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Notes:  Ron impatiently waits for Draco in the Astronomy Tower.  When the blonde arrives, the two have a serious talk.  Then
Draco returns to the Slytherin dorm, where something unfortunate occurs.

Family Secrets

Part Thirteen

Ron was pacing nervously.  He wondered if Draco would even bother showing up at all.  He quickly shook the thought of
Draco not showing up out of his mind.  Draco would show.  But, if Draco didn’t show up, then Ron would just have to seek
him out and demand answers, even if Draco was standing in the Great Hall in the middle of a meal with all their peers around
them to hear the news.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a footfall behind him.  Upon turning, he spotted Draco standing just inside the
room.  Ron took a deep breath, trying to remain calm.

“Right . . . I’ll cut to the chase.  Are you . . .?”

“Yes.”  Draco quietly replied, ducking his head.  “You were about to ask if I’m pregnant.  The answer is yes.”  He raised his
gaze, holding up his hand as if he knew Ron’s next question.  “Yes, you are the father.”

‘I will not explode.  I will not explode.’  Ron said internally, to stop himself from losing his temper.  He took another deep
breath and began pacing as he let loose the questions burning in his mind.  “Why didn’t you tell me?  Are you ashamed of me?  
Were you even planning to tell me at all?  If so, when?  Did you think I wouldn’t care?  What are you planning?  Are you going
to have an abortion or put it up for adoption?”  Ron stopped pacing, suddenly switching his line of thought without realizing
that he had done so.  “No . . . if you were going to abort it, you would have done so already.  If you plan to put it up for
adoption, you don’t have to.  I know my family doesn’t have much, but my mum will . . .”

A soft sound, almost a whimper, got Ron’s attention and he turned to look at Draco.  He frowned when he noticed that Draco
was swaying slightly.

“Are you all right?  Is there anything I can do?”  He asked, worriedly.  He ran over to help keep Draco upright and noticed how
pale the Slytherin was.  “Oh bother!  You must be worn out due to the trip!  Blast . . . I’m sorry, Draco!  I totally forgot what
Hermione said about pregnant, male Veelas . . . she just went on and on, reading from all those books . . .”

Draco shook his head.  “I’m fine . . . just tired.  Long way . . . all those stairs.”  He leaned against Ron’s body . . . probably
for support.  “I’m sorry, Ron.  I was scared of what your reaction would be.  I also didn’t want you to feel like you HAD to
do anything.  If it’s any consolation to you, I was planning to tell you as soon as I could.”  He lifted his head and smiled a little,
his expression one of pure weariness.  “I do plan to keep the baby . . . ny baby.”  He lowered his eyes again, a sigh falling from
his lips.  “My father . . . disowned me, but I don’t care.  Professor Snape said he would help me, as will my mother and Raven
. . .”

Ron found Draco’s sincerity in this matter to be incredibly sweet.  He wasn’t pushing Ron into being a father . . . Ron was
glad that he wasn’t being so forceful.  “And I’ll help.  I am the father, after all.”

Draco nodded.  “Thank you, Ron.”  He said, breaking out into a wide yawn.

“Say . . . uhhh . . . Draco?”  Ron stammered, not sure if it was even appropriate to ask such a thing as he wanted to ask.

Draco looked up at him, his brow furrowing slightly in confusion.  “Hm?”

Ron really felt awkward.  He pursed his lips, his one hand lingering in the air in front of Draco’s mid-section.  “Can I?  I mean
. . .”  He frowned, he didn’t know what he meant to say.  The words just wouldn’t come out correctly.

Draco’s ears quickly turned pink, a slight hue coloring his cheeks.  “You want to . . .”  He gulped, then nodded with some
hesitation.  “Go ahead, but you probably won’t feel much.  I mean, it isn’t much of a bulge just yet.”  He said, sweeping his
robes open with one hand.

Ron nodded, tentatively laying his hand over Draco’s stomach, a small smile forming on his face as he did so.  “My kid, eh?”  
He murmured, more to himself than anything.  He couldn’t get over the fact that he was going to be a father . . . and with
Draco Malfoy of all people.  It was amazing, simply amazing.

He allowed his hand to linger there for a few more moments, lightly running his thumb over Draco’s stomach, the barrier of his
garments between them.  Then, Ron reluctantly drew away, more for Draco’s sake than his own.  He didn’t really want to
keep Draco awake when it was so obvious that he was exhausted.

