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Notes:  Short part.  Catherine arrives to take care of her brothers.

Young Hearts

Part Thirty-Four

Catherine sighed as she rang the doorbell.  She was terribly worried due to the phone call she had received from Sally stating
that almost everyone in the estate was ill, including Trowa and adorable little Triton.  The thought of her brother being ill brought
a pang to her heart.  Although, learning that Trowa truly was her younger brother had left her crying in joy for several minutes
after she’d heard the news.

She smiled at Relena as the young woman opened the door, looking tired and stressed out.  “Hi!  Sally said you guys could use a
little help.”

Relena looked relieved to see Catherine.  “Yes.  Those of us who are well do as much as we can, but having an extra pair of
hands will be an immense help.  Quatre’s already called in Rasid . . . we only wish we could call the other Maguanac, but so
many men would be a little too much for poor Triton to handle.”  She stepped aside to let Catherine in.  “If you’ll follow me, I’ll
take you to your room.  Actually, it’s an empty bedroom.  Not much in the way of furniture, but there is a bed.  Trust me, you
won’t be spending a lot of time in there.”

Catherine followed Relena upstairs, silently reminding herself to grab her suitcase later and the presents she had for the kids.  
She hadn’t been able to resist the urge to spoil these kids a little.  She only hoped they’d liked the gifts she had bought.

She froze as she reached the top of the stairs when she spotted Trowa holding Triton’s little hand and leading him down the
hall.  Triton turned, yawning widely as he regarded Catherine.

“Hi there, Triton.  Should you be out of bed?  I’ve heard you’re not feeling well.”  Catherine smiled, even though a part of her
ached to tell Trowa the wonderful news.  Sally had offered to tell him, but Catherine wanted to do it herself.  She wanted to be
able to look into Trowa’s eyes when she confessed it, to see the emotion always visible in his vibrant green eyes.  His eyes never
lied, no matter if the rest of him expressed a sense of calmness.

Trowa looked pale, except for his flushed cheeks.  “He had to use the bathroom,” he said simply, rubbing the back of his hand
across his forehead.

The child looked nervous before taking his hand away from Trowa and walking over to her.

Catherine knelt down, amazed and touched at the improvements already visible in the boy’s behavior and smiled when he timidly
hugged her.  “Hey, there,” she breathed softly.  She didn’t expect an answer, nor did she receive one.

Catherine fought the urge to squeeze him tight and merely pulled back to look him in the face.  “I heard you had a run-in with
strawberries.  Are you feeling better, sweetie?”  She smiled brightly as Triton nodded.  “That’s good . . . but you still look a little
flushed, so you should be in bed resting.”  She was about to tell Trowa the same thing, when the tall teenager collapsed to his

“Trowa!”  She called out, even as Trowa fell the rest of the way to lie across the floor.  She gently set Triton aside and ran to
see if she could help her brother.  She clucked her tongue as she knelt by his side and set a gentle hand to his cheek.  “You
should be in bed!”  She frowned, deeply worried by the fever she could feel.  He was far too warm.

Trowa groaned as he blinked open his eyes, barely staying awake.  “Triton’s sick.  I didn’t want to risk him wandering around
on his own and getting hurt.  He’s my responsibility.  Someone has to take care of him . . . and Quatre and Raberba.”

Catherine hushed him gently, stroking her fingers across his cheek.  “Well, I’m here now.  I guess I’ll get the two of you back
to bed.  Relena, do you think you can help Trowa back to his room?  I’ll follow with Triton.”  She turned to where the little boy
was standing and staring at Trowa with a great deal of concern expressed on his young face.  “Is that okay with you, sweetie?”

Her only answer was a shy little smile.  He approached her slowly, biting his lip as he slipped his hand into hers.  There was still
nervousness in Triton’s eyes, but he wasn’t terrified of her.  “You go on ahead, Relena.”  She knelt down to be eye-level with
Triton as soon as Relena had helped Trowa to stand and gotten him out of hearing distance.

“Now, I’m going to tell you a secret and you can’t tell Trowa, okay?”  She knew he wasn’t speaking yet, but there was no
reason to treat him any differently than any other child.  When he nodded solemnly, she smiled warmly.  “I got the results back
for those tests Trowa wanted.  You wanna know what they said?”  At the child’s nod, she reached up and brushed her fingers
through his hair.  “The tests say that Trowa really IS my younger brother.  And since you have the same DNA as Trowa and I,
that makes you my baby brother, too.  What do you think about that?”

The child smiled again and gave her a shy little hug.

Catherine chuckled and carefully hugged Triton in return, not wanting to frighten the precious little boy.  “I was hoping you’d be
happy to hear that.  Now, how about you lead me to the room you and Trowa are sharing?  I have a lot of big-sister duties to
catch up on.”

