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Notes:  Ron finds out about Draco’s accident.

Family Secrets

Part Fifteen

Ron had been playing a game of wizard chess with Harry when Professor Dumbledore entered the Gryffindor Common
Room.  The old Headmaster called everyone to gather around, and so everyone did . . . at least every Gryffindor that was in the
dorm at the time and a few that came in from wherever they had been earlier.  After a few minutes of waiting for everyone to
circle around him, Dumbledore began to speak.

“Now, I have an announcement of utmost importance to make here . . . please keep an open mind about this.”  Dumbledore
said, pausing for a few moments before he continued.  “Due to circumstances beyond his control . . . as well as ones that I
cannot discuss with you here as it is not my privilege to do so . . . no doubt you will learn about it from elsewhere anyway, the
rumors are bound to spread quickly . . . Draco Malfoy will be transferred into Gryffindor House.”

Numerous whispers, most of them bitter, filled the air.  Questions of why and for how long were asked several times.  Ron
was simply worried that something had happened to Draco . . . or to the baby.  He turned to look at Harry and Hermione,
knowing that he probably looked just as worried as he felt.  The two of them merely gave him reassuring glances, and
Hermione set her hand down on his shoulder in a comforting manner.

“Now, now . . . that’s enough of that.”  Dumbledore hushed, raising his hands to gain the attention of the people in the room.  
“I suggest you all put aside your differences and try to find a way to live together, as he will not be leaving this house any time
soon.  He is now a member of Gryffindor and should be treated as such.  Any points he earns will be added to this house . . .
any that he loses will be deducted from this house.  If any incidents occur, I won’t hesitate to deduct a vast number of points
from whoever is behind it, be it Gryffindor or any other house involved in any acts against Mr. Malfoy.  Do you all understand

“Yes, sir.”  Ron replied numbly, hearing as a multitude of other affirmative answers rang out from around the room.

“Good.  Now, if you will all excuse me, I will see to it that Mr. Malfoy has a place to reside once he arrives here in a couple
days.”  Dumbledore said, heading for the stairs that led to the dorm rooms.  He paused though, as he was passing by Ron and
the others.  “Ron . . . Harry . . . Hermione . . . if you would all be kind enough to follow me?”

“Yes, sir.”  Harry immediately replied, the three of them rising from their seats a moment later and following behind the

After he had cast a spell to make the room slightly larger, as well as adding a bed and other items that Draco would require,
Professor Dumbledore turned his attention to the three students that stood waiting for him.  He smiled, putting his wand away
as he looked them over.

“I’m assuming that Ron has already informed you of the situation with Draco?”  Dumbledore asked, looking to Harry and

“Yes, we know that Draco is part Veela.”  Harry said.

“And that he’s pregnant with Ron’s baby.”  Hermione added.

“Did something happen to Draco?”  Ron asked, not able to contain his worry any longer.  “Is that why he’s being put in
Gryffindor?  Was he hurt . . . is the baby okay?”

“There’s no need to panic, Ron.  Both Draco and his child are going to be fine.”  Dumbledore chuckled, then he sighed deeply.  
“Yes, there has been an incident.  I am afraid that someone else discovered Draco’s condition and used it as a means to
torment him.  It was meant as a joke, but it got out of hand, as these things often tend to do.”

“What happened?”  Ron questioned, biting his bottom lip as he dreaded the reply.

Professor Dumbledore spared a glance at Ron, smiling for a moment.  It faltered quickly though.  “He took a fall down a flight
of stairs on his way to the Slytherin dormitory.”  He held up his hand before Ron could utter a sound, or even open his mouth.  
“He sustained only a minor amount of injuries . . . several broken bones in his right arm, a number of bruises, and a head
injury.  Madam Pomfrey thinks it necessary for him to remain in the Hospital Wing for a couple of days, and when he is
released, he will come here.”

Ron nodded, glad that Draco wasn’t hurt too badly.  He took a seat on one of the beds, feeling a need to sit down at the
moment.  No one in the room questioned him as to why, or even addressed the fact that he was now sitting.

Instead, Dumbledore continued to talk.  “Now, as to the reason I wanted to talk with you . . . as Ron is the father of this child,
I doubt that either of you would wish any harm to befall it, even if the . . . mother is someone who you have not been on the
best of terms with.”

“No, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to Draco.”  Hermione jumped in.

Dumbledore smiled.  “I thought as much.  I expect you three to keep an eye on him while he is a member of this house.  I’m
sure you will be able to handle such a task.”

“We’ll do our best, sir.”  Harry nodded.

“That’s as much as I can ask of you.”  Dumbledore replied with a kind smile.  He took a few steps closer to Ron, taking a
breath before speaking.  “Draco has asked me to relay a message to you, Ron.”

“He has?”  Ron asked, blinking.  Draco actually had something to say to him?

Professor Dumbledore nodded a single time.  “Yes, he wonders if you wouldn’t mind visiting with him while he is in the
Hospital Wing.  Madam Pomfrey is graciously allowing him to have one visitor for a short time.”

Ron jumped to his feet.  “Of course I’ll visit him.  When can I go?”

“Any time you wish.”  Dumbledore said with a grin on his face.  “He’s most likely asleep now, but when he awakens he will be
pleased to see you.”

“Right . . . I’ll just go now then.”  Ron said, nodding if only to himself.  “Unless there’s something else you need?”

“Just a moment, Mr. Weasley.”  A familiar snide voice commented.

Ron turned, frowning as he watched Professor Snape enter the dorm room, a trunk floating along behind him.  Must be Draco’
s trunk, Ron idly thought, watching as the Potions professor set the trunk down at the foot of Draco’s bed.  Ron stood by and
waited for Snape to turn to them, wondering why the man had stopped him from leaving.

Snape put his wand away.  He shoved his hand into his pocket, looking Ron up and down briefly before he pulled something
out.  “Since you are going to be visiting with Mr. Malfoy, would you be so kind as to return this to him?”  He held out an
amulet . . . Ron remembered that Draco had been wearing one identical to it when they had spoken in the Astronomy Tower.  
“It was apparently ripped from his neck as he fell.  I repaired the chain . . . I’m certain it means a good deal to him.”

Ron numbly nodded.  Snape was being almost nice about this.  Ron took the amulet from Snape, trying to find something to
say in reply.  “I’ll give it back to him.  Can I go now, sir?”

“By all means.”  Snape nodded curtly.

The black-haired man turned back to Draco’s trunk and opened it.  He then began unpacking the young Slytherin’s belongings,
putting Draco’s clothing in the set of drawers assigned to him.  Ron decided not to wait around any longer and hastily fled
from the dorm.  Draco was in hospital . . . Ron wanted to see how he was doing.  He hoped that Draco's condition wasn’t
anything too serious.  Even if Professor Dumbledore had told him not to worry . . . Ron simply couldn’t help but fear for both
Draco and the child that he carried within him.

To Be Continued . . .