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More Notes:  Raberba wants to see Quatre.  Triton tags along.

Young Hearts

Part Forty

Raberba glanced over to where Trowa was soundly sleeping.  The medication they were all on made them all somewhat sleepy.  
He should be sleeping as well but he was worried about Quatre.  He was anxious to see how his brother was doing.

So, despite feeling light-headed, he slipped out of bed and tiptoed toward the door.  A hand on his shoulder made him jump and
he turned to see Triton standing there.

"I'm not going far.  I just want to see Quatre."  He kept his voice quiet since he didn't want to wake Trowa.

Triton frowned and grabbed Raberba's sleeve.

The small blonde sighed.  It could be annoying trying to interpret what the silent boy was trying to say.  "Do you want to come
with me?"  When Triton nodded, Raberba shrugged.  "Okay, it'll be tougher trying to sneak in there with two people, but I'm
sure we can do it."

The two boys carefully made their way to where Quatre was being treated.  Raberba had to push Triton and himself into a
corner or a small alcove once or twice when someone passed them in the hall.  They weren't doing anything wrong, but Raberba
had the feeling that they'd be sent back to their room if they were caught out of bed.  Being in a nice warm bed sounded nice,
considering how woozy he still felt, but he really wanted to see Quatre.

Triton tugged on his sleeve and pointed to a door that Sally was coming out of.  They were hiding just around a corner, peering
out as she walked down the hallway away from them.

Raberba smiled at the taller boy and nodded.  After making sure the coast was clear, he ran for the door with Triton on his
heels.  As quietly as he could, he turned the knob and slipped inside.

He'd expected the room to be dark, but the light on the bedside table was on.  The lamp was bright enough to illuminate the
room, but not too bright so that someone coming to wakefulness would be blinded by it.

Raberba carefully approached the bed, afraid of making a sound.  Although some sound might have been masked by the various
electronics in the room.  The room was filled with machines.  Machines that monitored Quatre's condition, that made sure he
continued to breathe, among others.  The sound of them scared and comforted Raberba at the same time.

Triton nudged him and he bit his lip when he noticed that they weren't alone in the room.  He'd been so focused on Quatre that
he hadn't seen Catherine sitting there beside the bed.

Catherine gave them a concerned look.  "You boys should still be in bed," she tutted disapprovingly, yet with such sweetness
that it didn't feel like they were being chided at all.

Raberba looked at Triton, wondering what to say, but Triton shrugged.  The small blonde chewed on his lower lip, thinking, as
he looked to Catherine again.  "I wanted to see how Quatre was doing.  Would you please let me ... us ... stay a little while?"  He
found it almost easy to be polite to this woman.  Besides, he knew that being nice would get him further than acting like a brat

She seemed to consider it before nodding.  "All right.  You can stay until Sally gets back from checking on Duo.  When she gets
back, I'll take the two of you back to your room.  All right?"

Raberba sighed.  He wanted to stay longer than that, to wait until Quatre opened his eyes and smiled at him again.  He wanted to
know that everything was going to be okay.  But he had the feeling that he'd be sent back right away if he refused.  So he
swallowed his pride and nodded.

The smile she returned to him made him feel pleasantly warm.  "I can't begin to imagine how worried you are, but I'm sure
everything is going to be all right."

She held out her hand and Raberba darted across the room to her with Triton trailing cautiously behind him.

"Sally says his vitals are stronger."  The woman said, even as she hefted his slight body up and set him to sit on the edge of the
bed next to Quatre's still form.  "She has every hope he'll come around soon."

Now that he could see better, Raberba noticed that there weren't quite as many machines around Quatre as the last time he'd
been in here.  The fact that Catherine was letting him sit here at all left him feeling reassured.  He found himself staring at
Quatre's hand, still and pale against the bedding.  Nibbling on his lower lip and glancing to Catherine with a mix of nervousness
and embarrassment, he edged closer and curled his fingers around Quatre's fingers.


Catherine sat in the chair she'd been occupying these past few hours.  She was happy to do it though.  Quatre was a friend.  
Perhaps not a dear one, or someone extremely close to her, but he was a good and gentle soul and deserved to have someone
watching over him while he was ill.

She watched Raberba.  He was frowning worriedly, his tiny hand holding tightly to Quatre's fingers.  She raised an arm and
patted his knee, not knowing what else to say.  She'd already relayed Sally's reassurances.  It was all she could do.

A small hand touched her knee for a brief instant.  Catherine smiled at Triton, offering up all the love she could in that one
expression.  "Do you want to get up there, too?" she asked.

He looked up at the bed, then back to Catherine.  He was as silent as ever, but she could see he was warring with himself over

"You can, if you want," she coaxed, wanting him to keep him calm.  Too much pressure and he might run off again.  She
remembered that first day when Trowa had brought him to the circus and how terrified he'd been.  Already she could see a
change in his demeanor.  Still silent and frightened, but perhaps a bit braver and more confident.  Making friends with the other
children, feeling safe for the first time in his life, it would help him.

Tentatively, he stepped closer.  She reached out her hands, but he froze and moved back, shaking his head.

"You don't want me to lift you?" Catherine asked.

He shook his head again.

Catherine was confused by his behavior, but nodded anyway.  "Okay.  I won't try to lift you."  She sat back and set her hands
on the arms of the chair.

He watched her for a moment.  Then he moved closer again, eyes fixated on her.  He was afraid, she could see that, so she sat

Carefully and slowly, the small boy climbed up and sat himself across Catherine's lap.  His thin arms shook as he curled them
around her.

"Can I put my arms around you?" she asked, cautiously, not wanting to frighten the boy further.  She was astounded by this
show of trust on his part.  That he had initiated this affection was cause for cheer.  Making a show out of it though, might only
cause a setback in the tentative steps Triton was taking to trust them.

A single nod answered her question.

With delicate care, she encircled him in her arms.  To her complete joy, he uttered a frail and timid sound, no more than a moan
at best, but a sound nonetheless.  Looking down on him, she saw him open and close his mouth, a look of concentration on his
face.  That look turned to frustration, bordering on anger.

Catherine smiled.  "Don't force yourself, sweetie," she cooed, caressing his hair with a gentle hand.  "You'll speak when you're
ready."  She kissed the top of his head.

Triton looked up at her, his cheeks dusted with a shy blush.  He nodded, then tucked his head under her chin, grunting as he
cuddled close to her body.

She kept smiling and rubbed her hand over his back, her eyes trailing over to Raberba who was smiling back at her.

To Be Continued ...