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Notes:  Ron follows Draco into the forest and comes to his rescue.  Then they take refuge in a cave together.

Warnings:  Slash Lemon ahead!

Family Secrets

Part Five

Ron was deeply lost in thought as he walked through the school corridors toward the dining hall for lunch.  For the past several
days, he’d been finding Draco Malfoy extremely attractive for some unknown reason . . . only to have that attraction pass as
soon as either he or Malfoy left the area.  It was unsettling to Ron . . . especially since the attraction was taking longer to ebb
away lately.  Plus, Malfoy hadn’t been as much of an ass as usual for the past few days . . . barely saying a word to anyone.  
Mostly, he looked troubled.  Ron had seen it during Potions today, and wondered why Professor Snape had asked Malfoy to
stay after class.  Ron simply found the whole situation confusing to say the least.

Ron’s thoughts were brought to a halt when someone crashed into him.  He quickly picked himself up from the ground, glaring
slightly at the familiar blonde hair that he saw as he rose to his feet.  Malfoy . . . who else would purposely run into him?  Ron
sighed, dusting off his clothes as he took his eyes from Malfoy’s body, deciding that he didn’t like the tingling sensation that
had quickly begun to move throughout his body in reaction to Malfoy’s presence.

“Watch where you’re going, Malfoy.”  Ron muttered, trying to keep the feelings of arousal down.  He did not want to be
attracted to Malfoy of all people.  Malfoy was a jerk, an asshole, not someone to make a lasting relationship with.  If anything,
Malfoy would probably just laugh in his face, feeling nothing at all for hurting Ron.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ron watched as Malfoy staggered to his feet, wiping at his eyes with shaking hands.  “S-Sorry.”  
He said quietly, barely a moment before he pushed past Ron and took off at a run.

Ron blinked, thinking for certain that he must have heard wrong.  Surely, Malfoy hadn’t just apologized to him.  Malfoy had
never apologized for anything he had ever done to Ron or his friends and family, well not unless he had been forced to by a

“Malfoy, stop!”  Ron called out, hoping to get some answers from the young man.  Malfoy was acting strangely, perhaps there
was something troubling him.  But Malfoy kept running, apparently ignoring Ron’s call to him.  

With a sigh, Ron ran after him.  He had to know what was wrong.  Damn his curiosity . . . but he needed answers.  Malfoy
was acting so oddly, there had to be something wrong with him.  He frowned deeply as he watched Malfoy disappear into the
forest.  This was not good, not good at all.

Warily, he looked around, thankfully not seeing anyone.  He did not want to be seen heading into the forest.  Hell, he didn’t
want to go into the forest at all.  The thought of those giant spiders . . . he shuddered, finding the mere idea of traveling in
those dark woods to be terribly frightening to him.  Still, he couldn’t let Malfoy go in there alone . . . as much as he wanted to
walk away, he couldn’t allow him to go wandering around, especially if he wasn’t thinking clearly.  If he was upset, then the
forest was the last place he should be walking around.

Ron shook his head, taking in a nervous breath and letting it out slowly before following the blonde prat into the depths of the
intimidating forest.  He didn’t like this, but he just had a feeling that he HAD to go after Malfoy.  He kept all of his senses as
alert as possible as he made his way into the forest, his wand clenched in his hand.  He wasn’t going to shout for Malfoy,
mainly because there could be other things that would come crawling out if Ron drew attention to himself.

He paused as a short cry of pain reached his ears.  Hating the idea of leaving anyone in pain, Ron headed in the direction that
the sound had come from . . . but went at a not too fast pace.  He'd be no good to anyone if he injured himself by rushing.  
Lucky for him, he could hear the soft sounds of someone sobbing.  He frowned at that though.  He didn’t like the idea of
anyone being in pain, not even Draco Malfoy.  By the time the sobbing stopped, Ron had a good idea of where Malfoy was.

He froze as he heard Malfoy groan and then whisper a single word.  Ron could have sworn that it sounded like ‘stop’.  Then
there was the sound of cloth ripping, followed by a few loud moans and gasps.  He hurried forward, his mouth dropping open
in shock at the sight that he had just stumbled upon.

There was a Satyr, and he was pushing Malfoy up against the trunk of a tree.  The majority of Malfoy’s clothing was missing
from his pale body.  The Satyr was rubbing up against him from behind, his mouth sucking at Malfoy’s neck.  From the look
on Malfoy’s face, Ron could tell that Malfoy was consenting to the act.  He even seemed to be looking forward to it.

