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Notes:  It’s nap time for the clones.

Young Hearts

Part Nineteen

Wufei was sitting on the stairs, reading from one of his favorite books.  It mattered little that he had read it at least a half a dozen
times in the past and probably knew the words by heart . . . he enjoyed reading it.  Besides, it was a pleasant way to pass the
time while he awaited the arrival of the Maguanac.  Sitting beside him, was Tian Bao, reading a book of his own choosing.  
Wufei had asked the boy if he would rather go and play with the other children, but Tian Bao had declined, deciding to bide his
time with Wufei instead.

Wufei glanced at his watch, taking note that lunchtime was approaching.  Perhaps he should see to it that the children ate again.  
He was about to rise and go outside to see if the boys and girls were hungry, when a weight settled against his side.  He
frowned, looking over to see what it was, only to be surprised to see Tian Bao leaning up against him.  The child’s book lay
forgotten on his lap, his eyes just barely open.

Carefully, Wufei took the book from the boy’s hands, setting it to the side along with his own reading material.  Well, it seemed
as if Tian Bao was in need of rest.  Nodding to himself, Wufei scooped the child into his arms.

“Where are we going, sir?”  Tian Bao asked sleepily, yawning widely as he raised weary eyes to look up at Wufei.  It was
obvious that his grief over the destruction of his home had contributed to his tiredness.

“I believe that you need a nap.”  Wufei replied, rising to his feet.  He held the boy close, then strode up the stairs.

“I don’t want to go to sleep.  Naps are for infants.”  Tian Bao pouted, even as he struggled to keep his eyes open.

Wufei shook his head.  He opened the door to the bedroom, smirking when he found that Quatre and Raberba were resting
peacefully within the room.  He set Tian Bao down.  “That is not true.  Look.”  Wufei commented, pointing into the bedroom.  
“See, Quatre is taking a nap, and he is my age.”

Tian Bao turned to look at him.  “Are you going to take a nap?”  He asked.

“No.  someone has to await the Maguanac, and since everyone else is busy, I shall be the one to do it.”  Wufei answered quietly,
not wanting to disturb Quatre or Raberba.  “Now come on, I want you to get some sleep.”

Tian Bao silently complied.  He shuffled over to the bed, allowing Wufei to help him get settled in.  The boy was asleep before he
had even laid his head down on the pillow.  Wufei pulled the covers up over the child’s body, then turned and headed out of the
room.  He glanced back, glad to see that he had not awakened either Quatre or Raberba.

Now that he had settled Tian Bao in for his nap, Wufei headed back downstairs and went to the backdoor . . . thinking that a nap
would do the other children good as well.  They were going to have a full day, going around buying furniture and groceries.  
The children would probably get worn out relatively quickly, so it would be beneficial if they rested beforehand.

He smiled as he saw all six of the playing children in the middle of a snowball fight.  Enough snow had fallen yesterday to cover
the ground, which meant that there was also just enough for the children to throw around at each other.  Wufei had no idea how
this game had started, but Milliardo and Lena were both aiming solely for Chibi-Duo.

“All right!  Time to come in!”  Wufei shouted, loud enough for all of the children to hear.  He heard a chorus of disappointed
groans and murmurs and shook his head as the children approached.  “Come on and get into some dry clothes.”  He said,
counting them as they passed by him to make sure that they all entered the house.  “You all need some rest as well.”

Milliardo sighed.  “Nap time, huh?  Thought this place was too good to be true.”  He muttered.

Wufei smiled at the pouting child.  “Sorry to disappoint you all.”  He ushered the children upstairs.  “We are going to be out for
most of the day, it is best that you rest now or else you will probably fall asleep before dinner.  So I want you to sleep now.  
When you wake up, we’ll have lunch.”

“But I’m too old!”  Milliardo exclaimed.

“Yeah!  Naps are for little kids!”  Treize agreed, stamping his foot and glaring at Wufei.

Lena chimed in next, crossing her arms over her chest indignantly.  “If my brother don’t take a nap, I ain’t gonna either.”  She

“I don’t mind really.”  Chibi-Duo said quietly.

Odin nodded.  “We should listen to him.  He’s our elder.”  Wufei was glad that at least some of the children were on his side.