Triton nodded and waited as Catherine straightened before taking her hand and walking away.

Catherine felt a thrill of delight to know that Triton was getting over his fears, even slowly.  All the little boy needed was people
who cared about him, and he had that here in this house.

As soon as he stopped by the door, Catherine held her arms open in a silent offer to carry him in.  The boy blinked up at her,
then granted her with one of his shy and uncertain smiles before holding his arms up to her, indicating that he wanted her to
carry him, even if only it would be for a few feet.

Catherine bent slightly and picked Triton up, making sure not to move too quickly.  She didn’t want to make Triton afraid of her
now that he seemed to trust her.  With a soft smile, she entered the room and placed Triton on the bed beside Trowa.  She
thanked Relena for her help, watching the young woman leave before looking around the room.

Quatre was sleeping in the other bed, his bed littered with children’s toys and thin books.  Resting beside him, was a small boy
who looked almost identical to Quatre, not to mention beyond bored as he flipped through one of the books scattered around
him.  Catherine firmly squashed the urge to squeal in delight at how adorable Quatre’s younger self was.  She desperately
wanted to pick the little boy up and cuddle him, but knew that most little boys didn’t like being cuddled, especially by strange
women they had never met before.  She settled for smiling at the blonde instead, speaking softly as she regarded him.  “Hello, I’
m Catherine.  I came to help out.”

The boy was quiet a moment, before responding in a slightly hoarse voice.  “I’m Raberba, Quatre’s . . . brother.”

Catherine nodded.  “It’s nice to meet you.  You look bored.  Once I get Triton and Trowa settled in, I’ll read a story.  How does
that sound?”

When the boy nodded, Catherine turned her attention back to Trowa and started smoothing his hair back away from his face.

“Now that I’m here,” she said, smiling down at him, “I want you to rest.  You shouldn’t make yourself worse.  That will only
make Triton worry about you.”

Trowa blearily blinked at her, his eyes hazy with fever.  “Had to help.  Relena and Sally have their hands full.”

Catherine snorted softly.  “So, you decided to make yourself worse?  I don’t know what I’m going to do with you.”  She
tugged lightly on his shirt.  “You gotta be uncomfortable wearing a turtleneck.  Why not take it off?”

Trowa said nothing, though he did struggle to push himself to a sitting position.  Seeing he had little strength, Catherine helped
him remove the constrictive garment.  Then she pushed him back down to the bed and drew the blankets up to his chin.

“Now, I want you to get some rest.  I’m going to pamper the kids a bit, then I’m going to find Sally and the others and see what
I can do to help around here.”  She slid her fingers across his cheek.  “Later on, I have something I need to talk with you about.  
But it’s not something that can’t wait.”

“Okay,” Trowa managed to mumble, even as his eyes were falling shut.  He said nothing more, easily falling off to sleep.

Catherine smiled, shaking her head.  He really should learn to take better care of himself.

With Trowa settled in and sleeping, she sat in the chair between the two beds - probably used by Sally when she checked on her
patients in this room.  “Okay boys, what would you like me to read to you?”  She asked quietly, not wanting to disturb either
Quatre or Trowa’s sleep.

“This one,” Raberba said, holding up a thin hardcover book.

Catherine took it, smiling.  “You want to stay here, or move to the other bed with Triton?”

“I’ll go over there.”  Raberba rubbed his hand across his nose, then hopped out of bed and crossed over to Trowa’s, carefully
climbing up to sit beside Triton.

Catherine waited until both boys were settled.  She slid her chair closer to Trowa’s bed, glancing at the cover of the book.  
“Fixed by Camel,” she read, opening the book.  She smiled at the sight of a group of animals on the inside cover, finding some
of the names amusing.

She flipped through the pages until she found the beginning of the story.  Then she began to read.  “One morning, Camel was
fixing a pipe under Main Street when Kangaroo came along and slammed the cover shut over the manhole. ‘Hey!  What do you
think you’re doing?’ cried Camel. ‘I’m only kidding,’ giggled Kangaroo.  ‘Haw, haw!’”  Catherine turned to the boys, showing
them the pictures on the pages.  “Not very nice of him, was it?”

“Nope.”  Raberba said.

Triton merely shook his head, looking enraptured with every word that Catherine said.

Catherine was simply happy that he was enjoying it.  With a smile, she continued reading, hoping it wouldn’t be long before they
could get out of bed.  Being sick was never fun, in her honest opinion.

To Be Continued . . .

Note:  The book Catherine was reading, if anyone is interested, is “Fixed by Camel,” one of many books in the “Sweet Pickles”
series, written by Jacquelyn Reinach and illustrated by Richard Hefter.  I enjoyed them when I was little.