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Notes:  Draco says goodbye to his sister at the train station, then returns to Hogwarts.

Family Secrets

Part Twelve

Draco was smiling as he stood on Platform Nine and Three Quarters.  He’d had the best Christmas Holiday ever.  He had spent
a wonderful vacation with family, more family than he had ever thought he had . . . a sister, a niece and nephew.  Simply put,
he was happy.

However, there was one thing that worried him.  He looked down at himself, running his hand over his stomach lightly.  He’d
start showing soon.  The robes would hide his condition for a while, but people would eventually notice how difficult it was for
him to get around.  It was only a matter of time before the entire school knew that he was pregnant.  He frowned at that, not
relishing the thought of being teased constantly.

“Stop worrying so, Draco.  It’s not good for the baby.”  Raven wrapped an arm around Draco’s shoulders and squeezed, her
own enlarged stomach impeding the embrace slightly.

Raven had volunteered to bring Draco to the station today.  His mother had returned home, promising to send Draco the things
he would need for his baby when the time came.  As it was, he was glad that he didn’t have a lot of people to say goodbye to.  
He didn’t think his stomach could handle too much stress just yet.

Raven continued to speak, her voice soothingly calm.  “My father will look out for you.  If you honestly think that you can’t
handle it, he’ll contact your mother and she’ll send for you.  She said something about having an apartment in London if you
need it.”  She smiled fondly at him and hugged him.  “Do you have someplace to stay this summer?  You’re more than
welcome to stay with me and my family.  The kids adore you, you know.”

Draco smiled back at his sister as he returned the embrace.  “Thank you, Raven, but Professor Snape has already told me that I
can stay with him.  I’d like to visit you, though.”  He broke away as he heard the train arriving.  “I have to go.”

“Oh, I almost forgot!”  She smiled, her eyes lighting up.  “I have a present for you.”  She reached into a pocket of her coat and
pulled out a simple box.  “I felt sorry for not having a present for you at Christmas . . . I just had to give you something.”  She
set it in his hands.

Draco tried to push the present back into her hands.  “No, I don’t need anything.  Really . . . I don’t.”

“Nonsense.”  She smiled, brushing her fingers over his cheek.  “I want to give you something.”

Still thinking that he didn’t deserve anything, Draco opened the plain, white box.  What he found inside, made his eyes widen.  
He looked up to Raven, then back to the box, unbelieving.  “No, I can’t accept this.”  He argued.

Raven smiled, reaching into the box.  She lifted the amulet that was within by the silver chain that it hung by.  “Don’t be silly.”  
She chuckled, looping the long chain over his head so that the charm was set against his chest.  It was a simple deep, clear
amethyst . . . such a dark shade of purple . . . in the shape of a teardrop.  He couldn’t accept this, it was much too precious
and had to be expensive.

“No, I can’t take this.”

“Now, don’t argue with me, Draco.  I’m giving it to you.”  Raven smiled, taking hold of Draco’s hand, running her thumb
over his skin lightly.  “There’s a protection charm on it.  As long as you wear it, no harm will befall you.”

“T-Thank you, Raven.”  Draco whispered, knowing that the words could not do his current gratitude justice.  A simple ‘thank
you’ did not seem to be enough.  “I . . . I better get going.”

Raven nodded with tears in her eyes and smoothed Draco’s hair back.  “And don’t you worry about that Ron fellow.”  Draco
had told her about the father of his unborn child.  “If he’s the person that you say he is, then he won’t turn his back on you.  I
think he’ll be thrilled with the idea.”

Draco shook his head, wishing that he could believe that.  “But it’s been so long, Raven.  He might be angry that I didn’t tell
him sooner.  He’ll think I’m ashamed of him.”

Raven nodded, but kept a gentle smile on her face.  “At first, perhaps, but I think he’ll come to understand how frightened you
must have been.  Just don’t rush him into making him understand, and all will be well.”  She leaned down and planted a gentle
kiss on Draco’s cheek and hugged him once again.  “Take care, little brother.  And bring that Ron to meet me sometime . . . I
remember meeting his brother, Percy, once . . . If Ron looks anything like him, you have some damn fine taste.”