“Sounds like something Tian Bao would say.”  Lena said, pushing Chibi-Duo.  Chibi-Duo didn’t push her back though, which
Wufei was pleased about.  He didn’t want to have to break up a fight.

“We had best do as he says, though.  With all the other grownups away, he’s probably in charge of us.”  Une’s clone said,
hugging her doll close to herself.

“Thank you all for your opinions.”  Wufei said.  “Now, why don’t you all get to your rooms, while I have a little chat with
Milliardo and Treize?”  He set his hand on Lena’s back, urging the child to go with the others.

Lena looked back at him, untrustingly, but she complied.  However, she didn’t enter her bedroom, she stood out in the hallway
and waited, watching Wufei.  The other children did as they had been told.

Wufei knelt down in front of Treize and Milliardo, wanting to look them in the eye when he was speaking to them.  “You know
that you two are the oldest . . . why don’t you set a good example for the younger children?”

Milliardo flicked his gaze over to where Lena was standing, rubbing her eyes tiredly.  “She does look sleepy.  But I don’t wanna

“Neither do I.”  Treize said.

Wufei sighed.  “Well, at the very least you can pretend . . . for the sake of the others.  Lena won’t take a nap unless you do,

Milliardo looked to be thinking the matter over, but he did finally agree.  “Okay . . . but I ain’t going to fall asleep.  I’m not
tired.”  He turned and trudged off to where Lena was standing, taking hold of her hand and talking with her briefly before they
separated and went into their different rooms.

Treize sighed.  “Fine.  But I still say I’m not tired.”  He grumbled, following Milliardo’s example and heading into the bedroom.

Wufei smiled to himself.  That hadn’t been too difficult.  He rose to his feet and went to each bedroom, checking on the
children.  He checked on his own clone, wanting to be sure that no one in the room had been disturbed by the argument.  All
three of the occupants were still fast asleep.  He cautiously approached Quatre’s bedside, adjusting the blanket so that it covered
Raberba better.  He was worried for his friend . . . grief was a terrible thing, albeit unavoidable.

With a sigh, Wufei left the room and went on to the next one.  Chibi-Duo and Odin were curled up in their own beds, although
neither were wearing clothes anymore.  Wufei could understand that, he had told them to undress.  All they were wearing was
their underwear.  Odin’s clothes were neatly folded, while Chibi-Duo’s had just been dropped carelessly to the floor.  Wufei
silently approached the beds, covering the both of them with blankets to ward off a chill.  Odin looked up at him briefly before
closing his eyes, while Chibi-Duo snored lightly . . . already the child was fast asleep.

In the next room, he found Lena and Une’s clone.  They both had set their clothes neatly aside, but at least they still wore some
garments on their own bodies.  Wufei smirked lightly, allowing a brief inclination to take over as he swept a stray lock of hair
away from Lena’s face.  She giggled and buried her head under her blankets.  It didn’t take too long for either of the girls to fall

And lastly, Wufei entered the room that Milliardo and Treize shared.  He almost laughed when he saw the boys, seeing that he
had definitely been right.  All of these children had needed to take a nap.  Clothes and coats lay strewn about the floor, the boys
just lying on their beds.  Treize was half asleep, while Milliardo was valiantly fighting off his tiredness.  

Wufei quietly stepped over to Treize, getting the boy to lie down, making sure he was comfortable and covered with the
blankets.  Treize said nothing, he just grabbed his pillow and buried his face in it.  Shaking his head, Wufei turned his attention to
where Milliardo was nodding off.

“Not tired.”  Milliardo mumbled sleepily, even as his eyes slipped closed.

“Of course you aren’t.”  Wufei responded, gently urging Milliardo to lie down.  “But why don’t you just rest your eyes for a
bit.”  He suggested, covering Milliardo’s body with the blankets.  

Milliardo made an unintelligible response.  He lost the fight to stay awake, falling into a gentle slumber quite quickly.  Now that
all of the children had been taking care of, Wufei went down to the kitchen to find out what he could make for lunch later.  He
hoped that there was something edible down there.