However, Ron knew that he had to stop things from progressing any further.  Consenting or not, Malfoy would be hurt terribly
by the Satyr.  Satyrs weren’t known to be gentle.  Ron didn’t want Malfoy’s insides to be ripped to shreds as a result of
overactive teenage hormones.  ‘Besides . . . Draco is MINE!’  Ron blinked.  Where had THAT thought come from?

He shook his head.  Still, the feeling of lust crept into his mind, the jealousy setting his blood to boiling.  Looking over the
scene, he decided on a tactic that would get the Satyr away from Malfoy, as well as incapacitate it.

Taking a deep breath, Ron ran forward.  There was only one thing that he could do at this moment to get the Satyr away
without causing more harm to befall Malfoy.  He braced himself as best as he could, hoping to not be knocked down as well,
and tackled the Satyr.

Thankfully, he was able to keep himself from toppling over as he sent the Satyr crashing to the ground.  Behind him, Ron heard
Malfoy cry out and fall, but Ron didn’t spare a glance to see if he was okay.  Malfoy could wait a few moments, until Ron took
care of this matter in front of him.

The Satyr scrambled to his feet, then turned and glared hatefully at Ron.  He dug a hoof into the ground, pawing angrily as he
hunched his shoulders, looking ready to attack.  Ron swallowed nervously, hoping that this would go as planned.  He raised his
wand, aiming it at the Satyr as he spoke the incantation to his curse.  “Stupefy!”

He sighed deeply in relief as the Satyr crumbled to the ground, lying there unconscious.  Then he turned his attention to
Malfoy, frowning as he saw the state that the pale blonde was in.  Malfoy was sitting on the ground at the base of the tree,
sweat glistening on his exposed skin.  He had his hands bunched up in his robes, holding them closed around himself as he
shivered severely, his head bowed as if in shame.

Ron rushed over to the Slytherin, laying a hand on his shoulder.  “Come on, we have to get out of here.”  He said, forcing back
the urges in his body that demanded he take the slender youth right now.  He didn’t understand . . . why was he lusting after
Malfoy of all people?  He shook his head again, knowing that they had to get out of here soon . . . that stupefying spell could
wear off at any moment and that Satyr would probably want to get back to what he had been doing earlier, after beating the
hell out of Ron.

“Can’t . . .”  Malfoy whispered, his voice shaky.  “Can’t walk.  My ankle . . . my knee.  I tripped and fell.”

Ron sighed.  He knelt down, pushing aside Malfoy’s robes, just enough to expose his legs.  He immediately saw the swelling . .
. his knee and ankle on the same leg, were definitely injured, perhaps sprained.  Ron covered Malfoy again, then turned away
from him, rising to his feet.  He paced for a moment, trying to figure out what they could do.  There was no way that Malfoy
would be able to make it back to the school in this condition, with those injuries.  Perhaps if he was more clearheaded, he could
manage to walk the distance, but not now.

Ron knew the way back to the school . . . it would be easy enough to follow the same trail that had led him this far in.  Malfoy
hadn’t been all that careful about not leaving tracks behind, and Ron had purposely marked several trees while following him.  
So he was relatively sure that he could make it out of here.  But he couldn’t leave Malfoy behind.

Looking around, Ron spotted the entrance to a cave . . . a rather large boulder sat near the opening.  He sighed, shaking his
head.  Well, it would do for the time being.  They could stay in there for a few hours, at least until the Satyr had lost interest in
Draco and left the area.  There was really no other option.  Malfoy couldn’t make it back to the school, and they couldn’t stay
out here in the open.

Sighing deeply, Ron gathered Malfoy’s trousers, tossing them over his shoulder.  He then stalked back over to the blonde
Slytherin.  “Let’s go . . . I have to get you somewhere safe.”  He said, kneeling next to Malfoy and uneasily picking him up.

Malfoy shivered, his slender body shaking as he threw his arms around Ron’s neck, burying his face against Ron’s chest.  Ron
frowned, not liking the reaction, although his pulse pounded in his ears, a devious little voice telling him to throw Malfoy to the
ground and ravish him here in the middle of the forest.  As tempting an idea as it was, Ron couldn’t do that . . . he wouldn’t
force himself on Malfoy, not when the youth was injured and emotionally unwell.  He said nothing, neither of them did, as Ron
stood and walked over to the cave.  He peered inside warily, thankful to find that it wasn’t inhabited by anyone or anything.

