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Notes:  Quatre visits the estate that he and the others will be staying in and has a brief talk with Rasid.  Wufei takes two of the
clones shopping.

Young Hearts

Part Eight

Quatre lowered the window of his car as he pulled to a halt in front of the gates of his estate.  He reached out, pressing the call
button and announcing his presence.  A moment later, the gates opened and Quatre drove up the driveway to the front of the
large house, parking it there.

“Come on, we’re here.”  Quatre said, speaking to the two clones in the backseat.  Quatre waited beside the car as Treize and
Raberba climbed out, then he started walking, knowing that the boys were following behind him.

He quickly walked up the stairs to the front doors.  Just as he was reaching out to grasp the door handle, it was pulled open
from the inside.  Quatre smiled, looking up and seeing Rasid standing before him.  “Welcome home, Master Quatre.”  Rasid said,
bowing slightly.

A startled gasp from behind Quatre, got the attention of both adults.  Quatre turned, smirking as he saw the shocked expression
on Raberba’s face.  The child was staring up at Rasid, his eyes continuing upward until he fell over backwards from losing his
balance for looking up so high.  The boy quickly picked himself up, blushing, then hastily moved behind Quatre’s body, as if
afraid of Rasid.  Treize did the same, hiding himself behind Quatre, although he peered out from behind him.

“Master Quatre . . . what is going on here?”  Rasid asked.

Quatre looked up at the older man, smirking at the sight of surprise that was obvious on his face.  “The scientists made clones.”  
Quatre said simply, turning and gently urging the two children to come out of hiding.  “Don’t worry, he won’t hurt either of
you.”  Quatre hushed, brushing the fingers of his hands through the hair of each child.

“You were cloned, Master Quatre?”  Rasid asked, his mouth agape.

Quatre smiled.  “Not just me.  There are ten clones in total.  The Gundam pilots . . . myself included . . . Treize, Zechs, Lady
Une, Miss Noin, and Miss Relena were cloned.”  Quatre said, reaching down and taking hold of Treize and Raberba’s hands,
guiding them inside.

Rasid closed the door behind them.  “What is going to be done with them?”  Rasid asked.

“For the time being at least, the four other pilots and I will be taking care of them here.”  Quatre answered.  “That’s why I’ve
come here today.”

“Do you need anything of us?”  Rasid asked.

“Yes, I’ll need this place to be ready for us tonight.  The rest of the guys are shopping right now, and will undoubtedly be
bringing items with them.  I’ll be going shopping as well once I leave here.  How many bedrooms are furnished?”  Quatre said.

“There are twin size beds in each of the bedrooms, and a few larger, forty beds in total.”  Rasid answered.  

“Ah, that brings up another topic.”  Quatre sighed, looking down suddenly feeling ashamed that he had to ask this.  “I hate to
have to ask this, but will you and your men mind residing at another of my estates?  You can take your pick of them.  I wouldn’
t ask, but Trowa’s clone seems terrified of any and all human contact, and I doubt the presence of forty men will calm him.  I’
m sorry for asking this of you.”

Rasid nodded and held up one hand to stop the blonde from continuing to apologize.  “I understand, Master Quatre.  We will
depart within the day.  You do not have to apologize.”

Quatre smiled.  “Thank you Rasid.”  He glanced around at the virtually empty house.  “It seems that I will have to buy a good
deal of furniture.”  He commented.

“Ah, Master Quatre . . . you should also call someone to repair your pool.  It seems the heating mechanism and the cover
controls are broken.”  Rasid said.

“Thank you for telling me.  I’ll have it seen to as soon as possible.”  Quatre replied.  “If you’ll excuse me, I really should take
these two shopping.  I’ll call the other guys and warn them about the pool.”

“Good day, Master Quatre.  If ever you need us, you need only call.”  Rasid replied, bowing.

Quatre smiled, grateful to his friend.  “Thank you, Rasid.  I will keep that in mind.  And if you or any of your men need
anything, don’t hesitate to ask.”  With that said, Quatre left, taking the children back out to the car.  “Let’s go shopping.”  
Quatre grinned, buckling his seat belt as the children did the same in the back seat.  He drove around the circular drive, and left
the estate, heading in the direction of the nearest mall.


