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Notes:  Draco awakens to Ron standing at his bedside.  The two of them talk.

Family Secrets

Part Sixteen

Draco roused himself at the sound of quiet voices speaking close-by.  He knew them . . . but he couldn’t quite place them at
the moment.  He tried to get his eyes to focus, but he couldn’t manage.  He guessed that it was a result of the potion he had
consumed.  He hadn’t slept it off yet, but something inside of him told him that he needed to wake up.

The familiar color of Ron’s hair entered his line of vision, and he had to smile a little.  Things were still blurred . . . but after a
few more moments, they cleared and he could see well enough to distinguish Ron’s features.

“You came.”  Draco smiled, blinking back his weariness.

“Of course I did . . . had to make sure you’re okay.”  Ron replied, turning to look at Madam Pomfrey as the woman informed
him that he couldn’t stay for very long.  “How are you feeling?”  He asked, worry evident in his eyes as he turned his gaze
back to look at Draco.

Draco frowned a little in puzzlement.  Things were still muddled, his body strangely numb in most places.  Still, overall he felt
sore and weary.  “Tired and achy.”  His frown vanished and he smiled a little.  “I’m glad you came.”

Ron smiled at him, and all the residual pain seemed to be unimportant.  “Oh . . . before I forget.”  Ron fumbled with something
and brought an object into Draco’s view.  “Professor Snape told me that this was yours and that I should return it.”

Draco sighed in relief as he saw the necklace that his sister had given to him dangling from Ron’s hand, the pendant spinning in
the air and catching the light.  “Yes . . . it’s mine.  It was a gift . . . from my sister.”  He wanted to reach up and take it, but he
couldn’t make his hand move.  “Ron?  Would you put it on me?  I can’t seem to lift my arms.”

Ron nodded.  “I didn’t know you had a sister.”  

He leaned close as he fixed the necklace about Draco’s neck.  Draco took in a deep breath as Ron leaned over him, and felt his
heart stop for an instant when his eyes met with Ron’s.

They stayed like that, staring at each other, Ron’s hands settled on Draco’s shoulders, until Madam Pomfrey informed Ron that
it was time to leave.  Then Ron’s ears went pink and he smiled shyly, looking cutely embarrassed.

Ron cleared his throat, the pink tinge fading.  “You get some rest, okay?”  He said, laying his hand over Draco’s.  “Dumbledore
and Snape have already gotten things set up for you in Gryffindor . . . your stuff’s all there.”

Draco smiled a little, his eyes falling shut for a few moments.  He was tired.  “That’s good.”  He whispered, his eyes slipping
again.  “Will you come to visit me again?”  He asked, forcing his eyes to stay open, looking hopefully up at Ron.

“Absolutely.”  Ron nodded.  “I’ll stop by tomorrow, between classes.”

“Thank you, Ron.”  Draco whispered, allowing his eyes to close this time.  He simply couldn’t keep them open any longer.  He
vaguely heard as Ron said goodbye, but didn’t have the conscious thought to reply to it . . . he fell back to sleep quickly.


When Ron next came to visit, Draco was much more aware of things.  He felt better, and he was able to stay awake for more
than five minutes at a time.  Draco’s arm was wrapped securely in bandages, held in a sling.  The bones had mended, but
Madam Pomfrey said that it would take time for the healing to finish, and that the pain would linger for a few more days at

Ron was sitting in a chair by Draco’s bed, fiddling with the sheets.  It was making Draco nervous to watch him act like this.  
“Something on your mind?”  Draco asked, trying to find a comfortable position, but not having much luck.  His head still
throbbed with a fury and his arm was quite tender.

Ron looked up at him and quickly his ears turned pink.  He opened his mouth several times before he was finally able to say
anything, and when he did speak, he lowered his gaze, as if embarrassed by his own words.

“I was wondering . . . do you think . . .?  I mean . . . would you consider, maybe going out with me sometime?”  He asked
with some difficulty.  “ We can go to Hogsmeade . . . ummm . . . maybe get some dinner?”