Once inside, Ron carefully set Malfoy down on the ground, dropping the youth’s trousers as well.  He watched with concern
as the Slytherin youth pushed himself back to one of the walls and curled in on himself, shimmering tears trailing from his
eyes.  Malfoy just sat there, shivering, his arms wrapped around his knees as he stared at the ground.  

Ron shook his head, heading out of the cave for a few brief moments.  He went about gathering sticks and kindling, deciding
that it would be best to get a good strong fire going.  Malfoy would need warmth, even if he wasn’t cold yet . . . as the day
went on, it would get cooler.  Hopefully, they wouldn’t be here for too long . . . Ron really didn’t want to be out here in this
forest after it got dark.

When his arms were full, Ron made his way back into the cave, dropping everything to the ground.  Turning, he looked to the
entrance of the cave, knowing that they weren’t safe so long as the way was open to anyone.  He pulled out his wand again,
aiming it at the large boulder near the entrance, then used a levitation spell to move it so that it would block the entrance . . .
although it was dragged more than it actually levitated.

Ron dropped to the ground once the boulder was in place.  It was tiring to move something as big as that.  Still, he was
satisfied that they were safe now.  The boulder was set in place and the Satyr couldn’t get to them, plus the cave wasn’t
exactly airtight, so that left them capable of surviving for a good while if they had to.  Although without food or water it would
only be a couple days before they expired . . . Ron shook his head, dismissing the unpleasant thought from his mind.  They
wouldn’t be staying here that long, just until the Satyr lost interest in pursuing Malfoy.

“Wh-What now?”  Malfoy asked, his voice weak and small.

Ron turned to Malfoy, or at least where he thought Malfoy was . . . it was quite dark in this cave now, the only light coming
through the small crack between the boulder and the edge of the cave entrance.  “Now, I get a fire started.  You'll need to
warm up.  Are you hurt in any way besides your leg?”

Malfoy’s glittering eyes met his briefly.  “My hands are a bit scraped up . . . I-I’m sorry.  I didn’t realize where I was going.”  
Then he curled up into a ball again, his whimpering reaching Ron’s ears.

Ron shook his head.  Two apologies in one day?  This was NOT how Draco Malfoy usually behaved.  He shook off his rising
desire for the blonde as he set up the firewood and cast a spell to light the kindling ablaze.  "Come on and sit by the fire."  He
said, waving Malfoy over, although his eyes watched to make sure the sticks caught fire, creating a pleasant campfire after a
few moments.

There was the sound of a sigh before Malfoy came into the circle of light the fire created.  Ron shook his head, frowning at the
huddled figure that continued to tremble.  His shivering must not be due to cold, Ron thought . . . there must be something else
wrong with Malfoy.  

“Why were you running like that in the first place?  It really isn’t like you to just run haphazardly.  You’re normally making fun
of the students who do.”  Ron remembered all too well the way that Malfoy had sniggered early in their first year when Ron
and Harry had been late to a class.

“My father came to visit me.  He and I had an argument.  He kept something from me that  . . . is going to make things difficult
for me from now on.”  His voice was soft . . . almost husky and he was looking at Ron with a strange gleam in his eyes.

Ron swallowed hard and licked his lips, feeling very warm all of a sudden.  “What was it?  And why were you about to let a
Satyr . . .”

“I’m part Veela . . . My grandmother, on my father’s side.  Father told me today . . .”  Draco whispered, biting thoughtfully on
his bottom lip for a brief moment.  “I’m in heat . . . need to mate or go insane . . .”  He whimpered, his body shuddering
violently.  “I’m sorry . . . but I can’t fight it anymore!”

Ron barely had enough time to draw in a breath before Malfoy pounced on him.  Then he felt Draco’s mouth on his, a slick,
hot tongue probing at his lips.  He briefly considered pushing the git away, but just couldn’t bring himself to do it.  Draco was
too desirable . . . and Ron was starting to suspect that it had very little to do with the Veela influence.  

Instead of pushing Draco away, Ron wrapped his arms around Draco’s slender body, pulling him close even as he opened his
mouth to the request of his tongue.  It was mere moments later that the tongue swept into his mouth, delving deep and
wandering across all of Ron’s pallette . . . tasting him with hunger.  The feeling . . . the taste of Draco’s mouth . . . it was
simply enticing, so delicious, Ron couldn’t get enough of it.

When a lack of air made it necessary to breathe, Ron held Draco back, parting their mouths as he panted for much needed
oxygen.  “We gotta slow down a little.  You’re hurt.  I won’t make that worse.”  He said, looking into grey eyes that sparkled
with each flicker of the flames.

