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Notes:  Odin gets worried when Chibi-Duo has a nightmare.  Heero caves in and takes the stricken chibi to see his daddy.

Young Hearts

Part Thirty-One

Odin groaned as he was roused from sleep for a third time that night.  He was getting irritable since he knew from training with
J that sleeping in was frowned upon.  Still . . . his senses told him that something was wrong, and that sapped the grumpiness
from him.

Rubbing his eyes wearily, he looked over to the other bed in the room and frowned when he saw his friend tossing and
whimpering as if in a horrible nightmare.  Without a second thought, Odin climbed out of his own bed and trudged over to
watch Chibi-Duo for a moment.  Then he climbed up and gently shook his friend’s shoulder.  He didn’t like seeing the other boy
this upset.  He actually liked playing with Chibi-Duo and wanted the long-haired boy to be happy as much as possible.  He shook
Chibi-Duo again, this time a little more roughly, feeling worried for his friend.

“Wake up!  It’s just a bad dream.  C’mon.”  He said, continuing with the shaking.

Chibi-Duo sat bolt upright with a sharp cry.  He looked around, his eyes filling with tears, his vision locking on Odin’s face.  
Then, without warning, Chibi-Duo launched himself onto Odin, clutching to him with desperation.  “I . . . I want my DADDY!”  
Then he started to sob brokenly.

Odin blinked and awkwardly put his arms around his friend, not altogether sure of what to do.  He didn’t hear as the door was
opened, but he did look up when he felt a weight shift the bed.

“What happened?”  Heero asked as he settled himself on the bed.

Odin couldn’t help but feel relieved that Heero was there now.  “He had a nightmare, and now wants to see Duo.”

Heero nodded and gently took Chibi-Duo from Odin’s arms.  Odin watched curiously as Chibi-Duo reacted to the adult’s
presence by curling closer to Heero.

Chibi-Duo sniffled and looked up at Heero with sad, red-rimmed eyes, tears falling freely down his flushed cheeks.  “C’n I see
my daddy?  PLEASE?  I’ll be good!  I won’t breathe or nuthin’ while I’m in there!”

Heero sighed.  “You have to calm down first.  If Duo wakes up and sees you’re upset, he’ll want to get up and help.”  Heero
gently brushed his fingers through Chibi-Duo’s bangs, letting out a breath before he continued.  “What was your nightmare
about?  Perhaps talking about it will help to ease your distress.”

Chibi-Duo was quiet for a moment, biting his lip before he spoke.  “Take me to see my daddy, an’ I’ll tell you ‘bout my
nightmare.  Once I know it was dumb, I’ll be able to talk about it.”


Heero had gotten up to get a glass of water for Duo, since Duo had roused somewhat and had declared he was thirsty.  He had
reluctantly left Duo’s side, although he knew that Wufei would keep a careful watch on the young man while he was gone.  As
he had been walking down the hallway on his way down to the kitchen, Heero had heard the distinct sound of sobbing coming
from Odin and Chibi-Duo’s room.

To be truthful, Heero had expected something like this to happen, although he hadn’t been certain which child would react in
such a way.  He nodded as the boy asked to see his daddy, knowing that the request wasn’t unreasonable.  Besides, seeing the
boy would do Duo some good as well.

“All right.”  Heero agreed.  “But you’ll have to keep your nose and mouth covered.”  He said, although he knew that much
couldn’t be done to keep Chibi-Duo from coming down with a cold as well.  If Heero didn’t let him go see Duo, then he’d
probably just sneak in later without taking any precautions at all, leading all of the children to getting sick within a matter of
days.  At least this way Heero could limit the possibility of Duo’s illness spreading like a wildfire.

Heero felt a small smile tugging at his lips as Chibi-Duo let out a happy whoop and scrambled off of Heero’s lap as well as the
bed.  Odin slid off of the bed and followed after his friend, helping him to scrounge for something to use.

Eventually, Chibi-Duo pulled out a bright red bandana that had been bought with the rest of the children’s clothing.  Heero smiled
as he remembered asking just why Duo had purchased the cotton square.  Duo had smiled and said that a bandana could be one
of several costumes.  It could be a necktie for a cowboy, a mask for a robber, a sack for a hobo . . . and so on.  It had seemed
like a decent explanation so Heero hadn’t questioned it further.  Now, the red cloth was being tied securely around Chibi-Duo’s
face by Odin.  The cloth wouldn’t really protect the child all that much, but it was a precaution that needed to be taken.