Draco blinked in surprise.  Was Ronald Weasley asking him out on a date?  It was a shock to say the least.  He hadn’t thought
that Ron liked him in that manner.  Sure they had had sex, but that was only because of Draco being in heat . . . to think that
Ron might actually want to date him, well that was quite a different thing all together.  Still . . . he had to be sure.  

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

The question caused Ron’s ears to turn an even brighter shade of pink.  “Forget I said anything . . . it was a dumb . . .”

“I’d love to.”  Draco jumped in.  He had to cut Ron off before the redhead put himself down.  Ron was an intelligent person
and the father of the child growing within Draco.  If Ron wanted to try for a long-term relationship in spite of the simply
ghastly way that Draco had treated him in the past, who was Draco to try and stop him?  “But I doubt I’ll be going until I’m
told it’s safe.”

Ron’s eyes had cleared and his whole face had lit up with happiness.  “Of course!  Trying to do too much too soon will only
hurt you and our child.  I wouldn’t want that for the world!”  He flushed again, biting his lip briefly.  “I can tell you now that it
won’t be much . . . you know my family is pretty hard up for funds.  I do have some saved, though.”

“Sshh, Ron.  If it were only a cup of tea and some biscuits, it would be fine.  You don’t have to prove anything to me.  If
anything, I’m even worse off than you are now . . . considering my father disowned me.”

Ron’s eyes widened.  “Oh, Draco . . . I’m so sorry!  I had forgotten!  You told me in the Tower . . . and I forgot.  I’m such
an idiot!”

Draco shook his head.  “Don’t be sorry, Ron.  I know I’m not sorry about it.  I was given the choice of what to give up and I
know I made the right decision.”  As he said that, he placed his good hand over his stomach and smiled.

“He wanted you to give the baby up?”  Ron asked.

Draco nodded.  “He . . . he wanted me to abort it, to . . . fix . . . my problem.  I wouldn’t let him, so he bloodied my face and
threw me out.”  He closed his eyes, sighing.  “At least one good thing came out of it.  If he hadn’t thrown me out, I might not
have found out that I have a sister.”

“Tell me about this sister of yours.”  Ron grinned, easily changing the subject to a happier one.  “I didn’t think you had any

“Yes, well neither did I before Christmas Break.”  Draco replied.  “I have an older, half-sister.  Her name’s Raven.  My father .
. . when he was my age, he went through the same thing that I did, and he conceived a child.  Unlike me, he gave her up
though . . . Raven was raised by her father, Professor Snape.”

“Snape?  And your father?”  Ron asked, his eyes wide.  Then he shook his head, closing his eyes tightly.  “I do NOT want to
think about that.”

Draco smiled.  “After my father threw me out, I went to Professor Snape for help.  He allowed me to stay with him for
Christmas Break, and Raven and her family came to visit shortly after.  My mother even spent the holidays with us.  It was
quite nice.  I’d never felt as if I were a part of a family before, not really.”  Draco mused, his eyes losing focus as he looked
back on the holidays.

“I’m happy for you, Draco.”  Ron said quietly.

Draco blinked, breaking away from his idle thoughts as he felt a soft brush of fingers along one of his cheeks.  “Thank you,

“For what?”  Ron inquired.

“For taking the time to visit me.  For being here.”

Ron smiled brightly.  “It’s no problem really . . . I wanted to visit you.”  He paused for a moment then, before laying his hand
on Draco’s uninjured shoulder.  “But for now, I think I had better go.  I have to get to class, and you should get some more

Draco nodded, thinking that it was a rather good idea.  “Okay.  I’ll see you later then.”

Ron rose from his seat.  “Of course.”  He smiled, giving Draco’s shoulder a gentle squeeze before he turned and left the room.  
At the door, he turned and waved, then he departed.

Draco settled back in bed, allowing his eyes to close.  It didn’t take him all that long for him to fall asleep.  He hoped that Ron
would come back and visit him soon . . . he delighted in every moment he got to spend with the red-haired youth.

To Be Continued . . .