would consider it an honor to
room with you again.”

Quatre expression brightened.  “Really?”  He asked, a brief smile lighting up his face.

“Of course.”  Wufei smirked.

“Thank you, Wufei.”  Quatre said.

Wufei stood and held his hand out.  “Do you want to get up now?”

Quatre nodded and took hold of Wufei’s hand.  Wufei pulled him to his feet, still concerned for the blonde.  Quatre’s body was
still trembling, a few stray tears continuing to drip down his flushed face.

Wufei hustled Quatre over to the sink, deciding to help the young blonde get cleaned up at least a little.  He grabbed a glass,
filling it with cool water and handed it to Quatre.  Quatre took it, smiling gratefully as he sipped the clear liquid.

Wufei nodded, then reached over and picked up a washcloth.  As Quatre finished his drink, Wufei soaked the soft cloth in the
sink, ringing it out so that it was just damp.  With one hand, Wufei took the now empty glass from Quatre's hand and set it
down on the counter.  With his other hand, Wufei dabbed at Quatre’s cheeks with the damp washcloth, wiping away what tears
still trailed down his cheeks.

“There . . . better?”  Wufei asked, brushing the last of Quatre’s tears away.

Quatre smiled.  “Yes . . . thank you, Wufei.”  He replied.

Wufei dropped the washcloth.  “Now, let’s get back out there.  The children are probably worried sick about you.”  Wufei said.

Quatre frowned.  “I frightened them, didn’t I?”  He asked, lowering his gaze once more.

“I’m sure they were just concerned for your well-being.  Once they see you are well, they will be relieved.”  Wufei replied,
wrapping an arm around Quatre’s waist and slowly leading him to the door.

Quatre sighed, allowing Wufei to escort him.  “I hope so.”  He whispered, reaching out and opening the door.

As soon as the two of them stepped out of the bathroom, Raberba jumped to his feet.  “You okay?”  He asked, his voice
betraying just how concerned he was for his older self, while his face remained calm.  Wufei knew an act when he saw one.  
This child was clearly trying to keep everyone to know how worried he was.

“Yes, I’ll be fine.”  Quatre said, offering a small reassuring smile.

Wufei left the blonde’s side and stepped over to his duffle again.  Seeing that everything was packed, Wufei zipped it shut.  “I
am ready to leave, Quatre.”  Wufei said, shouldering the bag.  “Are you sure you are well?”

Quatre nodded.  “Yes . . . I’ll be fine.  Thank you again, Wufei.”  He then gestured to the clones of Zechs and Treize.  “If you
want, one of them could come with me.”

“Only if it will not be a burden for you.”  Wufei said.

Quatre smiled again.  “Nonsense . . . I would be happy to take one of them shopping, if only to repay your kindness.”

Wufei nodded.  “Then take Treize.  Since my clone and he cannot seem to get along, it would be best to separate them.”  He
motioned for Zechs’s clone and his own clone to follow him.  “Come along . . . we have many things to do today.”


Quatre watched as Wufei and the two clones left, leaving Quatre alone with Raberba and Treize’s clone.  “Raberba, can you
hand me my stuff out of that top drawer?”  Quatre asked, pointing over to the dresser.

“Sure.”  Raberba replied, walking over and doing as Quatre had asked.

Treize’s clone stepped over.  “If he has a new name, does that mean you’re gonna give me a new name too?”  The boy asked,
looking Quatre over carefully.

Quatre smiled, walking over to his suitcase and packing his belongings.  “No, you can keep your name . . .”  Quatre paused, his
smile faltering, not really knowing how to say this.  “You . . . you’re older self . . . is no longer alive.”

Quatre watched the boy carefully, concerned as he saw all the color drain from the clone’s face.  “Dead?  I’m . . . I’m dead?”  
The child asked, stumbling backwards.  Then abruptly he just collapsed, his eyes rolling back into his head as he passed out.

Quatre ran forward, but not fast enough.  The boy fell to the floor, hitting his head on the way down.  Quatre dropped to his
knees, checking the boy’s pulse and thankfully finding one.  He frowned at the sight of a cut in the clone’s forehead, watching
as blood quickly began to seep from the fresh wound.  

He lifted the clone up, laying him down on one of the beds.  “You stay here with him.”  Quatre said to Raberba, before hastily
going into the bathroom.  He quickly dampened a washcloth and filled a glass with cool water, then returned to the unconscious
clone’s side.  

Quatre sat, setting the glass of water on a nearby table as he carefully began to dab at the blood that was steadily dripping from
the cut on the boy’s head.  “Hey, kid . . . wake up.”  Quatre whispered, laying a hand against one of the clone’s cheeks.  He
gently tapped his hand against the boy’s pale face, watching with relief as he slowly opened his eyes.

“Are you okay?”  Quatre asked.

Treize’s clone groaned, raising a hand to his head.  Then he looked up at Quatre, fear and sadness evident in his eyes.  “I’m
really dead?”  He asked, his voice a mere whisper.

“I’m sorry, but yes.  Treize Khushrenada died in one of the last battles of a war a few years ago.  He gave his life to save the
people on earth from being killed . . . He died a hero.”  Quatre said, offering a slight smile as he ran his hand along the boy’s
face, his other hand keeping the washcloth against the wound in the clone’s forehead.  

The clone smiled.  “He did?  Really?”  He asked, his eyes gleaming hopefully.

“He was a great man . . . a strong leader.  You should be proud.”  Quatre replied.  “So you can keep your name, young Treize.  
I’m sure you will grow up to be just as great a man as your older self was, no matter what you want to do in your life.”

The boy smiled.  “Thank you.”  He replied, sniffling slightly.

Quatre pulled the washcloth away from Treize’s forehead and smiled when he saw that the blood flow had slowed
considerably.  “I think we should make a trip to see Sally before we leave.  She should have a look at that.”

“Okay.”  Treize said.

“Can you sit up?”  Quatre asked, reaching over to the table for the glass.

“Yeah . . . I think so.”  Treize replied, slowly pushing himself up.  He looked a little unsteady, but he succeeded in raising
himself to a sitting position.

Quatre handed him the glass of water, watching as Treize slowly sipped at the liquid before handing the empty glass back to
Quatre.  Quatre just put the glass back down on the table.  He smiled once, then returned to his packing, thinking that as soon as
he was finished they would leave, making a short stop at the infirmary for Sally to check Treize’s injury.

To Be Continued . . .