Wufei grumbled as he slammed his car door closed.  He did not like shopping, not even for himself.  This was going to be an
awful day.  The two clones quickly followed behind him as he strolled across the parking lot and into the department store.  
Once inside, he stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes wide as he looked around.  He had no idea where to start.

He looked around, feeling lost, then saw a sign for apparel.  Wufei shrugged, then sighed, thinking that it would be as good a
place to start as any.  With the two clones following close behind him, Wufei walked over to the section of young boy’s
apparel.  He frowned as he got closer, noting the various cartoon characters decorating many of the garments.  He didn’t like
these, they were not something he would permit his clone to wear.

Wufei’s clone stopped, picking up the sleeve of a colorful T-shirt.  He looked confused.  “Sir, what are these strange clothes?”  
He asked politely, looking up at Wufei.

“They are the most common fashions of the people who live in this area.  I do not particularly like them . . . perhaps we will be
able to find a store with more familiar looking clothes for you to wear.”  Wufei said, then he looked at Zechs’s clone.  “I am
afraid that I will be unable to help you choose most of your clothes . . . try to choose appropriate clothing in your size.”

“Okay.”  The young boy nodded, turning and heading into the racks of clothing with a smile on his face.

Wufei smirked, thinking that perhaps Zechs had not chosen much of his own clothes as a child, basing that guess on the way
his clone had reacted to being given the freedom to do so now.  As Wufei thought, he came to the conclusion that he truly
shouldn’t be thinking of this boy as Zechs’s clone . . . the child did have a name to call his own, one that wasn’t being used by
his older self.  He mentally reminded himself to call the boy Milliardo from now on, deciding that both he and the boy had better
get used to it.

“Do not stray too far, Milliardo.”  Wufei said, heading into the clothes as well, deciding that he should look around a bit, perhaps
for something suitable for his own clone.

“Okay.”  Milliardo called back, not sounding at all surprised to hear that name.

Wufei wandered around, picking up a few garments for his clone to wear.  He chose a few T-shirts, some sweat pants and
sweatshirts, even a couple pairs of jeans for him to wear.  He also picked out underwear and socks for both his own clone and
Milliardo, doubting the blonde boy would pick out his own.  

While Wufei was picking out a dress shirt for Milliardo, already having found one in his clone’s size and adding it to the pile of
items in the cart he had found, his own clone tugged on his jacket.  Wufei looked down.  “Yes, do you want something?”

The young Asian clone nodded.  “Yes, um, I think it would be beneficial for me to have a name to call my own.”

Wufei nodded, seeing the reasoning in that statement.  “Yes, you have a point there.  Is there any particular name you wish to be
called by?”

The clone shook his head.  “No . . . I do not wish to change my surname.  However, we both cannot go by the name Wufei

“Yes, I see.”  Wufei replied, taking a moment to think over the situation, trying to come up with a suitable name.  Then he
thought of one.  “How about Tian Bao?”

The boy blushed a little and Wufei smirked at the reaction. “I guess that is an acceptable name.”  He whispered quietly.  “Chang
Tian Bao.”  He said, repeating his own name to himself and smiling slightly.

“Come, let us find Milliardo.  I think we are ready to move on to a different department.”  Wufei said, ushering Tian Bao to
where he had last seen Milliardo.

They found the blonde boy standing over a pile of garments, dropping a T-shirt onto it.  When he saw Wufei approaching, he
looked up and smiled.  “I picked out some clothes.”  He said proudly, gesturing down at the pile of clothes.

Wufei nodded, seeing several shirts and multiple pairs of pants mixed in together.  “They are all your size?”  He asked.

Milliardo smiled again.  “Yes, sir.”  He said.  “Are we leaving now?”

“Not just yet.  There are many more things I will need to buy for you two.”  He said, refolding the clothes that Milliardo had
picked out and adding them to the cart with Tian Bao’s clothes.  

Milliardo picked up the dress shirt that Wufei had picked out for him.  “You’re not going to make me wear this sissy shirt, are
you?”  He asked, his face set in a frown.

Wufei sighed, depositing the last of Milliardo’s chosen clothes in the cart.  “You might need one or two of those more formal
clothes, but you will not be forced to wear them every day.”  Wufei stated.

