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Notes:  Draco attends Potions and tries to pretend that everything is normal.  Professor Snape asks him to remain after class.

Family Secrets

Part Two

Draco shifted uncomfortably in his seat in Potions class.  Luckily for him, Neville kept his eyes lowered half of the time,
staring into his cauldron for the remainder of the time.  It was as if the other youth was just as embarrassed as Draco himself
was over the incident that happened between them outside of the Great Hall.  To allow himself to be groped and fondled . . .
and to respond with so much enthusiasm . . . it sent a chill along Draco’s spine, scaring and exciting him all at the same time.

He gulped at the hungry looks that he was getting from his other classmates, smirking seductively and meeting each of their
gazes.  The potion he was supposed to be working on, was ignored by Draco and was being solely worked on by his partner,
Pansy.  He was thankful, yet disappointed that Professor Snape had chosen her over any of these young men in class.  Of
course, if he had been partnered with any of the males in class, he doubted that the assignment would have gotten finished at all.

Draco turned, only to see Professor Snape staring at him oddly.  It was then that he realized that Snape had stopped talking.  
This couldn’t be good.  Snape must have noticed him, or at least that Draco was spending his class checking out the attractive

“Mr. Malfoy, I’d like to see you after class.”  Snape’s voice was quiet and calm, but there was a serious tone to it.

Draco felt a stab of fear.  If SNAPE was affected, like every other male was when Draco was nearby, there was no way that
Draco could fight him off.  Although . . . Snape was rather attractive.  It might be pleasurable to be pinned beneath that body
of his, to find out once and for all if Snape was as good looking beneath his robes as he appeared to be.

Draco shook off his lust, although it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish.  He tried to turn his attention to the potion, knowing
that was where his focus was supposed to be.  It was difficult to keep his mind on work, when there were so many here that
he wanted to feel, to touch . . . to taste.

He quietly suffered through the remainder of class, not able to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time.  With every glance
directed his way, Draco’s body would break out into shivers, his hormones barely under his own control.  He was perspiring,
the effort of keeping himself from jumping one or more of the young men in class almost overwhelming to him.

He stayed sitting as Professor Snape finally dismissed the class.  Then he quietly rose and approached the teacher’s desk.  Was
Snape going to punish him, or pleasure him?  Draco tried to keep his thoughts away from carnal acts, but it was difficult.  
Snape was an attractive man . . . his very scent invigorated Draco.

“Have a seat, Mr. Malfoy.”  Snape said, directing Draco to a nearby chair.

Draco swallowed at Professor Snape’s calm tone, taking a seat in the chair.  He preferred it when people yelled.  He disliked
not knowing how annoyed or angry someone was with him.  It left him flustered not knowing what Snape’s motives were for
keeping him after class.  “Sir . . . I really am very sorry about earlier . . .”

“Not another word out of you.”  Snape nodded when Draco closed his mouth.  “Now, I noticed the way your two house
mates were groping you during breakfast.  I’m not blind, although I doubt anyone else took note of what was happening.”  

He held up a finger to stop Draco from speaking his mind.  He looked quite annoyed, but there was also a strange look lingering
in his eyes.  Still, he continued to speak.  “Before you start going on and on about how it isn’t your fault . . . let me tell you that
I already know it isn’t your fault.  However, for your safety, I am placing you in my quarters and making sure the door is
locked.  This is only temporary.”  He tugged at his collar, looking uncomfortable.  “And please control yourself for the time
being.  Now, go get a few changes of clothes and return here.  Do not talk to anybody . . . do not make eye contact.  Go on

Draco nodded miserably, rising from his seat.  “Yes, sir.”  He then walked slowly out of the classroom.

“Quickly!”  Came Snape’s barked order, and Draco broke into a run.  He didn’t care if Filch caught him.  At least he had a
suitable reason for his running.  Professor Snape had ordered him to hurry and so he had to hurry.

He did as Snape had ordered him to.  He returned to the Slytherin dorm, gathering his pajamas as well as a couple changes of
clothes, and a number of personal items, including a book that he had been reading.  He decided that if he were to stay in
Professor Snape’s private rooms for an unknown amount of time, he would like to have something to pass the time with.  At
least he hoped he would be able to read it . . . sharing an enclosed space with Professor Snape, who he now found to be quite
attractive, was not going to be easy for Draco . . . he might not be able to concentrate on reading.

Then Draco returned to the Potions classroom, keeping his gaze focused on the floor until he had entered the classroom.  He
didn’t dare look up at Snape, trying to ward off the feelings of arousal creeping into him.  He could tell that Snape was close,
could smell him . . . a delightfully musky scent, intoxicating.

“It’s about time you got here.”  Professor Snape sneered.  “Come along.”  He whisked past Draco and started off down the

Draco raised his eyes then, wanting to be able to keep an eye on Professor Snape.  He would have to watch him if he wanted
to know where he was going.  Draco had never been to the teachers’ rooms before, he didn’t know how to get to them.  Still,
nervousness warred with his desires to pounce on his teacher, a desire that was slowly overcoming him the longer he stayed
around the dark-haired man.

