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Notes:  Time skip.  Ron and Draco share a very special day with their family and friends.

Family Secrets

Part Twenty-One

Draco groaned as he gazed at his reflection in the full-length mirror before him.  Despite the dress robes that he wore, the bulge
of his stomach was more than just barely visible.  He was seven months pregnant now . . . and simply put, he felt like a
beached whale.  Even the black robes he had garbed himself in couldn’t disguise it all . . . they only made him look slightly

“You’re not thinking about your weight again, are you?”  Neville questioned.

Neville had gotten more bold in the months that Draco had been living in Gryffindor Tower.  He now felt comfortable and
talked with Draco easily.  Because of that, Draco had asked him to be his best man at the wedding that would be taking place in
just a few short minutes . . . well, would be taking place if Draco didn’t feel like an over inflated balloon.

It was Easter break, so most of the students were away from the school, spending the vacation back home with their families.  
Draco and Ron had felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to have the nuptials.  Not only because it was a fine Spring
day, but also because it would most likely be their only opportunity to do so before the children were born.

Naturally, Harry Potter was going to be Ron’s best man . . . Draco felt there was no need to have even one bridesmaid, hence
why he had chosen Neville as his own best man, since Draco would never admit to being anyone’s bride.  Although he did
have someone to give him away.  He didn’t want to dispose of every tradition.

Ron’s family was here, including all of his brothers.  Draco’s sister and her family were here, as was his mother.  Sadly, his
father hadn’t even bothered to comment on the ceremony that would be taking place today.  Draco regretted that his father
couldn’t adjust to his choices in life.  Still, he had Professor Snape to act in his father’s stead . . . the Potions Instructor had
been almost overjoyed when Draco had asked him.  Draco was certain that he had even seen the man smile.

“How can I not think about my weight?”  Draco questioned, gesturing emphatically at himself.  “I look like I swallowed a
beach ball.”  He sighed, then took a seat.  His ankles were killing him.

Cunina, now a sleek feline, leapt up onto the bed next to him, butting her head against his arm to gain his attention.  Draco
smiled a little, petting the friendly cat.  He enjoyed listening to the rumbling purr.  The sound always soothed him.  However,
his smile faded after a moment.

His tiredness came and went, as did his mood swings.  Right now, he felt depressed and body-conscious.  Draco didn’t feel
like standing up for the ceremony anymore . . . maybe they could do it another day.

Even as he thought that, he shook his head.  He couldn’t delay the wedding.  Who knew when they would have another
opportunity like this.  Their families were here.  Their friends were here.  He wasn’t going to back out of this now.  Besides, he
loved Ron and never wanted to make him unhappy, even if only for a second.

“Don’t tell me.”  Came the deeply bored tone of Professor Snape’s voice from behind Draco.  “He feels like a whale again?”

“No, like he swallowed a beach ball.”  Neville replied casually.  But of course, this had been going on for a while now . . .
Draco was constantly feeling hideous, even when he knew very well that he wasn’t.

Draco turned and cast a glare at both Neville and Professor Snape.  “Yes, ha-ha, very funny.  Let’s all laugh at the walking
lump of lard.”

Professor Snape crossed the room, sitting on the bed beside Draco.  “Let’s not go overboard now, Draco.”  The man said,
setting his hand on Draco’s shoulder.  “You are not a lump of lard.  It is perfectly natural to gain weight during pregnancy, you
should be well aware of that . . . add the fact that you are carrying, not one, but two children . . . you really should try and
keep yourself calm.”

Draco nodded.  He knew that the professor was right.  It was foolish of him to be behaving like this, especially today of all
days.  “I’m sorry . . . sometimes I just can’t help but feel . . .”  He sighed, not even wanting to finish the sentence.  He left it
hanging, rising to his feet slowly.  He smiled sheepishly as Snape steadied him.

Snape smiled back  “A bit off-balance?  It’s to be expected.”  He rose to his feet, taking hold of Draco’s arm.  “Now, come
along before that young man of yours starts to think that you’re having second thoughts.”

Draco sighed and allowed Professor Snape to lead him through the halls.  Neville ran along ahead of them, since he did have to
be in position when Draco arrived.  The ceremony was going to be held outdoors on a pavilion that the teachers had helped to
put together.