“Good.”  Milliardo said, nodding his head as he dropped the shirt back into the cart.  “I never liked wearing those stuffy
clothes.”  He flipped his loose hair over his shoulder, getting it tangled in his fingers and groaning as he freed his hand and finally
got his hair to stay back.

Wufei chuckled lightly.  “Perhaps we should buy something to restrain your hair, Milliardo.”  He said.

“I’m not used to having long hair.  As far as I know I never had so much hair.  So why is it so long now?”  Milliardo asked,
looking up at Wufei as they walked through the store.

Wufei hadn’t realized that before.  Zechs had not had long hair as a child, at least not in any of the pictures that Wufei had seen
of the Peacecraft monarchy . . . he must have grown it later in life.  Perhaps the scientists had let the child’s hair grow early.  It
wasn’t as if the clone had been scheduled to awaken until a much later date anyway.  “Your older self has hair like that.”  Wufei
commented, stopping when he found a rack of winter clothes.

“Oh, what’s he like?”  Milliardo asked, allowing Wufei to get him into a thick winter coat to see if the size was right.

“He was a soldier, goes by the name Zechs Merquise.  He is a Preventer now, on a mission to Mars last I heard.”  Wufei said,
trying a different coat onto the youth.

“Mars?  Cool!”  Milliardo exclaimed happily.

Wufei smirked, depositing the coat that Milliardo had just tried on into the cart.  Then he found one to fit Tian Bao before they
moved on again, grabbing some gloves and hats to further keep them warm.  They stopped next in the shoe department and
finding several pairs of footwear for each boy.

For a moment, Wufei lost sight of Milliardo.  He looked around, eventually finding him standing in the middle of the toy section,
running his hand over a stuffed animal with a gentle smile on his young face.  His cheeks turned pink when he noticed that
Wufei and Tian Bao had found him and he ducked his head shyly.  “I had something like this . . . but it was destroyed in the fire
. . .”  He whispered, his voice trailing off.

Wufei stepped over, picking up the stuffed animal that Milliardo had been looking so fondly at a moment ago.  It was a monkey,
with small patches of velcro on the hands and feet so that they could be put together.  Wufei found it a silly thing, never having
had anything similar when he had been a child.  However, it looked as if the one Milliardo had owned as a child had held a great
sentimental value to him.

Wufei handed the monkey to Milliardo and sighed.  “I suppose it would be acceptable to purchase this for you.”  Wufei stated.

Milliardo looked up at Wufei and smiled brightly, taking the monkey and holding it close.  A moment later, Wufei blinked as
Milliardo hugged him.  “Thank you, sir.”  He said cheerfully before pulling away.

Wufei smiled a little, watching as Milliardo looped the arms of the monkey over his head, letting it hang from around his neck as
if it were some odd necklace.  He shook his head, then looked around the toy section, deciding that perhaps he should buy
something to occupy the children’s minds and well as their time.  He picked out a few puzzles and games . . . allowing Tian Bao
to pick a toy for himself.  Tian Bao didn’t seem interested with most of the objects, choosing a handheld quizzing game with
changeable cartridges.

Wufei left the toy department rather quickly, not knowing how anyone could buy some of the frivolous things he had seen in
there.  He shook his head as he walked away, Tian Bao walking alongside him, Milliardo running ahead with that stuffed monkey
draped around his neck like a cape.

Next stop was in the health and beauty aides section.  Wufei walked along the isles, tossing various things in the cart like soap
and shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes.  He found a hairbrush and called Milliardo over to him, running the brush through
the boy’s hair so that it was neat.  He tossed the brush into the cart along with another one, then found the elastic bands, pulling
Milliardo’s hair back into a ponytail and doing the same with Tian Bao’s hair, although Tian Bao’s was a good deal tighter, then
tossing the remainder of the package of elastic bands into the cart.

As soon as he was sure that he had gotten everything, he made his way to a checkout, sighing as he had to discourage Milliardo
from asking for candy.  A headache pounded at his temples and he was greatly relieved when they finally left the store, Tian Bao
and Milliardo both bundled up in their new winter outer garments, heading back to his car with several full bags.

To Be Continued . . .

Note:  Tian Bao roughly means  “Treasure from heaven” or something very close to it.  Got it from a Chinese baby name book.