Draco seemed taken aback by Ron’s concern.  “Y-You aren’t going to laugh at me?  At what I am?”  He asked, sounding truly

Ron shook his head, a gentle smile forming on his lips, even as his body burned to feel more of Draco’s flesh.  “No . . . you
can’t be blamed for what you are.  But you do realize that you can’t talk about being pureblooded anymore.”  

He pushed Draco’s robes from his body, laying the cloth out on the floor of the cave.  Then he removed his own robe and set
it over Draco’s, making a more comfortable surface than the dirty ground.  With those injuries to his leg, and who knew where
else, it would be best for him to have a somewhat comfortable surface to rest on.

Gently, Ron laid Draco out on the robes, his eyes roaming over the pale planes of Draco’s slender body.  He pulled off the
tatters of Draco’s shirt, tossing them aside without care.  They were useless now, only hindering Ron’s view of Draco’s lovely
form.  “You know . . . you’re gorgeous like this . . . when you aren’t being a snob.”

Draco moaned, reaching up to Ron and dragging fingers over his clothed arms.  “Just . . . shag me and get it over with!”  He
demanded, his voice barely more than a deep, throaty groan.  “I know you want to, they all do!”

Ron shuddered at the word ‘shag’ and started undressing himself.  “No . . . I’d be worse than that Satyr if I just pounding into
you like there was no tomorrow.  It’ll probably hurt as it is.”  Ron paused when he got to his boxers, leaving them on.  He ran
a soft caress along the sweat-dampened skin of Draco’s chest . . . gently rubbing his thumb against one berry-toned nipple.

Draco’s reaction was to gasp, his eyes fluttering shut as he dug his fingers into the robes below him.  “M-More.”  He panted,
his lips parted in so tempting a manner.

“This is your first time, right?  It’s mine, too.”  Ron said, smirking as he toyed with Draco’s nipples, quickly making them
hard.  “I’ll tell you the truth.  If anyone had told me a week ago that I'd have you like this, at my mercy, I would have told
them to see Pomfrey.”  He was fascinated by Draco’s writhing.  He was enjoying the soft, panting mewls and gasps that the
Slytherin youth let out.  Finally, Ron divested himself of his undergarments and leaned over Draco’s pale frame to kiss him
once again.  “You’ll probably hate me again when this is over with.”

Draco’s grey eyes looked up into his, his trembling arms encircling Ron’s body.  “Maybe . . . I don’t know anymore, Ron . . .
I don’t know anything anymore.  My whole life was a lie.”  He smiled a little, tracing a finger down along the side of Ron’s
face.  “But I won’t ever forget . . . that you were my first.”

Ron returned the smile and started giving Draco little nibbling kisses, trailing them along the column of Draco’s graceful
throat.  If he wasn’t going to have these feelings for Draco again after today, then Ron was going to milk the experience for
everything it was worth.  He kissed his way down Draco’s collarbone.  He continued a little way before suckling on one nipple,
then the other, delighting in the sounds that Draco made.  “I’d love to go slowly here . . . but . . . you’re having such an effect
on me.”  He groaned, then tugged lightly on one of the hardened nubs with his teeth.

Draco nodded, strands of his hair falling into his face, sticking to his sweaty skin.  “Sorry.  Please . . . now!”

As fogged as Ron’s senses were with lust, he still didn’t want to hurt Draco . . . so he reached down and gently pushed a
single finger into the blonde, dipping only slightly into his virgin entrance.  What he discovered made him frown in confusion.  
“What the . . . ?”  He pulled his fingers free of Draco, rubbing them together . . . amazed at the slick moisture that covered his
digits.  “Did you know about this?”  He asked, showing Draco his fingers.

Draco shook his head.  He was apparently beyond coherent speech, only uttering a few moans as he wriggled beneath Ron.

Ron shrugged and continued stretching Draco . . . finding it very convenient that Draco’s body seemed to be producing its
own lubrication.  It made things so much easier, also serving to protect the young man from harm.  Easily, Ron worked his
fingers within Draco’s body, smirking as the blonde eagerly pushed back against each digit that Ron inserted into him.

“Please . . . please . . . please . . .”  Draco whimpered in a slight voice, saying only one word like a mantra.

