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Notes:  Serverus wakes up.  Harry watches over him.  Nothing more to be said.

Return To Innocence

Part Two

Harry wasn’t certain of how long he had sat there watching over Serverus.  He had left the Hospital Wing a few times to eat
and sleep, but that was all.  He couldn’t get over the fact that Snape was his age now.  Here it was, late in the evening, and
Harry simply couldn’t get up the urge to leave.  He wanted to be there when Serverus awakened.  The former teacher would
have to be resorted and learn everything all over again.  He’d be confused and need help getting things straight.  Harry planned
to be the one to help him.

A low moan grabbed Harry’s attention and he stood, leaning over the ebony-haired youth.  His heart pounded in
anticipation.  He was about to speak with Serverus, to get to know him.

Serverus’ eyes blinked open and he squinted as if to focus his sight.  “Potter?  Is that you?”  He asked, his voice so different
from the bitter harsh tones.  It was young, just as Serverus’ body now was.

Harry blinked.  He had not expected Snape to know him.  “You know me?”

Serverus frowned in what seemed to be annoyance, an expression Harry had gotten used to seeing in the older version of
Snape.  “Of course I know you.”  Serverus snapped.  “You’re James Potter ... one of those goody, goody Gryffindors.”

Harry sighed and shook his head.  “No.  I’d better go and get Professor Dumbledore.  He’d explain better.”  Harry smiled,
brushing his hand over Snape’s arm briefly.  Then he looked over and called for some help.  “Madam Pomfrey?”

Serverus turned his head, his eyes full of sadness and confusion as he watched the school healer approach his bedside.  
“Madam Pomfrey?  What happened to me?  Why am I in the Hospital Wing?”

Madam Pomfrey smiled and set her hand against Serverus’s face.  “Don’t you fret now.  Professor Dumbledore will explain
everything.  You’ve been through something quite traumatic.  You just rest now while Harry goes to fetch the Headmaster.”

Serverus blinked, turning to look at Harry, his eyes full of disbelief and confusion.  “His name is ... is Harry?  But I don’t
know anyone named Harry.”  He blinked again, his brow furrowing.  “I’m confused.  What’s wrong with me?”

“There is nothing wrong with you, young Serverus, so to say.”  Professor Dumbledore said as he strolled into the room.  He
smiled in that warm way of his that seemed to reassure.  “You are perfectly healthy, my dear boy.  What happened, is that you
got hit with a spell, one that could be particularly nasty if not countered quickly.  Lucky for us all that you were brought here
by Mr. Potter.  Although, it leaves us without a Potions instructor.  Ah well . . .”

Serverus groaned.  “I don’t understand any of this.  Everything's wrong.  You're ... different.  And she's much older than she
should be," he said with a gesture toward Madam Pomfrey.  "I don't understand."

Dumbledore chuckled.  “No, of course you don’t.  Oh, forgive me, Serverus.  I was not laughing at you.”  He cleared his
throat.  “The point of the matter is that everyone is not so much older, as you are younger now.  You were turned back into a

“I . . . I was what?”  Serverus asked, pushing himself to a sitting position in bed.

Dumbledore smiled sympathetically.  “Serverus Snape, you were a full grown man just yesterday, but you were placed under a
serious curse.  You would have died if you hadn’t received help.”  He reached into his robes and pulled something from a
pocket.  It was a photograph.

Harry blinked, looking over as Serverus took the photo when Dumbledore handed it to him.  It was a picture of Snape and the
other faculty members, taken at what appeared to be one of the Yule Balls.  Harry couldn’t be certain of which one unless he
looked more closely, and he didn’t think that Serverus would appreciate it if he were to take the picture from him.

“You are the one on my left, Serverus.”  Dumbledore said, pointing to Snape’s image.  The picture was not a good one.  Of
course, Harry couldn’t ever remember seeing Snape smiling about anything.  This image of Snape was sneering, while the
other teachers smiled and jested with each other.

“I . . . I don’t remember being grown up.”  Serverus said, his eyes transfixed on the image of himself.

Professor Dumbledore set his hand on Serverus’s arm.  “And I wouldn’t expect you too.  Anything and everything you knew
in your maturity has now been lost due to that curse placed upon you.  It is a sad loss to the wizarding community.  But your
life is far more important.  In time, you will be the fine wizard you were once again, possibly even more than that.  I always
thought you had a lot of potential, Serverus.  This curse could prove a blessing to you.  I have known so many others who
wish they had a chance to live their lives again.  And you get to do just that.”

Serverus ducked his head, his hair falling about his features.  “And everyone I know?  My friends?  My family?”

Dumbledore’s smile faded quickly.  Harry had a bad feeling that the news he had to tell would not be good.  He hoped
Serverus wouldn’t be hurt too badly.

“I am sorry to have to tell you this . . .”  Dumbledore sighed, taking a deep breath.  “Your parents passed away a number of
years ago.  Many of your classmates are gone as well.  And others . . . well, I don’t think I should tell you of this just yet.   
You may not be ready to hear of it.”  He reached up, pushing aside the curtain of hair that obscured Serverus’s face.  “Just rest
yourself for now.  Your body will be quite weak.  You have been through a great stress.”

“Yes, sir.”  Serverus numbly replied, his eyes focused on the picture that he still held.  Then he looked up, his eyes soft.  
“What will happen to me now, sir?”

Dumbledore smiled.  “You’ll be treated as nothing less than another student here at Hogwarts, my dear lad.  You will be
sorted and when the year begins you will be taught alongside the other students.  But for now, since it is summer holiday, you
are expected to do no more than rest and grow accustomed to your surroundings.  Harry and his friends will try to get you
caught up on recent history, to prepare you for the upcoming school terms.”

Harry watched as Snape obediently closed his eyes and fell into an uneasy sleep.  Then he turned to face Dumbledore, worry
causing his chest to hurt.  "Will he be all right, sir?"

Dumbledore nodded.  "Oh, yes.  Of that I have no doubt.  Serverus has always had a strong spirit, a great will to thrive no
matter the consequences."  He sighed, his eyes going distant briefly before he shook himself out of whatever memories had
overcome him.  "Perhaps once he ages, he'll be able to take up the position he's always wanted as the Defense Against the Dark
Arts Instructor.  And perhaps, he'll choose not to go that route.  One cannot say in these matters."  He let out a soft breath and
placed a hand on Harry's shoulder.  "Right now, the best thing for him is rest so that his mind can reorient itself.   He's bound
to be confused and perhaps more than a little frightened.  He's going to need a friend.  He never had many the last time he was
a student."  This admission seemed to sadden the aged wizard as he released Harry's shoulder.  "You may stay with him if
you'd like.  I think it may bring a great deal of comfort to him."

Harry nodded, turning his attention back to the sleeping youth.  He didn't know why, but he felt a need to stay there by his
former professor's side.  He wanted to be of help, to aide him in his upcoming struggles.  Harry couldn't understand this
fascination in the least.  For as long as he had known Serverus Snape, he had hated the man.  Now that he was Harry's age
though, things were different.  Maybe he just didn't like the idea of anyone suffering at Voldemort's hands.  If he could help
Serverus now, then that would be one less victim Voldemort could claim, one less life he could ruin.  

Serverus Snape had a second chance in life.  Harry meant to see that he lived a happy one.  It was the least he could do.  He
couldn't have it for himself, so why not help someone else get the happiness they deserved.

To Be Continued ...