Trowa sighed, watching his young clone.  The boy had been staring out of the window ever since they had found this
bedroom.  When Trowa approached to find out what Triton found so interesting, he saw the other clones in the backyard,
running around, laughing, and generally having a good deal of fun.  Trowa had suggested that Triton go downstairs, if only to
get a closer look, but the child shook his head, a look of fear entering his eyes quickly.

Now Triton was sitting in a corner, his arms wrapped around his legs.  Trowa worried for the boy, fearing that he might not get
along with the other children.  Still, he wasn’t about to give up hoping.  Triton could get over his fears if given time, at least
Trowa hoped so.  Maybe some day he would actually join the children in their playing, having fun along with them instead of
only watching from afar.

Trowa had left the suitcases by the door, unpacked.  Of course there was no place to put the clothes even if he wanted to put
them away.  The only things in this room were a single, twin size bed and a lamp on a small table.

He sighed as he looked at his clone, noting that the child was falling asleep.  Trowa approached him, kneeling down in front of
him.  “Are you tired?”  He asked.

Triton nodded, then promptly yawned.

“Come on, why don’t you take a nap.”  Trowa urged, getting the boy to rise.  A thought occurred to Trowa.  Now would be a
good time to call Sally about that blood test, or whatever it was that Sally would have to do . . . he had promised Catherine that
he would arrange it.  “You lie down and get some sleep.  I have to go make a phone call.”

Triton shook his head.  He grabbed Trowa’s arm tightly, looking up at him fearfully.

“You don’t want me to leave?”  Trowa asked, sighing when the child nodded in affirmation.  “I understand that you are afraid,
but I won’t abandon you.”  Trowa said, trying to reassure the youth.  When Triton’s small body broke out into shivers, Trowa
knew that he couldn’t just leave him here.  “All right.  How about you come with me then.  You can take a nap after I make my
phone call.”

Triton nodded.  He raised his arms, looking up at Trowa thoughtfully.

“You want me to carry you, hm?”  Trowa said, smiling.  

He didn’t need to wait for an answer though.  He picked Triton up, holding him close.  The boy locked his legs about Trowa’s
waist, laying his head on his shoulder, his one arm loosely draped around Trowa’s neck while the other clutched that stuffed
bear tightly to himself.  Without wasting another moment, Trowa went downstairs in search of a phone.

Trowa found a phone in the kitchen.  He dialed the number for Sally’s office.  She replied after only a few rings.  “Trowa?  Is
there something you need?”  She asked, her eyes flicking over to Triton.

“I need to arrange a blood test.”  Trowa said, feeling a little awkward with asking this.  “I recently discovered . . . there might
be a chance that I have found some family and we want to be sure of a blood relationship.”

Sally smiled.  “That’s wonderful, Trowa.  I’m happy for you.  I’ll come over as soon as I get a chance and take a sample from
you.  Give me the name and address of this other person and I’ll visit them as well.”

Trowa bit his lip, looking to Triton for a moment.  He hadn’t wanted the boy to find out yet.  He had wanted to wait until there
was conclusive proof that they did have a sister.  Still, he had to tell Sally.  “It’s Catherine.”  Trowa said, feeling as Triton
shifted in his arms.  He looked to the boy, nodding slightly to Triton’s silent question.  Triton laid his head back down on Trowa’
s shoulder, apparently accepting it.

“Catherine?”  Sally asked, as if in shock.  “You really think you might be related?  Well, I’ll definitely come as soon as I get a
chance.  I don’t want you to have to wait too long for the news.”  Sally said, then she smiled.  “I think you had better put that
little one to bed.  He looks like he needs a good nap.”

Trowa looked down at Triton again, finding the boy half-asleep.  “Understood.”  He said, turning to Sally’s visage again.  
“Thank you, Sally.”  He switched off the phone.

Trowa strode back up to the bedroom, his clone resting in his arms.  He set the child down on the bed, removing his shoes and
urging him to lie down.  Triton put up no fight, or struggle, allowing Trowa to tuck him into bed.  The boy curled his arms
around the bear he still held, moaning lightly as he snuggled deeper into the bed.

Trowa just knelt there beside the bed, running his fingers lightly through the child’s hair, hoping for his sake that Catherine really
was their sister.  He didn’t want the boy to get his hopes up only to have them crushed if it turned out that Catherine wasn’t
related to them.

To Be Continued . . .