Heero turned his attention to his adopted younger brother.  “Odin . . . I’ll bring Chibi-Duo to see his father.  Why don’t you go
and get Sally?  She wanted to be notified when Duo awakened.”  He knew the look on Odin’s face and allowed a small smile for
the boy.  “There are no missions tomorrow, so you can sleep in.”  He nodded in satisfaction as Odin’s shoulders relaxed.  The
boy still held onto the fear that this was a hoax, that his caretakers would come and take him away for more training.  Heero
was trying to dissuade that mode of thinking.  There would be no further training for the child, he would make sure Odin had a
happy life . . . like a normal child.

Heero nodded, if only to himself, then set his hand on Chibi-Duo’s shoulder and led him from the bedroom, watching briefly as
Odin ran down the hall and stopped at the door to Relena and Sally’s shared room.  When Odin stepped inside, Heero gave a
quick knock to his own door and opened it.

Wufei was sitting up, now lying behind Duo and wearing his pajama bottoms once again . . . and, upon seeing the child in front
of Heero, he smirked.  “Look, Duo . . . Heero caught a bandit and brought him in for questioning.”

Heero made no reply as he ushered Chibi-Duo into the room.

Duo opened his eyes, his brow furrowing as he fought to focus his weary gaze.  Then he groaned, shaking his head a little.  
“Aw, man!  I don’t want the kids getting sick!”  But he still smiled as the little boy approached.  “Hey, kiddo.  Come on up.”  He
sighed, raising a tired hand to gesture the boy forward.

Chibi-Duo’s eyes filled with tears as he climbed onto the bed and threw his little arms around Duo’s neck.  “Daddy . . .”  He
sniffled heavily.  “I was so scared an’ I had a bad dream, an’ . . .”

Duo’s eyes widened somewhat as he pulled the small boy closer.  “Sshh . . . okay.”  He looked up at Heero, a pleading look in
his eyes.  “Hey, guys . . . can you clear the room for a moment?”

Heero frowned, but he understood why Duo was asking.  So he headed out of the room with Wufei close behind him.


Duo watched his two friends leave the room, then turned his attention to the little boy in his arms, feeling nothing but concern
for his son.  “Okay . . . what happened?  You can tell me.”

Chibi-Duo sniffled miserably.  “It’s just . . . you know how often I’ve been turned away from homes and what happened wif
Solo an’ everything.”  He snuggled closer, a shudder passing through his young body.  “I just . . . in my nightmare, it was YOU
dyin’ and then everyone else turned me away and . . .”

Duo hugged his son close and kissed the top of his head.  “Okay . . . it’s okay.”  Duo said, rubbing Chibi-Duo’s back lightly.  “I’
m not dying.  Solo had something that could have been cured if he’d had the medicine in time, and we tried to save him, but
couldn’t.  Sally is a wonderful doctor and she’s going to make sure that I don’t get much worse.”  He brushed the tears from
under the boy’s face, although they were already soaking into the bandana he was wearing.  “So, as bad as it looks, I’m going to
be fine.  Okay?”

“Okay.”  Chibi-Duo nodded, his voice muffled as he pressed his face against Duo’s chest.

Duo barely heard as the door to the bedroom was opened.  However, he did hear Sally’s voice call to him.  “All right now, that’s
enough I think.”  She said, smiling as she strode to the bed.  “Both of you need to get to sleep.”

Chibi-Duo nodded, reluctantly drawing his arms away from Duo’s body.  Heero entered the room then, setting a glass of water
on the bedside table while Odin stood just inside the doorway, not moving any further in, nor leaving.  However, Duo didn’t see

“Hey, where’s Wu-man?”  Duo asked, feeling curious.

“I sent him back to bed.”  Sally smiled.  “I don’t think you need the added body warmth anymore.”

“Oh . . . okay.”  Duo blushed.

Sally looked over her shoulder, regarding Heero.  “Why don’t you take the boys back to their room and tuck them in while I give
Duo a look over?”

Heero nodded, saying nothing.  He grasped Chibi-Duo’s shoulder, easily leading the child from the bedroom.  Chibi-Duo waved
once before he was taken out of the room, his eyes portraying worry and sadness.  Duo knew that nothing would convince the
kid he’d be okay . . . except for Duo doing just that.  He had to get healthy again, if only for Chibi-Duo’s sake.  The kid didn’t
need any more heartache.

To Be Continued . . .