The charmed instruments of a string band started playing just as soon as Draco stepped outside of the main building.

Draco had a mere moment to admire the day.  It was perfect . . . like a story.  Streamers and flowers of red and blue twisted
around, decorating the area.  A spell had been cast to make it appear as if the walkway from the door to the altar was paved
with sparkling rubies, although it was just as sturdy as any stone floor.  Bluebirds that Hagrid had trained flew around and sat
atop various perches.

And there . . . in dress robes that were -for once - new, stood Ron.  Suddenly, all of Draco’s self-consciousness faded away.  
Ron loved him regardless of their bad start, and Draco knew that he would be an excellent father to their children.

Draco shook his head and simply smiled as Snape hooked arms with him and led him along the pathway.  He could very well
hear his own heart throbbing as he walked to stand beside Ron.  Snape stepped back, to his rightful position, and Draco and
Ron merely gazed into one another’s eyes for a moment before they both turned to face Professor Dumbledore.

Things seemed to progress swiftly from there.  Within moments, amidst the sniffles and sobs of various wedding guests,
Draco and Ron said their vows to each other, both eagerly proclaiming their love for each other in front of the gathered
crowd.  The guests erupted into applause as Draco and Ron finally shared their first kiss as a married couple.  Draco broke into
a grin, nearly laughing as he pulled away, blushing in embarrassment.

The reception followed immediately after the ceremony, held under a tent near to where the wedding had taken place.  Draco
remained sitting for the most part, Ron and nearly everyone in attendance fussing over him.  He did however, do the traditional
first dance with Ron.

Draco simply had a wonderful time.  He had danced with Raven and Mrs. Weasley.  Ron had gone and danced with Draco’s
mother.  And Draco had gotten to meet his newborn nephew, Daniel, for the first time.  Raven had given birth to the boy not
too long ago.  It had been sweet to watch Ron handle the delicate bundle, giving Draco a glimpse of what he could expect soon
enough himself.  Draco was glad that he wouldn’t have to go through with raising his children all on his own.

There was humor with the Weasley twins aggravating their brothers and parents.  Then there were the tender, sweet moments,
such as when Professor Snape had taken a turn on the dance floor with his daughter.  Professor Dumbledore shared jokes with
McGonagall . . . sometimes even getting the Transfigurations instructor to giggle and blush.

Draco had even caught Harry and Hermione sharing a kiss.  He had smiled, watching as his friends and family enjoyed
themselves, jabbing Ron in the elbow and pointing to Neville when he took note that the shy boy was timidly flirting with
Seamus Finnigan.

He looked up and smiled as Raven sat beside him, Dove asleep in her arms.  “Wore herself out, did she?”  Draco asked.

Raven nodded.  “Yes, well . . . she’s not used to so much excitement.”  She ran her hand through her young daughter’s hair.  
Then she smiled at Draco.  “I’m happy for you, little brother.  That Ron of yours is a great catch.”

Draco ducked his head, a pale blush coming to his face.  “Thank you . . . I think so myself.”  He smirked, falling into an easy
banter with his elder half-sister.

Draco had grown weary sometime after the cutting of the cake . . . but he couldn’t be sure of the actual time.  The only thing
he knew, was that one moment he had been conversing pleasantly with Hermione about finals this year, and then quite suddenly
he found himself being helped out of his seat by Ron’s father and mother.

Draco didn’t put up an argument as he was gently led from the reception and taken back to Gryffindor Tower.  He was too
tired to fight about it.  It was his mother by his side as he was undressed and tucked into bed.  However, it was not his mother
that slipped into bed behind him.

He blinked open tired eyes, turning his head until he saw Ron’s face smiling at him.  It was then that he noticed that they were
alone in the dormitory.  “Ron?”  He asked, yawning tiredly.

Ron’s smile only widened.  “Go to sleep, Draco.  You need your rest.”  Ron said, placing a chaste kiss to Draco’s temple
before he drew the curtains around the bed and spooned himself up along Draco’s back, his strong arms moving to circle
Draco’s weary body.  Cunina leapt up onto the bed and curled herself up next to Draco’s stomach.

Draco sighed contentedly, perfectly happy to do just that.  He closed his eyes, easily falling asleep within the embrace of his

To Be Continued . . .