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Notes:  Draco awakens to a number of surprises.

Family Secrets

Part Ten

Draco sighed and curled closer into his soft pillow.  He was dreaming a happy dream . . . that his mother was there with him
and was stroking his cheek . . . making it feel better as she always made his injuries feel better when he had been little.  It felt
so real . . . but he knew that it had to be nothing more than a dream.  He wasn’t so disoriented that he didn’t remember his
father throwing him out.  He knew that he was at Professor Snape’s house.  He sniffled a little.  He hadn’t even gotten to see
his mother before he had been forced to leave the manor house.  That was probably why he was dreaming of her so vividly

“Sshh . . . don’t cry, my little dragon.  I’m here.  It’s all right.”  The voice he heard was his mother’s . . . tender and loving,
just as Draco knew her to be, even if she showed no sign of that kindness whilst in public.  He understood though, even from a
young age, that she had a role in life, to be the devoted wife to a wealthy, influential wizard.  To most she appeared cold and
harsh, but to Draco she had never been anything but kind, a sympathetic and loving mother.

Draco couldn’t take it anymore, so he opened his eyes and turned, prepared to be met with an empty room.  The tears that had
been building up within him since his father had thrown him out, were finally let loose when he saw Narcissa Malfoy sitting on
the edge of the bed beside him.  “Mama . . .”  He whispered, reverting to the term that he had called his mother by as a child.

Narcissa wasted no time and pulled Draco into her arms as he sobbed.  “That’s it, Draco, let it out.  I have you now.”  She
gently rocked him in her arms, stroking the back of his head with one hand.  “It’s all right, Draco.  I’m here . . . and I won’t
leave you.”

The rocking combined with the stress of being thrown out of his home added to his usual morning sickness and he bit his lip as
he pushed his mother away.  He bolted from the room, knowing that he had seen a bathroom the previous night . . . at least he
vaguely remembered passing by it.  He had just managed to fall on his knees before an open toilet, when he emptied his
stomach.  He was glad that he only threw up once when these attacks of nausea hit him.  Any more would have been painful,
he was sure.

He sat back, laying his forehead against the seat.  As he sat there, trying to catch his breath, he suddenly became aware of a
soft warmth being wrapped around him.  He looked back, only to see his mother smiling at him in understanding, covering his
bare back with a blanket.

“I remember what it was like.”  She whispered, smoothing his hair back.  “You’re just like me in this, too.  You probably won’
t suffer from it for too much longer.”  Narcissa caressed Draco’s cheek, smiling at him lovingly.  “Do you feel better now?”

Draco nodded, pulling the blanket around his shoulders more.  “Yes, Mother, thank you.”  He paused for a moment, not sure
he wanted an answer to his next question.  “I’m not complaining, but what are you doing here?”

Narcissa sighed, closing her eyes briefly.  “Serverus wrote to me and told me about what happened.  I am so sorry that your
father reacted in that manner.  I would think that he would have had a LITTLE sympathy for his only son, especially in these
delicate matters.”

“You know about Father’s . . .”

Narcissa hushed Draco with her fingers, just lightly touching them to his lips.  She smiled.  “I’ve known about his daughter
with Serverus since . . . well, let’s just say it’s been a long time.  And your father was honorable enough to inform me of his
heritage before we married . . . one of the few considerate things he’s ever done, even if his family history meant nothing at all
to me . . . I did and still do love him, despite his often infuriating attitude.”  She smiled lovingly at Draco again and rubbed his
arm in a soothing manner.  “Now . . . I’ll go get a change of clothes for you and you can take a warm bath.  It will help to
soothe you.  Then we can go downstairs and have lunch with Serverus.”

Draco gave his mother a shaky smile and nodded as she stood.  When she left the room, he stood up and rinsed his mouth out
a few times to get the acidic taste and feeling out.  His mother returned by the time he was finished.

“Here you are, dear.  Have a nice soak.  I have a few things to give you before we go down to breakfast.  I’ll just busy myself
with putting your clothes away until you come out.”  Narcissa placed a warm-looking outfit on the counter near the sink . . .
complete with socks and boxers.  She reached over and caressed his face one last time before leaving the bathroom and closing
the door behind herself.

Draco sighed, grateful that his mother had come to see him.  At least now he wasn’t alone in this, he had her support.  He
shrugged the blanket off of his body, stripping out of his only article of clothing, his boxers, as he let the bathtub fill.