Draco felt himself blushing and climbed aboard the train.  He quickly made his way to a compartment and took a seat, waving
to Raven from the window as the train pulled out of the station.  When he could no longer see his elder sister anymore, he
leaned back and relaxed, laying his hand over his middle in what was now a reflexive movement.  He was almost four months
pregnant now . . . the bulge was beginning to form, his child was growing.  He easily slipped off to sleep, his thoughts going
over visions of what his child would look like as he or she grew older.


Draco was jolted awake by the train coming to a stop.  He blinked open tired eyes, rubbing his fingers over them in an attempt
to push back his weariness.  He yawned as he sat up, trying to clear his foggy senses.  Wearily, he staggered to his feet and
quickly changed into his school robes, then left the compartment.

A strong hand clamped down on his shoulder as he stepped off the train.  Draco stumbled, nearly falling over, but was stopped
by that same hand that had grasped him.  He looked up, blinking when he found himself facing Professor Snape.

“Professor?”  Draco asked.

“Mr. Malfoy, I took the liberty of informing Madam Pomfrey that you wish to see her.  She’s waiting in her office for you,
whenever you are ready.”  Professor Snape said.

Draco sighed, but nodded.  He knew that this had been coming . . . Snape had told him during break that he should tell
Pomfrey of his condition and Draco had agreed.  It was a good idea to tell her, if only to be ready in case of an emergency.  So
Draco made no arguments.  But he didn’t want to do it right now . . . no, he was tired and wanted to lie down for a little while.

“I’ll go see her after dinner tonight . . . if that’s okay, sir?  I’m quite tired.”

“Yes, I do suppose rest is a good idea.  You don’t want to overburden yourself.”  Professor Snape nodded.  “If you wish me
to, I will escort you to the Hospital Wing . . . I also suggest you inform Professor Dumbledore of your condition.  Some
changes will have to be made to your class schedule in the coming months.  Pregnant Veelas, especially males, tend to tire

“Yes, sir.”  Draco replied, stifling a yawn with his hand.  “And I would appreciate your company.  The visit with Professor
Dumbledore would be best before Madam Pomfrey has a look at me, I suppose.”

Professor Snape nodded.  He took his hand from Draco’s shoulder.  “If you should require anything, you are welcome to come
to me.”  He said, then with a curt nod, he turned and strode off, leaving Draco to blink at his back as he walked away.

A few minutes later, Draco was walking through the halls of the school, tiredly heading to the Slytherin dorm where he could
take a nap.  He had done little today, but he was still weary . . . perhaps it was the stress of all the goodbyes earlier, or the
worries over his return to school, either way he was simply tired.  A sharp screech behind him caught his attention and his
eyes widened as a tiny ball of feathers all but rammed into the wall next to him head first.  Draco bent, scooping the dazed bird
into his hands and looked at the pitiful thing curiously.

When it noticed Draco, the little bird began hopping up and down on his palms, squeaking loudly and annoyingly.  It was then
that Draco took notice of the small bit of parchment that it carried.  Fighting to keep the fluttering bird still with one hand,
Draco eventually managed to get the parchment away from it.  Annoying little thing, he thought, as it flew off.

Shaking his head, Draco opened the parchment, nearly falling over as the words stood out sharply.

‘Meet me in ten minutes in the Astronomy Tower.’

It simply said.  It was signed by Ron.  ‘Oh no . . . he knows.’  Draco shook his head.  No, how could he know?  Draco hadn’t
told anyone but his own family and Professor Snape.  They wouldn’t tell anyone about this.  So Ron couldn’t know.  He
couldn’t.  But then why would he want to meet Draco?  

Draco pondered over this for a few minutes, his hands shaking unknowingly.  He was consumed with dread, fearing what Ron
wanted to speak with him about.  But he had to go.  He and Ron did have things to discuss.

To Be Continued . . .