“Well, you’re tired . . . so you probably should go get some sleep.”  He said, pulling Draco’s robes back over his slender form.  
“I don’t want anything happening to you . . . or to my kid.”

“Yes, I am quite tired.”  Draco replied, yawning yet again.

He attempted to move away from Ron, but Ron only pulled Draco closer, giving him assistance whether he wanted the help or
not.  Draco said nothing though, quietly allowing Ron to help him down the stairs.  Ron thought that he heard the sound of
footsteps . . . but shrugged it off, doubting that anyone would come to the Astronomy Tower during the day . . . it really was
only used at night.


Draco could barely keep his eyes open as he walked along the halls.  He had declined Ron’s offer to escort him all the way to
the Slytherin dorm, deciding that he would be able to make it on his own.  They had parted ways just outside of the Astronomy
Tower . . . Draco still wasn’t sure if he wanted to announce to the entire school that he was pregnant with Ron’s baby.  Ron
said that he understood and didn’t feel hurt by his decision . . . Draco wasn’t sure if he really believed Ron though.

He was in the dungeons of the school now, nearly back to the dorms.  He paused though, not too far from the staircase that
would lead down, deeper into the school, hearing a voice calling out his name from behind him.  He blinked wearily as he
turned, only to see Pansy running over to him.  The smile on her face disturbed Draco greatly, although he was unsure as to
why he dreaded whatever she had to say to him.

“Hey, Draco . . . welcome back.  Did you have a nice Christmas?”  She asked, the gleam in her eyes unsettling.

“Yes, it was fine.”  Draco replied guardedly.

“I tried to say hello to you earlier, but you must have had somewhere important to go.”  She giggled then, raising her hand to
cover her mouth.  “Hm, I wonder what you and Weasley had to talk about in the tower.”

Draco held back a gasp, keeping the shock from his face.  She knew about the meeting.  How much else did she know?  “I
don’t know what you’re talking about, Pansy.”  He shrugged, trying to pretend that his heart wasn’t pounding in fear.

Pansy merely smiled, slowly circling Draco like he was carrion to the vultures.  “Now, now . . . I know you’re lying, Draco.”  
She stated.  “Draco Malfoy has a secret and I know just what it is.  I followed you to the tower.  I heard each and every word
you two said.  I watched every move you made.”  She stopped when she was behind him, leaning close to whisper in his ear.  
“You’re pregnant with a little bastard.”  She whispered, her breath ghosting across his ear and making him shudder inwardly.

“Leave me alone.”  Draco hissed.

Pansy ignored him, clapping her hands as if this were all some joke for her amusement.  “Draco Malfoy spread his legs for a
Weasley.”  She stepped in front of him again, a cruel smile on her face.  “Did you like it, Draco?  Did you like it when he
rammed his cock in your ass?  Did you scream his name as he fucked you?”  She said, just as calmly as if she were speaking
about the weather.

Draco took a step back, flinching at her words.  “Stop it, Pansy.”  This was the exact reason why he hadn’t told any of his
house mates.  This was the reaction he had feared . . . the ridicule, the tormenting.  He’d never live this down.  Pansy was sure
to tell everyone she met about this, the whole school would know within an hour’s time.

“I bet you loved every minute!”  She spat, poking him in the chest with her finger.  Draco took a step back with each sharp
stab of her finger, which she kept poking at him with each sentence she spoke, with each cruel word that fell from her lips.  
“You whored yourself to a fucking Weasley and got knocked up!  I don’t know how you did it . . . but I don’t really care how
you got a bun in that oven!  No wonder your father disinherited you . . . heard that from your own lips, I did!  You’re a slut,

Draco, who had been taking steps backward with each hurtful statement, gasped when taking one step and his foot found
nothing but air.  Looking back, over his shoulder, he found himself much closer to the stairs than he had thought himself to
be.  He reflexively raised his arms, flailing them in an attempt to regain balance . . . but it was too late for that.  Pansy’s last jab
at him had thrown him off balance.

Pansy’s eyes went wide when she saw that Draco was falling.  She lashed forward, reaching out to grab him, to prevent him
from falling.  But her hand merely caught the chain of the amulet that Raven had given to him before he had boarded the chain.  
The sound of the chain snapping, resonated in the cool hall as he fell, tumbling down the flight of stone stairs.  The last thing
he heard was the sharp, loud crack of a bone breaking before his head collided with stone and he was plunged into the inky
blackness of unconsciousness.

To Be Continued . . .