Climbing into the tub, he sat.  He took a long, leisurely soak, basking in the heated water that surrounded his body.  He closed
his eyes, allowing his mind to drift as he relaxed, letting the stress of the past few months slip away.  He pushed aside his
worries over his unborn child, his doubts about his own suitability to be a good parent.  He ignored the nagging voice that
demanded he tell Ron about the child, the incessant whisper that proclaimed he should let others in on the secrets that he
carried.  He was intent on just enjoying his bath, allowing himself to relax even if only for a short while.

When he was finished with his bath, he dried himself and dressed in the garments that his mother had supplied to him.  He
checked his appearance in the mirror, then strode out of the bathroom, confident that he looked at least presentable now.

He gasped when he stepped inside the bedroom that Professor Snape had allowed him to use, blinking in confusion at the sight
before him.  There, on the bed, were a vast number of articles.  He looked to where his mother was putting his clothes away,
unable to keep the confusion from his voice as he spoke.  “What’s all this?”

Narcissa smiled.  “Some things that I thought you could use in the coming months.  Books and such about Veelas . . . about
parenting and pregnancy.  You can never know too much about something like this.  Plus you are in a rather awkward
situation, being male.”

Draco walked over, his eyes settling on a bassinet.  He trailed his fingers along the edge, looking thoughtfully at the various
supplies inside.  There were blankets, a number of tiny outfits, bottles as well as books and anything else that Draco would
need for when his baby was born.  He looked up at his mother and opened his mouth to express his gratitude, but nothing came

Narcissa smiled gently.  “Hush.  You have a great deal on your mind, and anything to ease your burden will give you less to
worry about.”  She put the last of his clothing away and turned to him.  “The less you worry, the better.  Worrying isn't good
for you, and it isn’t good for the baby.”  She stepped closer to him, laying a hand on his shoulder.  “Come along now . . . time
for you to get something to eat.”

Draco smiled and followed his mother out of the bedroom.  He was just about to step from the last step, when he faltered,
nearly falling over in surprise.  Filling the front room, were dozens of boxes and containers, almost overflowing with what
appeared to be Christmas decorations.  A Christmas tree was leaning against one of the walls.  And in the center of all these
boxes, Professor Snape was sitting on the floor, trying to untangle a string of garland with his hands, glaring at the knotted
mess that was draped all over himself, the boxes, and the floor around him.

Draco cleared his throat and indicated the mess in the room when he had his teacher’s attention.  “Um, Professor Snape?  
What is all this?”  Draco asked, maneuvering his way around boxes to get closer to the teacher.

“It’s garland!”  Snape snarled.  “What did you think it was?”  He sighed, closing his eyes briefly.  “The spell to untangle this
mess backfired and now it’s worse than ever.”  He growled and tugged on another loop.  “I have to get this ready before they
get here.”

Draco picked up a bit of the garland and worked on it.  “Before who gets here?”

Snape looked as if he were about to answer, when there was a knock at the front door.  Draco turned at the sound, then
blinked as his mother bustled out of the front room.  “Oh dear . . . I’ll just see about keeping them out of here for now.”

Draco watched his mother in confusion, but followed Professor Snape when Narcissa came back and indicated that he should.  
He got to the entryway just in time to see two young children hug Snape’s legs.  One was a little girl with bright green eyes.  
She was no older than two at most.  She had blonde hair, held up in cute little pigtails that were tied off with bright red bows,
which matched the dress that she wore.  And hugging Snape’s other leg was a boy of around five years of age.  His hair was
short and black, with eyes that were a sharp grey.

“GRANDPA!!”  They cried out happily in near-unison, bright smiles on their young faces.

A soft, warm feminine voice from someone that Draco couldn’t see was heard next.  “Now, now . . . you two.  Let your
grandfather breathe.”  There was a gentle laugh and a pair of arms appeared around Snape as the young woman embraced
him.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t visit sooner, Father.”

Draco’s mouth dropped open.  ‘Father?!?  Then . . . that must be . . .’

Snape’s voice interrupted Draco’s thoughts after the teacher glanced over his shoulder and spotted him standing there in the
doorway.  It was a warm tone that he’d never heard from the seemingly cold professor when Snape addressed the woman.  
“There’s someone here you should meet.”  With that, Snape stepped aside and Draco got his first look at his elder half sister.

Beautiful . . . that was the first word that came to Draco’s mind as he viewed the lovely young lady before him.  She was
young and simply beautiful, with a pale complexion contrasted by jet-black hair that hung to her waist in silky waves.  She was
dressed in crimson robes, a pin of holly over the left side of her chest.  Still, the robes that she wore could not disguise the
distinct bulge of her belly . . . she was pregnant, although not too far along, perhaps five months at most.  But her eyes were
what caught Draco’s attention.  They were sharp and grey . . . just like his own.