Ron slipped his fingers out of Draco, sliding his slick fingers over his own heated shaft to spread what lubrication had lingered
on his fingers.  “You want me?”  He asked, his voice so low that he almost hadn’t recognized it as his own.  He grinned, taking
a long, slow lick along the underside of Draco’s erection.

Draco nearly sat up, his body bucking as he screamed.  “Yes!  Please!  Fuck me!  Take me!  Do something . . . anything!”

The sound of Draco’s throaty voice, so laced with lust, made Ron’s cock twitch in excitement and anticipation.  He lightly ran
his hand over one of Draco’s creamy thighs, chuckling when Draco spread his legs wide, whimpering with obvious need and
desire.  This time, Ron took pity on him, settling himself between those legs, the head of his cock pushing up against Draco’s

He grasped Draco’s leg, pulling it up and over his shoulder, leaving the other on the ground for fear of aggravating his injuries.  
He dug his fingers into the thigh of that leg, pulling Draco down and closer to him as he began to move forward, the head of
his cock pushing past the tight ring of muscle.

Slowly, Ron sank into the welcoming heat of Draco’s tight body, arching his own back as he delved deeper into the fire that
surrounded him.  He barely registered hearing Draco’s cries for more, but obliged easily, rolling his hips in a circle . . . pulling
out a little, only to push inward farther.

“Yes!”  Draco screamed, blunt nails digging into the skin of Ron’s biceps, dragging across his flesh and leaving reddened trails.

Finally, Ron stilled himself, finding himself fully imbedded in Draco’s body.  He took a breath, his blood pulsing in his ears.  
Only when Draco shifted beneath him did he move again.  As much as his body demanded satisfaction, he wouldn't hurt
Draco.  He rocked his hips a little, delighting in the sounds that Draco made, the movements the other youth made in the heat
of passion.

“Fuck me!  Please!  Harder!”  Draco cried, a stray teardrop escaping one of his eyes.  “I want more, all you can give!”

Ron wordlessly obliged, not sure he could even think of a coherent thought at the moment.  He pulled himself from Draco’s
hot body, thrusting hard and fast back into him.  His movement was rewarded by a delightful howl of pleasure, so he did it
again, and again . . . wanting to hear more of Draco’s voice, spurred on by the knowledge that he was the first, the only one to
make Draco scream like this.

The pace between them only hastened.  Ron adjusted his angle, changing his position time and again, until he finally found what
he had been seeking, a devious smirk coming to his lips as Draco cried out in pure ecstasy, begging him to do that again.  Ron
was only happy to comply, randomly hitting that spot that sent Draco thrashing.

Draco and Ron were reduced to creatures of pure need, moving against each other, with each other for a common goal.  They
strived for pleasure, sought out ecstasy . . . neither of them could last for much longer.

Ron leaned forward, roughly sucking and biting against Draco’s salty throat, his hips loudly slapping against Draco’s thighs
with each forceful plunge he made.  Draco’s nails raked across his back, his breath brushing Ron’s ear as he hoarsely asked
for more.  Ron grabbed Draco’s shoulders, digging his fingers in as he built up his pace, roughly pounding into Draco’s tight
body.  The friction between their bodies seemed to be enough to stimulate Draco’s throbbing shaft, and soon it was all over.

Suddenly, Draco screamed, his body convulsing against Ron.  His eyes rolled back into his head, his hot seed splashing out
over both of their abdomens as he succumbed to a mind-numbing orgasm.  Ron gasped, feeling as Draco’s muscles
constricted, spasming around him as he savagely thrust into him.  One . . . two more thrusts and it was over.  Ron bit down
harshly, quieting his own scream as he released pulse after pulse of his semen to flood the blonde’s insides.

Ron rolled his hips a few more times, trying to lengthen the delightful experience.  Then he lay still, not willing to pull himself
free of the blonde’s encasing form.  Looking down on the pale blonde, he saw that Draco’s eyes were closed.  He had fallen
asleep, apparently exhausted.  Ron smiled, leaning forward and giving those sweet lips one last kiss.  These feelings within him
would probably fade now . . . he sighed, feeling sad about that.  Draco had definitely been a pleasure today.

With a sad smile on his face, Ron rolled over onto his side, pulling Draco close as he kept himself buried within the Slytherin’s
body.  If the feelings were going to fade, he would treasure each and every sensation while he could.

He blinked tiredly, darkness easily descending on him now that they had both reached completion.  Beside him, Draco was
already asleep, snuggling close to Ron’s body as he murmured quietly in his slumber, their sweaty forms entangled, contented
smiles on both of their faces.

To Be Continued . . .