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Notes:  Just a short little epilogue to tie up loose ends.  Draco and Ron enjoy a lovely holiday.

Family Secrets


Draco sighed as he relaxed on the beach.  It was yet another glorious day in paradise.  And who better to spend it with than the
love of his life.  He turned, smiling at his lover and husband over the rim of his sunglasses.  Ron looked sinfully good, stretched
out on his back on the towel they shared, skin glistening with sweat as they luxuriated under the warmth of the sun.

They were on their honeymoon . . . finally.  They’d waited until school had ended for the year.  So here they were.  It was
June, the weather was great and they had a private beach.  And on top of that, they were utterly alone . . . no parents, no
friends . . . and best of all . . . no kids.  Narcissa and Lucius had graciously offered to babysit for them while they were away.  
Naturally, Draco and Ron had jumped at the opportunity.  Who knew how long it would be before they got a chance to do
something like this again?  Raising twins and still having to go to school was no easy feat.  But at least they had the help of
friends and family.

Things were going wonderfully.  Their families got along well now, unlike in the past.  Sure, Lucius and Arthur constantly got
into arguments sometimes, but at least they were attempting to be civil with each other.  But the best thing about this was that
Draco no longer had to sneak around his father’s back to visit with his half-sister, Raven.  It had surprised Draco to no end
when he had learned that his father had actually contacted Raven, for the simple intention of reuniting with his estranged

True to his word, Lucius Malfoy spoiled his grandchildren . . . and not only Draco’s offspring, but Raven’s as well.  Dove and
Joseph simply adored their grandfather, Lucius.  Even Snape had seemed to be able to make amends with the man that had so
cruelly pushed aside their daughter in the past.  It wasn’t as if they were inseparable friends, but they were on speaking terms
now.  Lucius was apparently intent on making up for lost time, for all the wrongs he had done, and Draco couldn’t be happier
for the efforts that his father was taking.

Draco smirked, bringing his mind back to the present and feeling a natural reaction with just looking at Ron’s body.  He rolled
over onto his side, easily maneuvering himself until he was straddling Ron’s thighs.  He leaned down, quickly taking Ron’s
warm lips with his own.  When he pulled back, Ron had opened his eyes.

“Want something, Draco?”  Ron asked, a playful smile on his handsome face.

“Only one thing I want here, hubby.”  Draco grinned, rocking his lower half against Ron’s, delighting in the groan that he
pulled from his husband’s throat.  “I want you of course.”

Ron smiled.  “Is there ever anything else?”  He said, breaking out into a soft laugh as he rolled the two of them until he was the
one on top.

Clothing was stripped away, hands sought and felt, tongues tasting salty flesh.  Bodies writhed in passion, moving in
synchronicity to a point of pure bliss.  And soon, the air was filled with the sweet sounds of two lovers engrossed in only their
own pleasures.  Draco had never been happier in his entire life than he was now . . . everything was just . . . perfect.

The End