“Draco Malfoy . . . allow me to introduce you to your half sister, Raven Radford.”  Snape said, then gestured to a handsome
young man that stood just behind Raven.  He wore simple black robes, his blonde hair tidy . . . his eyes blue.  “And this is
Raven’s husband, Jonathan . . . and their two children, Dove and Joseph.”

Draco could scarcely breathe, he was so shocked.  He opened his mouth, wanting to say something meaningful . . . or at the
very least polite, but couldn’t form any coherent thoughts on the matter.  Here he was, faced with a sister that he had never
even heard of before just yesterday.  It was too much . . . far too much, and far too sudden.

He started to feel a little lightheaded . . . which was accompanied by the roiling nausea.  He placed his hand to his stomach,
feeling ashamed for showing off his condition at this moment.  “Excuse me,” was the only thing that he could manage saying
before he turned and rushed off.

Mere minutes later, Draco was once again washing out his mouth, the taste of vomit making him wince in disgust.  ‘Oh, what
a wonderful way to make a first impression’, he sarcastically thought.  He's introduced to his half sister and her family, and
then he runs off to the nearest bathroom to vomit . . . it was just so embarrassing.  He grasped the sides of the sink and sighed,
leaning forward until his forehead touched the cool surface of the mirror.

“How far along are you?”

Draco gasped, spinning around.  There, framed in the open doorway was Raven.  “W-What?”  He asked, unsure if he had
understood the meaning of her question.

Raven smiled, striding into the small room.  “My father told me of your condition.  He had to say something to explain your
hasty exit.”  She stood there in front of him, a kind expression in her shimmering eyes.  “So, how far along are you?”

Draco looked down, taking a breath before speaking.  “Three months.”

A gentle hand brushed through his hair and he looked up, soothed just by the expression in her grey eyes.  “Just turned sixteen,
hm?  I had the same trouble . . . well, almost.  In Veela males, the urge to mate is stronger when they go into heat, at least as
far as I understand it . . . a stronger desire to procreate, or so I’ve been told, probably since the ability for males to get
pregnant is only during that one time a year.”  She paused, then smirked.  “I’m guessing that your father never told you about

Draco shook his head.  “No . . . I had no idea that I had a sister, not until yesterday.”

Raven’s smile only seemed to brighten.  Draco had to wonder if Professor Snape had actually raised her . . . she seemed to
share nothing with Snape, personality-wise.  “Well, it is wonderful to finally meet you, little brother.”  She said, wrapping her
arms around him and bringing him into a tender embrace.  It was warm, and so soothing . . . Draco simply fell into it.  “I’ve
been waiting ages to meet you, but my father and I agreed that it should wait until you were ready.”

“I’m sorry . . . I just don’t know how to deal with all of this.”  Draco whispered, regretting that his feelings were in such
turmoil.  “It’s too much, too soon . . . I can’t . . .”

Raven’s soft voice stopped any further words from leaving his mouth.  “Don’t worry about it, Draco.  I know that you have to
be given time to process all of this information.  Give yourself some time to get used to the fact that you have more family than
you thought.  My family and I will be here for a few days at least . . . this is the first time the children have been able to spend
Christmas with their grandfather.  I finally convinced him to get away from that school for a change.”

Draco nodded.  “I’ll try to get used to it.”

Raven pulled herself away a little, brushing her fingers through his hair lightly.  “Come on, let’s go back downstairs.  I’m sure
you could do with a decent meal . . . and there’s no doubt that my father hasn’t been able to decorate as he said he would, so
we’ll have something to do after lunch.”  She smiled slyly, a twinkle in her eyes.  “His garland always comes out of its box
filled with knots.”  She said, a gentle laugh leaving her lips.

Draco smiled in return, remembering that he had walked in on the same scene just a few minutes ago downstairs.  Snape
indeed hadn’t decorated, and his garland was knotted.  He nodded.  “Yes, all right, but I don’t know how much I could eat
when I keep vomiting.”

“I believe I can help with that.”  Raven said, taking his arm and leading him from the bathroom, and down the stairs once
again.  “There’s something that Muggles call crackers . . . they’re quite effective at suppressing morning sickness.  I have
some in my bag.  I’d be happy to share them with you.”

“Thank you.”  Draco replied.  He was happy to know his sister, and thrilled beyond belief that she wasn’t cross with him for
allowing himself to get pregnant.  He was grateful that she was kind and loving, that she apparently didn’t see him as a horrible
person despite the fact that his father had all but gotten rid of her as soon as he bore her.  Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad
after all.

To Be Continued . . .