Draco really hadn’t paid attention to where he was going.  He merely watched Snape, following him.  The world around him
faded into obscurity, forgetting that he was in trouble and being confined for an undetermined amount of time.  He was
enjoying his view of Snape, not snapping back to his senses until Snape abruptly stopped and Draco ran into him.

“Sorry, sir.”  Draco said shyly, backing away and ducking his head.

Snape said nothing.  He grabbed Draco’s shoulder.  Opening his door, he shoved Draco inside, slamming the door shut behind
them.  Draco jumped at the loud noise, shivering minutely.  He wondered why Snape wanted him to stay here.

“Hand over your wand.”  Snape said.

Draco looked up, frowning when he saw that Professor Snape was holding out his hand expectantly.  His expression was one
of impatience, so Draco decided not to waste any time.  He reached into his robes, pulling his wand from a pocket and handed
it over to Snape.  “Why do you want my wand, sir?”

“So that you can’t get out after I lock you in.”  Snape said, setting his hand on Draco’s shoulder and leading him away.

Professor Snape took him through the front room of his chambers.  He opened a door and ushered Draco inside.  Once on the
other side of the door, Draco took in a harsh breath, dropping his belongings to the floor as he broke out into intense shudders.  
This . . . this was Professor Snape’s bedroom.

Books lay scattered here and there, his bookcases overflowing with tomes and scripts, parchments littering a desk where he
obviously graded papers.  His bedding was shaded a rich green, not a color that Draco would ordinarily assume Snape to use.  
He had always figured Snape to be a drab man, his lack of color in his robes was the main reason that Draco thought so of
him.  However, being here stirred feelings deep inside Draco’s body, a delicious heat quickly spreading through his veins.

It wasn’t just the sight of the room that made Draco react like he was.  It was a mixture of his senses that attributed to his
growing desires.  The sight was a bed, bringing thoughts of using it for pleasurable activities.  The scents were of Snape, his
body . . . he could very nearly taste it on his tongue, a tongue that now licked slowly at Draco’s dry lips.  He could hear Snape
behind him, his robes rustling lightly, his breath hitching as if he were having trouble controlling himself.  Was Draco causing
this?  He didn’t know.  Then it happened . . . Snape’s hands fell on Draco’s shoulders, squeezing ever so gently.

Draco spun around, looking up at his teacher.  Oh, how he wanted him right now.  Draco smiled slyly, taking steps backwards
until his legs hit the bed.  He opened his robes, hungrily eyeing Snape as the man took a step forward.  Draco let a small
chuckle escape him, falling backwards on the bed, kicking off his shoes as he stretched out across the comfortable surface.  
Snape’s bed, this was Snape’s bed . . . the thought continued to run through his mind, increasing his sexual desires . . . and
then he felt a weight move the mattress.

Prying open eyes that he hadn’t known he had closed, Draco found himself face to face with Professor Snape.  The man was
poised over him, on his hands and knees above Draco’s body, straddling him.  He said nothing, wordlessly sweeping down and
taking Draco’s mouth with his own.  Draco eagerly responded, twisting his fingers in Snape’s black hair, finding that his hair
did not feel the least bit greasy as he had assumed it would.

One of Snape’s hands greedily pawed at Draco’s body, feeling and caressing his chest before moving downward.  He slid that
hand down, his mouth still moving against Draco’s as he grasped his hip, squeezing there briefly.  Draco opened his mouth to
Snape’s questing tongue, lapping at the delicious muscle with his own . . . wanting more, needing more contact.  He writhed in
desperation, his body aching for Snape’s touch as Snape’s hand moved again, as it slipped to the front of his trousers and
groped him through the fabric.

Draco groaned, lightly thrusting his hips.  That single noise however, was enough to break the moment.  Professor Snape
pulled away from Draco, as if the young blonde had been a snake ready to strike at him.  He scrambled off of the bed, wiping
the back of his hand over his mouth as he backed to the doorway.

“You are to stay here . . . Mr. Malfoy.”  Snape said, his voice wavering, guilt lingering in his eyes, in his tone.

“No . . .”  Draco whimpered, rising from the bed as Snape left the room.  “No!”  He repeated, frowning deeply as Snape
closed and locked the door, leaving Draco unsatisfied within.  “Come back!”

He crossed to the door, pounding on the surface, begging to be let out.  He knew what he wanted now, although he didn’t
know why he wanted it.  He wanted to fuck or be fucked.  It was a simple need, one that he had hoped that Professor Snape
could have helped him with.  But no, he had been denied.  Crying, he crumbled to the floor, slapping his hand against the
wooden door, although he knew that Snape would not let him out.  

“Please, come back.”  Draco whimpered, burying his face in his knees as he wept, not knowing why he was reacting so

To Be Continued . . .